what tumblr should add


everything you think of
will become all of me
look at me and be my lady
you’re my twenties~
– 20, seventeen


hi guys, If you wanna see what I do with my life when not on tumblr you should add me on snapchat!!

you will get to see my travels, party nights in miami, daily life, and everything else that you don’t see on tumblr! 

it also gives me a chance to connect with you guys more personally :) 

Snapchat: luismxo
Once you add me watch my story so I knows who’s real!!

for years i was the little thief pretending to be a socialite. but this… this is new. im done pretending. this cats going to be a queen. queen of thieves. queen of crime. queen of this whole town! & nothing & no one are going to get in my way!