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↳ day 6: animals

While Jace is out of town for the week, Simon stumbles upon a beautiful kitten at a local shelter. Completely mesmerized with her, he comes back day after day to look at her, to hold her, to imagine what it would be like to adopt her. In true Simon Lewis Fashion™, he spends the week seeking reassurance from his friends and family, this time via FaceTime. Whether he’s begging them to talk him out of it or to convince him to go through with it, he’s not sure. 

In the end, he adopts the tiny kitten and Jace falls in love with her even quicker than Simon did, which seems impossible but somehow isn’t.

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During the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry found himself in front of an army of Death Eaters looking Lord Voldemort in the face with nothing but righteous anger and a determination to end the war.  No wand, no Muggle weapons.  His friends, teachers, his makeshift family stood behind him ready to follow him into this fight.  Harry knew he was the face of this fight.  Harry was The Boy Who Lived and the people who believed in him would follow him into the open arms of death if it meant the war could end right there.  

What no one thought about, what no one realized, was at that very moment Harry needed help.  No one knew Narcissa had taken his wand, Draco’s wand, off him in the Forbidden Forest.  No one came to save him; they were waiting to be saved by him.  As Harry’s courage faltered he heard his name.  He tore his eyes from Voldemort’s murderous gaze to see Draco Malfoy run past the Dark Lord.  Malfoy ran straight to Harry, thrust a wand into his empty hand.  Someone had come to Harry’s rescue.  This was enough.  This was all Harry needed.

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Ive been dating my best friend for the past 4 months and I literally could not be happier and it's all because of you and Rose. thank you for showing me what genuine love looks like. thank you for being you ❤

Aww shucks thanks so much! But don’t let Rose and I take the credit for you finding and having a great relationship, you did that by yourself! xxx

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i mean even if this eleanor thing is meant to be the end of babygate, he's going to look even more stupid cause for ONE YEAR nobody around him nor himself thought about taking a dna test to be sure this son is his. his friends, his FAMILY, not even his band members I don't know, not even his own girlfriend of the time... it had to be Wonder Eleanor arriving from the past to guide him and inspire him like no matter what they do with this, louis is going to look like a fool and she'll be the Angel


Disposable part 6

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Yoongi had been a royal pain in your ass the entire flight, you could only imagine what the next two weeks were going to be like. You exited the plain hand-in-hand; Namjoon and Jungkook were picking you up from the airport, and you wanted to look as couple-like as possible.

You saw the sign before you saw your brothers, it was big and bright, with your name and Yoongi’s drawn in bubbly print. Random stickers were all over it as well, and you were pretty sure you even saw a postage stamp. Namjoon was waving the monstrosity excitedly as Jungkook pretended not to know him.

“Can you believe he’s turning thirty five?” You laughed. You were still a good ways away from them, and well out of earshot.

“I work with the guy, remember?” Yoongi said, turning to you. He leaned in and kissed you lightly on the cheek. “Sometimes I can’t believe he’s so young, sometimes I can’t believe he’s so old. Namjoon’s an anomaly.”

You knew the kiss was just in case Namjoon and Jungkook had spotted you, but it still made your heart flutter. Yoongi turned away abruptly, tugging you along with him as he approached the sign with your names on it.

As you got closer, you realized that the stickers were in a line through half of it. “Nice sign.” You said, and Namjoon grinned as he pulled you into a hug.

“It was nice before Namjoon broke it.” Jungkook complained. Looking closer you realized that the stickers were acting as tape, holding the two pieces of the sign together.

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I'm so stupid I was in my Spanish class and Sir asked me what my house was (we were supposed to be describing our hometown and shit) but I instantly replied with Slytherin and my teacher and class just looked at me with disappointment


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I find it extremely amusing that Chris, the man who literally leaks sex appeal and probably is the most likely to be called a Dom Juan/heartbreaker by the media with more or less good reasons is actually the one responsible adult in your fic. He isn't supposed to be at that end of the specter but he knows what is happening is fucked up! Like, Yuuri must look like what media try so hard to portray him but he is so much better than that and he can't stand seeing Victor in pain.

Chris is completely A ok with casual sex and open relationships but he’s also responsible and knows exactly what a healthy version of this looks like and he can see that Viktor and Yuuri are very much not it. Chris is like the cool mom friend, he’ll give you condoms and tell you to hoe it up and have a good time but he’ll also sit you down and tell you exactly when that shit is getting fucked up and even though, like Phichit, he acknowledges that they are both adults who can make their own choices and that it’s not his place to interfere he will also protect Viktor at all costs

remember around 2014, maaybe early 2015 when ppl had that way of complimenting people’s selfies like “you look so etherial bud!” “you are quite literally cosmic stardust pal!” “I am floored by your sparkling aura today, friend!” and like in their own selfie captions too “simple forest fairy throws on some makeup” “eternal space royalty in math class” 

and like…. half of the people who talked this way were normal kids just minding their own business being cute and positive, but the other half were literally insufferable and the kind of people who, as 20 something year old adults, couldn’t take any sort of criticism without cry typing and threatening to delete until their followers all came and threw glitter on them and said “please don’t hurt our gentle soft fren”. there was no in between. 

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Klance Au time: Galra Lance hiding in disguise on earth joining the rescue mission to save shiro. Keeps his heritage under wraps until Keith's big Half Galra reveal then as soon as it looks like Keith's going to get shit for being half what Lance is he drops the disguise and just "Hey look at me I've been full galra this whole time!" and sweeps all Keith's heat onto himself and just takes it because Keith just found out its not his fault but Lance has been keeping secrets and that's SuperNot(cnt

Ok and Allura is uncomfortable with Half Galra Keith but Lance being Full Galra and lying about it is just enough to push her into Seething Rage territory and Lance just weathers it because as far as he’s concerned that’s what you do for friends. Ok he might have just a touch of a crush on Keith but whatever. Meanwhile Keith’s just really confuswd and takes Lance aside later after a while of standing through Allura either snapping at Lance or straight up ignoring Lance all together (cnt)

And like “why are you doing this you could have gone forever without being caught” “yeah but you didn’t deserve to get yelled at. I’m the one who’s a mistake.” and Keith just “?? But ur not? Wat” cue deep feelings talk and shared backstories and Keith standing up for Lance and sleep overs and drowsy “we make a good team*giggle*” after a battle when they’re heading back for a rest up and Keith just stares and “u little shit u remember and 😮😠!!”



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Summer Friends (Version 2.0)
Title: Summer Friends
Pairing: Joshua Dun/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Dirty talk, blow jobs, unprotected sex, mouthy Josh, etc. The fun stuff. 

A/N: BEFORE I GO ANY FURTHER, READ THIS ENTIRE FIC AGAIN IF YOU READ IT THIS MORNING/LAST NIGHT. I CHANGED SHIT ALL OVER THE GODDAMN PLACE.I have a feeling you guys might like this little revamp. Let me know what you think.-Laura

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“We live in a society because we need each other. People need people. It can be tiring to deal with others; especially the ones you disagree with. Those who think differently from you. Whether it’s someone from another culture, or a girl who’s a lame Facebook friend from elementary school. In a peaceful society with equal rights, we have to manage to listen to, and try to understand one another. Perhaps it’s easier to understand if we focus on what we have in common rather than the differences. Look for what we agree with, instead of what we disagree with. Maybe, if we see the worst in others, it is exactly that what they’ll show us.”

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i'm looking for this fic and it's a soulmate au but they're both aro so they end up being best friends instead of dating and i think phil's a new student and he asks for like a pencil or smth and then what he said becomes a tattoo on dan's wrist

Broken - When your soulmate speaks to you for the first time, the words they have said become a tattoo on your wrist. Dan worries that he’ll never find his soulmate, or maybe he doesn’t even have one, because he doesn’t want a romantic relationship at all. After a talk with his mother, Dan finds out that he’s aromantic and that not all soulmates necessarily have to be someone you’re dating.

- Emily


While INTJs are often infamous when it comes to many relationship matters, I’ve often seen them credited for how strong their friendship can be. Along with ISTJs, as ITJs, they tend to fit the description of what people usually would look for in a friend (to stick around and count on through all or most adversities). Not limited to these types, of course, but you probably know what I mean in regards to that description: steady and/or committed companions that won’t care about what other people think if they know you and it’s you they care about. So, while these may not apply to all INTJs, if you’re trying to befriend an INTJ, keep them as a friend, or simply see how your friendship is doing, here are a few points to consider.

• Shallowness and superficiality with no substance. This is why many of them commit social suicide. And small talk, when not relieving, may be torturous, but it can be endured for some time if they’re still able to delve more deeply into what’s of significance to them. But gossip? Is it really necessary? Even when it’s juicy to them it can leave a disgusting aftertaste. Unmasking deceit? Great, if the means and ends to it can be justified. Getting to know people well? Fine, if they’d like to share about themselves. Nitpicking and speculating about shallow and superficial matters for the sake of amusement or a sense of superiority? Not so fine, if at all.

• Not letting them be themselves. A lot of them can be huge nerds, geeks or even dorks, if not just a little quirky. If they’re being serious all the time, something is probably wrong (perhaps very wrong) with you, with your relationship and/or with something else. Then again, they also tend to have deadpan humor and it can be hard to tell whether they’re being serious or are having an inside joke… with themselves.

• Treating them as a project or a charity cause. Who enjoys being pitied? Not any INTJ I know. Some of the more immature ones may be completely against accepting any kind of help even when they need it, while more mature ones may be open to it and deeply appreciate it. But if all they are to you is something to prove yourself (and/or others) that you’re a competent and compassionate person, that’s what they’ll see (and possibly keep in mind) once they realize and confirm it. Besides, maybe it’s not helpful at all.

• Talking badly about them behind their back instead of telling them directly. Anyone can be infuriating enough to cause one to want or need to express negative views or opinions of, fairly or not, and INTJs are definitely no exception. But if this becomes a habit, you two will be little more than only bad news. Try chilling or finding someone you can confide in, and then see if there’s still something you need to confront the INTJ about.

• Never discussing your issues and/or lacking healthy boundaries. It’s not always an appropriate time, but it shouldn’t be put off forever - especially if it’s negatively affecting your relations. As for boundaries, they may be necessary whether we like it or not. There simply are things the INTJ can’t join you in or allow you into (without unmanageable amounts of suffering and/or damage). It might not be a case of holding you at arms’ length out of arrogance or indifference.

• Unreasonably and insensitively diminishing or arguing against what they personally value. They may be up for reality checks and debates much of the time, but if you actively insult what they closely hold dear, you’ll likely see a side of them you won’t like. If it’s well-meaning and approached gently, or, better yet, with their permission, they might be more receptive to your point of view. And if it’s more informed and coherent than theirs, they’ll eventually (directly or indirectly) thank you for it.

• Not taking responsibility for your actions (or lack thereof), being in denial and/or blaming it all on them. They may not be completely honest with themselves but still see through people to some extent. They may not always be fair in their judgments but might be cool-headed enough to make some valid points. If neither party is responsible enough for their part, and, worse, project their failings onto others, things will, sooner or later, inevitably fall apart.

• They cannot trust you. Maybe they have trust issues, maybe you don’t seem trustworthy, maybe you haven’t earned their trust, or maybe it was lost along the way and hasn’t or can’t be recovered. Trust is often essential and fundamental to what they can call a friendship. They may be sensible enough to know not to trust others beyond their capabilities and still be able to trust them on certain matters. But if they cannot let their guard down at all with you due to carelessness on your part, they’re probably better considering you an acquaintance, if not less.

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But why are you so pressed about the harry+kendall pic. It was in Nov 2016, a party we knew he attended. That pic is too far from intimate. His hands are folded and is not touching her at all and he looks uninterested. Like why are you freaking out so much? And why do you think hendall needs to be brought back bcz i don't think it that they want hendall back. Both the people made it clear that they are just friends and gays and nothing more.

‘both people made it clear’ lmao were you here since december 2013??? just because it’s known harry is gay it doesn’t mean they made it clear anon, they have been playing with this stunt to mostly get promo to her when she needs it for the past year every 3 months, shall i remind you what kind of pics they staged last year pretending to be pics harry’s mum had on her phone to make it look like they were so intimate and she is part of the family?? the kisses and the lap pictures and everythig from that week that kept coming out for ages only when they needed promo???? the press is on top of it like they are back together every time they are given new material, there were articles about Kendall not being over Harry and wanting him back last week no matter who else she’s stunting with at the moment, the material about this is given on purpose depending on how much promo they need so no anon, it’s not ‘clear’ and despite what you think about this, the stunt is played for the public to imply things which are not ‘harry is so gay omg kendall is so gay omg best iconic gay friends!!!1111111’. One thing is the reaction of this fandom and another thng is what they want to do with these pictures for the bigger public who thinks Harry fucks her every three months just because she’s a kardashian and this is harry’s kind of people he hangs out with. Anyway I was commenting the timing of everything once again and not the picture itself, the picture is nothing thats why i said no matter how little the effort is, but they still did it so people will talk about it for days just in time for Kendall to appear at LFW and maybe Harry too since they brought the topic back and it happens while louis is probably back to stunt with eleanor and god knows what else and so on for a new wave of bullshit. You need to understand how this works and not mix your fan feelings with stunts. You can think whatever you want it doesn’t mean its what they want you to think.

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[2/3] Anti isn't actually strong enough to take over Jack, unless it's during really high times of stress or negative feelings... and The reason why Anti has been showing up so frequently, is jack is scared that Anti might 'trigger' bad things to happen to him [such as dark showing up, or accidentally hurting his friends, and so on] and so he's being trying to 'push him down' more than usual and sort of hide him from everyone else. This upsets Anti, and is what's making him so 'aggressive' now.

[3/3] but in reality, it’s not that Anti is inherently violent[though let’s face it, he enjoys it, but most likely more in theory than practice]and he just wants attention. As seen in some of the Anti gifs where he looks sad, I’d say it’s a pretty sound theory that he just wants to be loved as much as jack, and uses his creepiness and plays up all of his bad traits in order to get the whole evil thing going on, and not to mention, he sort of is genuinely ‘tantalizingly problematic’

(ok first and foremost fyi we didn’t seem to receive a [1/3], i’m so sorry!)

this theory is excellent tho omg

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Sleepover! OMG you like Draco! can you do a little headcanon for him please? ~ily~


  • Secretly a smol and soft bean like harry but they went in different directions
  • Both grew up under an overbearing and oppressed household
  • Both felt they would not own up to their “legacy”
  • He felt he had to be something he wasn’t
  • HATES being compared to his father
  • Loves his close friends because they look up to him and don’t kiss his ass all of the time
  • Frequently looks back on his bullying in his childhood days and regrets it
  • Cares for his family more than anything in his life
  • Would die for his wife and children
  • Makes sure he never verbally abuses and scolds his children like his father did to him
  • Does use his family name and wealth, but not for anything but the benefit of his family and children
  • Is a snoop with his children
  • He wants to know what is going on in their lives
  • Will look through their room and visit Hogwarts often “for business” but really he is just checking up on them
  • Has a lot of nightmares
  • Although he has tried his best to make amends for the past, he still remains a loner
  • He only sticks his neck out for his children, and does his best to communicate with other people in a way that does not sound privileged, undermining or rude, but it is hard if he is passionate still lol