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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

It was always a dream of mine to own a lgbt+ coffee shop. 

I will likely never get to make it come true but I love the idea and not only because I really like coffee drinks - I envision a calm, peaceful place where you can just sit, chat, maybe make new friends or even just sit alone and enjoy your cappuccino knowing you’re accepted and safe here. 

A few days ago, I happened to be with a (all straight) group of people and we ended up discussing what we would do if we had to go back in time and choose a different job than the one we currently work at. 

When it was my turn, I explained that dream - and got confused stares in return. They all know I’m lgbt+, they are okay with it, so I didn’t think twice about it and yet, I felt instant regret creep up in my brain when I saw their absolutely puzzled faces. 

It turned out that the idea of a lgbt+ coffee shop made no sense to them: 

“Nobody goes to a coffee shop to hook up with someone! If they want that, they can go to gay bars, those already exists. What do you mean, it’s not about hook-ups? If it’s just about coffee, you can go to Starbucks.” 

Now that I sit here and write about it, I can think of a hundred smart ways to answer that: Some typical aspects of bars/clubs are unsafe or just unappealing to some of us. Some people in our community don’t drink alcohol, don’t deal well with loud music, are too young to go to bars or want to go somewhere they can safely take their baby along, simply are not the bar kind of person… But I didn’t say any of that. I felt weird and stupid, said “Yeah, I guess.” and just shut up about it. 

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Something makes perfect sense to you, then you say it out loud and suddenly realize that it’s not relatable at all for others. It makes you feel really different, strange, like you don’t belong. 

If you ever feel like that, I want to tell you what I had to remind myself: It’s all about environment. Had I been in a all gay group, the discussion would’ve gone differently - not necessarily because all of them would agree with me. Certainly there are also plenty of lgbt+ people who are not fans of my idea. But they would have a different perspective on it. They would have different thoughts on what lgbt+ spaces are for and why they are important. 

If you are “weird” or not has in most cases nothing to do with you. A cat in a group of dogs looks weird by comparison. The same cat in a group of other cats looks perfectly normal. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

i’m just consistently baffled by the petty mean shit ppl on this site send on anon? every day? not like the normal “oh u don’t hate this woman i’m jealous of?? choke and die bitch” but just little hateful things like making fun of someone’s word choice or edits, or being a dick about things that were obviously unintentional.

like genuinely what the fuck is wrong with some of you?? not to go all rooney mara in the social network here but you‘re going to spend the rest of your lives thinking you’re miserable bc other ppl have it easy and shit isn’t fair to you and people don’t appreciate or treat you the way you deserve, but it’s really bc you’re just pathetic. and you can try to tear other people down to make yourselves feel better but it’s never going to work and you’re never going to feel better for more than the few minutes you feel that vicious little rush that comes from being an asshole to someone for no reason bc you have have to look at yourself and fix what’s wrong inside you first

anonymous asked:

From what I’ve read/seen, it kinda seems like Stephen, Emily, and David (especially Stephen) are all kinda Type A or at least somewhat detail-oriented people when it comes to Arrow at least, so it makes me wonder how they all really feel about the out of character writing of the last few episodes.

I don’t know what they think, but it would seem from some things said at recent cons and whatnot that there’s been some frustration. Which makes sense. The show has been servicing the plot before the characters. They’d have to not be paying attention or not care about the characters at all to not to be at least a little frustrated. 

But here’s the thing: this is a job for them. Which means they have bosses. Which means they are paid to do what their bosses want them to do. They can be frustrated all they want, they can give input on what they’d like to see all they want, but they’re still beholden to what those bosses want. It’s up to the bosses if they want to apply suggestions. The actors don’t control the show any more than the fans do. The powers that be can choose to listen and apply what the actors and the fans suggest… or they can ignore it and do what they want anyhow. 

I think we know what they’ve chosen to do, right?

The actors have more pull than the fans do, I believe, but they’re still just employees. They’re paid to act out what the writers put on paper. The writers put on paper what the powers (the showrunner, the network, the production company, etc) tell them to. The fans are the lowest rung on that totem pole, the actors exist above the fans. But there’s many many levels there. 

Not to say that the actors don’t have a course of action if they’re truly upset. They can choose not to sign new contracts. They can ask to be let out of existing contracts. They can buy out their contracts. The fans have a course of action too. They can choose not to watch. They can choose not to give buzz to things they don’t care for. They can choose to be positively proactive with those that ARE powers about what they want. 

End of the day, what I care most about is how I feel about the show. I don’t always agree with the actors, what they want to see, what they don’t want to see… Sometimes we agree and that’s nice but its not compulsory for me. I guess I’m just not seeing where it really matters what the actors think? Like… if they agree with me, that’s great. But if they don’t, who cares? I guess in that regard I’m not sure what you’re getting at with this ask. 

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Hey :) what are some of your fave cheesy or fun films with a mostly all black cast? I really want to watch something but I don’t wanna see no white people and I don’t wanna think too hard about the plot (lmao exams are over and my brain has shutdown). You make my day with your posts and I trust your taste completely. <3 thanks you

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No one talks about this scene from the ‘03 series even though it’s probably one of the best Royai scenes in existence

a vague timeline of what it’s like to be in the voltron fandom

  • a new season is released
  • you, and everyone on your dash, stay hyped about that season for like, three weeks
  • voltron stays somewhat present, releasing a few interviews here and there. everyone lives off of these for about two more weeks
  • then, silence
  • nothing
  • voltron has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. you check the official social media(s) for it but see no updates. everyday you log onto tumblr hoping for something, anything, but everyone is just as hopeless as you. ten of your mutuals deactivate because they got into discourse about whether or not lance’s hair is pretty. ten of your other mutuals turn into kpop blogs and say that they’ll never post voltron ever again. there’s hardly any voltron on your dash anymore. you start to feel lost. lost, and abandoned. abandoned by voltron. now that you think of it, is voltron even real? does it exist? have you really been blogging about a real, watched-by-people show? or is it some wild fever dream gone too far? the second option is beginning to seem more and more likely with each passing day. but if voltron isn’t real, are you? is life some cruel joke, made just to fuck with you? you’re crying. you don’t know what anything means anymore. you consider deleting your blog. you’re still crying as your hand hovers over the big red “delete blog” button that will finally, finally end it all. you can’t wait to be removed from this suffering. you close your eyes (the tears keep falling) and take a breath. you almost click.
  • all of a sudden, your eyes snap open. you feel…disturbance in the air.
  • you check your dash. your one surviving voltron mutual has reblogged something from vld-news. some…new voltron content. you can’t believe it.
  • a trailer for a new season is released
  • a new season is released
  • rinse and repeat

It is nice to think about
How do I want them to be
back in the earliest days
when I join th fandom.

[Posture reference] (Good shit right there)

(edit: Some mistakes was made so I re-post this again.)

Autism acceptance month, day 2

To celebrate autism acceptance month, I’m going to post something positive about autism every day through April.

Did you all know that actor and artist Sir Anthony Hopkins came out as autistic last year? 

Some people might think that being autistic would make you a worse actor because we struggle to understand facial expressions and change the tone of our voices. Those people would be wrong.

His autism is actually exactly what made Hopkins such a good actor. Because he often struggles to understand people and their mannerisms, Hopkins likes to closely observe the way other people interact and analyze everything about them- their facial expressions, their tone, their use of body language- in order to replicate them whenever he is forced into social situations. In a certain sense, Hopkins has been acting his whole life.

Hopkins’ detailed observations of the way people interact and emote wouldn’t be possible without his autism, and he translates all of that into his acting. Just watch this video about a scene from ‘Westworld’ as an example:

When asked if Hopkins thought his autism helped make him a better actor, he nodded and said;

 “I definitely look at people differently. I like to deconstruct, to pull a character apart, to work out what makes them tick and my view will not be the same as everyone else.”

Happy April to all autistic and neurodiverse people! I hope you all have a wonderful month.

(Day 2/30, follow #aprilautismpositivity for more)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: have you noticed that whenever people tell cheesy stories about going off the grid to find themselves, it always includes elements of feeling freedom from their appearance for the first time? not that they felt pretty or beautiful for the first time, but that for the first time, they didn't care at all? when I lived on a farm, I didn't care about how I looked. I washed my face and combed my hair, and nothing else mattered. nobody else cared either. we got along with each other, or we didn't, but we worked together to get our work done, and we ate well, and we explored the world, and we were mostly happy.
  • similarly, people joke that hiking or camping or roadtrips "lowers the bar" of what we consider attractive. that after two months on the appalachian trail, suddenly you find people attractive even with messy hair, and no makeup, and when they smell a little funky. and you feel good about yourself even though you have messy hair, and no makeup, and you smell kind of funky.
  • we like to laugh at this phenomenon as if we're all just a bunch of hippies forgetting what it's like to be and look "normal" for a while, but I think what's actually going on is very said because the truth is
  • we're just realizing that when we escape media for a few months, a few weeks, a few days, when we're not comparing ourselves to impossible images, when we're not told we have to have this body, this face-shape, this color skin, no acne, no scars, straight teeth, shaved armpits, a "good" smile, the "right" clothes, the "correct" gender presentation,
  • suddenly, we feel good about ourselves. The truth is, we're experiencing freedom from the pressures of what society deems "acceptable," "pretty," "attractive," for the first time, and we can then realize how fucked up our modern idea of beauty has become.
  • it messes me up.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! There was a march for trans pride in our city today organised by some wonderful people to raise awareness and visibility for the plight of trans people - unfortunately, I didn’t have the energy or the drive to join them and have spent the day in my pajamas cuddled up on the sofa with our cat; these photos are actually from the other week and are what I might have worn if I had gone. Being openly trans is to exist under constant scrutiny, publicly and privately, and expose yourself to some of the worst prejudice society can offer, and dealing with that day-in-day-out takes its toll on all of us. This trans day of visibility please take a moment to think about those of us who are not visible, today or everyday, and the reasons they might have for having to hide who they really are - and what small thing you might be able to do to help remedy that injustice in society 🌈💜🌈💙🌈


No, I lucked out. I am so grateful for this group of people because it is literally like a family. And I know people say that all the time, and it’s not true sometimes, but I think the biggest reason why this show touches people—for one thing, is the writing—but also we have such a good energy. That good energy translates through the screen, that chemistry. And we were just complete strangers. We had no idea who each other were and just right off the bat—especially the four of us, we were just these kids who were like, What the heck is going on? Ted Danson is asking us about our day?

I can’t believe this. I really can’t believe this. Some people have the nerve to threaten Josh Keaton and his family, just because of ships. What the actual heck?????



This is why I hate this fandom. All of these ship wars, the threats, the unnecessary cyber bullying, and the complete disrespect some of you have for the voice actors.

Do any of you remember not that long ago that a fab illegally uploaded a video of Jeremy Shada hinting at a major spoiler??? One that could’ve made him loose his job??? Do any of you remember when a photo (I forgot exactly what it was but I know it was something major to do with the show) was leaked and hundreds of people got there hands on it, and that one Klance shipper refused to delete it unless Klance was made canon when he was asked to delete the photo. Do any of you remember these things?? DO ANY OF YOU KNOW HOW SERIOUS THESE THINGS ARE?? PEOPLE COULD’VE LOST THEIR JOBS!!! THE CREATORS OF VOLTRON COULD’VE WENT THROUGH SOME SERIOUS LEGAL TROUBLE BECAUSE OF THIS!!

I never thought that this fandom could’ve been worse, but no, oh no, it did. When did it get worse? WHEN SOME OF YOU THREATENED INNOCENT CHILDREN BECAUSE OF SOME STUPID SHIP.

I can’t. I’m so mad.

I can’t believe some people in the fandom wonder why everyone hates them. THIS IS FLIP FLOPPIN WHY.


If any of you sent hate to not just Josh Keaton and his family, but anyone, just because of a ship, go ahead and unfollow me. You’re the reason why people hate the fandom, and why some people leave it.

S6 Give Me Bi Lance

(Written by your local bisexual.) 

  • For Lance, it starts with something about himself falling out of line with what he believed to be true before
  • When he spends too long trying to think about it, he ends up feeling a door he didn’t know he had locking firm. 
        • It’s the only door he keeps closed. 
  • But his brain…his brain, ADHD and messy, keeps returning to the door, running over that same part of him, like a plow trying to make crops grow.
    • It gets loudest inside his head when he hears the tail ends of a single name in passing conversation.
      • A name he hasn’t been able to say in a while now.
  • Lance takes to pacing the Castle at night, trying to clear his head.
    • Looking for what? 
      • Guidance, he decides. 
  • Lotor? Absolutely not. He doesn’t deserve the time of day. 
  • So Lance first debates going to Hunk, but he’s relied on his best friend for too much for too long. That’s what he tells himself.
  • He can’t go to Pidge. She’s so young; she’s probably only just starting to figure out where she stands in all this mess herself.
  • He thinks about going to Coran but again, Lance has no idea how Alteans treated people like him before….well, before. 
  • Allura…he almost does it, but it’s too much. He made it clear that he had a crush on her for a while. On top of not knowing what her reaction would be, he doesn’t want to make her feel like his feelings for her ever lacked genuineness. They didn’t. They were real.
  • And Keith? 
    • Well…
  •  Keith is out of the picture. Fghting with the BOM, hardly reaching out for contact. 
    • It’s left a hollow aching feeling in Lance’s chest. 
  • And Shiro…he has a bit of an issue with listening to what Lance says these days. 
  • It’s bitter in the space between them, as much as Lance tries to keep it warm.
  • Lance decides to keep it in behind the door, and walk the halls instead.
  • Every night, he’s alone while he strolls. 
    • He doesn’t walk for long.

  • Things with Shiro get worse. 
  • Lance’s lion goes from Red to Black.

  • Keith helps Lance pull Shiro out of the void, out and back into the open, and as they wake from it, when he looks over and into Keith’s eyes for the second time in his life with that strange softness…Lance thinks he hears a door opening.
    • But Keith doesn’t come back right away.
      •  Lance’s mind gets loud again. 
  •  A month after it happens, he decides to get food as he walks, and sees Shiro rummaging around in the fridge. Shiro, as he was before. 
      • “Why up so late, Shiro?”
        •  Shiro almost drops his bowl of goo. “Ah. Restlessness, I guess.” (It’s nightmares.)
          • “Can’t spell restless without stress,” Lance jokes. He braces for the reprimand.
  •  But Shiro…Shiro actually laughs. 
  • Lance laughs, too. 
  •  When Keith calls Shiro, he starts to ask questions.
    • At first it’s under the guise of asking about the whole team, but eventually it becomes mainly Lance that he’s clearly worried about. 
      • “Why do you ask?” Shiro questions his brother. 
      • Keith sighs. “Being Black Paladin…it’s hard. And there was just something he told me a while before I left…”
      • “Which time?” 
        • Keith doesn’t give an answer. 
  • The next mission they go on, Keith and Krolia and the BOM join them. Lance leads, and they win.
  • During the festivities, Lance hangs off to the side looking uncomfortable in his formal wear and lost in thought.
    • (It gets worse after Keith comes to Lance to say goodbye until next time.)
  • His hands linger on Lance’s shoulders for a moment longer than one might think to be normal, as if trying to feel him alive under him before he pulls away.
    • After that, Lance looks like he’s going to cry. Like he wants Keith to stay more than anything.
  • That’s when the young alien man approaches him. Shiro spotted him a while ago, working up the courage to do something with the help of some of his friends. 
  • He seems confident, offers Lance a drink, but his face falls when Lance downs it without asking what it is. 
  • The alien looks at Lance warily and offers him only one more after that, visibly worried at how Lance drinks something so strong so quickly. 
    • He touches Lance’s shoulder, to try to ask him if he’s alright.
      • Shiro watches as Lance reacts like he’s been burned.
  • A full week goes by. Keith calls him. “How’s Lance?” he asks. 
  • Shiro gives him an honest answer without saying too much. 
    • He doesn’t miss the way Keith’s jaw tightens before he signs off. 
  • A full week goes by after that before Lance returns to the kitchen on his walks.
  • Shiro gets him food without asking, having memorized what Lance eats for comfort when he eats for comfort at all. He usually does it at night, when his space Adderall wears off, which is why Shiro knows.
    • Lance thanks him weakly, but doesn’t eat it right away. He looks terrible. 
      • A long long silence stretches between them.
  • “Can I ask you something?”
  • “Of course.”
  • Lance feels like he’s burning alive from the heat of the tears behind his eyes. He hates that when he speaks, his voice breaks, and he hates that he’s being this way in front of Shiro, his…his friend he’s just secured, the one who needs to know that Lance isn’t going to fail as Black Paladin.
      • But he speaks anyways. The pain he feels is that much greater.
  • For Lance, it goes like this: “I think I’m realizing something about myself, and I don’t know what to do.”
    • “What do you think you’re realizing?”
  • ( Lance looks at where he’s picked the skin around his hands raw and feels his heart go heavy when he speaks the truth.)
      •  “I’m pretty sure I’m bi.”
  •  There’s a pause in which Lance feels like he wants to disappear forever.
      • But Shiro…Shiro smiles softly.
              • “That makes two of us.”
  • Lance grins, and bursts into tears.
  • Shiro hugs Lance for about 5 minutes before falling into casual stories about people they’ve liked.
    • Lance doesn’t mention Keith’s name.
      • (He doesn’t have to.)
  • On the next mission Lance leads, he finds a herb on the planet Hafov that can transform nightmares into peaceful dreams. 
    • He gives a sack of it to Shiro with permission from the leaders of the province it grows within. 
      • Shiro starts to sleep through the night again, and for that, Lance doesn’t mind that his walks return to featuring just him.
  • The next time Keith calls, he asks Shiro about Lance again, right as the conversation is about to end. “Did you…figure out what was bothering him?”
  • “Yeah,” Shiro offers, reclining on the couch, something like coffee in his hand. “What about you? Have you talked to Krolia?” (He doesn’t call her Keith’s mother. Not yet.)
  • Keith smiles. “Yeah, it’s all good. Plans are all in order.”
    • “Glad to hear it! Everyone else is going to be, too.”
      • “Thanks, Shiro.”
        • “Especially Lance -”
          • “SHIRO!”
  • The next time Lance goes to the kitchen, he comes on his own volition at 3:00 am. 
  • He doesn’t expect to see anyone there. Shiro’s been resting well for a while now, and Pidge has started sleeping normally under pressure from Matt.
  • He doesn’t expect Keith Kogane rummaging for food in the kitchen, on the castle, still in his BOM suit, hair tied back, a purple mark and smile on his face.  
    • Lance’s heart beats so hard he shouts at the pain. 
      • Keith laughs, and offers him a bowl of goo. It’s the same stuff they’ve always had, but Lance’s hands shake when he takes it.
        • “So,” Keith asks, “you come here often?” 
              • Lance does. 
We’re actual idiots for messing this up,” he said, taking another drag on his cigarette. The ghost of a smile lingered on his lips, but it didn’t reach his eyes. They remained cold and distant, focused on a point above the girl’s head. There was a time when he could have watched her forever, when every second he did not stare at her felt like wasted time. But right now the only thing looking at her did was cause him pain. It had been too long since he’d thought things between them would ever change. “We really are,” she agreed, pulling the sleeves of her coat over her hands to protect them from the cold. “Do you believe in timing? In bad timing? In meeting a person at the wrong time?” He did turn to look at her then, and regretted it the instant he took in her face. There was so much hope in her eyes, so much unwavering faith that he seemed completely unable to shatter, no matter how many times they had failed to make things between them work. “I guess, but it’d be too easy to blame it on timing.” He took one more drag, then stubbed the cigarette out on the ground. His mouth already tasted of ash as it was. She crinkled her nose when he blew the remnants of smoke out through his mouth, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care. Not now that she was beginning to dig up excuses for their unability to meet the other one halfway. For some reason they had been running in circles for almost a year now, always missing each other, never admitting how they felt when they both felt the same way. What was so difficult about want and need when the feeling was returned? Why were they always running away from each other when things got serious? It was as much his fault as it was hers, but all good things came to an end and the time of running was over. Now there was only confrontation and a solution, but no more made up excuses for them. He couldn’t take one more day of uncertainty. “Yes, it would be too easy,” she said, taking a step toward him, “and I don’t think timing is important if two people are meant to be together.“ She rolled up her sleeves and took his hands in hers, sending a wave of warmth down his back. “Truth is we’re scared. Yes,” she added with a laugh, “not just me. You’re just as scared. You don’t want to get hurt and I understand. But we’ve been living in the past for so long. Turning over reasons why we didn’t end up together when we could have spent last year working on making more time for each other.” Her thumb brushed over his palm as she came closer still, so close he could count the freckles on her nose. “We don’t meet the right people at the wrong time. We should let the past slide and stop caring about good or bad and right or wrong. If you meet the right person, you make time for them. You fight for them to stay in your life. I didn’t fight. I took you and the feelings you had for me for granted. And from now on I am going to fight. I am going to do anything to keep you right where you are - at my side, whether or not you think our timing was right or wrong.
—  an excerpt on timing / n.j.

Today’s cup of cider:

You can’t be neutral about “ace discourse” because aphobia is not some outlier set of bigoted beliefs that is somehow separate from other bigoted beliefs like homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, sexism, racism, etc.

“I’m neutral about ace discourse/aphobes” is not anymore an acceptable statement than “I’m neutral about misogynists” or “I’m neutral about racists” or any other similar statement. You cannot be neutral about bigotry against a group of people—you either don’t give a shit about the bigotry they face, you think they deserve it, or you think they don’t. There is no “neutral” ground on this issue because “neutrality” about bigotry only serves to help the bigots.

This does not mean you have to involve yourself in ace discourse. You don’t have to create a discourse blog or talk about it and argue with people all day every day about it.

But it costs you literally $0 when you’re asked what your stance is to say, “I think a-specs belong in the community and that the treatment they receive on tumblr is disgusting and unacceptable, aphobia is unacceptable”.

It costs you $0 to not follow/reblog from known aphobes.

It costs you $0 to not reblog posts making fun of a-specs.

It costs you nothing at all to not support aphobes and to not give silent approval to their behavior.

Does it ever really go away? That feeling? You know which one I’m talking about. How many times a day do you look back? Why can’t you stop looking back? Do you still think about them? What made your heart go cold? How many years has it been since someone saw the light in your eyes? Do you ever think about that? Who damaged you so bad that you can’t let anyone in anymore? Do you still think about them too? How often does your heart ache? Tell me, what caused that emptiness that you can’t seem to get out. Do you even want to get it out? Tell me why you don’t feel like yourself without your sadness. Where do your memories go? The ones you’ve forgotten. Do you appreciate people enough? One day they’ll be gone. When was the last time you felt genuine love?

Do you ever think about how, despite being a victim of abuse and bullying, ryuji’s still a nice kid who’s polite to others and cares about his friends and his mom a lot?? It hurts so much to see atlus basically be like “lol fuck abuse victims” and turn him into the laughingstock that gets beat up for the sake of “comedy”. Lemme just re-emphasize the fact that he was physically abused by both his father and kamoshida, yet apparently it’s supposed to be funny that he gets beat up all the time?? (*cough* post-shido palace *cough*) like yeah ok lmao

Both him and the rest of the phantom thieves hold the same amount of anger towards shitty adults, but because he’s the most vocal about it he’s just interpreted as this angry kid with unjustifiable anger (by both the fandom and in canon), not to mention he’s never really fit in anywhere - being a delinquent and all - until he was part of the phantom thieves, yet even they constantly mock and insult him (mostly morgana) and like, you can argue all you want that he’s the same to morgana, but morgana literally started the whole “insulting ryuji” thing, and considering ryuji’s past abuse, it makes sense he’d retaliate especially if he feels he has the power in the situation.

You could also assume that his past abuse could explain his explosive behavior and his constant need for attention (wanting to tell people he’s a phantom thief n stuff) which, if it were actually supposed to be like that, makes him feel like a much more realistic character in terms of being an abuse victim, but that just makes me wonder what the hell they were thinking at the point when they were writing his character and decided to turn his abuse into a joke?? Ugh

Yet of course in-game everyone constantly shows sympathy towards morgana but with ryuji what do we get? Constant verbal and physical abuse, him getting sexually assulted (also by INCREDIBLY homophobic depictions of gay men, nice going atlus) but yeah im not sure exactly where i was going with this but my point is im incredibly disappointed with how atlus and the fandom both treat ryuji and that ryuji is an incredibly underappreciated character, i really wish people would look into his character for just a minute and realize he isn’t as bad as they think

Anyway, thank you for coming to my ted talk


something I noticed in season 2 of ODAAT, which is something I see in a lot of mainstream immigrant narratives, was this sense that they turned up the dial on all the standard American patriotism beats. I mean there were moments in the first season and the second where we had critical discussions of some government policies but it felt like there was this unspoken line that couldn’t be crossed. and it was almost as if they had to make up for that by constantly asserting ‘but don’t get it wrong we love America!!!’. it’s like if you want to tell an immigrant in America narrative, be it first second or third generation you also have to constantly prove yourself worthy of even being in America with standard gestures of patriotism. and seeing it in shows like ODAAT is really something because it reminds me of all the times I’ve seen the same kind of stuff in my own family. like this ‘don’t complain or criticize too much cuz remember you’re lucky to be here’ kind of mentality that my family has come to self enforce and that i feel like I see pop up with Lydia and Penelope  

hi this is @kathryntheshippertrash and i really want to say something

Older people don’t know how much gen z notices shit. Like we aren’t just looking at memes or taking selfies, like we are know all the shit that’s happening in the world. The day after the Florida shooting, I could tell that my classmates were affected by it. This one kid who’s like the class clown kept on asking our teacher, “Hey, Mrs. G what would happen if a gunman came into our class right now haha where would he hide?” and even though he was laughing I cold tell that he was scared. We all were. Through the hallways I could her the kids go “What if…”, "What if…“, "What if…”.

Even when I was little I used to think about these things a lot. Sometimes I would ignore it and pretend it never happened but I just couldn’t. And i still can’t.

I keep on thinking about those kids in the shooting. Like they were real people who thought that day was going to be like every other day, and they didn’t even get to go home that night. I saw on of their snapchat recordings (and keep in mind that I had headphones on) on a news article and when I played it, it felt like I was in the room with them. The gunshots were so loud. You can hear a girl loudly shriek and immediately stop…because she just lost her life.

The adults who are trying to silence the teens who were greatly affected by it because of “muh guns” need to shut the fuck up. 

I really don’t care what happens to our gun laws. Something just needs to fucking change.