what to heck is this even

No, I will find him! Shiro is the only person who didn’t give up on me… I won’t give up on him.

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oh my goodness your art is so pretty! I am new for tumblr and i really like art undertale. I love your art and i haven been looking for good accounts to follow too for art ! Do you hav anyone i should follow ? Thankyou :D (Sorry for my English is bad)

first of all, thank you so much my dude! 



@heavenfell-au (who makes you cry in agony because a r t)

@lethalroar (heck i cried seeing their art) 

@weirdhusk-y (what is lineart and coloring) 

@jaquesart (HALLELUJAH)

@ayahne (amazing realistic ut art and hEC K I LO VE)

@doodleinks (amazing cute watercolors)

@kiacii (just fucking wow)

@tatsublood (she makes me cry, in a good way)

@superyoumna (her animations are just BLBLBLLBLBLBL)

@ti–ti (i cant even please save my life their art is also BLLBLBBLLBL) 

@kamiiireru (their frans is a d o ra b l e)

i have a whOLE LOT OF MORE ON THE LIST but i cant name all of them since theres too much xD


Okay but why are people debating whether or not the person for “another story” is V. I mean WHO THE HECK ELSE IS IT GONNA BE??!! Who the heck else in this game wears their hear tucked back on one side and the other kinda messy??? V!!! Who usually has a picture frame behind them during visual novels (sry idk if its v’s house but)???!!! V?!!!!! And lastly why in the world would cheritz decide to add a new character. What purpose would they even serve to the story in the first place????? Also to those wondering whether its going to be an ACTUAL route, if it were just going to be about V’s past and how he and rika fell in love dont you think they would have made a dlc about instead??? Why bother to put “another story” in the mode selection if all ur going to do is VIEW a story rather than play thorough it. Also we dont need anything explaining V’s past with rika. We already have that in the secret endings. And NO i DONT think you will play as rika (and if we do imma have a srs talk w/cheritz). It would defeat the purpose of what is an otome game and having u as the MC. I will be FURIOUS if our goal is to get V and Rika back together!!! However, i dont think that will be the case, and i’ll explain in a different post how and why i think a v route could work.

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Im not gonna pretend you've always been great to your fans, because we both know 2015 was a mess, but I dont see evidence that youve been manipulative of them at all, especially as of late. In fact, I think since the release of the Housewife Radio remaster (when I joined the fandom), you've been pretty awesome to your fanbase. [thumbs up emoji] I think the assumption that you're manipulative might come from misconceptions about why you ended Communications, though, to give my input on the issue.

OHHH YEAH 2015 WAS OOOOOG i can’t remember half of it tbh so i don’t even remember what all i did or how i acted but from what i do remember it Wasn’t Pretty and like yeah my fans were Not Acting Pretty Either but i still could’ve handled it better

(also heck this is the “maybe ppl are calling you manipulative b/c of smthn communications-song” ask i was thinking of LMAO) i mean it’s possible?????????? shrugs……………………. it’s so confusing b/c i get so many ppl saying i’ve never done anything manipulative within validly recent consideration, yet these other ppl who are Clearly upset yet don’t?? come to me about it??????? uhhhhhh

200+ followers!!

dudes this is like amazing what the heck ?? i didnt really expect for more than a hundred?? but here u guys are !!
id like to apologize rq though, i have started sketching out some answers but my lazy ass hasnt finished anything, not even a little doodle for the 200 mark. !! which kinda sucks wow im mad at myself
but uhh in conclusion !! thank you ?? so much ?? im blessed oh heck ..

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what do you think about cryaotic?

i was introduced to cry through a middle school friend who was obsessed with his voice. i decided “what the heck” and looked him up. my first playthrough was the cat lady, and holy shit did i fall in love with his slow, careful decision-making and humor?? i found pewdiepie and markiplier through him. i discovered jacksepticeye because of him. cry was my gateway into gaming youtube, and even though i haven’t watched him in a long time he will always have a very, very special place in my heart.

tldnr; he’s p cool

Hey, just a boost for @lorelei-of-the-rhein , another absolutely lovely free spirit shop to meet spirit friends through!

They are excellent and thorough in their vetting process, and experienced in what they do, and all the mods and intern are all wonderful people who thoroughly love what they do, and they deserve the love!

They even have a Discord to talk to the spirits who are up, and have a wonderful community whether it’s casual talk, or you’re looking for a bit of guidance or help, and all in all, they’re great, so check them out. They also had a classroom too to help teach, like heck, they’re A+++.

Seriously, go check them out if you haven’t, and again give @lorelei-of-the-rhein, their mods, and their spirits some love!!!

-Mod Spark

What is happening to me?

I’m trying to write, y’know, intimate times between Belle and Rumple, and, erm, well the pot ain’t boiling. The pot is not even close to simmering. Gosh, darn it all, why can’t I get these two sweeties to be very friendly?

Wait? Did I just say Gosh and Darn It?

What the fluffing heck?

Oh sugar!  My swearing ability has vanished along with my writing grown-ups-who-love-each-other-very-much ability.

Oh tartar sauce!


ask and I shall answer — this is Yuuei’s unicorn daughter now ♫


you know when you remember that old otp of yours and you suddenly get a bunch of feels and it ruins your life?
well it’s kinda one of those days so take this as i go cry under my bed for two hours

Do you ever think about the height difference between yourself and a fictional character and what it would look like if you stood next to them

BNHA Headcanons

Just some head canons I have


- Don’t challenge him to any video game. He will. Destroy. You. Does not matter if you’re his best friend. You’re going down, and he’ll smile the entire time.

- Animals?? Love him?? Koda low-key gets excited.

- Pretty good artist. He doesn’t do it a lot, but it’s one thing him and Bakouga have in common. Not that either know. (Thats a lie. Katsuki has seen him draw, but doesn’t comment. He’s a little impressed tbh.)

- As they get older, and he gets more stable with his quirk he just. Picks people up. Randomly. Todoroki in his way? Dat boi in the air and set down before he can blink. Iida ranting too early in the morning? Tossed over the shoulder and thrown on the couch with a very drawn out “shhhhhh”. Shoji cries the first time Izuku does it to him cuz he thought nobody could pick him up anymore. Piggy back rides are a regular thing by third year. Even Momo gets in on it. (They’re all low-key attracted by it, but no one saying shit.)


- Good artist. doodles mostly and doesn’t talk about it. 

- very big dog person. Cats are okay- he’d own one, yeah, but dogs are where its at. When he gets one later in life, people are shook by how well trained and affectionate the pupper is. 

- Tone deaf. No one takes him to karaoke after the incident.

- He likes?? Kids?? No one was expecting this when they went on a field trip to the elementary school. Kirishima kinda thinks its cuz he regrets what he did to Izuku, and is sorta trying to make up for it. 

- When no one is around, he listens to really soft music.


- By third year he is known as The Prankster. He’s gotten too comfortable. Everyone fears the 1st of April. Even Bakouga locks himself in his dorm. (The only ones safe are Izuku and Momo- but they help him in secret.)

- The sass master by second year. “Did you run all the way here?” “No, just briskly walking throws me into cardiac arrest.”

- Really likes small animals. Hamsters? Heck ye. Chinchilla? STOP HIS HEART WILL BURST. (But hes also scared he’ll accidentally hurt them. Sweet boi.)

- Ride or die friend. Will drive at two in the morning to wherever they hell u managed to land yourself at. Probably would help you hide a body too.

- This boy can’t figure out video games to save his life. Prefers chess and crosswords. (But will try to play for Izuku.)

- Surprisingly, he’s that one person always taking pictures. His phone is loaded with selfies of him and and his friends. The only physical evidence that he smiles. He carries a selfie stick around and no one lets him forget it (but he doesn’t understand why its so funny?? he likes taking selfies with his friends. :( )


- Unhealthy obsession with flower crowns. He has like 10 at his dorm that he wears around when they aren’t training. (He made them himself.)

- Rly good at comforting. best hugs. Well, after Shoji. Good listener. 11/10 would have as best friend. 

- Really likes fictional books. Especially action filled ones. Bakugou was v surprised when he was laying on his friend’s floor and looked under the bed to find. like. fifty books. They all have rlly colorful covers and outrageous plots, but Kiri will defend them to the ends of the earth.

- fav pass time is to just.. walk. Where is he? probs just walking around the school grounds. Has accidentally stayed out after curfew. Got an earful from Aizawa. 


- Makes some bomb ass tea. However, he prefers coffee or cocoa. Midnight regularly makes him brew the staff tea tho.

- Regularly daydreams about being a cat

- His apartment has one (1) picture hanging on the wall. Its of his cat. Mic gave it to him one year as a joke. The blond still cries a little whenever he sees it.

- he writes down and saves weird things his students say. He has enough material to make roughly 3 books filled with quotes. He’s planning to publish them when he retires.


- Regularly gets attacked by birds. No. Really. It’s an actual problem. Birds are assholes.

- Both of his parents have regular human heads. His birth was very odd. And his dad couldn’t exactly accuse his mom of cheating, ya know? That would just raise so many strange questions.

- He’s not much of an animal person. The irony is not lost to him.

- Prefers hand-held games. He also joins Todo for chess usually. They are pretty evenly matched.

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