what to wear to a baseball game

Dating Jeff Atkins Would Include
  • “princess” 
  • he treats you like a Queen, though
  • not understanding his baseball terms
  • but always trying to add them in a conversation to make a point
  • “Well it’s like you say, you have to swing the bat and knock it out, right?”
  • “Y/N, what does that have to do with what you want to eat for lunch?”
  • studying together
  • getting sidetracked
  • being close friends with Clay
  • “Clay and that Hannah girl are pretty cute.”
  • “Exactly my point! I have a whole plan on getting them together.”
  • cuddles
  • his head always in the crook of your neck
  • “babygirl”
  • him always showering you with gifts
  • telling him to stop spending his money on you
  • him continuing to do so anyway
  • he leaves you notes at your locker
  • “You look beautiful, Babygirl”
  • holding each other close
  • sleepovers
  • making pillow forts and eating Lunchables
  • “bon appetit, my love.”
  • “this is the most romantic dinner I’ve ever had.”
  • starting a movie
  • falling asleep on each other 15 minutes after it starts
  • you’re always talking pictures of him, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing at the moment
  • “Did you just take a picture of me rubbing my eye?”
  • baseball jokes
  • all the time
  • “Which baseball player holds water?”
  • “The pitcher.”
  • “The p-wait, how’d you know what I was going to say?”
  • “Jeff, you’ve told me that joke a thousand times.”
  • he’s always happy
  • which means you’re always happy
  • when you get mad at him you call him by his full name
  • “Jeffrey Atkins!”
  • him mocking you
  • “Y/N L/N!”
  • everyone telling you guys how cute you are
  • your dates consist of baseball games or just staying home
  • sending each other the ugliest pictures you guys could find
  • “this is you”
  • slow, passionate first time
  • wearing his shirts
  • him trying to wear your shirt one time as a joke
  • “Babe, it’s not coming off.”
  • “Karmas a bitch, isn’t it Atkins?”
  • helping him take off the shirt eventually
  • you had to cut it in half
  • “I don’t even know how you put that on.”
  • he’s annoying and you always remind him of it
  • “you’re annoying, you know that right?”
  • his response always being “it takes one to know one, L/N.”
  • his parents love you
  • “When is Y/N coming over again?”
  • “Mom, she literally just left.”
  • his lock screen is a picture of you shoving food into your mouth
  • “I didn’t even know you took this, change it!”
  • “No way, you look adorable.”
  • him feeling lucky to have you in his life
  • you feeling exactly the same way

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happy ending for everyone! 

Dating Montgomery Includes:

  • Changing him as a person
  • “What did you just say to Hannah?”
  • “Something Courtney told me”
  • “Not cool Montgomery”
  • “I-I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry”
  • Monty making you wear his jacket to his baseball games to show you off to everyone, making you secretly happy
  • Going to his baseball games. Being the loudest one screaming and flicking someone off who told you to shut up.
  • Monty flicking someone off for you as well
  • “Sit down and shut up!”
  • “Don’t scream at my girlfriend up there!”
  • “Yeah don’t scream at me!”
  • Sleeping over his house after his games to give him a celebration
  • heated make-out sessions
  • Him always giving you hickies in the most obvious areas so boys know that your his
  • Him stealing you makeup so you can’t cover them up
  • “Damn y/n that one is huge!”
  • Monty getting jealous when he sees a boy talking to you
  • Jumping in front of the boy just to roughly kiss you
  • You giving him hell for getting suspended
  • “Babe come on, we haven’t had sex in a week!”
  • “Oh well, you shouldn’t have punched Alex”
  • Passionate first time
  • Him being nervous to take your virginity at first
  • “Are you sure about this baby?”
  • “Yes Cruz”
  • Rough and hard sex afterwards
  • Monty being into daddy kink
  • Him being into bondage
  • “Y/n why are your wrist red”
  • “Don’t ask.”
  • Monty being the first one to say ‘I love you’ and not realizing it
  • “Gosh y/n your lucky that I love you”
  • “W-what did you just say?”
  • “I love you, holy shit I love you”
  • Both of you being inseparable
  • Him ditching his friends just to be with you
  • “Bro are you coming over”
  • “Nah I’ll pass, I’m with y/n”
Watch Me Babygirl [pt.4]

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Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language

Jungkook was one of the only things on your mind for days. He’d kissed you… and then run off. At the end of the game he’d simply smirked at you, sending a wink your way before slinging an arm around Jimin and laughing as Jimin gloated about their victory.

You sighed, pushing your books into your locker. It was Friday and all you wanted to do was call Taehyung and have him bring snacks over to your house for a movie night.

You pushed your locker closed and jumped back at the figure that had been standing behind the door, blocked from your view.

“What the hell! Jungkook you can’t do shit like that,” you said, placing a hand over your heart as you looked at him.

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IRL jobs headcanons


  • The son of a rich Japanese businessman, but his mother was a foreigner
  • introverted because he was bullied in school about having a foreigner parent, barely finished high school and never went to college
  • but it’s okay because he is actually the world’s highest ranking gamer in Monster Justice Five, the most popular online e-sport tournament
  • with several official international wins and contracts to his username this boy doesn’t need daddy’s allowance!
  • nobody has a clear image of what he looks like, he’s always wearing baseball caps and hiding behind his collar if he has to show up to matches, otherwise he’s only found online
  • met Prompto online and it grows into private chats and late-night gaming sessions
  • eventually invites him over to visit, dad thinks it’s great that his loner son found someone he wants to hang out with
  • not very good with words because he constantly switches between Japanese and English and it’s hard to use just one


  • Russian
  • you’d assume he’s popular because he’s blonde and cheerful, but actually gets a lot of flak about things he can’t change about his country
  • the literal embodiment of sunshine and happiness, so naturally he’s a famous viner (who moved to instagram and youtube after vine died)
  • has no idea how to deal with the haters, always has his comments locked and it creates an air of mystery around him which strangely gets him more views
  • absolute weeb so you can bet he knows enough japanese (from watching anime obv) to communicate with Noct in the game chat and enough english to patch it up
  • it quickly developed into actual friendship, these two can spend days playing without realizing it
  • soon enough he’s vlogging his trip to Japan!


  • European
  • That’s all he tells the others, nobody knows where he’s from exactly
  • Used to be a model in Milan, beautiful enough to catch eyes but not famous enough to make a living out of it
  • Meets Noctis while filming an advertisement for his father’s company, and settles there as an English-Japanese translator
  • Ends up going with Noct for all the official signings and interviews as his PR agent
  • Ignis knows more kanji than Noct, but Noct knows more English expletives
  • it fascinates him how different languages are, and enjoys the challenge
  • other times it’s hilarious because that one time he tried to translate a Japanese word and accidentally said something Italian, then corrected it into French, then apologized in Spanish and eventually googled it in English.


  • Brazillian-Japanese who lived all his life in Brazil
  • professional rock wall climber on break recovering from an injury, the fall woke him to the reality that he’d never really left his hometown and it’s a shame to kick the bucket without ever stepping out of his comfort zone
  • he’s currently vlogging his journey backpacking through the world
  • one day he found himself broke visiting Cor -a family friend- in Japan
  • had to take odd jobs that wouldn’t get him deported for defying the rules of his tourist visa, so nothing with an official contract
  • agrees to dress in a suit and pretend to be a bodyguard for some publicity stunt concerning a sassy runt
  • said sassy runt was actually being stalked for being the heir of a business giant and oh shit he has some real protecting to do!
  • Brazil has a large Japanese population so verbal and cultural barriers went down real fast with the runt (Noct)
  • It was nice learning about his non-Brazillian heritage hands on, so he decides to stick around long after the bodyguard job is concluded
  • the internet seems to like his vlogs about the Japanese countryside and wilderness anyway so might as well let this trip fund itself

One day a rival company proposes a collaboration between brands and Regis accepts, now Noct has to show up in a month-long documentary with the rival’s production team while they come up with ideas for a new line.

Noct is fine with it, the head of the team they’ll be working with used to be a childhood friend of his, Lunafreya, so he agrees to go and take his friends along because road trip!

  • Jimin proposed to share earphones with Jungkook, when Jk asked him what kind of song he wanted to listen to, Kookie was the sweetest smoothest guy in town: he played lie. and Jimin smiled and said “this is relaxing” (I died a bit)
  • Jin and Jhope spotted a guy wearing an ARMY hat and said it was their fans
  • Jimin talked to JK about the days he played baseball with his dad and how his father will never go easy on him. Jk also demonstrated how he used to throw the ball.
  • BTS play a game to decide who gets which room (I was innocently laughing back then) THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN: Jin somehow got his own room, Suga and Rapmon got to be roommates again, V will probably be hugging Jhope that night AND JIKOOK (Jk & JM) FINALLY SHARED THE SAME BED (I died … I screamed then died again)
  • BTS go grocery shopping: The only ones shopping seriously were Jin and Suga, Meanwhile, Rapmon was searching for cinnamon chips, Jimin was getting the members favorite snacks while confusing people carts and his own and V was searching for spam. At the end, they had to take off the snacks, the spam, the cinnamon chips and the champagne (Basically leaving only what Jin and Suga got)
  • JK and JH stayed home and were playing ping pong, they started a betting game of whoever loses will do the laundry. a game will quickly turn into them playing girl group songs and dancing/playing ping pong?
  • Jin was cooking with his love (literally that’s what he said) and Suga was next to him in the kitchen (BTS would starve if these two weren’t around)
  • Jungkook lifting Jhope in the air, getting 3 chairs at the same time and basically being his normal extra self
  • Jungkook put glasses of wine so that the members could commemorate their holiday even if he wasn’t able to drink because he was in America (I recall again he is still a baby)
  • The fan wasn’t working so BTS ended up turning into human fans and fanning the smoke out
  • The table was Full of delicious food (Duh SG and Jin cooked)

little things i’ve noticed from watching falsettos in hd again:

- firstly, andrew’s tongue makes an appearance in the thrill of first love (he just can’t keep it in his mouth)

- trina looking away in the thrill of first love when whizzer dips marvin

- i have the cookbook in i’m breaking down

- this may be wrong but the tie whizzer is holding in making a home is raunchy and totally not whizzers taste. i personally think it’s marvin’s that he kept as a reminder of his time with him

- marvin starts wearing the red hoodie once whizzer left and doesn’t wear it again once whizzer returns

- marvin desperately looking to cordelia for help when whizzer comes in the baseball game

- the little kisses marvin and whizzer give each other at the end of what more can i say?

- how christian mouths fuck in unlikely lovers when charlotte and cordelia come in

-how they play unlikely lovers for the credits

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stan watching bill play baseball ???? and his team win ??? and then what happens after the game ??? stan in bills baseball jersey and super big ??? them being in love ??? stan being hardcore thotty af ?? pls write something to do with this ahhhhhh <3

(lanosnos i hope this isn’t bad, pls enjoy some thotty stenbrough!)

tonight is the first home game of the season, and it is oddly in that strange season between cold and warm — just chilly enough for stan to wrap a jacket over his shoulders, his eyes watchful for the entrance for the baseball team.

the jacket he’s wearing is bill’s varsity captain jacket, because bill is in the incredible jersey — the jacket swallows his tiny frame whole, and when mike hanlon sees the sight, he snickers aloud and squeezes stan’s shoulder gently. “hey, man. can’t even see you tonight!” stan offers him a small half-smile. out of all the losers, he and mike get along the most easily, besides he and bev (and, obviously, bill.) mike is quiet and contemplative, always willing to learn, but he has a bouncy, friendly energy that compliments stan’s own rather dry humor and mild hatred of many of his peers. “better for the lot of us if i’m invisible.” he quipped in reply, the comment (mostly) joking. mike only snorted, shaking his head as he stood beside the smaller teen. soon enough, bev was in between them, an arm looped around mike’s shoulder as she kissed his cheek in greeting before waving at stan. “evening, friends. it’s only us here tonight.”

stan shot her a glance, eyebrow quirking upwards. “what about the cute girl from bio two?” he asked inquisitively, to which her cheeks flushed mildly. “she’s — ” “RIGHT HERE!” a flash of dark curls, bouncy and long, was all stan caught as arms wrapped around bev’s waist. “surprise.” she murmured, as bev started to laugh. “aranza! out of nowhere!” stan turned his head as two other males approached — eddie and ben, in deep discussion about the differences between animal farm and 1984. not far behind was richie, trying to butt in, and failing miserably. all of them seemed very content, and the thought of that made stan happy, even if it didn’t show all too much in the moment. he turned his attention back to the field in the nick of time — the team had burst onto the playing grounds, and there was /bill/.

bill, golden-red hair glinting with sweat and sunlight. bill, muscular arms gripping his baseball slightly. bill in his uniform, looking every bit as strong and incredible as he always did. bill radiated fantastic, and stan lapped it up from the sidelines, his man so focused and concentrated on the game ahead.

the night was full of thunderous applause, wild cheers, and richie losing his glasses ten million times. mike had to be the loudest cheerer of them all, and stan the quietest — he was too concentrated on the way bill looked playing the sport, on how much effort he put into succeeding. and that effort, the whole team’s effort, pays off tremendously — because in the end, the team is lifting bill up and practically screaming, and they’ve won the game 20-18. a close call. but his bill hit a home run — /his/, that was his boyfriend! stan quickly zipped up bill’s jacket before heading over to the fence, his chin hitting the bar atop it. bill beamed crookedly at the sight, making a break towards the fence, his skin dripping slightly with sweat.

normally, stan would think that was absolutely disgusting. but when it was bill…

“stanny! d-duh-did you s-s-suh-see that?” he’s practically desperate for affection, for some notice and validation of his efforts, and stan, for just a moment is little mean — “not at all.” then, a grin stretches across his lips. “i’m kidding, billy, you were incredible.” he took a quick glance to make sure that nobody is looking (besides their losers, maybe) before leaning up on his toes to give him a chaste kiss on the lips. bill freezes, his eyes widening in pleasant shock — this is bold for stanley, and he loves it, every second of it. “hold on, prettyboy. l-luh-luh-luh-luh —” bill pauses, mostly because his throat has closed up from truly /noticing/ stanley.

he’s in his varsity jacket, which is snug on bill…and HUGE on stan. it swallows him whole, dangling from his thin frame, and it’s absolutely adorable. the hem hits mid-thigh, and the sleeves don’t even show his hands. stan’s curls are free of gel and a little messy, but in the way that shows he put effort into making it look so — ran his own hands through it the way bill wanted to. stan had to have control, even over his messes. and his eyes are so wide, and they’re shining, with…pride, yes, and bill feels immensely affectionate when he realizes that stanley is indeed proud of him. he clears his throat, running a hand through his hair. “uh, let’s get o-ow-ow-ut of here.”

so they’re driving in bill’s car to hang out at a drive-in movie, but first, bill is going to shower. stan is slightly saddened that the uniform will be off — his uniform is the best outfit bill can wear. it fits him so well, showing every inch of broadened muscle, and that muscle is something that fascinates stan. bill is humming along to jailhouse rock, fingers drumming against the wheel, and stan is staring at him, something he doesn’t do quite so often. but bill is glowing with happiness and pride tonight, and it’s adorable.

at the light, bill finally catches him, and stan’s cheeks flush immediately. his lips quirk up slightly, mostly because of the flush across his cheeks — he loves making stan blush, he really does. “what, suh-suh-something on muh-ay face?” he isn’t even trying to be a tease in the moment. he figures there could be dirt there, and he knows how stan can be about things getting /dirty/, about breaking his routines. but stan just brushes at his cheek, letting bill nuzzle slightly into the touch. after a moment, he whispers “nope”, a smirk tugging his lips upwards as he pulls his hand back and turns his head to stare out the car window.

bill’s heart stutters more then he ever could with his words as light from the glinting moon hits stan’s contoured features, his own lopsided grin widening.

“i’m pulling the car over. just so you know.” bill says, and that makes stan laugh, a rare sound that could be life-saving medicine. if only eddie listened to stan laugh! his asthma may be cured. but the sound is almost melodic, his head tilted back just slightly. bill is really hoping he’ll tilt it back further, at a slight angle, when he pulls this damn car over. “i hate you.” stan grumbles, though his tone is light and the words are absolute lies. bill just snorts as he presses on the brakes by the side of the road, nuzzling his nose into stan’s neck as revenge for all the times he used it as an apology. “no, you don’t.”

when they return to school the next day, stan’s neck is noticeably bruised, and bill has dark circles under his eyes, still in sweatpants and a tank top, like he slept in them.

beverly can’t wait to hear stan tell her about /this/ epic love story.

Dating Montgomery De La Cruz

•being SUPER protective of you
•surprising everyone that Monty could actually not be an asshole for one
•always having to calm him down when other people check you out/ flirt with you
•being the one to stop the fight between Alex and Monty
•he never cared about anything before he met you
•him always trying to be super romantic
•after hearing about what happened with Bryce and Jess he would never want you around him
• “MONTY! Why are there hickeys all over my neck?! I told you not to do that”
•"I hate you”
•"you love me.“
•going to all his games
•bringing him his bat when he forgets it (does he play baseball I’m confused) •"you’re so whipped.“ •"fuck you bryce you’re just mad because no one likes you.” •wearing his clothes all the time •you not believing he really liked you until a couple months later •skipping class A/N: OKAY! This probably sucks but I hope y'all liked it a little bit. Send in your requests! Ily guys ❤

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this could almost be a canon doodle but what kind of coach would make a kid bat without a helmet on smh

nah, this was drawn with the intention of being in the “games i play” ‘verse by @moreracquetball bc i legit just love this au

they’re practicing in central park and whizzer’s just tossing the baseball easily at him and jason’s wearing a yankees jersey

(marvin is under a tree reading something

random bucky barnes headcanons
  • Bucky doesn’t enjoy movies because he’s too busy critiquing them 
  • Has to find and exploit EVERY MOVIE PLOT HOLE and is v. frustrating to watch most movies with
  • That said, he fucking loves Fast and Furious movies because of how ridiculous they are 
  • He loves science but hates math
  • Has watched every Netflix documentary about space
  • The better cook out of both Steve and Sam but is still not very good
  • He’s very neat but he’s not organized–his living spaces are clean but if you open up a drawer or closet things are just stuffed away messily
  • Bucky prefers silence or talk radio over music
  • He’s a morning person (but like a ‘couldn’t go back to sleep at 4am’ morning person)
  • Really, really bad at giving gifts
  • Hates wearing socks
  • Actually enjoys learning new board games and is happy to read the rules cover to cover and teach everybody else (hence why he’s usually the DM in any Dungeons and Dragons campaigns)
  • Both Bucky and Sam will stop what they are doing if they run into a dog or see a cat or even a cute bird
  • probably secretly has a fantasy baseball team
Diamonds & Shutters Part 4

Part 4: Hurting

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: College!AU.Jensen is a baseball player and (Y/N) is a photographer, they are best friends and roommates until someone in Jensen’s life leaves him disconsolate and anguished but (Y/N)’s secret stops her from immediately mending Jensen’s broken heart.

Word Count: 1579

A/N - This is part four my entry for @frickfracklesackles #Natalies1000MovieTropeChallenge #Natalies1000FollowerCelebration The prompts I chose were College!AU and the quote: “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love” from The Great Gatsby, which can be read in PART 1

A/N 2 – This is also my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN HIATUS WRITING CHALLENGE 2017 – WEEK 14 with the prompt: ‘I never wanted to hurt you.’ - Thank god this prompt came out otherwise this part wouldn’t have been born.


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When you came to, your head was pounding but your bed was empty and you started to panic, the body next to you was gone. Was he here? Did he find you? Find you both?

Your body went onto autopilot, searching and screaming.

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stuff about falsettos proshot

-part of andrew’s wig was in his mouth 

-jason looks so disgusted/confused during half of act 1 

-you can hear everything the cast say under their breath like before my father’s a homo both marvin and trina were telling jason to do something for them

-whizzer and marvin just stared each other down during everyone tells jason to see a psychiatrist for a solid five seconds

-i love this had better come to a stop but i always have

-also they censored part of it so that was a bit weird (asshole -> jackass)

-i’m breaking down was and still is a fucking masterpiece

-jason’s “what the fuck guys” face during Jason’s Therapy

-when marvin said “biblical times” and mendel looked at him marvin gave him a sarcastic thumbs up

-trina’s song is great. sjb is great.

-march of the falsettos was not that bad. probably. 

-during making a home i think whizzer packs the shirt he wears during “what would i do” 

-after marvin hit trina jason just looked betrayed. like holy shit anthony rosenthal is great

-falsettoland is great. 

-year of the child and all its crazy dancing 

-the baseball game was so funny like idk how it became 100x funnier than the boot or the cast recording

-everyone hates his parents is the best since you can clearly hear what everyone is muttering under their breath

-the censoring in something bad is happening threw me off. also you can see cordelia get really concerned after she reads the article charlotte hands her. 

-whizzer sounds like his lungs are about to fucking stop working like ouch

-you can see them setting up part of the set during holding to the ground unlike the boots which is eerily haunting. idk how but it was to me. also again: sjb is amazing

-somehow andrew looked 10x sicker in the span of one song poor whizzer 

-to reiterate: anthony rosenthal is great esp during Canceling the Bar Mitzvah

-unlikely lovers is so good? it gave me chills? i really liked how it showed the relationship between the four and grounded the reality of the situation at hand

-you gotta die sometime was..damn..it was good. and heartbreaking

-jason’s bar mitzvah was good but if im honest at this point i was trying to brace myself for what was coming

-what would i do gave me chills. also side note: you can see them moving the cube in the background 

-afterwards i went to the restroom and there was a group of teens crying so yeah

overall this proshot was a fucking amazing experience 

The Nerd and the Sporty Kid

Two months ago, if somebody told Jack he’d be considered the nerd in any of his relationships, wether romantic or platonic, he would have been surprised.
Scratch that, he would have been kind of insulted and very confused.
Especially considering the person who had just looked at him and said, “I think it’s fun that such a sporty guy like Davey is friends with such a nerd. You know, movie tropes and all,” had been talking about Jack and Davey.
Davey Jacobs, who wore a pocket protector and could convert light years to miles in his head and had a pet snake named Galileo and was the biggest nerd Jack had ever met.
Davey Jacobs, Jack’s secret boyfriend and best friend, who had started it all by informing Jack that the way he was painting the skeleton horse for the drama club set was anatomically incorrect and that he should add in more vertebrae to make it more realistic.
Davey Jacobs who more than once had pulled away from a kiss with his eyes lighting up over a random fact he just had to tell Jack right that second or else he would explode.
And Jack Kelly, who had been in the newspaper for his baseball playing, who had the highest RBI of anyone on the team when he was a sophomore, who was getting to go to a school way more prestigious than he deserved with his grades because of his baseball stats, was the one the boy had just called a nerd.
And when Jack looked over at Davey and saw him struggling to contain a laugh as he said, “I mean, he has a point, mister I-know-who-painted-that-and-what-year-without-reading-the-plaque.”
And Jack saw the guy’s point too, seeing as how currently Davey was wearing his bulky lacrosse pads and carrying a stick four inches taller than him and looking perfectly confident after playing a game that left him bruised and with a bloody lip.
So yeah, he was kind of confused but not at all offended by the fact that for once Davey wasn’t the nerd and Jack wasn’t the sporty kid.
Because Jack was happy to be the nerd wearing a five year old, paint stained beanie who got to kiss the sporty, fit, funny guy in his car at all the red lights while they drove home.
And maybe he was just a little bit of a nerd, too. Davey was usually right.

Scoups in College AU - “How he met you + other stuff...”

Anon - Hi, love your blog! Could you do a SEVENTEEN college AU post? Like what if the members were in college? What would their majors/minors be and what would they be involved in at school? (Sorry if this sounds boring. I’m in school, it’s midterm week next week so I thought this may be a bit motivating) Thank you for reading this! :)

Hey anon! I thought I’d do this a little differently - so each member is going to have a singular post mostly because I loved writing these! <3 Luna 

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! I will state what gifs are mine!!*

*gif by me!*

  • Scoups would soooo be that sporty, popular kid in college
  • You know - the one who wears sports clothes all day, baseball jerseys are his go to and he still manages to look cool
  • He participates in whatever sports event he can
  • Literally, if there is a baseball match he was there!
  • Basketball - didn’t he score winning point just last week?!
  • Football game…HELLLOOO!!
  • I mean he could be the cheerleading squad all on his own and the team would still have motivation enough to win!!
  • He of course would be sports captain - I mean he is the leader after all
  • Seungcheol didn’t stop there when it came to sports though 
  • He would major in sports and exercise science, or something like that - basically a degree where he could remain active, motivation and still manage to learn something cool
  • So much so, whenever you two were merely talking to one another he would spout out another sporty/biological fact 
  • Speaking of biology… ;) ….that’s where he met you - in a biology lecture
  • After a long night of celebrating yet another win for his team he had turned up to a lecture he really wasn’t supposed to be in 
  • “Hey, what did I miss?” Seungcheol panted dropping into the only empty seat beside you
  • You quickly passed him your notes, slightly confused as to why he was there, but didn’t question him 
  • Instead you whispered, “We’re doing photosynthesis in algae…”
  • His eyes widened as he started to laugh just a little too loudly
  • “This isn’t my lecture,” he sniggered under his breath quickly glancing around trying to find an escape route, “Coach is going to kill me…”
  • Only this was he had made enough of a racket getting into the lecture hall that if he left there would be even more chaos, especially since the professor was already giving him evils
  • “Looks like its photosynth…whatever, that word. I’m Seungcheol by the way”
  • “I know,” you mumbled back quietly, I mean how could you not know?
  • He would definitely be so smooth and charismatic - so much so it was hard not to be swooped up into a conversation with him hence why you thought he would be a bother
  • In actuality he stayed quietly and actually listened, moreso than those who were actually supposed to listen - like Jeonghan in the third row who was slowly drifting into a boredom coma 
  • Occasionally you caught Seungcheol glancing across at you 
  • He watched in silence as you scribbled down notes, made small diagrams and actually listened - midterms were coming up, you needed to listen
  • You however just wanted him to stop staring
  • “I didn’t know photosynthesis could be so interesting…” Seungcheol said once everyone had started to pack up their things. “I mean…really…um…”
  • You laughed at him trying to pretend he was actually interested
  • “It’s okay Seungcheol, you can say it was boring. I won’t be offended”
  • He groaned loudly, “How can you sit through that?” only to knock your textbook two rows down. “Oh god sorry! Um…I’ll grab it!”
  • Seungcheol hurried to collect it following you as you walked across the park in the direction of the labs 
  • “Hey you never did tell me your name?” Seungcheol asked as he walked beside you - you were starting to question whether or not he was going to change majors since he was following you around now
  • With a slightly planned hair tuck you glanced up at him - Why did he have to be popular? And, handsome…and ugh! You told him your name
  • “Are you coming to the game on Thursday, Y/N?” he asked with a look in his eyes that drew you in 
  • You shrugged your shoulders just as a group of his team members appeared from nowhere almost tackling him to the ground - since that is what boys do
  • “You missed another lecture! Coach is going to be pissed!”
  • “I’ll see you around Seungcheol,” you said before disappearing as you hurried to your next lecture
  • “You’ll never guess what happened in bio earlier!” you quickly stammered as you dropped down beside Jeonghan
  • You opened your textbook about to fill him in when there, folded between the pages was a small piece of paper, with a note, and a number
  • Call me when the next lecture is! Seungcheol <3 

Why does no one talk about? (Falsettos)

> Marvin during TKF reprise says “stay away from this jackass” (or something) to Jason about Mendel.

>Why all the characters are wearing watches?

>Marvin literally has only two sweatshirts. One in red the other in grey.

>“Do your exercises!” During the Baseball Game.

>How supportive Cordelia and Charlotte are of each other. 👏👏👏

>What if Trina had glasses? So before I watched the show (pro shoot) I would imagine the staging, costumes, lighting etc. I saw Trina with glasses during Four Jews, but Marvin taking them off when he’s putting his clothes in the basket. During TKF she drops the glasses along with her handkerchief. When a Marriage Proposal comes along and Mendel says “I love your eyes” he either puts them on her face or gives them to her. (I think I’m onto something 😏).

>Whizzer has his legs shaved in Act 2.

>During the first song of Act 2 the OG Act 1 characters are onstage. (Trina, Whizzer, Mendel, Marvin, and Jason. In that order) Trina and Whizzer’s outfits have pink as the main color while the other three have purple or blue. (Whizzer has a blue sweater tied from his neck…but still). Trina and Whizzer were both forced into being “feminine” by Marvin in the first act and pink is generally associated with females. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.

>How did Andrew Rannells and Christian Borle meet??

>How has Tracie not aged?!

>The og three part mini opera was soooo funny with the dialogue between Mendel and Marvin. (With the “No?” “Never!” thing. You know what I’m talking about!). I wish they kept that.

>On Smash Christian had the og whizzer costar in one of the episodes. Why is there no video of that scene with the addition of “Marvin’s back with whizzer” playing in the back?!

>Christian has a slight resting bitch face.

(Feel free to add)

The Fake Boyfriend (Part 4)

Originally posted by mavibu97

Summary: Reader bumps into a stranger and her life gets flipped upside down…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,500ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I love all the feedback and support this has been getting! I especially enjoyed this part…

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Celebrity crush~ Aaron Judge Imagine

Y/N is throwing the first pitch and gets especially nervous when she hears Aaron Judge will be the the one catching… based off this request (word count 850+) 

You were currently doing on Ellen doing a promo for the new season a show you acted on,  “Y/N, we heard you’re throwing the first pitch at the Yankee’s game this weekend, is that true?”

You nodded, “Yes, I’m a bit nervous though.”

Ellen leaned forward in her chair, “Why is that?”  

“I did not play softball or baseball growing up, so we’ll see how this first pitch really goes,” you said.

“But you’re very athletic, your show requires you to be,” Ellen pointed out.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just worried about embarrassing myself,” you admitted

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but your a big Yankees fan, correct?” Ellen asked.

“Yes,” you said.

“So I’m guessing you heard about what Aaron Judge said about you?” Ellen said.

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “no, is it bad?” you asked.

Ellen laughed, “Not at all, here check it out,” she said directing your attention to a screen. 

The video on the screen was of Aaron Judge, he was in the Yankee’s locker room and was out of his usual baseball uniform and wearing a light green shirt with hot dogs on it. Unlike his usual locker room interview which normally consisted of questions about the game, the interviewer was asking more personal and amusing questions, “Aaron, who is your celebrity crush?”

He smiled, rubbing his chin, “I’d have to say Y/N Y/L/N, she’s an actress on my favorite show….” Aaron continued to gush over you, “She’s beautiful and she seems like she has a very genuine personality.”

The interviewer nodded, “Good choice, you do know that she is throwing the first pitch on Friday night’s game?”

Aaron grinned again, “Really?” he said, “… I guess I’ll have to be the one who catches it.”

“Well if he is going to be the one to catch then I’m going to be really nervous,” you admitted.

Ellen laughed along with the rest of the crowd, “Well, he had a lot to say about you.”

You blushed, “I think he’s really cute.”

“Does Y/N have a little crush on Aaron Judge too?” Ellen asked, as the crowd cheered.

You giggled, “maybe a little, he’s just so cute and sweet.”

“I guess the feeling is mutual between you two,” Ellen said.

“I was already nervous to throw the first pitch, but now that Aaron is catching it and he’ll know I have a crush on him,” you said.

“I’m sure you’ll do great,” Ellen reassured you.

It was Friday night, the night on which you would throw the first pitch at the Yankees game. You reminded yourself that it wasn’t that big of deal, if your through was totally off no one would care. You just hoped that you didn’t embarrass yourself in front of Aaron.

You were now on the field, just moments away from the first pitch when someone came up too you, “Y/N, this is Aaron. He’s going to be catching for you today.”

Finally meeting Aaron made you a little starstruck, standing this close to him you realized that Aaron was just as cute in really life, and although you knew Aaron was really tall, but he looked even taller in person.

“Hi, Y/N I’m actually a huge fan of your show” Aaron said.

“Really?” you said, “Thank you, to be honest I’m kinda nervous about throwing the first pitch tonight.

“Don’t be, just treat it like you’re playing catch in the backyard” Aaron smiled.

“Y/N, we need you now” one of the cameramen said.

“You’re going to do great, remember it’s just me and you playing catch” Aaron reminded you.

“Here we have Y/N Y/L/N here to throw the first pitch,” the crowd all clapped and cheered.

Standing on the pitcher’s mound you took a deep breath, ‘it’s only catch,’ you started to calm down, ‘but with the Aaron Judge who is extremely cute’ you mind made aware. You looked down at the baseball in hand, ‘let’s get this over with,’ you threw the ball with as much aim and precision as you could. Aaron reached up and caught it with ease, running over to you he said, “see I told you that you would do great!”

You grinned, “I guess I got lucky.”

Aaron handed you the ball as the two of you posed of a picture, “hey, are you staying for the rest of the game?” Aaron asked.

“Of course,” you said.

“Do you have any plans afterwards?” Aaron said.

You thought for a second, “Not that I can think of, why?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to go grab something to eat” Aaron said.

“I’d like that,” you replied.

Aaron flashed a toothy grin, “great, so I’ll see you after” his arm reaching out to hug you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder bringing you in close for a friendly, (but not friendzone) hug. When Aaron pulled away he said, “by the way I saw your interview on Ellen.” 

I really liked writing this one 



Tony gets a little upset because he always wears Steve’s big comfy t-shirts to bed, but Steve can’t really wear his because they’re too small and it’s kind of silly. Steve says “hold on, I have an idea” and goes down the hall to his room, coming back a moment later with the extra small Brooklyn Dodgers shirt he wore to that baseball game before the serum and held onto ever since so they can both wear uncomfortably tight t-shirts from each other.

Artemi Panarin #1 - Chicago Outing

Anon asked: Please oh please!!! Write an Artemi Panarin imagine/one-shot….I love that dude so much!!! It can be anything as long as you don’t break my heart with the story I'lo be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance!!!

Wow anon I am so sorry how long this took me to get to. I just wrapped up finals week so it’s been somewhat (very) stressful. You said anything as long as it wasn’t heart breaking so have some fluff disguised as jealousy?? Anthony Rizzo makes a guest appearance because I personally love him too much. There is a very good chance I will write a follow up to this imagine because the end leaves me with a lot of wiggle room. I hope you enjoy this! 

In the two years that your boyfriend had been living in Chicago he had never been to a Cubs game and after their 2016 World Series win you figured it was time to change that. Artemi didn’t have the slightest clue on how the game worked but he knew that it would make you happy so he agreed. The two sports’ seasons only slightly overlapped and with the unfortunate defeat in the first round of the playoffs it meant Artemi’s season was over sooner. You were packing the game day necessities into your purse when he finally joined you after his morning post-workout shower. As a Chicago native and born and raised Cubs fan you had enough merchandise to last you at least two weeks without a repeat, Artemi not so much. He walked out of the bedroom in head to toe Blackhawks gear to which you immediately shook your head.

“Temi you cannot wear that.”

He looked down at his team issued shirt, “no?”

“This is a baseball game; you wear a baseball shirt,” you gestured to your beloved Rizzo jersey.

His brow furrowed, “Not own one.”

You grabbed his hand and pulled him towards your room. You had a drawer dedicated to baseball shirts, there had to be one that fit him. Rifling through you found one you had stolen from your dad years ago that would surely fit on Artemi’s 5’11” frame. You pushed it in his direction and motioned for him to put it on. He sighed, not understanding why it mattered what Chicago shirt he wore but obliged. You let him keep the Blackhawks basketball shorts on but insisted he wear a Cubs hat. You were a sucker for him in hats.

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