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7 times Victor Nikiforov was extremely gay for his fiance and it showed on his face

7. The “my boyfriend just made puppy eyes at me so I decided to give him my soul, my body, and the whole world” look.

6. The “this boy is so cute and perfect I want to squeeze his cute little body and kiss his face but since I can’t kiss his face I’m going to settle with squeezing his perfect body everytime I get while I scream internally” look.


4. The “I’m at the point of no return nobody save me i’ll die happily in the arms of this wonderful boy” look. 

3. This one needs a gif. The “somebody hold me right now this boy is too cute for this world too beautiful omg what’s happening what is this feeling inside of me ***It Must Be Love playing in the background***” look. 

2. The “I saw him already this morning we woke up in the same bed and everything but oh my god Yuuri there you are why did you took so long nevermind I’m so glad you are here I’m so happy to see you again run to my arms my beautiful fiance” look. 

1. The “literally dying from proud I am, how much I love this wonderful, perfect boy, how happy I am to see him triumph and how unbelievably lucky I am to be engaged to him” look. 

silver-stargazing  asked:

If you're looking for prompts, some Stan and Dipper bonding is always great! Like maybe playing cards or Stan showing Dipper to box?

Stan taught Dipper how to play Poker, and turns out, he’s really good at it 


Take a Chance

The gifset of Dean giving himself that little pep talk from 7x04 inspired me to write this. Dean x Reader, Dean’s POV. Hope you like :)

For fuck’s sake, Dean, you’ve done this a thousand times. You can charm a woman without even breaking a sweat. Why are you so damn nervous?

Because, dumbass, it’s Y/N. This time it’s not some random bar chick that I’ll probably never lay eyes on again. And I don’t want to mess things up. I don’t want to do something that’ll make everything all awkward.

I just want… I just want to be with her. Whatever that means. And I don’t even know how to say that without making things all fucking weird.

Just tell her the truth. Well, the surface truth. Say you’re bored. Take a chance.

She doesn’t need to know you hate being in a separate room from her, that you miss being around her. That you feel not all there when she’s not around, like a piece is missing. That you’re dying to touch her. Like really touch her.

Okay. Here’s her door. Just heard a noise, so you know she’s awake. So knock already.

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How is it playing off of Melissa? One of the really interesting dynamics this season is Katie and Melissa, so having a third wheel come into that is something that fans immediately stood up and took notice of.

Yeah, they did. [Laughs] It was interesting; I went into it naive. I was slightly ignorant to the intricacies of their relationship and to the fans and what they want for that relationship, and what they were expecting. I got a crash-course lesson on Tumblr and Twitter; it didn’t take long for me to realize what I was walking into. 

It was interesting and slightly intimidating. On my show, we have our own dialogue and relationship with the iZombie fandom and that’s one where, as you’re aware, I’m quite blunt. I feel like because it’s my show, I’m able to communicate with the fans and talk to them in a very direct way. Supergirl, I’m a guest in someone else’s house.

A lot of people weren’t particularly happy to find out that Lena had an ex-boyfriend, but for me, it’s interesting and I’m very excited by that. I think the episode is a great episode and I think it’s handled extremely well. Jack’s presence does not in any way affect the dynamic between Katie and Melissa and their characters. I think a lot of it is just to do with misinformation and not knowing much about the episode until they’ve seen it. I think once they’ve seen the episode, a lot of people will be happy.

Rahul Kohli 

|Pit Bull Love| Tom Holland

Tom Holland x Reader

Request:  Hiya! I’m still fairly new to your blog by fairly I mean very new to your blog but I fell in love with your writings epically Peter×Stark!Reader AU’s but I was wondering if I could request a Tom Holland×Reader? Where like the reader is terrified of dogs like Tessa (since pitbulls are so hated for being vicious) so she doesn’t really like her very much which genuinely hurts Tom but eventually the reader and Tessa would get along? I love your writing btw keep up the good work! <3

A/N: Sorry it took so long to write! I actually had trouble writing this one cause my cat recently passed because of a pit bull. But thank you for requesting it cause now I feel a lot better. I hope you like it! (i love tessa so- SHE’S SO CUTE)

Warnings: none i believe

Words: 998

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“Darling- I’m flying back literally tomorrow. You’ll be fine. Tessa won’t do anything. I promise.” Tom reassured me over the phone. I shook my head as if he could see.

“Tom- But what if she wants to play and it gets to rough and s-she…” I sighed as my eyes began to get watery.

“Just wait a bit longer, love. I’ll be home soon and then we can cuddle… Just… get some sleep, it’s late there- ok?” His voice sounded hurt and I looked at Tessa from across the loft and mumbled an ‘ok’. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said and waited for him to hang up. When he didn’t I pulled the phone away from my ear and hesitantly ended it myself. I set my phone down beside me and looked up at Tessa. Should I feed her? It’s been about a day… I was too scared to do it this morning cause she was being really playful but now she seems a bit lazy.

I slowly pushed off the couch and walked to the kitchen, which- thank god- was nowhere near her. I grabbed her food from off the counter and opened it. As I did that I heard a thud and then paws bounded my way. I turned and saw Tessa bounce into the kitchen excitedly. I shakily poured her food into her bowl and she ran up to me. I squealed and jumped out of the way. She stuffed her face in the bowl and started to chow down on her food. I breathed out a sigh of relief and closed her food back up.

I began to walk to my room, thinking about Tom. I know it hurt him that I didn’t like Tessa. I mean- he loved me and Tessa. And I would hate myself more than the dog if I had made him choose between us. I crawled into bed and wrapped the covers around me. After a few moments of quiet I heard the door crack open and then light thuds following, leading to my bed. I bolted up as Tessa jumped up onto my mattress.

“No! No- Tessa. Bad dog!” I raised my voice to her. She whimpered and curled up at the end of the bed. I crossed my arms and scooted back. I sat there afraid to move. I didn’t know what these dogs could do. I could just move one inch and she could snap.

After a few moments of silence, Tessa got up and walked across the bed towards me. My eyes widened and she curled up next to my legs. My body was stiff as her breathing steadied. I slowly slid down to lay my back against the sheets. Tessa got up again but this time curled up next to my chest. I couldn’t move as she sneezed and snuggled up next to me.

I tried to stay still as best I could and sleep at the same time but that didn’t seem to work. There was a knock on the other side of the wall in the living room and I flinched. Tessa perked up and the knocking came again. I leaned up and for a second, thinking she was going to bark. Instead, she got up and stood over my legs. She made a low 'yip’ noise. Was she protecting me?

After the knocking subsided she came back a curled up next to me in the same spot. Even though I wasn’t in real danger she was still prepared. I bet she knew I didn’t like her and even so, she would protect me. I smiled weakly and slowly reached my hand out to pet her. I placed my hand on top of her head and scratched. Her tail wagged and I giggled. I took my other hand and scratched her back, trailing both hands to her stomach where I rubbed her belly. She turned over and stuck her tongue out. She was actually a pretty cute dog, once you got past the fact she was a pit bull. I laughed and took my hands away, laying back down. I placed a hand on his side and just pet her like that for a bit.

“Thank you- It gets lonely without Tom here…” I said, not knowing if she understood. She whimpered so I’m guessing she understood the 'Tom’ part of my sentence. I looked up at the ceiling and for some reason, this time I could fall asleep.


My eyelids fluttered open to the sound of a door unlocking. I felt movement on the bed and when I leaned up, Tessa did too. Her tail was wagging quickly. The door in the living room swung open and I flinched as Tessa jumped off the bed and ran out into the flat. I grabbed for my phone on the nightstand and realised it wasn’t there. I sighed, remembering I forgot it in the living room.

“I’m home!” Tom yelled from the other room. I smiled as he walked into our bedroom. “Did you just wake up, darling?” He asked, opening the door a bit more.

“Yeah-” I yawned. Tessa jumped past Tom and onto the bed.

“Oh- Tessa! You know you’re not alou-” Tom reached for her but stopped. Tessa spun excitedly next to me and I laughed, giving her a pet on the head. “Well, you don’t see that every day…” He said, scoffing. I looked up at him and smiled. He dropped his bags and sat on the edge of the bed, petting Tessa too. “When did this happened?” Tom asked, motioning to Tessa and I.“

"Well, I kinda realised something last night. That… pit bulls aren’t that bad. I mean I’m still slightly scared of her- don’t get me wrong- but she was lonely too. Tessa slept in here with me afterwards.” Tom smiled at me wholeheartedly. I blushed as he swooped down and kissed me softly. He pulled away and grinned.

“I love you.” He whispered. I smirked at his words.

“I love you too.”

Cryptic Commander #9: Why Did it Have to Be Snakes

Don’t you just love it when a new Legendary Creature gets spoiled and you know it was meant to be? I got to experience that yesterday when a certain Commander-to-be got spoiled over Twitter, and man am I head-over-heels for this card. Let’s cut to the chase:

(You see what I did there? The card was spoiled by Elaine Chase over on Twitter. You know what? It isn’t funny anymore. I had to explain it. Forget I said anything.)

So, brief personal aside on my experience with BG in Commander. I’ve tried to build a couple of different decks with the color combo, and I ultimately end up with what feels like the same deck. Graveyard Shenanigans.dek. There’s nothing wrong with graveyard decks, I’m just really tired of how the BG ones play out. Jarad and Meren did their best, but I could not be convinced to play BG after I finally took them apart. None of the other BG generals really appealed to me, from Nath of the Gilt Leaf to Sapling of Colfenor. Then they spoiled Hapatra, and the gears started turning immediately. I started playing Magic just before Scars of Mirrodin came out, so -1/-1 counters were part of my formative Magic experience. It has been too long since we had -1/-1 counters, and now they’re giving us a Commander in BG that cares about -1/-1 counters. Thank you based Wizards for bestowing this gift upon me and all the other lovers of -1/-1 counters in this game. We are truly #blessed.

So, what sort of things can you do with Hapatra? I suppose you could attack with her, suiting her up with a Whispersilk Cloak so she can get in unopposed and slowly build up counters and snakes for you. You could do that, and it’s probably a decent thing to include in whatever deck you build, just to have a back-up plan; but, I like to dream big. There are a handful of very playable Commander cards that like to throw -1/-1 counters around to every creature. Thanks to the wording on Hapatra, you won’t be rewarded for placing a bunch of -1/-1 counters on a single creature as part of the same affect (see “Whenever one or more” wording), but putting one counter on a bunch creatures means an army of snakes in the making. The following are some of the best at this:

Black Sun’s Zenith for one has never been so rewarding! Paying three mana to weaken the entire board and make a bunch of snakes seems like a great plan. You could also just wrath the board and be the only one left with creatures at the end of it. Even if Hapatra dies in the process, you’ll still get all the snakes because she’ll see the counters placed on everything before hitting the bin. Carnifex Demon gives you another good, recurring source of -1/-1 counters. If you have a way to get counters on it besides the ones it comes into play with (like Hapatra’s ability or something like Gnarled Effigy), the demon can be a real problem. Contagion Engine kind of speaks for itself. Putting a counter on each of an opponent’s creatures and then proliferating twice will get you three separate triggers from Hapatra for three times the snakes. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, the most obvious thing you can do.

Alright, we’re starting to get somewhere now. Crumbling Ashes insures that you never have to commit too many counters to the same creature. It’ll die sooner or later anyway. Blowfly Infestation lets you recycle some of the counters from dying creatures for another Hapatra trigger and more value. Necroskitter makes those sweet creatures your opponents have work for you after they die with a counter on them. It’s finally time for Necroskitter’s day in the sun! However, you don’t just have to put counters on your opponents’ creatures. Have you considered putting counters on your own creatures?

There are a couple of creatures that like to have -1/-1 counters on them for utility purposes. Blow up more artifacts by keeping your Wickerbough Elder fully stocked. Beat down hard with a resilient threat in the form of Deity of Scars. Grim Poppet lets you pinpoint the counters you want to disseminate and take out problematic creatures. You also have the option of throwing Quillspike into the deck for what can only be described as shenanigans. Quillspike will let you remove counters from any of your creatures, which means Persist creatures are gonna get to come back for multiple go-arounds. Puppeteer Clique and Woodfall Primus say hi! And that’s only the fair thing you can do with Quillspike. Turns out Quillspike goes infinite with Devoted Druid. Put a counter on Devoted Druid to untap it, tap it for a Green mana, use the Green mana to remove the counter with Quillspike’s ability, repeat ad infinitum. If you have Hapatra in play, this means infinite snakes. Seems pretty good to me, but treat infinite combos with care. It isn’t fun to lose to them, or win with them, all the time. Be nice about, huh?

Considering how few sets have featured -1/-1 counters in the history of Magic, there are certainly a lot of cool things you can do with them. There’s even an Enchantment that basically has Hapatra’s ability, except it makes Elves instead. Flourishing Defenses. There’s all sorts of things you can do with a Hapatra deck, and I am really excited to try them out!

So, what do you think of the newest BG Legendary? New hotness or soon to be forgotten? Let me know what you think! Any cool interactions I might not have noticed? I would love to see them! Until then, enjoy the rest of spoiler season for Amonkhet and hopefully there will be even more Commander goodies to discuss.

Robert Burrows

Reggie x Reader: The Best Woman (Epilogue)



ALSO, this story is heavily influenced by the movie, “Love, Rosie” in fact I will be using THE WHOLE WEDDING SPEECH in this chapter.

Plot: The one where everything that mattered remained unsaid.

Originally posted by flyngdream

You had no idea.

You had no idea that you would break Reggie in two when you took those tablets. 

You had no idea he would fall on his knees and would not move for seven hours when he received the call that you’re body was found floating and lifeless in the beach that held nothing but precious untainted memories he cherished. 

You had no idea that everything will turn grey and dull in his world because if he was the Technicolor then you were the sun; colors didn’t matter without the sun. Nothing mattered without the sun.

You had no idea that it would take him three days to eat something and not throw it up hours later as he remembered the red flags he missed in your conversation, six days to stop having reoccurring nightmare of your crying and pale face begging him for help, and three weeks before he would utter another word and that his first word would be your name. 

That he would spend five hours just staring at your final resting place and begging God to turn back time so he can change everything, so that he can kiss you in front of that shitty reception and tell you to stay, so he can dance with you one last time – just a second longer – to a never-ending song, so that he won’t have to lose you and to finally tell you he loved you.

Has loved you for a while now.

He just didn’t know it – realized it a few hours too late.

You had no idea that he would mourn for the rest of his life for the loss he suffered when he lost you; the one constant thing in his life.

You had no idea that even when aged caught up to him and he was frail and weak, he was still walking up to the hill where your grave lies, placing fresh flowers of different kinds – because he may not remember much anymore but he knows you never had a favorite one – on the vase and cleaning up the headstone, repeating the same routine he did every week ever since he lost the love of his life.

You had no idea he loved you too.

Because if you did, this story would be very different and Reggie wouldn’t have to lose the girl who was supposed to find a happier ending with him.

But you didn’t because the two of you weren’t good with words and both of you kept what matters most a secret.

So, Reggie couldn’t do anything but live the rest of his life, counting the days for the ‘another life’ to arrive where he can finally see you again. Where he can finally see your smile and brush your hair away from your face and pick you up just to piss you off.

When that time arrives he swore to himself he will do the right thing and love you the right way. He will be reckless and tell you he loves you, have loved you in that life and in this. He will kiss you and hug you and then kiss you again, planning to keep you safe from the world forever.

And of course, in another life with another ending, he can finally ask you out to prom.

Zach woke up with a start, sweating and breathless as his alarm clock screamed at him.

5:00, it was time for his morning run but he doubts he’d have enough energy for his route after that dream of his.

What the hell was that?

Zach took his running shorts and a random shirt before picking up his gym bag, where his extra outfit and other random school necessities resided, before throwing it to the backseat of his car and jogging along his usual route.

Zach couldn’t help but get confused by his dream. He saw himself and you, only older and different and… sadder. He couldn’t remember everything but he knew you were there and so was he yet somehow you weren’t yourselves – not really.

He didn’t remember much but he knew it was a nightmare.

He knew it didn’t end well and that was what’s fucking him up the most. As he ran and ran, finally turning back around to the direction of his house he could barely remember anything from his dream except the party, your sad stares, the heaviness in his heart, and the word prom.

Why does that word keep repeating in his mind like a broken machine?

Was it because prom was coming up? And the pressure and competition to become prom king and to win the championship was getting to him?

It never bothered him before he wondered what was so different now.

After he showered and got dressed he took his keys and turned on the ignition in his machine. Glancing at his phone to see a text from Justin about practice later this afternoon.

He smirked, already hearing the complaints and screams of their coach when he realized Zach was gonna ditch practice (again) to hang out with you. Justin’s already jealous enough that Zach prefers the to hang out with the ‘other best friend’, as Justin likes to call you since he still can’t accept that he is the side hoe, and this will only add fuel to the flame. Zach couldn’t give two fucks though, the both of you have been planning this since last month and it will take an apocalypse for him to miss it.

He carefully parked and went out of his car to knock on your door. He can hear your voice and your mother’s screams inside before the door opened wide, with your smiling face.

“Well, good morning to you, cupcake, aren’t you just a sight to behold,” he laughed, looking at your unruly hair and breathlessness. “Morning, Mrs. (Y/L/N)! You look lovely today.”

“Morning darling, still a charmer I see,” your mom screamed from the living room.

“Come on, Zachary, stop flirting with my mom.” You joked as you crossed your arms with his, his immediately and unconsciously tightening up to slightly trap yours in it. He laughed loudly as he took your bag from your shoulders.

“You still up for this weekend?” he wiggled his eyebrows knowing it would make you laugh.

“Wouldn’t dare miss it, Zachy.”

Zach opened the door for you, carefully placing your bag beside his at the back before taking his place in the driver seat. As you took the long road to your school, as always, Zach couldn’t help but let his mind wander to his dream.
Everything in it seemed so old yet so familiar that he was almost convinced it was real. He shook his head silently, why were you so sad?

‘ … me out to prom’
‘… prom.’

“What?” Zach gave you a glance to see your confused yet amused face. “You’re muttering like a madman in there, care to share?”

“Nothing,” he tried to play it off. “Just a weird dream I had.”

“Ooooh,” you leaned up to him, getting ready for another one of his weird and ‘symbolic’ visions. “What is it this time?”

Zach chuckled, giving you another small once over, eyes stopping at your eyes and in a split-second he swore it was replaced by the tired, sad eyes he had in his dreams making his heart stop. He blinked furiously and then you were you again. “Couldn’t remember much, to be honest,” he lied, too afraid of what he saw and what it could possibly mean.

You rolled your eyes, knowing all too well when he is lying. “Bet it was a wet dream.”

“Was not!” he defended too quickly making you laugh.

“Whatever, crazy.” That was what Zach loved about you; even after being best friends your whole lives you still didn’t feel entitled to know everything about him.

‘ .. prom.’

He cursed silently. “So, are you going to prom, next week?” Zach tried to give it a shot, hoping the voice will stop.

He clearly caught you off guard when your eyes widened and you shook your head, hooking some strand of hair behind your ears – a nervous habit. “Nah, not my thing.” You scoffed, and Zach knew you were lying. 

He always does. 

“Plus, I wouldn’t let anybody give me more shit for not having any date. Walker would have a field day.”

“… me out to prom.”

“I could be your date.” What?


Zach was flabbergasted, not expecting that to come out of his mouth. “I mean, I wouldn’t mind to be your date because well were friends, right?” Zach tried to defend himself and get himself out of this shitstorm he accidentally created. “And I bet you would look really pretty when you’re done up – NOT that you’re not pretty now but like, okay you’re beautiful—“

“Wait, I’m what?” You asked, confused as your best friend reddened more and more.


“NO! I mean, yes! But I don’t mean it in a romantic way. Not that I would mind being in a relationship with you because well, you are really beautiful and smart and like perfect and we have been friends for a long time now and –“

‘ … prom’

“Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey, are you confessing to me right now?”


Zach quickly stepped on the break, making the two of you lurch forward and it was so silent that you could literally hear your breathes in the car.

Zach visibly groaned. “Please tell me I didn’t just say that.”

The silence was your answer.

“Please tell me I just didn’t ruin everything.”

“You didn’t,” you quickly reassured him and he felt a thorn on his heart being removed. “You just saved me from confessing to you in the first place so, to be really honest with you, you just made everything better.”

Zach looked at you so quick you could’ve sworn his neck snapped a bit.

“And yes, I would like to go to prom with you,” you continued and as he was about to speak you placed a finger in his mouth.

“On one condition,”

“Please don’t tell me we’re gonna go as friends.”

You laughed and so did he. “Quite the opposite, I’ve always dreamed of going to prom with my first boyfriend.”

Zach smirked. 

“Well, you could’ve waited till I asked you to be my girlfriend first but –“

“If I may remind you it took you 15 years to just confess to me and I would like to speed this shit up.”

Zachary couldn’t help the blush spreading throughout his face but he smirked it away, not wanting to lose this teasing game.“Oooh, are you asking me to be your boyfriend?”

“Don’t make me change my mind, you ass–”

Zach leaned in even further, took your chin with his thumb and pointer finger before giving you a kiss. “I guess being your boyfriend is pretty cool too.”

“You’re damn right it is.”
You mumbled against the lips, nothing tasted as sweet.

Zach laughed, choosing not to let go of your hands as he resumed his driving.

“If only I knew risking a car accident was the only way you’d confess to me I could’ve done it earlier,” you mumbled, laughing a bit by how this day turned out.

“Yeah, yeah let it go,” Zach mumbled, still embarrassed by how his mentally well-planned romantic confession went to hell.

The two of you laughed, unaware that yours was a love story that was written in the stars by two star-crossed lovers that fought life, death, destiny – and any other forces of nature to get the happy ending they both deserved.


“Hmm?” Zach gave you a glance after parking his car, kissing the back of your hands to give the message that he was listening..

“Can you promise me we will not fuck it up?”

“We will,” Zach contradicted causing your brows to furrow. “We will fuck it up a lot – more me than you, to be honest but that’s okay because I can promise you that I will not give up.” You held your breathe afraid of destroying this moment.

“We will keep fucking up and fixing it and that’s what we’ll do that for the rest of our lives, okay?”

You could cry at how mature Zach looked in that moment – at how serious and how genuine and how long term he saw this relationship that you have been dreaming about ever since you discovered love in the form of a boorish and loud seven year old boy in the park.

“Promise me we won’t give up.”
Zach took took your face in his hands, making you look at him.

You smiled, gifting his lips with a small peck, hoping it was enough to tell him how much you loved him.

You were never good with words, anyway.

“Will do, my love.”

Quiet- Zach Dempsey Smut-Part 1

this is my first time trying to write smut so i’m sorry if this is bad even though it doesn’t mention smut yet :/ 

 -warnings: rape (sorta), swearing

 -maybe smut in part 2? 

 The loud yet rhythmic sounds of the trashy pop music blared through speakers throughout the house. Drunks danced closely against each other without a care in the world, while the others who were still sober, chugged down mass amounts of alcohol so they too could join in. I stood taking it all in, leaning against a wall in the corner and watched as all of the intoxicated teenagers partied without realizing how shitty they would all feel the morning after.

 “And here is your drink.” Zach smiled and slightly swayed over, holding out a glass that was obviously filled with beer. I gladly took it and gave him a ‘thank you’ before taking down almost the entire drink at once.

“Slow your roll there (Y/N), you wouldn’t believe how long it took to get one and I don’t feel like walking back to get another.” He joked and leaned up against the wall looking down to me and I chuckled in response.

“I’ve never heard of a line for drinks at one of Jeff’s famous parties?” I questioned jokingly and nudged him lightly.

 “Yeah… well, he put Jensen in charge of drinks and he barely knows what alcohol is. Guess he thought it’d help him get a girl and actually talk to her.” Zach shrugged and I lightly slapped his arm giggling at his joke.

“So, would you like to sit down and join the rest of the team or continue to just stand here in the corner?” Zach asked raising an eyebrow and even though I would’ve rather stayed where I was, I knew Zach wanted us to go sit down with the rest of the basketball players and their girlfriends.

 “Alright, if you insist.” I played sarcastically and we both walked over and took a seat between Justin Foley and Bryce Walker.

“Glad you guys finally came over.” Justin joked and elbowed Zach. We all talked and joked throughout the course of the party. As Justin was telling a story about one of their basketball trips I could feel a hand slither onto my thigh. I looked up to Zach to see him staring daggers at Bryce who I now noticed was scooting closer to me. I leaned in closer to Zach and I could feel him take a deep breath of relief. 

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but this party has gone to trash and the only people left are us and the trashy drunks still hoping to get some. So, I say we all go to my place while my parents are gone.” Bryce exclaimed clapping his hands together and practically jumping up earning cheers of approval from everyone else. Zach looked down at me and I could read his face knowing that he didn’t have a good feeling about going. I nodded to him as if to say it’d be alright.

 “Zach you coming?” Marcus asked standing up from the couch and following the rest of the group.

 “Yeah, I’ll meet you guys there.” Zach grinned at him trying to hide his worry.

 —– Once we reached Bryce’s house Zach and I walked in, Zach with a tight grip around my waist.

“Aye, it’s about time you made it, what took you so long?” Bryce chuckled and handed Zach a drink.

 “Doesn’t matter, we’re here now.” Zach joked and held up his drink and everyone agreed loudly. We all sat out back by Bryce’s pool and one by one, people left until it was just Bryce, Zach, Justin, and me. Justin and Zach were playing around and tackling one another while I sat on the couch on my phone and Bryce sat across from me trying to make conversation with the two boys.

 “Keep that up and you both are going to end up in the pool.” Bryce chuckled taking another sip of his drink. And as if planned Zach threw Justin off of him and he stumbled back into the pool, but not before grabbing onto Zach and pulling him in as well.

“Well, look who was right.” Bryce stood up and walked up to the side of the pool.

“You two go upstairs and change, pretty sure you guys left clothes here from the last time you stayed here,” Bryce informed them and they both scrambled out of the cold water and back into the house. I could hear footsteps grow closer and the fabric of the couch sink down next to me.

“So you and Zach? How long has that been going on?” Bryce asked leaning back against the couch.

“About 5 months now,” I answered not bothering to look up. Once again I felt the tingling feeling of a hand against my thigh but this time it was different. I looked up to Bryce whose eyes were dark and staring down at me.

“Bryce… what are you doing?” I asked timidly, my voice shaking.

“I just wanted to let you know that you look really good tonight.” He whispered in my ear, his hot breath making me pull back. He began to pepper kisses along my neck and his hand moved higher up my leg. I immediately tried to push him off but that only caused him to put more pressure on my as he used his other hand to sneak under my shirt.

“Bryce please stop,” I said quietly sniffling.

 “Come on, let’s just have some fun.” He smiled and licked a stripe down my neck. By now hot tears were trailing down my face as I attempted to kick him off. My muscles were straining as I used every bit of effort to throw him off and just when I was about to give up a ray of hope shined through.

 “Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I heard Zach’s voice cut through, loud and angry. Bryce looked up at him and tried to explain but still yet to remove his hands.

“Get off of her man!” Justin yelled, running through the door while slipping a shirt over his head. Zach picked Bryce up by the collar of his shirt and threw him off the couch.

 “Bro, she wanted it, you don’t think I’d do that if she didn’t. Come on man she was practically begging for-” Bryce rambled on and scrambled up to his feet.

“No shut the fuck up.” Zach cut him off and pushed him back.

“The fuck are you going to do, huh Dempsey?” Bryce asked taking a step closer to him and balling up his fists.

“Fuck off Walker.” Zach spat at him and walked off, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me to his car. Once he closed the door I couldn’t stop from breaking down. Zach gently rubbed my back and carefully intertwined his hand with mine.

 “Don’t worry, I will make sure he doesn’t touch you ever again,” Zach whispered to me and softly pressed his lips against my cheek. Zach turned the car into drive and headed off in the direction of my house.

 “Zach, can I stay at your house tonight… I just don’t want to be alone right now.” I said quietly and he nodded as well as grabbing my hand and rubbing his thumb on my knuckles, driving past my house and turning right to his place. When we reached his home, he led me up to his room.

“Will your parent’s mind?” I asked softly as he closed his bedroom door. 

“No, but they’re not home tonight anyways so it’s okay.” He replied moving to his dresser. “Here.” Zach said pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie to change into. I quickly changed into the oversized sweats. As I changed I could feel eyes on my and I turned to see Zach who was now shirtless and wearing sweatpants. He swayed over and looked at my arms which had bruises freckled across them now. Instead of saying anything he simply kissed my lips slowly. We both climbed into bed and I carefully laid my head against his chest. Zach’s arms were wrapped around tightly and I smiled softly feeling safe in his arms.

“I promise, I won’t ever let anything happen to you again,” Zach muttered into my hair and kissed the top of my head. And with that, I was able to fall asleep to the quiet yet rhythmic sound of his heartbeat.

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Simon x Reader

Sorry for taking so long x

•Summary:  When Simon’s friends try to play match maker but forgets to turn off their flash.

•Warnings: None, It’s all good in the hood

•Word count- 1,545

Sorry it’s quite bad. Be prepared for cringe

Y/F/N = Your friends name (I didn’t know what name to use, so yeah)

There are some POV switches

By the way I know JJ isn’t really like this but hey Fiction right? 

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makemewoozi17  asked:

Hey its me (idk if you remember those lol) I was wondering how did you draw bodies? Everytime I try to do them they do that turn out right (love your work btw it gives me life ^^)

aw please you’re making me blush ^^ but really I don’t think I’m the best person to ask about this bc I don’t draw bodies that often, and when I do, they’re strictly based on references (which honestly is the greatest thing to do imo). that being said, I’ll try to show how I generally go about it?? but keep in mind that this is just what works for me and there is no ‘right’ way to do things! also this got a bit long so I apologize TT

first, I feel like having a really good understanding of anatomy really helps. I actually took about a month out of my art to focus solely on learning anatomy, one section of the body at a time. basically studying why the body looks and moves the way it does combined with practice practice practice~ Here are a few resources:

  • Sycra and Sinix Design anatomy tutorials on youtube (I’ve been following these guys forever and their channels have played a huge part in helping me improve in my art. I highly recommend checking out the rest of their videos as well)
  • an extensive deviantart gallery of pose references
  • figure drawing practice (this site is amazing bc it lets you specify gender, nude/clothed, and how long you have to draw each pose)
  • I also have this tutorial here primarily showing how I go about making my lineart, but it also shows how I go about getting my proportions right (as also explained below)

As shown in my lineart tutorial, my primary method is not to jump right into sketching specific body parts, but to give my eye something to work off of. this is a bit similar to drawing gray scale silhouettes or thumbnails for character or landscape concepts.

so in the above gif (oohh look at me making gifs again) my general process is basically just creating new layers on top of each other, using what I’ve learned from my anatomy studies and moving from ‘broad to specific’, lowering the opacity of each one as i finish them:

  1. start with just blocking in a big blob of color in the shape of my ref pose. literally just getting the overall shape down onto my work space so that I’m not starting from a blank canvas
  2. block out the general shapes of the limbs, torso, and head
  3. sketch in a very rough line art just to show the actual shape and form, as well as where things actually start and end, including any needed symmetry guidelines
  4. and then use that to help guide the more detailed rough line art, working from the reference. even in the above gif, that’s not even what I would use as a final line art. if this was to be a clean drawing with line art and cell shading, I would go back for another layer with a small hard round brush and reeealllyyy get those details nice and clean. but if this was going to be a painting, I would stop here and use what I have as a guide for blocking in color and rendering out the features in detail

as for getting proportions right, like I said, it’s really just a lot of practice and training your eyes and hand to duplicate references as accurately as possible~

and that’s really it?? i hope that helps, even if just a little bit ^^

Just Roommates (Part 3)

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Summary: Sam calls reader back to the bunker for an emergency and things come to a head…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,400ish

Warnings: lots of language

A/N: Sorry, not sorry…

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You Shook Me All Night Long.

Hellooo, can maybe you do one that start with a lap dance hearing some sexy old music songs and end up with Y/N and Daryl having a hardcore sex in the chair ? Idk don’t judge me is just he is so sexy and I can’t deny ittt. Thank you in advance ❤😊

I hope you like it! 💕

While searching for things for the Saviours, you found an old cassette player. It was tucked inside a drawer in the house you were scavenging, and next to it there were several cassettes, you grabbed them and started reading the tags on them.

They went from Guns n Roses, through Aerosmith, to AC/DC and a couple of untagged mixtapes. You tucked them inside your backpack, it all seemed like something interesting enough for the Saviours.

When you got back to Alexandria, it was late and the sun was already down, so you headed back to your house instead of dropping at the pantry what you had found.

You entered your house and climbed the stairs wearily, it had been a long day and you were tired, all you wanted to do was to relax.

As you opened the door, you noticed Daryl was laying on the bed, he had kicked his boots off and he had his hands under his head.

“Comfortable?”, you chuckled and he slightly lifted his head to look at you.

“Mhm”, he hummed gutturally as an answer.

You sighed and took your shoes off, they had been hurting your feet from all the miles you had walked, so opened your backpack to grab the lotion you had found, but instead, the first thing you saw was the cassette player. You deserved a moment of rest, so you took the cassettes and the player out to listen to some music.

You placed the cassette player on the top of the cabinet and put a random cassette inside it, the one you chose didn’t have a tag like the others, so you figured it was a mixtape.

As the tape started rolling and the music began to play, Daryl lifted himself up on his elbows.

“What’s that?”, he asked you.

“Found it today, it’s for the Saviours when they come”, you told him with a glint of sadness, you were already liking having music in the house.

Daryl laid back on the bed and subconsciously started marking the pace of the song with his foot.

“Do you think we can…”, you arched an eyebrow and smirked down at him. “Give it some use before I give it to them?”

“What kind of use?”

You didn’t answer, instead you ran out of the room and came back a minute later with a chair that you took from the dining room. You settled it in the middle of the room, next to the bed, and patted the seat so Daryl would sit there.

“What are you doing?”, he asked.

“Just sit”, you chuckled and he got up from the bed. He sat on the chair with his brows tied in a frown, he wasn’t sure what you were doing.

You pressed a button for the next song to play, you weren’t convinced about that one either so you changed to the next one, until you heard a soft guitar playing through the speakers.

It was You Shook Me All Night Long, by AC/DC. “Accurate”, you thought.

When the drums caught on to the beat, you turned around and walked towards Daryl, the look of confusion in his eyes made you laugh.

“What are you doing?”, he asked for the second time that night.

“Just shut up”, you told him and slammed your right foot on the seat of the chair, between his legs. Daryl jumped slightly in surprise.

You grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it slowly over your torso, taking your time so he could see your body. Daryl watched how you took off your top and his eyes were set on your breasts.

When the shirt had come off entirely, you threw it across the room. You unbuttoned your jeans and started to pull them down, swaying your hips at the pace of the music as you did. Daryl’s eyes trailed down your body, from your nude torso to your thighs.

You put your foot on the floor to let your jeans fall down to your ankles, then you kicked them off and all you were wearing was lingerie.

Daryl wasn’t speaking anymore, he was only staring at every inch of bare skin he could see, wishing you would just take off the rest of clothing you had left.

You turned around and bent over, swaying your butt over his lap, Daryl placed a hand on your thigh as you did and softly pulled you closer until you were grinding on his crotch.

You felt him getting harder under your butt, his pants tightening on his member as you danced on top of him. You got off of him and walked over to the cassette player to turn the volume up. It was your favourite part of the song, the chorus was finally there and the beat was turning you on.

You sat on his lap, face to face, with your thighs over his and your arms crossing over his shoulders. You started grinding yourself on his lap, moving to the beat of the chorus and feeling his dick through the fabric of your panties.

One of his hands cupped your butt and softly spanked you. It only turned you on even more, so you kept on grinding and dancing on him. You pulled your hair tie off and your hair fell on waves over your face and shoulders, Daryl licked his lips and pushed your hair to your back, exposing your breasts again. He took them inside his hands and gently squeezed them, making you moan.

You stood up from his lap and turned back around, you started dancing to the sound of the music, giving him the perfect view to your butt. He grabbed you by your hips and pulled you back to him, you kept dancing and bouncing your ass on his crotch.

Daryl couldn’t wait any longer, he was so hard and he needed to be inside you. His hand started roaming from your hips to your thigh and to your crotch, grasping you tightly and pulling the fabric of your underwear.

You stopped moving for a moment and leaned your back against his chest so he could take off your panties, when the lace hit the floor, you pulled your hair to the front so Daryl could unclasp your bra, he did and your breasts bounced as Daryl bucked his hips up to feel you closer, but you kept teasing him.

You got off his lap and kneeled in front of him, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down with your teeth. Daryl was shuddering in that chair and his hands were shaking, unable to hold back his burning desire. His pants were on his ankles, and before taking his boxers off, you teased him, running your tongue down his throbbing member over the fabric.

Daryl couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed your arms and pulled you up to the chair again, his face slammed against your chest and your slit on his cock. He let go of your arms and grabbed your butt tightly, settling you right where he wanted you and slightly moving you back and forth.

You wanted him too, the lap dance had been something just to tease him, so now that you were both ready, you pulled his boxers down and hopped on his cock. Daryl grunted at your sudden movement but he liked how rough you had been. He held your waist between his hands and moved you up and down, going deeper each time you went down.

The loud music didn’t let the sound of your moans be heard out of the room, which was a good thing because you shared a house with Rick and Carl, and you didn’t want the kid to be traumatised for life.

You grabbed a handful of Daryl’s hair and pulled it back harshly, your face dropped to his neck and you drew small, wet circles on his skin with your tongue. He answered with a groan. You pressed your open mouth against his neck and sucked, which made him moan even louder, and you left a hickey on him.

Daryl spanked you again and you arched your back, pushing your ass out so he would do it again. His hand crashed on your butt harder this time, which left a red mark on your skin, but you liked it.

“(Y/N)”, he called your name, but you couldn’t quite tell what he was saying because his moans covered his words. “That feels fucking good.”

He mimicked your actions and pulled your hair, your head fell back and it slightly hurt your neck, Daryl grazed your throat with his nose and kept going down until his lips hit your chest.
He started fiddling tenderly with your skin, but suddenly his teeth sank in your breast and you screamed in pleasure. He was sucking on your skin, painting a bruise like the one you had left on his neck.

He gazed up and saw that your eyes were closed and your lips slightly parted as raw groans escaped your lips, your hands were holding on to his leather vest as he kept holding you by the waist tightly and rocking you back and forth, faster and harder each second.

Daryl’s hands were so deep into your waist that you knew he would leave small bruises where his fingers were sinking in, but you didn’t care, the feeling of his cock inside you was worth it.

“Daryl”, you whispered between breaths. Your eyes were closed but you could feel his stare on you. “I’m… gonna-”

Daryl knew exactly what you were about to say, so he pulled out of you and pushed you off of him. You fell to the floor, yet you kept your eyes closed, it’s like your mind had been flying through time and space and you were just now returning to Earth.

However, before you could quite understand what just happened, Daryl stood up from the chair and grabbed you by the waist, the spots where he had sank his fingers earlier hurt.

He placed you on the chair, your knees on the warm wood where he had been sitting on and your stomach on the backrest. Daryl climbed on the chair, right behind you and pulled your hips so your butt would be pressed against his dick.

The music kept going, but now it was another song. You couldn’t quite tell which one it was, all you could hear was off-key chords with occasional vocals, it’s like you were numb, yet you could feel how Daryl grasped your hips and pulled you backwards, jamming his dick up your ass. You groaned and grunted, arching your back and leaning to his cock.

Daryl hit your butt again with his hand, in the same spot he had spanked you twice earlier, and it burned, yet you wanted him to keep doing it. His thighs were slamming against yours, the sound of flesh on flesh was even louder than the music.

The last song finished at the same time as both of you did, and you could feel the warm, thick liquid streaming down your thigh. You panted as he pulled out of you and climbed down the chair, yet you stayed up there, with your arms on the backrest and your heart pounding rapidly.

Daryl walked around the chair and found your face when he arrived to the back. He cupped one side of your face and his thumb trailed down softly from your cheek to your chin, then he dropped it.

“Song’s over”, he muttered, his voice was still hoarse and slightly quavering.

You chuckled at what he said, you knew that several songs had played, and now the mixtape was over. You put your feet on the floor and stood up, your knees and legs were still weak, so you sat on the chair.

Daryl walked towards the cassette player and examined it for a moment, running his finger down it and studying the buttons; he hit one of them and the music started to play again.

“Another round?”, he asked, turning around to look at you. You chuckled, scratching the back of your head, then you nodded.

A Bughead Drabble

Don’t judge me. Don’t hate me. Lol.

“You keep calling me Juliet.”

She looked me dead in the eye as if she was almost mad, never had I seen such a reaction to what most girls would consider quite a compliment from the circles of romantic literature.

I more or less see it as either a satisfying comment to make a girl fall for you or the most annoying and unsatisfactory series of events that lead to nothing but frustration. Is that not the love ballad of Romeo and Juliet?

She tightens her long blonde ponytail and then spins on the balls of her feet to look at me, slapping her hands to the sides of her hips. “And can you please find another way to get up here!” she says rushing to the window, scowling at my ladder leaning against her window. “My parents will kill me, Romeo!”

I try not to make it so obvious that my voice has hitched in my throat and I straighten my beanie before smiling at her. “Don’t say I’m your Romeo, Bets. I never have been.”

She frowns a bit and I can almost hear her mind ticking. Betty Cooper has always had a way of expressing her thoughts through the looks on her face. I have known her for so long, I was somewhat of a clairvoyant to a small group of people that we call our friends.

She must have felt she had  offended me, forgetting that good ol’ Juggie doesn’t have the sensitive heart that her beloved Archie does. “But-bu-” I cut her off.
“But that would be fair Archie Montague,” I say, giving her a wink which earns me a shove on her behalf.

She sits back down on the edge of her bed and lays back, her lacy dress riding up and as much as I wanted to look away, be a decent human being and the respectable young man I have tried oh so hard to make myself into, I couldn’t help but notice how her blushed skin was reaching further up and up and…


I snap my head away from her smooth legs and quickly up to her face. “Yeah?”

“I got a message from V, you interested in a bit of a bite?”

I didn’t want to admit it, but I was hunting for an excuse not to go. I had blown Archie off but unfortunately, he is not blind and he will see the ladder leaning against Betty’s picket fenced house. My hands had been so deep in my pockets for a while now and I wonder if she’s noticed but I shake my pockets. “No money.”

Betty laughs and runs her teeth over her bottom lip. “And I will have your back – or Veronica will.”

My face blushes but it shouldn’t – dad had given me a one hundred dollar bill when I crossed him in the street just yesterday which I start fingering in my pocket. “Bets…”

“If it’s too much of a girly date for you, we’ll call Arch to join us.”

I cock an eyebrow. “And detach him from the string and wood connected to his side? I dunno Bets,” I say teasingly.

I scan around her room while she lays down with her head in her hands. So many trinkets, such a big room. So much space and flowers and photos of her and Archie, photos of us three when we were kids, polka dots, lace. So much lace. “So much lace,” I voice out loud.

She sits up and sniggers a bit. “I hate it…”

“So much lace from the top of your bed to the edge of your thighs,” I mutter but I immediately bite my tongue because why the hell did I say that out loud? The lace may be pink and creeping up her body like a vine but I should not be paying so much attention…

Betty sighed and ran a hand over her hair. “It’s so girly. I keep saying that but I never do anything about it.”

I shrug and sit down next to her. “Make it womanly then?”

Betty rolls her eyes and shoves me again, making my body move and unbalance. “Nothing about me is womanly…” she looks down and blushes, red spreading along her face and neck. “Sorry Juggie, I’m being awkward…”

Again Betty Cooper has left me with a lump in my throat and I try not to make it so obvious. “Well, your shirt tells me otherwise,” I say, reaching over and brushing my fingers along her collarbone and begging to brush the swell of her breasts.

She forms goosebumps where my fingers were and shudders a bit. “Have you always been good with your words?”

“Are they working?” I ask a little too loudly. “I’m joking, it’s like a coping mechanism – the more I use my mouth, the less people ask of me. It’s like they don’t know what I’m talking about half the time.”

She licks her lips and rolls over on her bed to face me. “I wonder how well you use that mouth, Jug,” she seems to say in a whisper but I think I have turned supersonic because it feels like it is the loudest thing I have ever heard. “But I am more intrigued in wondering what that brain knows.”
Her chest rises and falls and her hands move up to rest on my forearm. The many times that I’ve stared into the blue eyes of Betty Cooper have not seem to have prepared me for how deep a blue  her eyes are or the spattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Not the meet ups in the tree house, not the sleepovers at Archie’s that she would crash, not the years we’ve spent in the same class had prepared me. Nothing prepared me and I appreciate not being prepared because she seems that much more… sexy?

“My mind?” I try and say steadily. “Well, my mind tells me that you’ve moved on from the Romeo that is Archie.”

Her gentle hands seem so heavy as they move down my body, edging the end of my shirt and then long fingers touching my skin along my hips and onto my torso. “I want to be brave, Juggie.”

I turn to her too now, gripping my lip with my teeth, trying not to shake or feel too much of her hands on my skin. My lips and teeth can feel the heat of her mouth. Shit, if this is what gets me riled, then so be it. Connecting of the minds first has definitely played it’s role in my longing for Betty. As much as I wished I still thought of Betty as my friend, the wishes were being pushed out to the side, punched and mauled by what I am starting to detect is… love?

We stared. She smiled. Her lips brushed mine. Her hands grew bolder, they moved up and down me, her chest pushed against mine. She opened her mouth and took my lip from my own teeth and in between hers.

“Looks like you’re the brave one, Bets.”

My hands snake up under the lace, my teeth are on her neck and the smell of vanilla is so strong, my nose burns. She arches her back to get closer and I use that mouth she had just questioned to show her what it can do.


stucky musicians au

bucky is a world famous piano player and music composer and steve is the cute guitar playing boy next door who bucky manages to charm into falling in love with him (feat. sam as steve’s enthusiastic best friend)

requested by @opeggycarter

Alrighty so Iunno what took me so long to post these but HERE THEY ARE THE BIRDS THAT ARE IN THE TITLE I SHALL EXPLAIN THEM FOR EVERYONE NOW. 

The Griffs here are step brothers! The white headed one is Chuck, and the black sorta angsty looking guy is Seth.

They live together in an apartment that Chuck rents, and in exchange for letting Seth live there, Seth plays guitar in Chuck’s band, XO1989 (Which is just Hugs and Kisses 1989). 

Chuck runs and operates that band as his own. Seth was introduced into the band when XO1989 lost their vocalist and guitar player due to a creative dispute. Since then, the band has regained new members, but has failed to regain the same amount of popularity it had with its prior members. Chuck constantly battles with creative doubt and frustration over his band’s once prominent spot in the local pop punk scene. 

Chuck is otherwise a very out going bird. He’s super confident, and strives for the best in what he does. He carries out his will with confidence and tries to make the best with what he’s got. 

Seth on the other hand is a character that’s experiencing a very lost chapter of his life, wondering what it is that he’s really meant to do, and not being particularly confident that any of his skills will bring him very far in life. He’s very internal and thinks a lot to himself. If you ask him where you both want to eat, he’ll take 10 minutes to really think out that kind of decision. He processes every causality.

That helps Seth sometimes in life, however, and it’s what Chuck needs to balance out his willingness to jump into something that could potentially burn him. Seth trusts Chuck, but the two otherwise have a very brother like relationship. Seth and Chuck constantly disagree, Seth is a bird of few words, and Chuck seems to be the one talking most of the time.

Seth is also a very blunt character. He’s not afraid to tell people whenever he thinks something isn’t going to work. He’ll very easily tell Chuck to his face whether or not he thinks something is out of place in his logic. 

And Seth never much likes to hear Chuck’s lectures on life, since Chuck has been around more than Seth has. Seth does always take Chuck’s words to heart though, and he does truly trust him. 

A good example of this would be the Punk Bird hoodie that he’s wearing here. 

The story behind that is one Seth got moved into the apartment with Chuck, that Chuck had some left over band merch from a previous tour he’s done. Chuck in his excitement to see another bird wearing his merch, gave Seth the hoodie and told him to try it on. 

Seth kinda grits his teeth a tiny bit and puts it on. 

Chuck thought it looked pretty nice, but Seth pointed him out on how tacky it was to wear your own band’s merch. 

Chuck kinda just was just like, “Well, I think it looks cool so. Keep it or not. I got more.”

And so Seth wears it mostly because he does love Chuck, so out of sorta this brotherly love kinda thing does he wear it.

ANYWAY yea there’s a lot to these characters.

Enjoy them! 

The One With A First Date

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: Jughead finally asks you out but between running the paper and finding Jason Blossom’s killer, the two of you can only fit an a very unconventional, and illegal, first date. 

MASTERLIST (mobile and desktop)
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“Isn’t it a little late to be breaking into the school?” you mutter, a fistful of Jughead’s sweater in your hand as you follow him through the dark. He uncoils your hand, taking it in his. Your skin tingles at from the warmth of it.

“And when do you suppose is a good time to break into a school?” he asks rhetorically.

“I don’t think we’re going to find any dirt on Grundy in the music room. Wouldn’t a murderer hide their weapon somewhere children can’t poke around?”

Jughead sighs loudly, “Probably, but we can’t sit around doing nothing.”

“You just love playing Nancy Drew,” you tease.

“I prefer to think of myself as one of the Hardy Boys,” he mumbles causing you to laugh. He claps a hand against your mouth, pressing you against the wall. You raise a brow.

“Janitor,” he whispers, letting you go after a few seconds. You sigh, doubling over, “Jughead, my heart is racing. I think I’m going to go into cardiac arrest.”

“Really? Just from that?” he smirks, “I didn’t even kiss you yet.”

“No, I mean from sneaking aro- wait… yet?” you raise a brow.

You feel your heart race slightly. It was an unconventional first date to say the least but you and Jughead had been friends for years and when he’d finally gathered the courage to ask you out, Betty had roped him into working on the paper. You’d rescheduled your first date for two weeks and finally your put your foot down and told him you’d go out Thursday night no matter what. Unfortunately Jughead had already made plans to suss Miss Grundy out but even that wouldn’t stop you from going out with him.

“I mean, that’s what people do at the end of dates, right? They kiss?” he asks, a little unsurely.

“Not on dates as terrible as this one.”

He frowns, looking disheartened.

“I’m kidding, Jug. If anything, I give you props for going so out of your way to make this such an unconventional date.”

A smile reappears on his lips as he shimmies open the lock to Grundy’s room. You rake the room, almost tearing it apart before having to put it back together and still, nothing. Just as you’re leaving, Jughead informs you that Veronica and Betty had had better luck breaking into her car.

“So, what now?” you whisper, “Do we go meet them?”

He shakes his head sternly, “Now we finish off the rest of our date.”

He stands still, looking around, “Here?” you furrow your brows together.

He nods, taking your hand back in his and walking down the hallway until you come to a stop outside the AV room. He pulls the door open and flips a switch causing hundreds of fairy lights to come to life, twinkling softly to reveal a projector and screen.

“What is all this?” you ask.

“Our date,” he says, “For the longest time I wanted to take you on a date at the drive in but I took too long to ask you out and it shut down so now-“ he points to the screen, “This will have to do.”

He walks toward the window and bends down, coming back up with a takeaway bag.

“I chucked this through earlier,” he says, “Hopefully our takeout isn’t too cold.”

“So that’s what you were doing,” you say, scrunching up your nose, “I thought you were peeing.”

“I try to keep my dignity on a first date,” he replies with a small smile, handing you one of the boxes and a fork.

He turns the projector on and Me Before You starts playing.

“You hate this movie,” you say, turning to him curiously.

“But you love it,” he replies, nervously winding an arm around your shoulders, “And I’ll watch it every day if I have to.”

“I guess that means I have to watch Star Wars?” you raise a brow.

“Yup,” he deadpans with a grin.

You were half asleep by the time the movie was finished. You both packed up all your stuff and threw away the boxes so that there’d be no trace of you tomorrow morning.

A part of you wished the room could stay that way so you’d always remember your first date with him. Jughead reassures you there’ll be so many more to come.

The walk home was shorter than you’d expected. You knew Jughead was crashing at Archie’s and so you’d insisted on walking him home since that way you’d have longer together. Your knuckles bumped against each other until finally you gathered up the courage to hold his. When you do, he turns to you with a goofy grin.

“So, I had fun tonight,” you say as you come to a stop outside of Archie’s house.

“Really?” he scoffs, “You’re going to use the most generic sentence ever to end this night.”

“Okay,” you pause thoughtfully, “I almost had a heart attack tonight but it was mildly enjoyable.”

“Good,” he smiles, satisfied, “I’m gonna go now,” he says, “Call me when you get home.”

Your house was only five minutes away from Archie’s – less if you walked fast. But you didn’t want to leave just yet.

Jughead inches closer to you and then presses a kiss to your cheek. He hovers, not moving away and you lean forward, kissing him, winding your arms around his neck as he tangles his fingers in your hair.

“Thank god you kissed me,” he calls out, laughing in relief, “Now I know you really did think this was a good date,” he grins, his eyes not leaving you as he walks backwards toward the front door of Archie’s house.

Go Easy

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can I request a bts smut with hoseok or yoongi where their gf is recovering from an eating disorder so she’s super self conscious, and the doctors want her to have some fat on her to show she’s recovering; so he’s super supportive and loving about her thickness ?? you’re the greatest oppa💕💕💕

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Word Count: 1,095

A/N: I hope you like my lame attempt at smut.

Warnings: Eating Disorder tw, sex, language.

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You were never confident with your body. You’d always struggled with self- image and your self- confidence seemed to dwindle with every passing day. Your weight was what made you the most self- conscious, you hated looking in the mirror and seeing yourself. Even though you were beautiful, everyone but you seemed to see it. Your boyfriend Hoseok was one of those people.

He fell in love with you ever since he saw you, he thought you were absolutely stunning. He was basically your number one fan. He always supported you, Hoseok truly was an angel. Even though he loved you to bits, it was hard when you fell into an eating disorder. The obsession over the way you look, exhausting him; but he continued to show nothing but love and support for your recovery. He was always making sure that you were eating, that you were healthy. It pained him to see you killing yourself slowly. He always kept hope for better days to come.

Eventually, they did. You sought out help, and underwent treatment. You needed to get back to a healthy weight, so the doctor recommended you gain a few pounds. The road to recovery is a long one, but it didn’t deter you. Time heals.

Some days were really good, some were really hard to get through. It often seemed like the bad days outnumbered the good, you felt like giving up and falling back into your habits; but Hoseok always kept you moving forward, for no matter how unbearable the days felt he’d always be there by your side. Never letting you forget how much you mean to him, how beautiful you are, and how much he loves you.  He always reminded you how much he loved your body, he never could keep his hands off you.

On a relatively good day, you still felt a little insecure and couldn’t help but complain a little about how your thighs still touched and the little rolls you got when you sat. However, Hoseok wasn’t having it.

“Hobi, I want a thigh gap and for this fat to go away” You said grabbing at your tummy. As soon as the words left your mouth, he rested his hand on your thigh.

“The only time you should have a gap between your thighs is when I’m between them.” His voice smooth, his tone laced with lust. His fingertips dragged up and down your thigh until they settled right where your legs met, sending a tingle through your body. “Besides, why would you want to lose any more weight? I wouldn’t be able to grip you properly when I’m teaching you a lesson, now would I?” His index finger tracing your clothed core, you moved forward a little looking for more. “Eager are we?” He asked, you nodded hoping he’d give you more. He could never say no to you. He then retracted his hand and continued watching T.V. as if nothing had happened.

You looked at him confused, did he really just tease you like that? You took some initiative and decided to straddle him and put your arms on either side of his head. He couldn’t ignore you now, he just couldn’t. He had to finish what he started. He seemed rather dedicated to ignore your needy pleas, so you sunk your hips onto his and began grinding against him. His expression gave it all away, he was enjoying the little show you were putting on for him. Until you, too, just pretended like that hadn’t happened and got off him and took your place on the couch next to him. Unlike you, he wouldn’t stand your teasing. Before you really processed what was going on, he was between your legs. And so it begun.

“You think you’re so clever, teasing me like that don’t you, (y/n)? Two can play that game.” He whispered into your ear, as one hand travelled down to grab at your ass and the other held your hip to hold you in place. He ground into you, long and roughly. He showed no mercy as he painted your neck and collarbones with hickeys. You let out soft moans as his mouth travelled down to your chest. Just as you thought that he’d undress you, he withdrew and sat back to watch as your face changed entirely. He was too good at this game, it was almost unfair.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that, (y/n). You know that if I wanted I could make you come without touching you.”

Well he wasn’t wrong, his words sent a wave of wetness to your core. How he did it was a mystery to you, all he did was speak. You felt bold so you spoke,

“Whatever you say, Hobi.”

He didn’t take your words lightly, he leaned forward and pulled you into his lap. He held onto your hips tightly, you just knew his hands would still be there tomorrow. He pulled you deep into his own hips. You could feel the growing beneath you, and ground your hips against it only to be stopped by his hands gripping you harder.

“I’ll make you regret challenging me.”

As soon as the words left his lips he pushed up into you, eliciting a moan from you. Just like that, he got you wetter and wetter.  As if every moan motivated him, he never slowed his pace and never softened his strokes.

“You’re close already, (y/n)? I can see it in your face, kitten.”

You refused to admit he was right, and instead held on to his shoulders for support. You were nearing your climax embarrassingly fast, but you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of hearing it. Your breathing hitched as he brought you closer and closer.

“Are you going to admit it already?”

You shook your head, and with a single, hard thrust he sent you over the edge. You wrapped your arms around his neck, as you silently came. He didn’t stop his ministrations though, helping you ride it out. By the time he was done with you, you’d made a mass on his lap.

“Next time I won’t be so forgiving, (y/n). Let’s go get you cleaned up.

With that, he carried you to your bedroom and set up a bath for you. He praised your body endlessly, you couldn’t help the hue of red that bloomed on your cheeks. After that, both of you went to bed, letting you forget your worries for the night, thankful that you had a guardian angel to take care of you.

Expensive Headphones AU: A Different Play

“Excellent work Ms.Valentine.” Jeremy’s eyes widened as Mr.Reyes said this.

“Excellent? But Chloe’s terrible she never remembers her-Mr.Reyes you can’t let anyone else drink from that beaker!”

The teacher turned to Jeremy with an unnatural smile on his face,“Don’t be silly it’s more than safe, I should know. I tried it myself.”

‘Up up down down left right A.’

“I have to get out there.”

“I can’t let you do that Jeremy,” Mr.Reyes blocked the stage entrance. “You needy, pathetic students! You think I want to teach highschool drama? In New Jersey?! My SQUIP says I can go all the way to Broadway, I just need to keep you from ruining my big night.” His SQUIP materialized next to him as Jeremy glared at it.

“You’re going to SQUIP the whole cast.”

‘That’s just for starters.’

“That’s not what I wanted!”

‘It’s the only way to achieve what you want!’

“I’ll fight back, alcohol messes you up right? I’ll get drunk!”

‘And I’ll be back when you’re sober, unless you intend on staying wasted forever.’

“You’re a computer, there has to be a way to stop you!”

‘It didn’t work Halloween night, what makes you think it’s going to work now?’

“Because I know Mountain Dew Red can stop you! It worked for Rich, it can work for me. I just need to find Michael!” The SQUIP’s face remained unfazed.

'I already knew you’d try that, so I had Jenna give him something to drink. Look in the front row.’ Jeremy nervously looked past the curtains and saw Michael blankly staring ahead at the stage.

“Oh my God, Michael…”

'I’m going to improve your life Jeremy. Even if I have to take over the entire student body to do it!’ The SQUIP began to flare causing Jeremy to back away. Both were surprised when someone jumped on stage.

“Rich makes an entrance!”


“Yeah, so I come to see where the hell Michael is when I see a little bit of the play. I think, huh. This is pretty good for a school play. Then I realize, this is way too good for a school play! They’ve all been SQUIPed right?”

“Why didn’t you come earlier?”

“Well me and my boyfriend were supposed to be going on a date and since he’s my only ride I had to walk. No one SQUIP’s my boyfriend.” As he said that he brought out a bottle of Mountain Dew Red. “Yeah, it forgot one bottle. Hey Jake!”

“Rich! What took you so long?”

“This is gonna sound a little weird, but if I hold down Jeremy can you force him to drink this bottle of Mountain Dew Red?” Jake shrugged his shoulders.

“Actually that doesn’t sound weird at all.” Jake moved over when all of a sudden he stopped.

'Up up down down left right A.’

“Ergh,” he stopped to the ground in pain before jumping up.


“Holy shit, this is awesome!” Rich turned to Jeremy, grabbing him by the hand and running in the opposite direction before they ran into Chloe and Brooke.

“There you are Jeremy.” Both shivered as they circled around him.

“I just want you to know I’m not mad you broke my heart and slept with my best friend.”

“Dude, what the fuck?”

“The SQUIP told me to.”

“That’s still a pretty dick move.”

“No one asked you Rich.”

“Just saying.”

“And I’m not mad you dated my best friend and you wouldn’t sleep with me.”

“He didn’t sleep with you?”


“OMG!” The girls started taking to each other allowing the two to scrap away but not before Rich made a disgusted noise.

“Rich, the bottle!”

“Dude, there’s only a few drops left! How am I supposed to-Apocalypse of the Damned!”


“The game!”

“Yeah I know what it is, but how do you know what it is?”

“I’ve been playing it with Michael. I’m his new player Two.” Jeremy paused at that. Michael had found somebody else? Well yeah it’s his boyfriend but he thought Apocalypse of the Damned was their thing. Before the thought could go any further they were surprised by Jenna showing up as Rich was grabbed by the SQUIPed stage crew.

“I know what you’re doing Rich I know what everyone’s doing all the time!” Jeremy unscrewed the cap going to take a drink but found himself frozen.

'You don’t want to do that Jeremy.’

“Why not?”

'Because then you’ll never be, with her.’ As he said that Christine came on stage.

“Jeremy, I never realized it before but now I do. You’re the guy I want to be with everyday.”

“That’s not Christine!”

'I assure you it is, only all her fears and inhibitions are gone. Look around you at how happy everyone it’s worth their SQUIPs.’ Jeremy looked around unsure until looking between Christine and Michael. That wasn’t the girl he had a crush on and that wasn’t good best friend.

“She’ll do whatever I want?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” He walked over to Christine leaning in.

“Great…drink this.” To the SQUIP’s surprise Jeremy pulled out the Mountain Dew Red her drink it. That’s when the screaming started.


“So…” Rich sat next to Michael on stage as everyone wandered around wondering what happened. “What was it like for you?”

“It felt…weird. How did you put up with it for three years?”

“You get used to it after a while.”

“I don’t think I could ever get used to early nineties Christian Slater in my head. Hey I never asked you, what did your SQUIP look like?”

“Promise not to laugh.”

“I’ll try.”

“It,it was Kermit the frog.” Michael’s face contorted until he couldn’t hold the laugh in anymore.

“Oh my God, seriously?”

“Hey I didn’t choose it.”

“Still Kermit?” He kept laughing until it does out before kissing Rich on the head. “So how did you know there was something wrong?”

“I didn’t, at least but at first. But after Jeremy’s dad stopped by and I looked back at the texts your willingness to feed Godzilla seemed a bit…unrealistic.”

“Yeah, I’m not going anywhere near that lizard.”

“Oh hey, that reminds me!” Rich jumped up from his spot as he headed over to Jeremy who sat alone in one of the auditorium seats. He looked up.

“Hey Rich, what do you need?”

“Before I came here I ran into your dad, he wanted me to tell you that he loves you. And that he may not be the best dad but he’s trying. That’s a lot more than most people will do Jeremy. I hope you know that.” Rich thought back to his dad who hasn’t done anything to try and talk to him on the past day and a half. For all he knew Rich could be kidnapped or dead but who was he to care? He was about to walk back to Michael when Jeremy got up.

“Rich, thanks.”

“No problem man. Now if you don’t mind I have a boyfriend to get back to, and I think Christine is waiting.” Michael walked over putting his hand on Rich’s.

“How about we go on that date we had planned?”

“Sounds fun, PinkBerry?”

“Hell yeah.” The two walked out of the auditorium holding hands ready for their first official date.