what to wear to christmas party

Send one of the following symbols and one of my OC’s names and I’ll doodle:

original meme was deleted and couldnt reblog it for some reason so here ya go 

👀 OC in their typical underwear
💤 OC in their sleep attire
🔞 OC in something sexy
🏄 OC in what they would wear to the beach/pool
👔 OC in what they would wear to a formal event (such as a wedding)
☠ OC in what they would wear to a funeral
👖 OC in what they would wear to a casual event (such as a birthday party)
👑 OC dressed as royalty
🚪 OC in what they wear when lounging around at home
💕 OC in what they would wear on a first date
❌ OC in something they would absolutely never wear
🎃 OC in a costume they’d wear for Halloween
🎄 OC in an ugly Christmas sweater
🚓 OC in a prison uniform
🚲 OC in athletic gear
🐰 OC in a kigurumi of their favourite animal
❄ OC in what they’d wear on a very cold day
🔥 OC in what they’d wear on a very hot day
👕 OC in a T-shirt with something stupid printed on it (think Zazzle)
🎭 OC in another OC’s typical attire
📦 OC wearing something that isn’t clothes (such as a fig leaf, a barrel, etc.)
👻 OC in a really bad disguise
📷 OC in a stereotypical tourist getup
🙎 OC in something embarrassing
👗 OC in something from the 50’s
💀 OC in goth/emo/scene attire
💃 OC in some radical 90’s clothes
🌁 OC in a hoodie
🌋 OC in camping or adventuring gear
♠️ OC in their armor (or in some sort of fantasy armor if not applicable to their story)
🎨 OC in a cartoon character’s outfit
🏨 OC in a maid outfit
🏥 OC in a nurse uniform
🐑 OC in farmer wear
👍 OC in a crop top

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty

Summary: Your adoption is finalised and you get to know your new extended family at what you think is an Independence Day party. Genevieve corners you on your way back to the party, and Danneel helps you escape and relax when it all gets too much
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, JJ, Donna, Gino, Danneel (mentioned extended Ackles/Graul family)
Words: 3.5k
Warnings: fluff, f/f kissing, mildly nsfw chat
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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Driving, it seemed, wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be.

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The zodiac signs as different types of Slytherins

very much inspired by this post 

Aries: The House Mother
Mum friend to the extreme. Will take first years under their wing and act as a role model for appropriate behaviour, but will also defend members to the death if another House so much as tries to bully another Slytherin.

Taurus: The Potions Master
Embodies the stereotype that Slytherins are good at Potions. Finds most magic too flimsy and unpredictable, but loves the stable, secure, cause-and-effect nature of potion brewing. Always comes top.

Gemini: The Muggle-born
Has one foot in the Wizarding world and the other in the Muggle world. Will challenge House values about purity in quirky but clever ways; uses a pen instead of a quill. 

Cancer: The House Purist
Comes from a long line of Slytherins. Will not tolerate slander of their family name. Says their House is like their family and means it. Writes back home daily. 

Leo: The Snake In A Lion’s Clothing
Outwardly appears altruistic, but will stop at nothing to be the best. Teacher’s pet - and their grades show it. Slytherin Prince yet has a multitude of friends across the Houses.

Virgo: The Background Slytherin
A model representative of Slytherin yet shows no House pride for fear of vulgarity or boasting. Other students have no idea it is they who post the common room password that seems to magically appear every fortnight. Always looks put together in uniform.

Libra: The Pure-blood 
Comes from a respectable, wealthy Pure-blood family. Enjoys the luxuries their status affords but resents the conflict. Secretly wishes they did not have to go home over Christmas. Hosts exclusive House parties in the dungeons. 

Scorpio: The Prefect
Wishes they could lead the Slytherin Quiddich team and cheer in the Slytherin stands at the same time. Wears silver and emerald even when out of uniform. Takes the House Cup too seriously.

Sagittarius: The House Advocate
Constantly working to end the stigma around Slytherin house. Unafraid of standing up for their House and will do so with a sharp, sarcastic wit. Will boast their House colours outside of Hogwarts and loves going to Hogsmede in between classes.

Capricorn: The Slytherin Of All Trades
The best at what they do - and they do pretty much everything. Most House points are attributed to them. Manages to take extra classes, train as a Keeper on the Quiddich team, and tutor other Slytherins. 

Aquarius: The Anti-Slytherin
Do not tell them what to do. Hates tradition and would be the most likely sign to bring members of other Houses into the Slytherin common room. Works to abolish the House system altogether. 

Pisces: The Snake Skin
Other Houses cannot understand why they are sorted into Slytherin. Emotionally manipulative; can’t trust what surface they put forth as they constantly shed their skin depending on who they speak to.

Based on chapter 4 of :re Quest titled Tension, Haise frequently visited the coffee shop were touka worked, holding casual conversations with her:

“Um, has Sassan come by?” he asked. “Um, he was the person that was with me before. But not the one wearing the eyepatch…”

“I haven’t seen him recently,” she replied. Recently, so that meant that he came by a few times. “He must be pretty busy, I heard he was doing some investigator work.”

Which gives us the possibility of him inviting her to the Christmas party.

On the other hand, this fragment of the chapter:

‘What would it taste like now? She wouldn’t be able to make her coffee taste like Yoshimura’s, but could she bring out the taste of Anteiku?’

Contrasts with the scene of ch 99 where Kaneki assures that her coffee tastes the same as Yoshimura’s. 

Fulfilling her objective of making :re the new Anteiku.

Translations of the chapter by kenkamishiro!

Ringwatch 2017

One of my favorite things about season 4 was the constant ringwatch going on in fandom. “Is she wearing the ring yet??” and later on “Is she NOT wearing the ring yet??” That sort of sleuthing in fandom is my favorite thing (aside from fanfic, of course). It gets the blood pumping and the brain synapsing. 

Guess what folks? it might be time to revive ye olde ringwatch. BRING ON RINGWATCH 2017!

Last night, the Arrow production office tweeted this pic: 

now, everyone on twitter immediately leapt on the girl in the red coat. Those are EBR’s legs. That is a fancy hairdo. Paul Blackthorne (in another photo) was in a suit. Is there a party? A BIRTHDAY PARTY? Someone even found the dress she’s wearing based off the few inches beneath the jacket… (and its a near match to the one she wore to the Christmas party in 5x09, just a different color variation). I love when this fandom starts doing the detective work. 

@jbuffyangel asked me to zoom in on EBR. Particularly her hand. See, some are thinking that might be a ring there. Is it? 

I mean, it’s kind of hard to tell. Could be a shadow. 


BUT YOU GUYS. That’s the proper finger on the proper hand and WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?? 

Is 5x22 too soon for a re-engagement? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Probably. Its not what I’d do. But I’m in full on “jesus take the wheel” mode with this show. I’m along for the fun. And speculating on rings or not rings right now? Is the sort of fun I’ve missed around these parts. So let the speculating begin! 

Better This Way (Chapter Ten)

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say anything lol.
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think about this chapter!


Enjoy :)

Peter woke slowly, wanting to stay as long as he could right here, feeling content and warm, the arms around him familiar and comforting, the scent in his nose easy on his raw senses.

“Pete.” Harry’s voice was still sleepy. “Hey.”

“Harry.” Peter stretched out along the Alphas body without even thinking about it, rolling his hips lightly, his body responding automatically to the Alpha beneath him.

Harry’s body responded as well, nearly instantly, and Peter purred happily at the feeling, rubbing himself more firmly against Harry, shivering when a hand landed low on his hips.

But Harry didn’t hold him tighter or encourage him to move or anything. Instead, Harry squeezed Peter’s hips lightly, holding him still.

“Pete.” He said again, much more awake this time. “You’re killing me, honey.”

“Well then why did you stop—” Peter started to tease but then shame, sadness, wrong flooded him and he jerked away with a gasp. “Jesus, I’m sorry. Damn it. We already had this talk and–”

“Hey.” Harry ran his hands down Peter’s back, trying to cover the shame from the omega with calm, settle, secure. “It’s fine. We slept on each other all night. Even without being Alpha/Omega we would have woken up ready to go. It’s not a big deal.” He chuckled and Peter relaxed again. “You feeling better?”

“Yeah. I am. Um. Thank you for all this. Um—”

“A night with a familiar Alpha can do a lot for this sort of thing.” Harry kissed his forehead before urging him off and to the side, careful not to let their hips touch. “I’m gonna take a quick rinse, and then you can shower, alright?”

“Thanks. Um Harry—” Peter pulled the sheets around him and looked up at his friend. “Sorry again about last night. And this morning. I probably should have just gone home last night and avoided this whole…thing.”

“It’s fine.” Harry assured him. “Pete it’s fine. No Alpha in the world would let an Omega go home when they have been drinking and are upset. I certainly wasn’t going to let you go, alright? It’s fine. Give me ten minutes to get cleaned up and then you can hop in, alright?”

Harry lay one last kiss on his forehead, then turned to go. The bathroom door closed, and once the shower started Peter fell back against the bed, curling into the warmth left by the Alpha.

This was the first morning in a month where he hadn’t woken up crying.

It was… nice.

Harry was such a good Alpha. Familiar and nice and just so easy to be around.

Why couldn’t Peter want an Alpha like Harry?


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Oh, Caitlin

I was going to hold off on expressing this for a fuller recap, but here goes anyway.

I’m only mildly surprised that the ardent pro-Caitlin crowd is trying to characterize her decision to keep a shard of the stone as a conscious and positive contribution to the team. She did it for selfish reasons, and the fact that it kept Savitar at bay (for a time) was a stroke of sheer dumb luck. Caitlin, as written, is a spoiled brat who thinks her problems are always bigger than anybody else’s, and that is what makes her a liability to Barry and everyone around him.

She was willing to tangle with Savitar, knowing how the experience traumatized Julian. After seeing the stone mind punk Cisco. After seeing Savitar almost murder Barry – and knowing that he wants to kill Iris – she kicked off her heels, went down to the particle accelerator track, retrieved the shard of the stone, and stored it inside S.T.A.R. Labs for her own selfish reasons. Who knows if her amateur tampering actually accelerated the series of events in “Wrath?”

Did any of the pro-Caitlin crowd actually listen to her rationale? Chilling.

The bottom line: Caitlin is selfish and manipulative, no matter how you slice it. Every time she is called to accountability, she starts in with the mind games, “Barry, when your mother died …” or “Cisco, when Dante died …” And when Julian called her out on her motives, she was pretty matter of fact, as well, basically saying finding a cure was her main reason for inviting him to the team. And to the Christmas party. And to the housewarming. And to the museum opening.

The team has taken the time to address her future as well as Iris’. Cisco gave her the dampener cuffs, then Cisco and Julian made her the solar-powered dampening pendant, but she neglects to properly use them. She wasn’t even wearing her pendant in the last episode, was she? Nope, because she’s lazy and spoiled like that. (Oh, it’s under her sweater. It clashed with the pattern on her dress. Blah blah)

I don’t know what to tell fans of Caitlin. She’s a downer. She thinks her heartbreak should split the world in two. And she refuses to do the things that could give her a better fate. She wasn’t willing to “go evil” to save Iris’ life. That “even if I wanted to” line should have made that obvious. But most of all, her powers will not make her evil, they will reveal her bad flaws. Selfish, thoughtless, manipulative and cold.


Elias: hey?

Unknown: I need help. I’m researching Sanas eid party
What is eid?
Is it Muhammad’s birthday?
On the internet they say it’s like Christmas

Elias: maybe
not Muhammads birthday

Unknown: when is his birthday then
Do I meet at Magrib or Iftar o'clock? Do I Bring snacks and presents? Should I wear flats? My Own costume? Jewellery? Will it be dancing? Do you want me to contribute to the Spotify playlist? Are there stores only for eid?

Elias: just go down to Grønland And ask for a standard eid-package
And remember when you pay in the stores you have to type the code in backwards since Arabic countries read from the right

Unknown: eid package here I come

For the Sake of a Kiss

“A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.”

― Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac

Spencer sat back at his desk, observing the festivities around him. It was the annual Christmas party at the BAU, and, as tradition, everything was fun in the beginning. Until all the drinking started. Now Garcia was wearing one of those silly hats that held mistletoe over the wearers head, and was kissing everyone in the office. Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle, the spiked eggnogs always sent her over. But watching he couldn’t help but ponder – what is a kiss?

The answer, simple enough, two sets of lips touching. But who even came up with such a thing? Again easy, the earliest recorded accounts of something alluding to a kiss were by the Vedas over three thousand years ago. But…what was it for? What was the point? It seemed to be just another excuse to touch. Something Spencer only reserved for specific people anyways. But why touch there, yes, kissing had far fewer germs than touching of hands, but why would someone just place their mouth on another? It seemed to be the sort of thing people did just to acquire and add up like a score card amongst their peers for the most part. It was intimate to some, and nothing to others. Some would kiss like it their lives depended on it, savoring that one touch from that one person like it was oxygen. For others kissing cheeks, hands, even lips to anyone who greeted them. It was one of the few things on this earth Spencer Reid could not fathom.

He had kissed, and he had been kissed. He had always kissed his mother’s cheek, had been kissed by Lila, and, yes, both of those affections were pleasant in their own way. But he couldn’t understand why. Of course he loved his mother and understood why a kiss farewell would symbolize something. But with Lila, was it the moment, was it because she was attractive, was it because he wanted to be wanted? He wasn’t sure.

“Why are you sitting here by yourself when a party is going on?”

His concentration broke as he looked up at you from his seat. He could feel his cheeks redden as he looked you over; it was odd seeing you out of your work clothes but seeing you decked in an oversized red wool sweater the pattern of white reindeers splattered across as it hit your thighs, tight blacks leggings and white fuzzy boots – it was nice. You were attractive regardless, but seeing you with your hair down instead of in a bun as it waved over your shoulders and the piece de la resistance, some goofy bell antlers Garcia must have snuck on you, he realized how much you shined. He had noticed your personality first; a mixture of Garcia’s bubbly exuberance, Emily’s snarkiness and sarcasm, and JJ’s mothering instincts, it all swirled together into something uniquely you.

“Spencer? You okay?”

He was staring and he shouldn’t be you were his friend, coworker, and all this thought on kissing is messing with his head. Clearing his throat, he sat up straighter.

“I’ve never really been a party person, especially when it comes with the drinking. Besides I’m afraid Garcia will attack me.”

They both turned at that, the bubbly blonde was currently placing kisses on Henry and Michael, both boys’ faces covered in the fire engine red lipstick, as she tickled them as they both wriggled in laughter.

“It’s sweet.”

His gaze moved back to you; your arms cross but a warm smile on your face as you watched.

“It is. She’s a good godmother.”

“And you’re a good godfather. Though I don’t know all of what you do in your spare time. You could be a Vito Corleone type of godfather in your off hours.”

He choked back a cough of laughter at that. “I’ve never made anyone sleep with the fishes if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“No, I don’t suppose you would, that seems more like Rossi’s department to me. He’s got too much of that Italian swagger to not have a ring to kiss.”


“I-I was just thinking about that.”

You tilted your head in interest. “Oh? Rossi or – “

“No, kissing, I mean not me kissing or anything. I meant to say I was thinking of kissing because of the season, with mistletoe and everything.”

He knew he was talking fast; you were wearing that smile you always reserved for when he rambled or fumbled with his words.

“I know it originated from like Norse mythology, I think, it might’ve been the Celtics.”

“The Celts hung mistletoe to ward off evil spirits whereas the Norse saw it as a symbol of love and friendship. But it wasn’t until the 18th century when it was used in middle class England to steal kisses.”

“And how many have you stolen tonight?”

“Me?!? No, I haven’t taken any, I don’t know why you think – “

He stilled your hand brushing his shoulder in reassurance.

“I’m only teasing you, Spencer. Come on, let’s get you out of that seat. Maybe you’d dance with me?”

You were asking him to dance? If only you knew he had two left feet.

“I don’t think so; you might like to have your toes by the end of the night.”

You feigned a pout, causing the burn to come back to his face. Adorable, being the first word that entered his mind. “You’re not being fair. Come on, you won’t even have to move your feet, we can just sway.”

Spencer tilted his head, hearing the melody for Jingle Bell Rock playing and he couldn’t help but feel skeptical. But the soft smile and warmness radiating from you eased him. If you were willing enough to look like a dork, why couldn’t he?

“Oh, what are you two doing over here? Especially with no decoration.”

Spencer watched as Garcia approached you from behind, pulling you back to place a big kiss to your cheek, a perfect outline of lips remaining as she pulled away.

“Oh, my God, you’re so lucky this matches my sweater, Pen.”

“Twenty-four shade shield, my dear. Here let’s do swaps.”

Garcia switched your antlers for the Dr. Seuss looking mistletoe. “I know our good doctor here hasn’t had a kiss tonight, and I’m pretty sure he’d prefer to get one from you.”

He knew he was flaming in embarrassment, but seeing you shy up was something he wasn’t used to. The red tinge going from your face down your neck was nearly captivating.

“Well, that’s what we get when we think about kisses, Spencer.”

He knew you were trying to make light of it, take away the awkwardness, but the shade of red remained.

“Would you?”

“Would I what?”

“Since I am wearing this thing…would you, you know, want to kiss me?”

His mouth gaped. Did he? Then again would it mean nothing? A symbol of affection? He watched you looking at him in anticipation, and he wondered what you would feel as well. He wiped his palms across his pants.

“Um, sure.”

He already knew he was taller, he was taller than most people that worked here, but towering over you, and looking into your wide eyes he felt like he had shrunk.

“Do I kiss you or –“

“I think I’m supposed to kiss you since I’ve got the hat.”

“Okay –“

They fidgeted for a few more moments, before he heard you sigh, and with that he was sure you were going to walk away. Realizing the mistake you made. But then you were grasping his shoulder again, gaining balance as you tiptoed up enough to place your mouth on his.


There was a clicking inside his mind, like when he would put together links of clues from a case. It made sense. All of it. And when you pulled away he was almost desperate enough to bring you back up again the warmth and breath of you gone and leaving him chilled.

“Could I maybe…borrow that?”

You looked up at him in confusion, so he removed the headband himself, trying to keep any snags from getting in your hair. Placing it on his own head he heard you giggle, and he wanted to know what that sound would do when muffled with his lips. Pulling you up again, he placed them softly on yours, the laughter still not out from you and he could collapse as he felt the vibrations from you on him. It was a sharing, it was affection, it was life altering. He felt your fingers twiddle his hair and he allowed one of his own hands bury itself in your, and with that he had no idea if a moan was better than you laughing but he’d work day and night to find out.

“Way to go pretty boy!”

“Oh, but she forgot to put on lipstick.”

“I don’t think he minds.”

He could hear his friends like outside static around him, but it was as if the world had blurred, you the only image he could clearly see. Pulling back he waited for you to snap at him, tell him how inappropriate that was but you only gave a wisp of a smile.

“Not enough.”


“It’s from a book I read. ‘If I kiss you all day, everyday, for the rest of my life, it won’t be enough.’ I think that fits in here.”

He smiled at you. “I’d be willing to find out if you are.”

“Oh, I think we could find a way to arrange that, Spencer.”

Office Crush

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff and light angst

Word Count: 4385

CW: Alcohol

Summary: Baz has been pining after his boss’ son for ages. Office crushes are just the worst, huh?
Based on “a kiss given to the wrong person” request.

Read on AO3

AN: Sorry this took so long! I’ve had some bad writer’s block but I think I’ve kicked it. Hope you all enjoy some pining angsty Baz :D


Most people despise their jobs. I count myself lucky that I mostly enjoy it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s… disadvantages. One particular disadvantage actually. And he eats far too many cherry scones.

Mage & Associates is a very recent financial firm. It was started by David Mage (definitely not his real last name) and practically exploded. Now they manage the money of companies across the UK. I feel lucky to work here, despite my mother and father’s personal dislike of Mr. Mage. (Some old feud I really don’t care about.) What I didn’t expect was for Mr. Mage to have a loud, obnoxious, devastatingly handsome son.

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Jealous on Christmas - Kaldur x Reader

Originally posted by pixel8or

Requested by cupcakequeen1999  - a Kaldur x reader where she’s his boo & he takes her to Atlantis for XMas but the other guys flirt with her so K gets like super jealous + possessive & the entire castle hears them just having hot sex all night 

“Kaldur, this is so beautiful,” you gasped when Kaldur brought you to a window in the palace to see Atlantis for the first time. Your mind was blown as you took in the beauty of the underwater world. 

“Yes, it is,” Kaldur agreed, wrapping a secure arm around your waist to help you float in the water. Kaldur had invited you to Atlantis for the holidays. Even though Atlantis didn’t officially celebrate Christmas, Aquaman often had a celebration anyway due to his surface-dweller childhood.

You tore your gaze from the window to the palace around you. “I still can’t believe I’m here.” You fingered the magical tattoo on your wrist. It gave you the ability to breathe underwater and withstand the pressure at this depth. 

“I can,” Kaldur whispered as he traced the tattoo with his finger. Ever since the two of you started dating, Kaldur had searched for a way to bring you to Atlantis. It was just luck when he happened to come across a spell used by ancient Atlanteans to take surface-dwellers as mates. Of course, Kaldur didn’t tell you about that portion of the spell’s history. At least not yet anyway.

“Can we check out the rest of the palace?” you asked, your eyes sparkling in excitement. 

Kaldur grinned, taking your hand to help you swim down the hallway. “Anything you wish, My Love.” You giggled at the pet name as you were finally introduced to Kaldur’s home.

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@miraculousfluffmonth day 20


               At eight years old, Adrien was a decent enough height to snag a tray of cookies off the counter. A perfect tray of brightly colored reindeer and Santa cookies. Of course, height wasn’t the problem. It was a little too big of a tray to balance properly while moving fast, but he tried. At least until he heard his name.

               “Adrien! What are you doing?”

               Sheepishly, he looked up to just behind him. She was beautiful, wearing the red and white Christmas dress Adrien’s father had designed specifically for the Mayor’s party. She captured the eyes of quite a few people, most of which were disappointed to find out she was happily married. Unfortunately, Felicia Agreste was paying more attention to him and the tray of cookies right now.

Caught red-handed, Adrien decided to turn back and hang his head. She knelt down to his eye-level.

               “I think that’s a few too many cookies, sweetheart,” his mother said.

               “Well, Chloé’s having some of them!” Adrien defended.

               “Still, that’s a bit much for you two,” she said. “If you eat all those you might feel sick later.”

               “Well, it’s a tea party! With a bunch of guests!” he said.

               “Really, which guests?” she asked.

               “Well, her and me,” he said. “Snugglebear, Crystal, Bunbun, Mr. Cat-“

               “Adrien, I don’t think Mr. Cat and Snugglebear are that hungry,” she said. “I know Bunbun would probably prefer something a little more vegetable-like, perhaps the carrot and celery platter?”

               “Yeah,” he frowned. “But Chloé’s sad! Her mom hasn’t come back yet, and it’s Christmas! She shouldn’t be sad on Christmas!”

               Felicia’s face softened a bit. Adrien saw a gambit of emotions run through her, though he wouldn’t understand them for many years to come. Grabbing a handful of cookies off the tray, she kissed him on the forehead.

               “That’s a little better,” she smiled. “After all, it is Christmas and she needs cheering up. So, how about this: As long as you two go to bed on time for Santa to come, we’ll keep this a Christmas secret from your father, alright?”

               “And what is being kept a secret?”

               Both mother and son looked up with the same sheepish expression to see Gabriel Agreste standing behind his wife.

               “Go on Adrien,” his mother said. “Don’t keep Chloé waiting.”

               Adrien nodded and gleefully ran off with the tray of cookies. Felicia stood, smiling as she took her husband by the arm.

               “That’s far too many cookies for one child,” Gabriel stated.

               “He and Chloé are having a tea party,” Felicia smiled. “With their stuffed animals.”

               “Stuffed animals don’t eat,” he frowned.

               “Oh, don’t get a sour face on me now,” she said, shoving one of the Santa cookies in his mouth. “He’s trying to cheer his friend up. It’s her first Christmas since her mother walked out, so of course she’s going to be sad. One night of too many cookies isn’t going to ruin them.”

               “You give in too quickly,” he said through the cookie.

               “And you don’t give in enough,” she replied. “Honestly, they don’t really even know what happened, but they can tell something’s wrong and it hurts all the same. Chloé is sad, so Adrien is sad, and I’ll do anything to help them feel better after she……… Stars, if Élise ever shows her face again, I’ll feel ‘protective’ enough to be my own Champion.”

               Felicia frowned, catching the words before she continued down that line of thought. She felt the weight of the purple brooch hidden in the decorations of her dress. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Gabriel’s hand instinctively reach for his jacket pocket. 

              Despite the frown, she meant those words. Chloé was like a sister to Adrien, which made her like a daughter by extension. She’d do anything to protect her children. Giving a sigh, she opted to bite into a cookie instead of wallow in negativity.

               “They need this,” Felicia said. “It’s too much sugar, but they need something overly happy right now. Besides, I can always slip into their little party and grab a few more cookies away from them.”

“Think you’ll get there before they eat them all?” Gabriel asked.

               “Trust me, kids playing tea party?” she smirked. “Most of those cookies will stay on the little plastic plates from the play tea set until after the ‘party’ is over. I might get a lecture about eating Mr. Cat’s cookies, but I can snag a few.”

               “Just remember,” he warned. “If the two of them end up with stomachaches in the morning, you’re not going to get to see them all overjoyed at the presents you bought them. What was it you had said? ‘They need something overly happy right now’?”

               “Oh, fair point,” she thought, pulling him down to kiss his cheek. “Thanks dear. I’ll go grab a few more of those cookies.”

               Gabriel gave a small smile as his wife hurried off through the crowd.

Dress Codes and What They Actually Mean

Have you ever started a new job and been told that what you’re wearing doesn’t fit with “business casual”? Or have you received an invitation to a party with a dress code like “garden attire” or “creative black tie” and had absolutely no idea what to wear? Dress codes can be really confusing, especially when you’re growing up and suddenly have to deal with a lot more than everyday casual. But worry not, because we’re about to break them down one by one so you’ll be the best (appropriately) dressed at your next party.

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Keep Me Warm

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,280

Prompt: A Chris Evans/Steve Rogers angst/fluff. Your prompt is “Scarves.”

Warnings: Just a bit of fluff

Author’s Note: This is my fic for @formyfandoms as part of the Christmas fic exchange @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit set up. I based it around the song “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” by Dean Martin. Merry Christmas and I hope you like it!

Originally posted by steueroggers

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ixcaliber replied to your post “Oh wait I know what I could do for sanji’s birthday, I can open up…”

sanji hits the dancefloor and everyone else is embarassed. sanji gets drunk and sings raunchy sea shanties he learned from the baratie pirates and doesn’t really understand the meaning of. the crew try to throw sanji a surprise birthday but whoops not so much of a surprise sanji please come to your own party. sanji wears one of those little paper crowns you get out of christmas crackers. sanji sings the karaoke.

thank you ix i can always count on you

A-Z Prompts: Raph

Requested by: Anonymous

G B A H for Raph pleaseeee. Keep up the good work!


Raphael isn’t very sure about the whole ‘relationship’ thing, and how it’s supposed to work. And showing signs of affection hasn’t ever been easy for him. So when he tries to show you how much he loves you, it is never in the way of words or material items, but in the way he is around you, and how he treats you. However, when it’s your birthday, or Christmas, he makes the effort to enlist April’s help, and together they will find something perfect. What you get him is incredibly difficult too, because Raphael is more sentimental than materialistic, and so odds and ends that remind you of each other is more special to him than anything else ever could be. (You may discover a certain food he loves as much as Mikey loves pizza, and so this will always be a good gift as well)


I think we can all agree that Raphael is definitely an ass kinda guy. When you wear those jeans he likes, or even better shorts, he loses his mind. He can barely keep those green eyes away from you. Which, you may or may not use to your benefit, if you are in the mood for teasing him.


He doesn’t care where you are, what you’re doing, or who is looking, Raphael will hug and kiss you whenever he feels like it. He loves having his arm around you, especially around his brothers (cough cough Leo, cough cough) because it lets them know that you are his. He also has no problem kissing you in front of them; they are all grossed out by it, but Raphael couldn’t care less, if he wants to kiss you – you’re being kissed.


I think we could all be sure that Raphael would leave love bites all over you. The ones on your jaw and neck aren’t as easy to hide as others, and so while you try and conceal them, the others will eventually catch sight of them. Mikey will no doubt make a point of commenting on them, and we all know Raphael would just smirk and wink at you, without need of saying a thing.

Reasons Why You Should Read  Hurricane by stars_andstuff:

  • Its great dude its just so great
  • They meet bc Alex falls asleep on the subway and Burr buys him a drink and hangs out with The Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  • “I like you, Burr, I really do, but you freak me out! I don’t know your opinion on anything! Are you a hipster, are you a Brony, a Trump supporter, a Satan worshiper? How on Earth should I know!”
  • Its really fucking funny and Im not 100% sure if its supposed to be, but dammit it is
  • Chapter 10 is the best thing that you will ever read in your entire life
  • Aaron Burr wears sandals to work
  • They take the same train home and sit with each other even when they’re mad at each other 
  • Aaron literally raced for the middle seat are you fucking kidding me what are you five
  • my lord and savior trans!Peggy. If that doesnt convince you, what will???????
  • “Most people don’t just leave their doors hanging open, unless it’s a crack den…” 
  • christmas party at the office yall
  • alex fucking their case up like he does in every single fic ever
  • it never gets old. 
  • never.
  • *chants* drunk john, drunk john, drunk john
  • they’re so in love just leave me here to die
  • C H R I S T M A S
  • “What’s a read receipt, and how do I turn it off?”
  • Burr, T Jeffs, Mads, Drunk John, and Alexander. Christmas dinner. Together. I died and this is my ghost typing 
  • I cant say anything else without ruining it more than I already have but honestly EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS
Upcoming Valentines Day RFA Party
  • Devlyn: Good morning~ I see that everyone is on the messenger today. Well almost everyone.
  • Jumin: Morning? It's already half past noon.
  • 707: That's probably her version of morning, like how mine's 1:00am. Get it? One in the morning? LOLOL
  • Jumin: ...
  • Yoosung: Good afternoon Devlyn! Have you eaten?
  • Devlyn: Hi Yoosung! No I have not, just woken up after all.
  • Yoosung: Aww, you've got to eat properly!
  • Devlyn: I'll try!
  • Jumin: She's totally ignoring us...
  • 707: Shelikeshotasafterall.
  • Yoosung: ?
  • Devlyn: I can read that.
  • Yoosung: What? What's that supposed to mean? I'm not a little boy!
  • 707: Woops, I forgot to convert it to hacker language LOL. Btw, why is Zen silent?
  • Yoosung: Oh he said he was going to the bathroom earlier, I think he left his phone on the table or something.
  • Jumin: Probably due to the trauma of dropping his phone into the toilet bowl after Seven posted the cat photo.
  • 707: God that was GOLD.
  • Devlyn: Anyways, Lady Jaehee contacted Nana and I about an upcoming Valentines Day RFA event. Looks like V had decided we're ready for another party. Nana is a lil busy now so I'm tasked to ask the members about their thoughts and ideas.
  • Jumin: Lady Jaehee...
  • 707: Well she looks up to Jaehee after all. Funny how she respects Jaehee more than you though, Jumin, her employer LOL
  • Devlyn: I'll respect him more once he cuts Lady Jaehee some slack.
  • 707: LOLOLOL
  • Jumin: ... She has plenty of slacks. She wears them to work once in a while.
  • Devlyn: ... Can I hit you? Might be worth loosing my job over it.
  • Yoosung: What??? I don't get itttt. But urgh Valentines Day... worse than Christmas..
  • 707: I can almost hear Zen groaning together with Yoosung lol
  • Devlyn: We need ideas, so far it's still a blank sheet.
  • Yoosung: When Rika was around, she sacrificed her Valentines Day with V to hold a party as well. How about one that concentrates on helping those who lost their loved ones?
  • Devlyn: That sounds like a great idea!
  • 707: How about one where you get to date a cat?! Elly will be the queen of the party!
  • Jumin: I agree with this idea.
  • 707: Something like this perhaps! https://www.battersea.org.uk/support-us/events/feline-lonely/ Feline lonely? Meet your purr-fect match!
  • ZEN: NO!!!!
  • Jumin: Oh hello Zen, we were just discussing about Valentines Day with cats for our upcoming party.
  • Yoosung: Zen's back from the bathroom!
  • ZEN: NO. NO. NO. NO. and NO. Not a combo for the worst day for singles and allergies! Gosh even thinking about it is making my nose itch!
  • Jumin: You've been avoiding cats for too long, you should try to overcome it.
  • ZEN: NO. Can't we have a match making event instead?! Oh, but then no one will find their match because everyone will be busy looking at me <3
  • Jumin: And what if you end up getting matched with me?
  • Devlyn: Oh! *v* That's a good idea.
  • 707: Yeah the guests seem to be very excited each time Jumin and Zen are squabbling. Hard love between a demon and an angel they said LOL
  • ZEN: WHAT NO, They were excited to see me, not us together.
  • Jumin: I'm pretty sure the excitement got more intense when you came over with a red face.
  • Yoosung: Well I think it's good that everyone is happy about how the RFA members are so close to each other.
  • 707: LOL Yoosung you're so pure.
  • Yoosung: Whattt? Don't treat me like a child!
  • Devlyn: Well this is getting no where... Let's get some ideas from the guests instead shall we?
  • Yoosung: Good idea! That way the guests would feel more involved as well!
  • Jumin: I have no objections to that, would be nice if they all agreed on cats though.
  • ZEN: Jumin cut the cat crap out! AHCHOOO!
  • 707: LOL you didn't have to type that out.
  • Devlyn: I'll report to Nana and Lady Jaehee then. One of us will update the blog with a post for further information! I'll take my leave now, time for a nap.
  • Yoosung: Remember to eat well!
  • Jumin: Sleep again..?
  • 707: The Sloth has spoken.
  • Zen: It's good to have lots of beauty sleep if you want to be as beautiful as I.
  • Devlyn: Alright I will, good bye! ^^
  • Jumin: She ignored us again.
  • *Devlyn logs off*
Oliver’s Birthday

Happy Birthday @vaelisamaza!!! This one is for you!!

It’s Oliver’s birthday and Felicity insists that it must be celebrated!

In this story, I took some liberties. It is set shortly after Oliver comes back after facing Ras the first time in Season 3. Felicity never ends up with Ray, Oliver’s birthday occurs before they go to Nanda Parbat and Thea is aware of Oliver being the Arrow and is sort of with Roy. Hope that all makes sense :)

Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing! Also available on AO3.

“I don’t want to be a woman that you love.” The words played over and over in Oliver’s head. He knew Felicity was mad when she said them but it didn’t mean they weren’t true.

Oliver didn’t know why her words hurt so much. It wasn’t as though, he thought he deserved her. He couldn’t be with her and be the Arrow but he hadn’t slept well since that night and it had nothing to do with being stabbed by Ras Al Ghul.

Oliver got off his cot and decided if he couldn’t sleep, he may as well exercise.

As he did the salmon ladder, he continued to think. He knew Felicity was dating Ray and he didn’t like it. If he was honest, he wouldn’t approve of her dating anyone that wasn’t Oliver Queen.  He hopped down. The sweat dripping off his abs. He didn’t know what to do.

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