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FFXV developers: Well now that the game is out and doing well we’ve got time, money,  resources, and a green light to create more content. Great! Now, what can we add to FFXV that would best enhance the overall game experience for the fans?

me, a fan: Well, I mean, we’re missing about two thirds of the story, so…

FFXV devs: How about a fishing simulator.

me: but there’s already one in the -

FFXV devs: VR fishing simulator. Suits kind of like the ones the Power Rangers wear but not exactly like the ones the Power Rangers wear. Cooler. Also, they make you invincible. Beer. Ten thousand objectively awful photo filters. Cup Noodle hat. Afrojack. 

me: Uh, sure, but the gaping plot holes, though? I’d really rather see - 

FFXV devs: Two words:

me: more story?

FFXV devs: Monster. Truck.

me: …….

Make it Official - Zach Werenski #1

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about/request: Hey hope you’re doing well .. can you possibly do an imagine where you and Werenski are kind of a thing but he doesn’t wanna put a label on it but he sees you talking with another guy somewhere and gets jealous so he just comes up and kisses you?

warnings: some mild cursing and one kick-ass kiss

authors note: thank you, i am well!!! ngl i skipped ahead to do this one, i really liked it and thought it was cute. i hope it’s what you wanted!!! 

word count: 1441

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Not gonna lie, as an almost-metroid-fan-but-not-quite-yet-because-i-haven't-played-any-of-the-games-yet metroid fan, Zero Suit Samus is definitely hurting my motivation to actually start playing Metroid games. I know there's an in-universe explanation for why the Zero Suit exists and all...but it still seems unnecessary? Weirds me out a bit. It's difficult not to have a knee-jerk reaction to it when I'm so used to being flooded with female characters in racy outfits.

Well on some level Zero Suit Samus is fine because it’s like, I’m sure the Chozo Power Suit would fit pretty snug. Wearing something like a wetsuit under that would make sense, and even old Metroid stuff, before they sexualized Samus, showed her in what was basically a leotard.

It’s the sort of thing that’s only gross if you make it gross, like having TV commercials where an actress is bent over and sweaty while the camera is angled to frame her butt. Everyone wears pajamas, but pajamas don’t have to be sexy, you know? A leotard can just be a leotard.

What makes Zero Suit Samus REALLY bad is Other M, where they turn the power suit in to a literal magical girl transformation. It’s not a piece of technology she has to climb in to, it’s something that materializes around her like she’s a Power Ranger. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing at that point because it’s teleportation magic and anything goes.

Which begs the question as to why they have to do the Zero Suit stuff at all. Other M, the same game that started this “magical transformation” stuff, also takes an opportunity to frame the Zero Suit from behind, with the camera angled low, pointed up to show off her butt. I think the reason is obvious. That’s when it starts to feel gross, because that wasn’t the kind of character Samus used to be. That’s not what made her cool.

The argument could be made that nothing is being taken away from Samus by sexualizing her, but Other M definitely did take a lot away from Samus Aran by making her weaker and submissive. Actual damage was done. (So much so that it kind of kickstarted a “girl power!” initiative at Nintendo to make all of their other women look stronger and more independent so that nobody would get the wrong idea)

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Hi ! Sorry I'm new to this what did you mean about " Harry’s fixed sequence of rings" ?

Since March 2017, Harry has worn a fixed sequence of rings on his hands.

A few photos:







The sequence of the right hand:

INDEX: ruby ring
MIDDLE: peace ring (same ring on this finger since 2013)(perhaps if special significance? https://directionereg.tumblr.com/post/160077426210/h-l)
RING: rose ring

Harry seems remarkably dedicated to this sequence of rings, wearing it in exact order whether he’s in Gucci on the LLS or in sweats on the street. When he poses with the “thumbs up” sign, the sequence is front and center in the photos.

He has also consistently worn two rings on his left index finger. Sometimes he has taken these rings off to play guitar in his live performances, but there is video footage of Harry always putting the double rings back on.

It has been noted that the ruby ring seems to have resemblance to the ruby jewel tattooed on the hilt of Louis’ dagger. In sequence, the rings appear to resemble the dagger going through the rose (ring).

There is some support for the thought that Louis bought the rose ring for Harry. Take a look here.



Why the rose tattoo? Why the rose ring? Here’s a cute head canon:



roses everywhere:


Kids- Chris Kreider

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I didn’t think this one would be hard, but I started it like three times before I found something I liked! This one is for @plutoisback so I hope you like it boo!

Warning: Christmas theme (don’t ask)

Request: Awe thanks!!! Anything pertaining Chris with children… that’s would be more than great!!! Don’t worry about when it’ll be up!! I’m just glad I’m getting one 😋


              You had a headband with reindeer antlers on. The antlers had red, green, and gold bells on them that jingled every time you moved your head. It clashed with your blue ‘Kreider’ jersey, but it put you in the spirit. Chris was wearing his jersey and a Santa hat.

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So this is what I did at school today… Here you can admire my newly founded Ranger Corps outpost, created by me. You can also see how Will wrote a small note, and Gilan one-upped it by 500%… So far our school is wargal free. I also wear my greenish and grey camouflage sweatshirt to remain unseen. I’ll try and upgrade to a cloak soon.

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Imagine like everywhere they go, people flirt with bucky (like, everyone) and out of habit he responds slightly flirtatiously without realizing it and steve gets so so so so jealous

It’s always sort of picked at Steve, though for a long time he’d refused to acknowledge why.

But one of the biggest perks of the future is that they’ve both pulled heads from asses and ‘fessed up to how they feel about each other. And now they’re together. And Steve, at least, has had the decency to sidestep 98% of people flirting with him.

Bucky has walked into 100% of it, head up. And Steve’s really had enough.

They’re at a pub, having a beer and watching a hockey game. They’re not really touching much, though under the table Steve’s left knee is sort of idly pressed against Bucky’s right.

When a girl walks over to stand between them and a bit behind them as they look up at the TV screen nearest, Steve thinks–maybe absurdly–about grabbing Bucky’s hand.

“What’s the score?” the girl asks. Steve watches as Bucky turns to her and grins, that honey-sweet grin that was what Steve fell for first. She’s wearing a Rangers jersey that’s almost like a dress over her jeans.

“Two to one, Kings up,” Bucky replies, and Steve looks back at the screen. Still, out of the corner of his eye, he sees Bucky sit up a bit, turn to face her.

She asks to join them, and Steve, barely watching the game anymore, tries not to let his head explode when Bucky lets her tip herself into his lap.

Eventually the game ends; Bucky announces that he’s got to get Steve home before he turns into a pumpkin, and kisses the girl on the cheek before following Steve to the door.

Once they’re outside, Bucky stretches and sighs contentedly, and reaches for Steve’s hand. He twists away from him, shoves his hands in his pockets, speeds up just a little so he’s a step ahead of Bucky.

“Hey, whoa, what’s with you?” Bucky asks. He doesn’t catch up to Steve, instead staying that one step back. He doesn’t need to; Steve whips around and Bucky nearly runs into him. He reaches out and puts his hand on Steve’s hip. “Everything okay?”

“No, you bastard,” Steve snarls. “You flirted with that girl all night.”

Bucky blinks. “Well, yeah,” he says. “And then I threw her number out just now. So what? She had fun, I had fun. What’s the big deal?”

“The big–the–the big deal?” Steve has to try very hard to keep himself from grabbing Bucky and shaking him. “What about me? I was sitting right there.”

“Yeah, and? You knew I wasn’t going to take her home or anything.” The thumb on Steve’s hip is rubbing gentle circles under his shirt, and it should be comforting, but it’s really just pissing him off.

“Stop it,” he says, knocking Bucky’s hand away and turning to keep walking. “Just stop it. I don’t care what I knew. You’re mine, why even bother flirting.”

He doesn’t hear Bucky’s footsteps behind him, but to be frank, he doesn’t often hear Bucky’s footsteps anymore. That dude is stealthy as fuck.

He’s almost a block down when Bucky grabs his arm and drags him into a bar. “Sit,” he snaps, and when Steve gets on a barstool, Bucky clambers up into his lap and wraps both arms around Steve’s neck. “I am going to flirt the hell out of you, you ridiculous needy bastard.”

By the time they leave, an hour later, nobody in the place has any doubt about who Bucky’s with, and Steve? Steve’s head-over-heels for that stupid sweet grin all over again.

nancy drew replays: tattletale game weak
  • sally mentions to us that malone’s dogs attack every night, which leads me to wondering—do the dogs appear every night but we just don’t get to see it? does nancy just not care that dogs are bodily throwing themselves against the walls? does she sleep through it?
  • in the same phone call, sally also tells us to lock the doors and windows in preparation for the attack, to which nancy says there are no locks. sure. the GANGSTER with serious ENEMIES decided his house didn’t require the simplest form of protection. locks are for squares. 
  • you can not even begin to fathom how much it twists my knickers that we can never tell red knott to get off private property. he’s literally trespassing on sally’s land griping about how loud we are. he’s decided it’s appropriate to build an observation platform in someone else’s backyard. I’d be telling him on ranger akers if ever actually given the opportunity and doing so WITH RELISH.
  • (every single time I look at emily I get the strong feeling she’s not wearing a bra)
  • on another note, she’s absolutely fucking ruthless, so why wear a bra when it’ll only slow you down. poisoning a well and literally trying to burn us to a crisp is a little harsh!!!! just saying!!!!!! especially considering if she HAD succeeded in chasing sally away for good, the park probably would’ve bought the malone house and the land on it so what then. time to fucking burn down ranger akers?
  • frank’s voice in this game is SO TERRIBLE. I want to PLUG MY EARS when he talks which is the saddest thing on earth because I like listening to what useless thing he typically has to say 
  • when nancy steps inside malone’s crypt she doesn’t even try to pry open the coffin. can’t wait until ghost of thornton hall!!!!!!!!! started at the bottom 
  • at the very end when nancy has found the gold and emily stares at us from above, she’s holding a bone. I’m assuming she was just playing with the dogs but the fact that she’s still holding it like she’s ready to wield it as a weapon crack me up. imagine the headlines: teen sleuth knocked brutally unconscious with dog bone, suffers dogged concussion 
  • and up until that moment it’s pretty much down to two candidates for the culprit: emily or red, at which point the comments in the diary about the culprit getting their hair done is supposed to cinch the deal for us. needless to say I am not ready to give up the image of red knott enjoying a professional grooming now and then at a salon in town.
  • it’s also worth mentioning that after trapping emily my mother asks if now’s the time to start filling water back into the well. to basically drown her. I choose my fellow players wisely.
  • once in a moment of exhaustion I slipped up and called red: Big Red Knott. all his babble of birds had me thinking of Big Bird and next thing I knew the two were being combined in my head and it is a moment of my life I deeply regret to this day. BIG RED KNOTT 

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Please convince me that lucaya will happen because I love them but I'm feeling some doubt.

ok well luckily for you I was feeling this exact same way a few days ago when spoilers came out about Ski Lodge part 2 so I know how you’re feeling but I started thinking about it and now I’m full of hope.

1. Despite what we all may think of Michael Jacobs, he would not have put so much build up involving Lucaya just for nothing to come out of it. 

2. Rucas needs to happen in order to get any sort of closure. If we want Lucaya to be a long term thing then Lucas & Riley need to sort out what ever feelings they may have so they can fully move on.

3. Lucaya banter. Lucas & Maya puts way too much thought into their little game for two people who are suppose to be platonic friends. Example: Lucas bringing a rose to the dance and wearing a cowboy hat just for Maya, Lucas bringing a harmonica because he knew he’d need it, etc

4. The nicknames. Lucas allows Maya to call him things like Huckleberry, Ranger Rick, Bucky McBong Bong because it makes her happy and he’s said himself that he wants her to be happy.

5. He fought for her art class harder and with more passion then both Farkle and Riley combined. 

6. Topanga told Maya in GM New Year that she should stick with the people she trusts and the first person she goes to after that conversation is Lucas proving that she trusts him.

7. Maya saying “It’s one minute to midnight and I’m glad you’re standing here” to Lucas makes up for every mean thing she might’ve said to him as per his own words

8. Maya was deathly afraid of Lucas riding that bull because she didn’t want him to get hurt. Proving that she doesn’t care what his reputation is as long as he’s safe.

9. Maya & Lucas have both proven that they accept each other exactly as they are. They don’t need to be someone that they’re not when they’re together.

10. “Blonde Beauty” Lucas used that to describe Maya to Zay.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that Lucaya will happen but it’s just going to take some time. Both Lucas & Maya need to have closure with Riley & Josh in order for that to happen. They need to explore those options first to realize that they fit better with each other. I hope this helps you!!