what to wear to coachella

Coachella Outfit

Scenario: What you would wear if you went to Coachella with your boyfriend.

Aaron Carpenter:

Kenny Holland:

Nash Grier:

Taylor Caniff:

Sammy Wilkinson:

Matt Espinosa:

Cameron Dallas:

Jack Gilinsky:

Carter Reynolds:

Jack Johnson:

Shawn Mendes:

Nate Maloley:


It’s been a long time since i’ve posted a preference like this but i’ve finally posted one THANK GOD! Sorry it took so long, hope you like it babies xoxo

Party Time

What to wear to a festival under $100

Coachella, Lollapalooza, CounterPoint, EDC, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo…the list goes on. Get ready for the summer of 2015 with festival outfits under $100 on Wantering’s fashion search engine. 

You can narrow down the type of clothing you’re looking for or change the price point depending on your budget by typing into Wantering’s search bar or filtering the search results on the left hand side. Don’t blame us if you get addicted! 


Coachella starts today, and if you’re lucky enough to be hitting the desert sun we’ve got some fashion inspiration to help you look good while you rock out. The rockin’ bohemian wears it all—from ture boho spirit feathers to new wave neon punches of color! What will you be wearing? Happy festival dressing everyone! 

My favourite Bastille performances + links!

- Sziget 2014:  Includes Dan smiling loads, awkward dancing on top of scaffolding during Flaws and disapproving looks from their tour manager, cute chats in-between with terrible pronunciation and, as a bonus, incredibly hot dancing during Of The Night.

- Lowlands 2015: I remember staying up late to watch the live stream of this and it was awesome. Dan started coughing quite badly during the second verse of No Angels so he didn’t sing, like, half of the verse. During The Draw Dan started taking photos on his phone as he sang, and Will and Charlie rocked out on those guitars so hard.

- Coachella 2014 (2nd weekend): This was pretty awesome because Angel Haze joined them to perform Weapon live. Also pretty much the whole Bastille fandom was freaking out over the “Coachella Quiff” and what Dan was wearing. (I couldn’t find a video of the full concert so here’s Weapon.)

- Governor’s Ball 2014: Blame sounded particularity awesome live at this festival and I have a bit of a heart attack every time I watch Of The Night live. Also The Draw live at this show is another highlight for me.

- Rock Im Park 2015: This was a pretty special night for all us Stormers as Grip, Snakes and Hangin’ was played for one of the first times live.

- Orange Festival Warsaw 2015: Also one of the nights where Grip, Snakes and Hangin’ was played live for the first time. 

- T in the Park 2013: This was awesome because Woody got revenge back on Dan making him all embarrassed as it was his birthday by asking everyone to sing “happy birthday” to him. Kyle’s microphone was turned up quite loud also so you can really hear him singing backing vocals.

- Radio 1′s Big Weekend 2016: This is the most recent performance from them which is awesome. We finally got good live quality audio and video of The Currents and the new version of Snakes live! The aesthetics of this performance is very pleasing as they are all wearing black and the new background is awesome, and so are the new wire dummies.