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After what Trump said about Sweden, people have started posting links to articles about there being a huge increase in rape and sexual assault in Sweden, and Swedish cities with large immigrant populations being overrun with crime. Is there any truth to these claims?

Timely question, Anon!  We were just about to post something about the effects of such a large number of refugees arriving in Sweden!  Which we’ll get to in a minute…

1) For those who don’t know, Trump claimed there was a recent terrorist attack in Sweden and linked it to the amount of refugees Sweden has taken in - more per capita than any other country.

The only problem is that, like the “Bowling Green Massacre” that only Trump aide Kellyanne Conway seemed to know about, no one anywhere had heard of any such terrorist attack.

But it turns out there was a terrorist bombing, in Gothenburg Sweden last month that left one person seriously injured.

Why did no one hear about it?  Because it was a bombing of a refugee centre by white supremacists.  And as we all know, when neo-nazis commit a terrorist attack, it does not get the same media coverage that a terrorist attack by racialized people receive.  

For example: a recent media study examined U.S. coverage of two terrorist attacks in Canada: the 2014 shooting that left one person + the shooter of Muslim background dead and the 2017 shooting that left six people dead and seventeen injured when a white supremacist stormed a Québec mosque and opened fire (the latter being another white supremacist attack Team Trump used as a justification for their own Islamophobia!).  Turns out the attack by the Muslim shooter received 6x more media coverage in U.S. media outlets, even though the attack by the white supremacist killed 6x more victims.

But we digress.

2) Is there any truth to claims of a huge increase in rape and sexual assault in Sweden?  

Some bigots would expect - and even hope for - an alarming increase in sex crimes so they can point their fingers at refugees and immigrants and shriek about kicking them out.  But sorry bigots, it’s just not happening!

Sweden took in 162,877 asylum seekers in 2015.  Between 2014-2016 alone Sweden took in 273,116 refugees (x; x).   This is the highest proportion of refugees taken in by any western country.

So let’s look at figures for 2014, the year before all these refugees arrived in Sweden:   

2014 reported rapes: 6,700
2014 reported sexual molestations: 9,640

Then 2015, when 162,877 refugees arrived, one would expect an 1.7% increase in these crimes, given the 1.7% increase in population and assuming that they are as likely to commit crimes as Swedes are.  Hmm, let’s see now:
2015 reported rapes: 5920 = a 12% drop 
2014 reported sexual molestations: 8840 = an 8% drop

Now the latest figures:
2016 reported rapes: 6560
2016 reported sexual molestations: 10,500

So: reported rape and sexual molestation cases actually dropped by 12% and 8% respectively the year that 162,877 refugees arrived in Sweden.  The next year, reported rape cases were still 2% lower than they were in 2014 (before the arrival of 244,177 refugees in 2014 & 2015) but sexual molestation cases increased by 8% over 2014 levels.  

Why would one category of sexual violence go down and another go up?  No one is sure at this point but we’ve yet to hear a coherent explanation or see credible evidence that establishes “foreign hordes” as the cause of the increase in one category but simultaneously discounts them as a factor for the decrease in the other.  And the xenophobes haven’t been quick to point out that an 8-to-12% drop in sexual violence occurred in 2015, the same time that 162,877 refugees came to Sweden.

Actual criminologists like University of Stockholm professor Jerzy Sarnecki, point out that “what criminologists do is to look at the 10-year, 20-year development. Then we can see the trends. Year to year, it’s impossible to judge why changes occur.”  Not only is there is zero evidence of any wave of sex crimes committed by refugees; the available evidence indicates that they are as-or-less-likely to commit these crimes than native-born Swedes.  Sorry bigots!

You’ll see the same thing in Germany despite what hysterical xenophobes would have you believe.  The UK actually experienced a drop in crime related to the number of migrants coming in.  In the U.S. a study that was just released found that refugees had a huge effect in substantially reducing crime rates.

When people start screaming about a wave of sexual violence committed by refugees that is simply not supported by the crime stats; and when it’s clear that the sexual violence rates were higher when there were fewer refugees, it’s not hard to figure out that the concern and outrage is less about sexual violence and more about xenophobic scapegoating.

3) Back to the news we were going to tell you about what effect this large wave of refugees is having on Sweden! Just two years after taking in 81,000 refugees, Sweden is riding high atop its largest economic boom in five years!  Lower unemployment rates and economic growth topping 4.5% as the economy benefitted from more workers.  

It’s not that surprising given that a third of Syrian refugees brought university educations with them to Sweden and that countries like Australia, Canada, GermanyKenya, the UK and the U.S. have all found that migrants are economically-beneficial.

So Anon, we hope you’ve learned two things about Sweden’s migrants: they’ve had either no effect or actually reduced crime rates while being a huge boon for the economy!

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So I just played the Witcher 3 game, and I was marveling at the fighting style Geralt uses. Obviously there are so many differences between that game and realistic swordplay, but the main one I wanted to know about was where you'd store your sword when you're not fighting. I know you've said storing a sword on your back isn't very practical, but what I'm wondering is where you'd store a long sword or a hand-and-a-half sword. Would it still be at the hip? Thanks in advance for the reply!

I love the Witcher 3′s combat system, so you get no arguments from me.

The sword is called a sidearm, you may have heard that term before in reference to handguns. It’s the same, the modern handgun has replaced the sword as a weapon but serves a similar purpose both functionally in combat and culturally. You wear it buckled on your hip.

For a weapon to function, it needs to be in a place that’s easily reached and at the ready. Whether it’s a sword buckled on our back or the staff we left in our room or the pepper spray buried at the bottom of our purse. A weapon doesn’t do us a lot of good if we don’t have access to it.

When you’re trying to come up with ways your character might store or what places on their body they carry their weapons, here’s some simple rules.

1) Accessible

2) Easily drawn

3) Nowhere that hinders

4) Sensible i.e. not annoying

The action of drawing your weapon, whether it is a knife, a gun, or a sword should be one smooth motion that transitions quickly into a defensive stance. If you’re about to be attacked or in process of being attacked then time is a luxury you don’t have.

On to the Witcher:

The Sword’s Path has a great breakdown on The Witcher 3 combat vs HEMA (Historical Martial Arts) fencing. I would give it a look. He talks a lot about the fundamentals of sword combat and how you could use techniques similar to what we see in the Witcher 3 but would actually work. He also does a great job of explaining the fundamentals and logic behind it. He’s got a nice video for beginners interested in HEMA with a great breakdown of the longsword and lots of resources.

I’d also checkout sieniawskifencing, a channel run by Sztuka Krzyżowa dedicated to the Polish fencing discipline called Cross-Cutting, Sabre Cross-Cutting, or Polish Sabre Cross-Cutting. Compare with Scholagladiatoria dueling with what will be probably be the more familiar 19th century British military sabre.

The Witcher 3 is a video game made by Polish developers. The games are loosely based on The Witcher series. The books are written by a Polish author, Andre Sapkowski and are basically the Polish Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. If you ever want to hear Sapkowski get testy about the video games, you can find it. (Read his books, you’ll understand.)

Both draw heavily on Polish history, Polish culture, Polish fairy tales/mythology, and the Polish approach to medieval/renaissance/longsword combat in their design rather than what we see from Western Europe like France, Germany, England, etc. They’re Polish. Sword combat in Western and Eastern Europe is not unified, it varies culture to culture, sometimes a lot within the same culture, and the limitation in HEMA is that its a historical reconstruction based on the sources available. The only documentation we have is from the people who bothered to write it down, and were lucky enough to have their writings survive. So, pointing to a historical text and saying “that’s how this German swordmaster did it” doesn’t help us that much when it comes to looking at Poland.

Geralt’s fighting style is obviously over the top and built on flourishes, but I remember seeing that The Witcher 3′s combat was based off a fencing style or there were fencers who consulted. I unfortunately can’t source it. However, if you look at Polish Sabre Cross-Cutting you may see some move sets that are similar even though they’re performed with a sabre instead of a longsword.

The combat in The Witcher 3 is not quite as far out of reach as you might think. It just needs a little tweaking and less spinning.


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Just came back from Comic Con! Although being lost and wandering aimlessly through the hallway half the day, it was just wonderful! I wish I could’ve been there for two days….

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Hi! How do you think Germany, Prussia, Italy and Romano would react to their s/o giving them all of their junk food / candy and saying "I'm going on a diet. No matter what I say, don't give this back to me." But like 3 days later they're pouting, begging, and flat out fighting them for it and yelling "I NEED IT!" (Not going to lie, this literally happened with my bf and I 😂

(Actual relationship goals)

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Germany was made of steel. Unfortunately, his s/o was not. He had already expected his s/o to give up within a week. However, three days was a little too… fast. Germany loved his s/o, he really did. Usually he’d cave in and just give them what they wanted after some begging, but this time, he held firm. He needed to teach his s/o values like fortitude. So even though it was painful, even though his s/o ignored him for 2 whole days, Germany did not give them their junk food back. His s/o would thank him in the end, but it was truly a test of endurance for both Germany and his s/o.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Prussia’s s/o was honestly expecting Prussia to give them their food back immediately, with a little teasing. That’s what happened all the other 57 times this situation occurred. But strangely, for some reason Prussia absolutely refused to even let them see their food again. What happened? Did he take some lessons from Germany? Was Prussia finally becoming stronger against his s/o’s puppy dog eyes? Nope. Little did Prussia’s s/o know that their junk food and candy were long gone. Let’s just say someone got to the secret stash before they could.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Italy was weak. So weak, that he almost gave his s/o their food back even before they asked for it. They just looked so sad and pitiful, unable to eat their favourite food. What if he was in that situation? What if, gasp, he wasn’t allowed to eat pasta?! As war flashbacks to his time training with Germany ran through his mind, is it really any surprise that he practically threw the food back at his s/o as soon as they asked for it?

Romano/Lovino Vargas: Romano may be weak, but he’s also stubborn as a bull. So he’d yell ‘No’ back at his s/o as many times as they yelled at him. He was fighting them, but he was also fighting his inner desire to just give them their food back. Eventually, after maybe a day or two, he’d give it back, but next time, he’d be stronger. Right, next time.

David Starr defends Judaism
[March 27th, 2016]

An incident occurred at CZW’s Proving Grounds last night that involved David Starr, and some less than friendly fans. Starr explains:

There is a section of fans that regularly throws change at me, and uses the word “Jew” towards me in a negative way. This has gone on for nearly a year at CZW. I have thick skin. You have to in order to be involve with pro wrestling. For months I’ve just let this slide by, and just gone with the flow. However, after seeing what I saw at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany I’m done letting this be ok. I saw mounds of people, mounds that were mass burials from people who were murdered simply for believing what they do. I will not stand for this behavior any longer.

This is the second incident in the past two weeks where I’ve had to speak up about fans acting this way towards my Judaism. I don’t understand why these things are ok in 2016. Why is it that people feel comfortable in being racist? Not only comfortable being racist, but comfortable enough to act on in a public setting amongst people they don’t know! This type of hate is not warranted. Whether it’s against Jews, blacks, gays, Latinos, etc. NONE OF IT IS OK.

There is a major difference between heckling at a professional wrestling show, and this. You bought a ticket, say whatever you want about the show, but DO NOT discriminate against the performers, or anyone else for that matter.

Grow up, people. We are cut from the same cloth.

I’m not going to be one of those people who sits on the couch and watches Trump become Hitler and send people off in trains to die in concentration camps. Because that’s what happened to my people back in Germany, and when I see something wrong, I’m taking a stand.
—  My (Jewish) uncle, who is an attorney and a government employee
“I can’t have you get hurt!”

Written by Christina

Category: Just your typical unhealthy mix of fluff and angst.

Word Count: 2942 (don’t judge)

Request (This is our first formal request!) Made by @thecoffeestudyblr : hi can i have a peter parker request where this takes place during the Civil War and the reader is Tony’s niece who is super shy and anxious and has a cute crush on Peter and they are friends because of Tony and Peter gets really protective of The Reader during the Civil War when she accidentally gets in the way and Tony finally sees that Peter really likes her and lets them date? 

A/N: So, as usual, I just opened my laptop, cracked my knuckles, and just typed. I haven’t written a fanfic with Tony in it, so I hope I did justice to his witty sense of humor. As usual, if you guys have any feedback or critique, let us know! 

Being Tony Stark’s niece wasn’t easy. People thought that being related to the self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist would automatically mean you had the luxurious life; massive popularity, spontaneous travels to London during the school year, dating the hottest male models, talking your way out of detention because your uncle made a quick threat about having his lawyers ‘bring all of hell’s fury’ with them, and being friends with the world famous Avengers. Well, unfortunately, only some of that was true. You rarely made spontaneous trips to London because your Uncle Tony was always too busy to join you. Yeah, he said you had the total privilege to take one of his jets anywhere, anytime, but going to a foreign country alone seemed like an anxiety attack waiting to happen. So, that was why you were sitting in the penthouse kitchen at Stark Tower, examining the wobbly trail of a banana while you beat it back and forth between your hands on the counter, bored out of your mind.

“Hey!” A voice exclaimed, causing you to scream and fling the banana at the person who yelled. The person dodged out of the way and flung their hand forward, stretching out their index and pinky fingers while the middle ones curved in. A sticky web-like substance covered your hand and stuck it to the counter. Only one person would do that.

“Peter!” You shrieked, feeling the blood rise to your cheeks as you realized it was your friendly neighborhood dork who startled you. You tried to get your hand unstuck by viciously moving it around, to no avail.

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How the 2Ps react to their twelve year old kid sister coming up to them and telling them 'I've got a emergency situation... I'm bleeding... out of my vagina!'?

2P America: “shitshitshitshitshitshitshit” calls Oliver for help.

2P England: he knows exactly how to handle the situation.

2P China: “shitshitshitshitshitshitshit“ he doesn’t have anyone to call for help.

2P Russia: you know what’s useful in this kind of situation? books!!!!!

2P France: see ‘2P America’

2P Canada: see ‘2P England’

2P Italy: he knows how to handle the situation in theory, but is panicking and doesn’t know what to do.

2P Germany: “shitshitshitshitshitshitshit” calls Gillen for help

2P Japan: see ‘2P Italy;

2P Romano: see ‘2P England’

2P Prussia: “shitshitshitshitshitshitshit” calls Lutz for help

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May I please ask how the 2ps would react to when on a windy day walking with their S/o, a gust of wind blows and the s/o skirt gets flipped up and the 2p can see their panties?

2p!America: “Hot damn!” He would like it. A lot.

2p!China: “Nice ass, kitten” He’ll just be the perv he is.

2p!England: *infinite blushing *

2p!France: No reaction. He’ll just pull you to a corner and be pretty pervy as usual.

2p!Canada: “Be more careful. You don’t want something bad to happen to you.” Caring as always.

2p!Russia: He’s not going to say anything, but he’s gonna (maybe) grab that ass. And boi, he will have a dirty mind for the rest of the day.

2p!Germany: *see 2p!America*

2p!Italy: *What a view.“ He’s gonna like it, but he’s not gonna let someone else get there.

2p!Japan: *insert hentai music* "Well… Isn’t it a great day for something fun?” He’s gonna do it. Outside it is.

2p!Austria: “Oh my, the devil really did send me a pretty little demon! I am glad.” He’ll like it, but won’t bother you with it.

2p!Prussia: *see 2p!England*

2p!Romano: “My, you have such a beautiful body!” He’ll be just in the mood to talk about how perfect you would look un some dress he made.

2p!Lithuania: “Well isn’t this a nice view.” This boi has something I mind.

2p!Estonia: Won’t say anything. But, he is thinking some interesting stuff in that little head of his.

2p!Latvia: He’s gonna grab that ass.


To all German TURN-Fans!

We (@springsteengirl and @bennyboy-tallmadge) both are from Germany and thought that it would be nice to find out if there are any other german TURN-Fans or people interested in the revolutionary era in general.

So we spontaneously founded the German society of TURN-Fans.
Our symbol will be a SPORK!
We don’t have anything specific planned yet but maybe we could organize a WhatsApp-group or even a little fan convention sometime. We probably are not very many (currently 3 people), but it’s worth a try in our opinion.

It would be awesome to get in touch with you! Just message @springsteengirl or @bennyboy-tallmadge and we’ll see what will become of it.

If you are not from Germany yourself but want to help us find other fans, we would very much appreciate it if you shared this post on your blog. Thank you!