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I made a p large watercolor thing with poth (=´∀`)^ plus a practice with designs?? Maybe??

Palette roller belongs to @angexci
Goth belongs to @nekophy

Bly abruptly catches a nasty flu and is out for a long while, and all the other CPD officers have to take a turn being the liaison at Lucas High for a day or two. I touched on this concept with Fives a while back, but think of the others as well! Rex! Anakin! Cody! That Tera Sinube guy that I just decided is a veteran investigator because he is! Shaaki Ti? K-Krell… D: 

But yeah like… Fives would be amazing and all the students would love him. Anakin too, and he’d also find excuses to pester Obi-Wan throughout the day. Cody would tidy Bly’s office and take Obi-Wan out to lunch, to the delight of every student who hears about it, which is to say all of them. Rex would half-jokingly ask Tup if he wants to be dropped off (so he doesn’t have to walk into school with his “dad”) but Tup completely doesn’t get the reference and is just like “What? No?? I don’t mind walking from the parking lot, I’m not that lazy…” And Rex is like “THIS KID.“

Secretly, Ms. Secura and Officer Bly have started seeing each other. Well, “secretly.” The students and upper administration are clueless, but I know several high school teachers and they gossip worse than the teens, I tell ya what. Aayla doesn’t know Bly is out the first day, so when she slips into his office, locks the door, and makes a flirty comment, she is wholly unprepared for Bly’s chair to spin around and reveal Cody. He calmly informs her that she has the wrong Fett, and politely mentions that the door really should be kept open for safety reasons. She tries to bail and runs smack into Obi-Wan, who cheekily assures her that he will take care of today’s liaison office canoodling. On this tangent, Wookiepedia informs me that Bly kinda hates the shit out of Quinlan Vos. I’m still not 100% sure how Quin and Aayla know each other in this ‘verse, but they do. Quin is also Obi-Wan’s friend and ex, and Cody isn’t super fond of him. So now I kinda really want Bly and Cody cousin-bonding by having a few too many beers and trashing him like petty teenagers. :’D


Laslow: Hm? What’s the new recruit doing here all by herself? Shouldn’t she be trying to get to know the others right now?

Miu: Hah! Believe it or not, I like being by myself.

Laslow: Oh? Do you?

Miu: Mhm. I’m not much of a people person in the first place, plus, it’s more peaceful being by myself. Got less things to worry about… Besides, I’ve been by myself for years now, so being alone now wouldn’t make much of a difference, would it?

*gasp* i actually finished a comic lmao i’m trying not to dwell on the shittyness of it too much otherwise it’d never get done and posted lol

this takes place shortly after miu gets recruited into the army! also, miu and laslow have met like, once years ago, that’s why they’re kinda familiar with each other lol she tried to pretend not to know him but it didn’t work rip i actually had more planned out in my head for the first half of the comic but since me and comics don’t get along very well, i just drew the second half of what i had in mind lmao

anonymous asked:

While I do agree that we should be critical of the fiction we consume and that know that it does have an impact on us, there are two things I'm a bit confused by. One of them being that it would be fetishistic to think "it would be hot" if two characters have sex (not just in the case of LGBT) - this strikes me as very odd? It would seem natural to me that someone who finds a character sexually attractive would also find it hot to see them have sex. In what way is that a fetish?

Hello! Hmm, if you think that way, Anon, perhaps that point is just a personal bias of mine? I tend to be more sex-repulsed than some others, so perhaps my opinion is skewed.

It is my view that if the primary reason you want two characters to have sex is because ‘it would be hot’ and not any character or storytelling implications of the act - basically if the act of sex in the story would be superfluous and without meaning - it is fetishistic. Perhaps that is colored by either my sex-repulsed nature or my personal values as a storyteller, but I think there’s a difference between tailoring a sex scene to a story and tailoring a story to a sex scene.

Further, I think that there is a difference in the obligations between fans and content creators. I could have continued reading Killing Stalking if fans were viewing its content in what I perceived to be a fetishistic light - I myself definitely had a stage like that, albeit less publicly, and it would be highly hypocritical of me to condemn them for it. Even if fans make fan content of something that’s fetishistic, I think that’s a little inevitable given the nature of fandoms, and again, I’m guilty as charged. I grew out of it as I learned.

However, if the published author herself seems to be approaching the story in a way that seems to be fetishizing a relationship, I lose faith in the author’s ability to tell a story that I am comfortable with, and I lose faith in the author’s self-awareness. The instant you become a published author, the tradeoff for the pay/readership is the social obligation upon you as a potentially influential individual, if not on a wide-scale, at least to your readership. So, basically, I hold published authors to a higher level of responsibility. 

If this still doesn’t make sense to you, though, I might have to step back and think longer on how much of this is opinion is colored by someone who is sex-repulsed. I’ll get to your second ask in a moment, Anon!