what to hang over my bed

But do you understand what I mean when I say you look like art? That you’re the frame hanging above my bed, the last thing I see before I close my eyes. That you’re all of my favourite colours, like a personalised rainbow after rain- stretched across white walls. You’re the dimensions of my heart, the pondering of my mind, the faith in my soul, the captivity of my liberation. I have read you countless times, and I read you over and over again, like underlined sentences highlighted in my memory. When I say you look like art, I mean you’re a complete enigma to me, but all of you makes me stop dead in my tracks and I can’t look away because something in you understands something in me, it always has.
—  Eliot Knight
Stealing Sweaters

If I didn’t have twelve hundred ideas for longer fics already this would be one. So instead it shall have to be a snippet of what it could be, with invisible beginnings and ends you’ll have to imagine for yourselves.

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Harry frowned. He was certain he had left it hanging over the end of his bed. He knelt down and looked under the bed just in case but there was nothing, not even dust bunnies thanks to the diligent house elves.

“Neville, have you seen my hoodie? The red one I was wearing yesterday?” Harry asked.

“He’s down in the common room,” Neville said, not bothering to look up from his little windowsill garden.

Harry’s brow furrowed in confusion, “What?”

“Malfoy’s down in the common room,” Neville said absently. He glanced up at Harry’s prolonged silence and shrugged, “Who else would take it?”

“Thanks,” Harry said hurriedly, heading out of the room and down the hallway to the common room.

Sure enough, there was a red-clad figure laying on one of the couches by the fire. He was slumped down so his neck was at an awkward angle he’d come to regret later, hood pulled up and hiding most of his ridiculous blond hair, sleeves pulled down over his fingers. He had a book balanced on his chest about three inches from his face. Harry rather suspected that Draco was in dire need of a pair of reading glasses but would rather die than admit it.

Harry walked over, stopping in front of the couch to demand, “Give it back.”

“No,” Draco said flatly turning a page and squinting at the tiny type.

Harry sighed and scrubbed his hand through his hair, “Come on, all the rest are being washed.”

“I know,” Draco said smugly.

“You’re the worst, why are you like this?” Harry groaned.

Draco twitched an eyebrow up, “Have you met my father?”

Harry frowned and grabbed the bottom of the hoodie Draco was wearing.

“What are you doing!” Draco sputtered, his book falling on his chest as he grabbed Harry’s wrists, pushing back down.

“Taking. my. hoodie. back,” Harry said through gritted teeth.

He pushed up harder and Draco pulled down. The book slid to the floor with a thump. Harry climbed onto the couch, a knee between Draco’s legs. The hoodie along with Draco’s shirt rode up his chest as they struggled. Draco raised his free foot and braced it on Harry’s shoulder to shove him back and Harry furiously leant against it. Until Draco’s foot slipped and Harry tumbled onto Draco in a heap that left them both breathless.

“Fuck,” Draco groaned, “Are you made of lead, Potter?”

Harry tried not to laugh, he really did, but Draco’s pouty frown pushed him over the edge and he started laughing so hard he had to hold onto the couch to keep from falling off.

Draco rather unsuccessfully fought down a smile, “Arsehole.”

Sitting at a small table nearby Ron groaned, “Merlin, they’re doing it again.”

Hermione smiled fondly, her chin propped on her hand, “I think it’s cute.”

“This is torture. I’m going to the library,” Ron said, shoving his parchment in his bag, “They don’t even realise, how do they not realise?”

“I’ll come with you,” Hermione smiled, twirling her wand and sending all her books and parchments neatly into her bag, “They’ll figure it out eventually.”

“And then they’ll be worse!” Ron grabbed his bag, “You know they will be!”

Hermione smiled and took Ron’s arm, “You’ll be fine, I promise.”

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you’re a fucking tease (smuttish)

a lil NSFW bc tom had me all hot and bothered 🙃 (if you’re tagged it’s bc ur on my taglist, if ur not into smut feel free not to read xo)

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part 2 | part 3 | part 4 (final)

“God, look at you,” Tom whispered, his voice rough as his lips played connect the dots with the small freckles and moles scattered across your chest. “You look so good right here,” his lips met your jaw, sucking harshly when you tugged his hair, “you look so good under me.” You went to say something but his cold hands slipping into your sweatpants and touching your hot skin made you gasp, urging Tom on more.

“Tom,” you whispered, silently begging him to do something but not being able to form an actual sentence.

“Darling, patience is a virtue.” You rolled your eyes, your comeback stuck in your throat when his hands fingers danced over your clothed heat. “Did you have something you want to say, my love?” His voice changed from a delicate whisper to a deeper, rougher tone. “Nothing?” You managed to shake your head, feeling his cold fingers dip into your underwear, a prominent smirk on his face. “Hm, I didn’t think so.”

You restrained another eyeroll, your legs trying to close around his hand to encourage him. You whined when his free hand came to separate them, hearing him softly ‘tsk’ you. “Tom, you’re such a tease.” You huffed, reaching your hands out to grab his cheeks and pulling him up to kiss you. Your hands slipped from from behind his neck to the top of his boxers. Before your hands could dip any further, his hand came down to grasp your wrist, causing you to groan in annoyance.

“Baby, be good,” he pulled away from you and lowered himself. You almost let out another pathetic attempt to beg him to get him to speed up his teasing when you felt his cold fingers slip into your underwear. “Fuck, honey,” he whined, letting his fingers slip into you slightly, feeling your anticipation. “You are being good, aren’t you, pretty girl?” You nodded vigorously, bucking your hips to force his fingers to perform a different motion, which he happily obliged.

“God, Tom,” you whispered, one hand reaching down to grip his wrist while the other carded freely through his newly cut hair. It wasn’t styled, resulting in it being messily scattered around his head, slight waves forming on top of his head. “You’re so fucking good at this,” a light gasp leaving your lips mid-sentence as his fingers circled roughly against you.

“Tell me, baby,” his rigid voice called out from beneath your waist, “tell me how good it is.” You whined, pulling his hair again. He pulled his mouth away from you slightly causing you to complain. He licked his lips, rising to your ear, his fingers still toying with you. “Darling, tell me,” he placed a kiss to the shell of your ear, “I need you to tell me how good it feels, baby. Or else – I can’t continue.”

“No! I – fuck, Tom.” You felt him smirk against your cheek, his head slowly kissing his way back to where he previously was. “Baby, don’t stop I – oh, god,” your eyes squeezed shut when his hot breath hit you, “I need this – you – I need you. And, god, fuck me you’re so good – so, so good.” His fingers quickened their pace, moaning into you softly, driving you over the edge. “Tom, oh my, god.” You almost came undone – and then you felt an absence. “Tom, what the fuck!”

You looked toward him, seeing him lick his lips and wipe his chin. He walked toward the bedside table and picked up his ringing phone. “Hello? Oh, shit. Yeah, give me a second.” You looked at him confusingly, rubbing your thighs together in frustration.

“Are you done?” You asked, seeing him hang up the phone. He slid on his jeans and grabbed a flannel, lazily buttoning it up. “Where are you going?” He frowned at you, leaning over you on the bed to kiss you.

“I gotta go back to set – they need me for a reshoot.”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” you groaned, ceasing your thighs as you flipped onto your stomach and shoved your head into a pillow. Tom chuckled softly, rubbing your back.

“I’m sorry, darling, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“You’re such a fucking tease.” You whined, flipping onto your back again to face him. You brought your hands to the back of his neck, pulling him into you to kiss him again. Your teeth immediately nipped at his bottom lip, causing him to smile. You pushed him away from you slightly. “When you get back,” you whispered, “you better fucking wreck me.” Tom laughed loudly, dropping his head to your neck.

“You don’t know what you’ve just gotten yourself into, love.”


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What else do you love about me? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n and Shawn talk about what they love about each other.

Authors note: Purely wrote this so I could gush about how amazing Shawn is 

“Why are you so hot?” I ask while I layed on the hotel bed, my legs hanging off the side. 

“What?” Shawn laughs, turning around and looking at me through the doorway from the bathroom.

I tilt my head to look at him. “I mean like, I know you go to the gym and everything but you’re face- flawless. I cannot find one flaw on your face,” 

“Is that so?” Shawn hums, his back muscles shifting as he turned the tap off after finishing rinsing his toothbrush.

“I’m not usually one to obsess over looks because personality is key,”

“Are you saying my personality sucks?” Shawn teases, flicking the lights off in the bathroom and he leans against the door frame.

I shoot up right, “Not at all. You’re a 10 out of 10. You have the full package. Good as looks, most amazing personality and you can sing. No wonder you got the chicks swooning,” 

Shawn’s head tips back as he laughs, “I only need one chick to swoon and that’s you,” 

“See, that is what I mean. That right there was perfect,” I point at him as I speak.

“Did it make you swoon?” he says smirking, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Just a little bit,” I grin, flopping back onto the mattress.

“What else do you love about me?” Shawn walks over crawling onto the mattress, laying on his side, head propped up on his hand to look at me.

“You have the softest hair ever. Do you use product? I’ve never seen you put any in but then again, I’m never awake early enough to see if you do anything after your shower,” I trail off, eyes flicking to meet his.

“All natural baby,” he smiles, his eyes warm as they lock with mine.

“Of course it is. I’m seriously considering that you might be a Greek god like Hercules or something. Left on earth to be raised by human parents so you could bless all us humans,”

“Pretty sure I’m human Y/n,” he says laughing.

“To be discussed,”

Silence settles over us, the heater humming creating background noise. Shawn leans closer, his nose brushing my cheek.

“Want to know what I love about you?” He whispers, his breath fanning my face.

“My charm?” I ask, winking at him. A chuckle escapes his lips, his head falling onto my shoulder.

“As much as I love your charm I also love how you always try and find something positive in every situation,” 

“I guess I do that,” I smile softly, pecking his nose.

“You also show so much love to all your friends and family. You don’t halfheartedly love someone, you put your whole soul and body into it,” He kisses my forehead gently. “Thats why I’m so lucky to have you in my life and to be able to receive your love,”

“Dammit Shawn, I’m going to cry,” I let out a shaky laugh.

“Aw baby no, this is meant to be a happy moment,” Shawn tucks some hair behind my ear.

“They’re happy tears don’t worry,” I smile at him, my heart feeling as though it would burst at the sight of the man in front of me.

“You’re also the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says and I gasp.

“But what happened to and I quote ‘she’s not even drop dead gorgeous’,” 

“Y/n,” he laughs, shaking his head at me. 

“Its okay, apparently it kills you anyway,”

Adored by Him

A/N: So this fic is inspired by the song “Adored by Him” by Dodie Clark. Yeah that’s really it… 

Warnings: Swearing but that’s normal.

Word Count: 2, 428

Your POV 

I honestly never expected any of this to happen. When I became friends with Dan, I did think he was handsome and funny. But I didn’t think I would fall for him as fast as I did. I always pushed away the feelings until they asked if I wanted to move in with them. Being around him 24/7 made it harder to conceal it so I just let it happen. No one knew about my feelings, except Phil, who figured out a year ago. I always expected the feelings to just go away but they didn’t.

But then she happened. Allison was Dan’s most recent girlfriend. They’ve been dating for many months now, and he was absolutely smitten (cheeky Dodie reference again) with her. He never spoke about how he felt about her, but I was able to tell. The way he looked at her with adoring eyes, and smile at the mere mention of her name. I don’t blame him though. She was beautiful, with her butterscotch hair and her smile that could shine brighter than the sun, I bet anybody would fall her easily. She was literally perfect, and I was just…well me. It was easy to figure out how she made Dan’s soul practically glow, and it hurt. A lot.  

I won’t hate you but oh it stings,

How does it feel to be adored by him? 

It was hard to hate Allison. She was super nice, and had the same sense of humor as Dan. Plus, she makes him happy. That’s what matters, right?

I was sitting on the couch, watching my favorite movie with Phil. It was raining outside so we decided to dedicate the day to watching a bunch of movies. Phil and I were cuddled up under a blanket, eating popcorn. It was relaxing to say the least. Dan was out at Allison’s house so, of course, Phil questioned me about my feelings.

“Are you ever going to tell him, Y/N?” Phil asked, nudging my arm with his elbow.

I pulled up the blanket to my chest, and sighed heavily. “Philly we’ve talked about this before. I’ll only ruin things so-" 

"You should tell him. It’s best to get it out there.” Phil gave me a sympathetic look. It’s like he knew Dan wouldn’t return the feelings but he didn’t want to keep any secrets. To be honest I’m surprised he didn’t tell Dan by now. 

“Phil, look-”

Phil and I jumped off the couch when we heard a loud bang, and stumbling coming from downstairs. We exchanged confused glances, and hurried to the front door to see Dan, stumbling around the entrance of our flat.

“Hi guys!” Dan said, his speech slurred.

“Dan what the hell happened!?” Phil questioned, running up to his best friend’s side and helping him take his shoes off. 

“Heh, Allison and I got in a fight. Stupid really-” He tripped over his shoes that he just took off and laughed. He looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry I’m fine.” Dan pushed Phil’s hand off his shoulder, and walked up the stairs by himself.

“Y/N, do you want to make sure he’s okay?” Phil asked, walking up to my side as we slowly followed Dan up the stairs.


“Just talk to him." 

I let out another sigh, and took another glance at Dan, who stumbled into his bedroom. "Okay. I’m not telling drunk Dan anything though.” I pointed my finger at Phil, and let out a small laugh to lighten the mood. Phil shook his head, smacking my hand away and smiling.

“Just go.” He laughed. 

I walked to the kitchen, and poured a small glass of water for Dan. I ignored the aching pain in my chest, and the tears swelling up in my eyes. I put down the glass for a moment to take a deep breath, and recollect myself. After a few minutes, I made my way towards Dan’s room where I saw him softly crying. My heart broke at the sight. It pained me so much to see another girl make Dan hurt. I hated it. I walked towards Dan’s bed and gave him the glass of water. 

“Here you go, sweetie.” I sat at the end of his bed, waiting for his response. 

“Thank you.” Dan sniffed, taking a sip of the water. 

“You want to talk about what happened?” I moved closer to him. His legs were hanging over the edge of his bed and he was staring at the cup of water in his lap.

“She doesn’t trust me.”  

“What do you mean?” I was right by his side after I finished the question. I tried to make eye contact with him but he was so closed off, I decided to keep a little distance.

“She thinks that I’m cheating on her with you.” He lifted his head slowly and stared into my eyes. My face turned red and I stared at the ground. I felt the butterflies in my stomach go crazy, and I had to take a deep breath again to calm myself down. I looked back into his beautiful, chocolate eyes and stared in silence for a while.  

Pretty girl there’s no need to fret

Because it’s midnight, he’s drunk, and you’re the one in his head.

You don’t even have to try at all. 

“I can’t say I’m in love with her but I feel something…strong towards her you know? I’m not even sure if she feels the same. It’s just- It hurts a lot that she doesn’t even trust me. ” Dan’s eyes got glossy, and he stared down at his cup again. All I did was nod my head. I understood where he was coming from. Someone you may be in love with and they might not even return the feeling. How ironic. 

“I understand, Dan. But you should get some rest, then talk to her in the morning.” I flashed a fake smile at Dan and stood up from his bed. I stood in front of him, and he stared into my eyes like he was searching for something.

“Thank you, Y/N. You’re honestly the best.” Dan put his glass down on his bedside table and got up to give me hug. I accepted it, taking in his warmth for that short moment I had. I sighed when he pulled away and sat in his bed. “You want to…stay with me for a bit?” He asked, not making eye contact. I gave him a weak smile, and nodded, sitting next to him as he got comfortable underneath the blanket.

I lost track of time, waiting for Dan to fall asleep. I stared at his sleeping figure for god knows how long, I felt like a complete creep. He looked so peaceful with his head resting in my lap it was hard not to. I gently stroked his hair as he slowly fell asleep, his arms wrapped around my body as his head rested on my leg. I checked the time on his phone, 1:00 am. I noticed his lock screen, expecting it to be a picture of him and Allison. But instead it was a picture of him, me, and Phil at VidCon on our day off. I smiled at it, but quickly my smile faded when a text from Allison popped up. I decided to ignore it, and finally leave Dan’s side. 

I crept towards the kitchen, hoping not to wake Dan or Phil up. However, to my surprise Phil was standing in the kitchen, drinking some tea while leaning against the counter. 

“So, how did it go?” He asked, staring at me. 

“She doesn’t trust him apparently. Allison thinks he’s cheating on her with…me.” I sighed. All my emotions that I’ve been holding in all night were surfacing, and I wasn’t going to let it happen. “Um, he’s asleep now. He asked me to stay with him for a little while and I lost track of time because he was…uh-" 

"Cuddling with you?” Phil flashed me a smile, but it faded when he looked into my eyes and noticed the tears coming up. He gave me a sympathetic look and walked closer to me. “You should just tell him so he knows. So you don’t have to keep hurting. He will understand, Y/N." 

"I know Phil. It’s just- it hurts seeing them together so much. And of course I want him to be happy! But that selfish part of me wants him to be happy with me. God, it fucking hurts.” I felt a warm streak roll down my cheek, and I quickly wiped it away, looking away from Phil. 

“Y/N.” I knew he was trying to make me look at him, but I hated being this vulnerable. “Y/N.” I gave in and stared into Phil’s icy blue eyes. It was full of sympathy, and I couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Phil, don’t look at me like that please. It’s only making me feel worse.” I felt more tears surfacing and let out a heavy sigh. I heard Phil mumble a small apology and he embraced me in a warm, loving hug. At that point I finally broke. I started sobbing into his shirt, with every sob he would hold me tighter, and tell me everything was going to be okay. He gently ran his hands through my hair. I pulled away from Phil, and sniffed, gently rubbing my nose. 

“Y/N, I know it hurts but-” Phil paused in the middle of his sentence and stared behind me. I looked up to Phil, then turned around to see what he was looking at. There was Dan, his hair curly and disheveled, and his empty glass in his hands.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked, noticing my red, puffy eyes and the tear stains on Phil’s shirt. He looked into my eyes and I could tell he was concerned.

“N-Nothing.” I lied.

“Obviously there’s something wrong, Y/N, tell me.” Dan walked over to the counter and placed his cup on the surface. I looked up to Phil, and nodded, signaling for him to give us some alone time. When Phil left the room, Dan pulled me into a tight hug, and for the second time that night I broke down. “Want to talk to me about what happened?”

I pulled away from Dan and stared at the floor. “It’s not really about w-what happened. It’s more…what’s happening.” I let out a fake chuckle. Dan shot me a confused look, and backed up to lean against the counter.

“Tell me what’s going on or so help me god Y/N I will-”

“Okay. Um. I guess.”

“Spit it out, please.” Dan tilted his head, giving me a worried look. God I can’t handle this anymore.

“Okay, you don’t even have to respond to this…but I really need it out in the open.” I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, and I took deep unsteady breath. “I just need you to know that…that” I stared into Dan’s eyes and I could feel my heart aching all over again. I felt tears pouring out of my eyes and saw Dan’s tall figure making his way over to comfort me again but I pulled away.

“Please don’t. You’re just going to make this harder.”
“Y/N tell me. Please, you’re making me worried.” I realized that Dan and I were standing really close, closer than we usually are. I looked into his beautiful eyes like it was the last time then stared at the floor.

“I think I’m in love with you.” I mumbled. 

“What? Speak up, love.” Dan said softly. 

“Fuck.” I ran my fingers through my hair and avoided eye contact at all costs. “I think I’m in love with you and it fucking stings so much to see you and Allison together. I mean I don’t blame you, or her. Allison is like the definition of perfect. I mean she makes me look blind with how adventurous she is and you look at her like the world is fucking perfect. It’s so stupid to think that I could compare to her. But god, do I wish it was me in your arms instead of her. Don’t even get me started about how I feel about you because there is too much history to even go over.” I shook my head, staring at the ground, watching my tears hit the white kitchen tiles.

“Y/N, can you look at me please?” Dan was still speaking softly. 

“Dan I told you, you don’t have to even say anything. You could just simply ignore it and leave, I’ll get the point." 

"Look at me, Y/N.” Dan said, more stern but still full of care. I rolled my eyes and stared into his eyes. Even though my vision was blurred I could still see the small glimmer in his eyes. “I’m sorry for-”

“Dan I told you, you don’t have to do this." 

"Y/N, we need to talk about this. We can’t just ignore it.”

“Well I’ve been ignoring it for 3 years now, so I think I’m good. I know the speech you’re about to give me and I just…” I let out a muffled sob into my hand, and looked back up to him. “Please I can’t take this right now." 

"Please let me just-" 

"Dan, I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have said anything. I really need fresh air…I’ll be back in a bit." 

Dan looked over to the clock on the oven, and slowly moved towards the door. "It’s 1:20, Y/N you can’t go outside alone." 

"Well I am, so please move.” Dan was blocking the doorway. I made eye contact with him and got lost in his eyes again. I felt like time slowed down when we stared into each other’s eyes, but I broke the contact because I felt more tears coming. Dan reluctantly walked up to me, opening his arms to give me a hug. But instead, I pulled away from him. 

“I’m so sorry.” I mumbled, and ran down the stairs to the front door, putting on my shoes and coat. 

“Y/N wait-”

I left before I could hear anymore. I let the cold London air enter my lungs, as I tried to relax from what happened, and trying to decide if I should go back and face Dan, or go to a friend’s house. I ultimately decided on staying outside for a while. Sitting on a park bench staring at the trees in the park as I replayed what happened through my head. 

What am I going to do?

A/N: Second part? Or leave it there? YOU DECIDE

anonymous asked:

how can i do my room to encourage positive energy to enter?? thank you!

There are lots of things you can do to encourage positive energy flow in your room! Here are just some of my top 25 personal favorites, these are totally personal:

  1. Use soothing, happy colors - warm, welcoming tones will bring positive energy to your room. Try only using colors found in nature, nothing too bright or garish 
  2. Use soothing lights -  Using natural light whenever possible will evoke positive energy, but candles and salt lamps are a good alternative
  3. Place your bed facing the doorway yet as far away from the doorway as possible - personally I feel negativity when I cannot see the door from my bed but that is just a personal preference
  4. Get rid of clutter - make your space as simple as possible. Clutter will only bring chaotic energy. Minimize your possessions to only what makes you happy. 
  5. Hang positive imagery over your bed - pictures of nature are a good option, as well as positive quotes or sayings
  6. Do not place too many mirrors in your room - One large mirror should be enough, but it should be covered at night. 
  7. Eliminate electronics - Only have what is necessary in your room. Too many electronics or extension cords fall under the clutter rule. 
  8. Use windows instead of air conditioning or fans - natural air flow brings positivity, so if you can get away with it just use a window to cool down.
  9. Use an oil diffusor, incense, or smoke cleanse - Cleaning out negative energy is a must. Cleanse your space as often as possible.
  10. Play soothing music - nature sounds are great for bringing healing, positive energy into your space
  11. Bring animals into your home - animals bring joy and happiness to us all. Fish are considered very soothing pets to watch, if you can afford to keep them.
  12. Add plants - plants clean out negative energies and impurities
  13. Add crystals - Adding crystals to all corners of your room and everywhere in-between is a great way to cleanse your space so that positive energy can enter. My favorite for room decor is amethyst. 
  14. Clean with safe, natural cleansers - Use vinegar or a simple soap instead of chemical-heavy cleaners to bring in positive energy.
  15. Set up an altar/meditation space - having spaces that evoke spiritual healing definitely help!
  16. Add happy pictures of friends and family - this one is a no brainer, happy images bring in positive energy
  17. Speak no ill words in your sleeping space - your words have power, don’t bring negative words into your room
  18. Use bells - bells can be used to ring in positive energy and cleanse a space of negativity
  19. Make sure your space is airy - though heavy brocades are quite pretty, light fabrics and furniture will allow air to flow through a space. Use more cotton! 
  20. Add decorations evoking the blessings of spirits - nature imagery as well as traditional witches tools and religious imagery seem to please spirits 
  21. Use as much wood as possible, eliminate metal decor - metal can dampen the flow of energy, use wood or natural stone or pottery
  22. Organize organize organize - if something does not have a place, eliminate it. It will just become clutter.
  23. Create a room where company will feel welcome - add seating and an area where you can entertain company. Positivity follows friends!
  24. Only allow beautiful things in your space - positive energy comes from loving what is in your space. If you do not find something beautiful in some way, it is clutter.
  25. Add welcoming scents - scents that speak of home cooking and lovely flowers evoke positive energy! My favorite is vanilla but all are good

You can also Feng Shui your bedroom to add positive energy flow! I am not an expert on Feng Shui but I do use some of its principals in my own space. I would read up on the topic and see if Feng Shui is right for you.

Hope this helps! 

BTS Reaction to You Being an Affectionate Sleeper

Request: Babe, a BTS reaction to you being affectionate or touchy while sleeping? Shannnnks

Note: Totally forgot about my algebra advanced exam and the many hw piled in my laptop thats due by midnight *screams into oblivion with tears cascading down my cheeks* NEARLY A HUNDRED PROBLEMS. But, it’s what I deserve. I didn’t wanna leave ya hanging, so here is a revamped version of..this. *Credit to gif owners*

JinThe moment Jin arrived home and plastered himself onto the bed where you were sleeping soundly, he felt an overwhelming exhaustion overtake him. His eyes were slowly closing, and before he could fall asleep; you threw the blanket over him and hugged him, resting your head on his chest unconsciously. His eyes widened and he became too happy, thanking the one above for giving him a chance to be with you. In the morning, he caught you off guard. *gif*

Originally posted by lovechinoslol

Suga ➳ Yoongi gave you a small kiss on your forehead before pulling you into his chest. He was content with the way you hugged him back, making him feel loved with how you squeezed him with need. Before sleep could overtake him, you moved a little—trying to get comfortable and when you finally stopped moving, Yoongi’s eyes shot wide open. Your hand was settled right on his manhood, and his face flushed at the sudden contact. He couldn’t sleep at all.

Originally posted by minsnuggles

J-Hope ➳ Hoseok was staring at the ceiling, dreading the next day. He was too tired and just wanted to call in sick, but staring at you made him realize that he wanted you to be proud of him. He sighed, and when you hugged him in your sleep; digging your face into his neck a wide smile spread onto his lips. Now, he knew for a fact that he couldn’t wait for the next day. He’d take 8 hours of sleep with you in his arms any day!

Originally posted by damibirds

RapMonster ➳ Namjoon isn’t really used to affection, so when he threw the fluffy blankets over you two and was slowly dozing off; he immediately froze when he felt you wrap an arm around him. The biggest smile ever plastered onto his face and he refused to move; scared to wake you up from your sleep. He was happy, and he couldn’t wait to do that with you and more for the rest of your life.

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Jimin ➳ The moment Jimin felt you move in bed and hug him in your sleep, his cheeks were flaming red from embarrassment and at the cute contact. He squeaked out loud when you moved your hand, softly hitting his best friend and smoothly resting your hand on his belly. He eventually fell asleep but when he woke up he wouldn’t stop teasing you. “I know you want some of this, babe.” he’d say, lifting his shirt up and giving you a shit eating grin. “Well tooo bad!” You would be confused and he would just blush, remembering the night before.

Originally posted by parkjmn

V ➳ Yes, you’d be affectionate while sleeping but Taehyung would be even more affectionate than you. Before he’d go to sleep, he’d pull you into his arms, give you a loving kiss and dig his face into your hair; smelling the nice scent while wrapping his arms securely around your waist before he’d fall asleep. You’d enjoy it a lot, but when you just wanted to sleep without being tangled into each other’s limbs—he would wake up immediately and not let you. Always wanting you to be with him at all times.

Originally posted by 55kumamons

Jungkook ➳ The minute Jungkook was wrapped into a burrito of blankets with you in his arms, he would knock out immediately. No matter what you did in your sleep, he wouldn’t acknowledge it because of his deep slumber. You could even be sleeping on top of him and he wouldn’t budge, unless you tried to get away from the skin contact—he’d just pull you back in. He’d only be able to sleep good with you by his side, and when he woke up to you still sleeping; he would be content.

Originally posted by jeonsshi


His || Jungkook || 0.15

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13| 0.14 | 0.15

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Basically A Puppy

Request: Hello I was wondering if you could do an imagine or whatever you prefer to call it where the reader is studying and Peter is attention deprived and is being distracting and all touchy and super cute w reader and it ends up super fluffy and stuff

A/N: I’m taking like a two second break from the Drabble Challenge prompts and writing this. I hope it turns out good.

Originally posted by tomhollandislife

Peter was distracting enough as is, but when he’s purposefully being distracting, it’s almost unbearable.

Your room went silent, and suspicion crept up your spine. But none the less, you remain focused and attentive to your homework. Peter was currently somewhere in your apartment, not making a sound, which was extremely unusual. 

You felt a tug at a few strands of your hair. Choosing to ignore it, you kept your head down and eyes fixated on the pages in front of you. The slight yanking returned, but more strands of hair were added, “Peter,” you groaned and spun your head around, only to find that no one was there. You were the only person in your room. You sighed and tried to let go of the uneasy feeling in your gut. 

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handful of fluff.

Originally posted by laheyxstilinski

derek hale x reader 

warnings: swearing, overused cliches.

prompt: you get a friend while derek’s away.

A/N: i forgot how much i love derek hale so i had to give my mans some love.

the loft was chilly as you laid in your boyfriends bed, wanting nothing more than to have him curled up around you so you could run your fingers through his hair, but unfortunately he’d been gone with the pack for a week. you’d demanded to go as well but one stern look from your boyfriend had you shaking that thought from your mind.

you knew he was protective, he always had been, even before you had gotten together he was overbearing sometimes - randomly showing up where you were or accidentally bumping into you while you were on a date, but you often found it hot. what could you say, you had a thing for dominant men and derek hale was as dominant as they came.

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Goddess - Jay Park

Originally posted by andupinda

Request from @belushtful : Can I request a jay park smut scenario where his mixed(black and white) girlfriend is missing him while she is at home and he is at Aomg making music so later that night they you know. Also the girlfriend is teasing him

Genre: cotton candy fluff smut

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Word Count: 1547

Contains: romantic smut, (slight) daddy! Jay, fluff

Song: Ride Me - Jay Park

Comments: this turned way cuter than I meant it to be, but I hope you like it because I’m crying at this. Also im sorry if it gets choppy, i was writing this and watching teen mom at the same time, so my attention was going back and forth lmao.


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Requested by @let-me-entice-you. Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Dean is the omega!reader’s alpha, but hasn’t claimed her yet. A run in with a guy in a bar leads to a fight that ends with Dean needing to make a decision.

Warning: smut, a/b/o dynamics, knotting

Word Count: 2700ish

A/N: Been a while since I’ve written a/b/o, and it was so much fun! Hope you enjoy!

“Hey, can I buy you a drink?” The man is a few inches taller than you, with a strong jaw and classic features, but his smile is a little too leering for you to feel comfortable.

“No, thanks,” you answer politely, holding up your beer bottle to indicate that you already have one.

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Miraculous Team Post-Reveal
  • Adrien (lying on his bed with his head hanging off the end): So, am I the only one who feels that they should have seen this coming?
  • Alya (playing with all four kwamis on the floor): I don't know. I'm still freaking out that I've been on a team with Chloe all this time. (to Trixx) C'mere baby!
  • Chloe (sat on the couch): I know, I mean, how did I not see that it was you?
  • Marinette (sat against the bed so that her head is next to Adrien's): At least you guys weren't in love for the better part of two years! Alya, stop playing like that with Tikki, she'll never go to sleep now!
  • Tikki: Marinette, I am over five thousand years old and I have protected hundreds of Ladybugs in my time, I think I deserve a tummy rub every now and again!
  • Nino: *enters* Oh hey guys, why are you hanging out withou- *sees Chloe* wha- what the hel- *sees the kwamis* you motherfuckers
Momma’s Boy

Prompt: Klaus imagine! Reader & Klaus have a child, and Klaus is adorably jealous that their kids is a mama’s girl/boy! Please and thank you. <3

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Word Count: 700

Warning: None

“Mommy! Mommy! Look what I made you.” My son, Fate, exclaimed as he ran through the halls of the mansion, before running into Klaus and I’s room, waving a paper in his hand. “Mommy!” He screamed again, running and jumping on the bed, waving the paper in his hand, before shoving it in my face. I sat up, leaning against the headboard, wiping the sleep from my eyes, I grabbed the paper from him, smiling at the picture. I was a picture of me, and around it was a whole lot of hearts and at the bottom, it read,  "I love mommy.“ I smiled, and pulled him closer to me, kissing the crown of his head. “Do you like it?” I nod,

“I like it a lot, thank you, baby.” He smiles and throws his arms around my neck, “Did you make daddy one?” I nod over to Klaus, who still lays in bed, with a pillow over his eyes, “Nik, get up, look what Fate made me.” Klaus moved the pillow from his eyes and sat up, grabbing the paper from my hands,

“That’s some talent, we, of course, know you inherited it from your father.”  Klaus smiled proudly, patting Fate on the head, “Did you make daddy one?” Fate shook his head,

“We only had time to make one and I chose to make one for mommy.” Klaus’ smile faltered,

“Well, it looks great, daddy’s proud of you.” Fate smiled,

“Thank you, daddy, I’m going to go hang this on the fridge, so everyone can see what an amazing artist I am.” I smiled such big words for the six-year-old, He hops off the bed and rushed back down the hall and downstairs. “Aunt Bex! Aunt Bex! He screams.

"I’m so proud of him, if he keeps it up, one day he’ll be just like you, maybe even better."I teased, poking Klaus’ side, but he didn’t smile and he didn’t budge. "Babe, what’s wrong?” I ask, wrapping my arms around him, placing butterfly kisses to his collarbone.

“He likes you more than me,” Klaus muttered and I looked up, trying to hold back my laugh. “It’s not funny, he likes you better than me, he’s never drawn me anything.” Klaus frowned and he sounded utterly torn.

“Klaus, he’s drawn you plenty of things, has a whole box of them, but he’s too scared to show them to you because he thinks you won’t like them.” Klaus scoffed, “Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it.” I climbed out the bed, shrugging on my silk robe over my tank top and shorts, making my way to Fate’s room to find him coloring something he had drawn earlier that week.

“I heard you and daddy, does he really think I hate him?” I shake my head,

“No baby, he’s just upset you didn’t get to make him a picture today.” Fate sat up and dropped his colored pencil, standing and walking over to his closet, picking up a box and coming back over to hand it to me.

“I want to show him, though.” Fate declared and  I nodded,

“Of course, lead the way.” I follow Fate to Klaus and I’s room, to find Klaus still on the bed, looking just as upset as when I left, “Babe, Fate has some things to show you.”

Fate sat on the bed and took a deep breath looking over to me one time before removing the lid from the box. “Here.” He pushed them toward Klaus who went through them. smiling in awe.

‘These are amazing.“ He smiled, placing them back in the box, "And these are all for me?” Fate nodded, smiling a wide smile, happy to have his dad’s approval. “Well, I’m going to put them in my art gallery.” Fate’s eyes widened,

“Really? Daddy, that’d be so cool.” Klaus smiled and wrapped his arm aroufn Fate, pulling him into his side, smiling as they continued to go through the pictures together.

“Don’t forget about me.” I laughed joinging them on the bed.

anonymous asked:

Oh snappp your neighbor AU is lit. No rush at all but if you could also write one for Shownu it would be awesome.

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), & kihyun (here)

  • king of owning three sets of the same colored bed sheets and kihyun once asked if shownu every washed them because??? they’re always the same??? and shownu was like “don’t you just buy the same thing in bulk when you go to ikea?” and kihyun was like no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god is that what you do
  • and shownu just shrugged because whatever he likes his grey bed sheets
  • doesn’t do decorations but let his mom hang up some photos of his family and stuff when she came over
  • you’d think he’d just ignore them, but he cleans the dust off the frames and adjusts them because,,,,,, shownu cherishes anything his mother does for him. he’s an amazing son and literally everyone in the neighborhood always tells his mom when she comes over that he’s so filial and they wished they had a son so polite and well mannered
  • because lbr shownu is the person who holds the door open for anyone he sees,,,,,,,,even if they’re still half way across the street
  • the only thing that ever makes him flustered is that one time a mom asked him to watch her son while she ran to re-park her car
  • and shownu was like ,,,,,,,,,,,,hi and the kid just started crying and shownu was like nO PLEASE,,,,IM SORRY FOR WHATEVER I DID TO DISPLEASE YOU
  • thankfully minhyuk was coming over and saw the whole mess and came to the rescue and shownu was just like “minhyuk,,,,,kids are terrifying,,,,,”
  • minhyuk looking at shownu whose literally swole and tall: what
  • you’ve lived next door to shownu for quite some time,,,,,but you two don’t really talk much because like well,,,,he’s not a small chit chat kinda person
  • and you’ve always thought he was handsome but like so what you know ??? your idols on tv are handsome too
  • but one evening,,,,you’re getting home super late and you try to grab for your keys in your bag,,,,,,but they’re gone????? and you sigh and take out your phone to text your friend who has a spare
  • but then you see a text from your boss telling you that you won’t be getting the promotion he promised you
  • and your friend with the spare just updated instagram with a photo at a club so you know they’re not gonna be able to help
  • and so you just slide down against the wall near your door and hold your bag to your chest
  • and life sucks,,,,,,,,in this moment,,,,so much so that you can’t control tears coming out and you wanna brush them away but like no one’s there to see??? so whatever
  • until ,,,,, there is someone,,,,, someone who’s too freaKING quiet so you only notice them when they step right in front of you and ask “is everything ok?”
  • and you look up to see shownu and you’re like oh gREAT the handsome, nice neighbor has to see you balling your eyes out on your doormat good job gg what a terrIFIC night this is
  • and you’re like “y,,yeah i got locked out it’s nothing,,,”
  • and shownu suddenly puts his hand out to help you up and you take it hesitantly and he’s like “staying out here would be dangerous. do you want to spend the night at my place? feel free to say n-”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “that would be very nice of you,,,,,,my spare is,,,,,in the hands of someone who is busy,,,,”
  • and shownu lets go of your hand and you notice how warm it was when he’d held it
  • and you follow him to his apartment where he lets you in
  • and you can’t help but look at the photos as you take off your shoes and you’re like “is this your family?” and he nods and you’re like “your mother is so pretty!!”
  • and shownu kind of is taken back, but just nods again and you’re like oops am i making this awkward
  • and he switches the lights on in his bedroom and he’s like “i know we’re strangers, but it would be impolite of me to let you sleep on the couch. my bedroom is clean, i promise.”
  • and you’re like dhkcblvj he’s worried about me thinking he’s gross,,,,,but he’s doing something really nice??????? he’s,,,,,,cute
  • and you’re like “i can take the cou-” but shownu puts a hand up and is like “please, that would be rude of me.”
  • and you’re like ok he’s such a gentleman????? what the heck
  • and you’re like “ok, well thank you!! ill wash my face then?” and he’s like pointing out the bathroom
  • and when you’re done you walk out to tell shownu thank you again
  • but you see him sitting on the couch, suddenly he’s got glasses on and he’s reading something with the cutest look of concentration on his face and you can’t help but stare at him a bit longer
  • when he suddenly looks up you’re like oH I Totally,,,,just came into this room anYWAY,,, thank you again!!!
  • and you like do an lil bow and shownu is like “it’s nothing!” and you’re like akhfgfs ok,,,ill go to bed now
  • but ofc u can’t sleep because,,,,,,wow this is shownu’s room,,,,,,,,the sheets smell like him,,,,,,,slight cologne but also fresh breeze,,,,,
  • and in the morning your friends texts you that she’ll be over in an hour
  • and you go to tell shownu whose up,,,,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,making eggs,,,,,,,,and you almost trip and fall over
  • but when he turns for the first time you see him get embarrassed and he’s like “ah - oh one moment,,,” and rushes back to the living room to pull on his shirt again and you’re like trying to look down
  • and you’re both red,,,,,,and shownu is like “,,,, i,,,im sorry that was-” and you’re like “nO,,, no,,,,, it’s nice,,,i mean what no i mean it’s your home feel free um oh,,,,”
  • and shownu is like “would you like something to eat?”
  • and it’s cute you two eat together and shownu is a silent eater but it’s somehow really adorable and you can’t help but think he’d be a really ,,,, good bf
  • and shownu is like “you can stay here till your friend comes.” and you’re like ok!!! thank you 
  • and he’s totally turning on the sport channel but it’s whatever you’re happy to be in his company,,,,because shownu makes you feel safe????
  • and when ur friend tells you to meet her by ur door shownu walks you out and he’s like “maybe, if you think this is a good idea you could give me a spare, in case this happens again.” and you’re like good thinking i should do that!!!! 
  • but before you can thank him again your friend is like “oH I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH SUCH A HANDSOME MAN I GUESS YOU DONT NEED THE SPARE-”
  • and you’re like PLEASe,,, SHTU TUP ,,,,
  • and shownu is blinking like hmmm what does that mean-
  • and your friend winks at you two and waltzes up to shownu like “so,,, what’s your name? how long have you been dating my friend here?” and you’re like givE ME my KEYS 
  • while shownu is like ???? but also he’s like “oh they’re single?” and your friend is like YES THEYRE sinGLE
  • and you’re like dO NT FLirt on my behalf wait shownu why do you want to know if im single,,,,,,,,,????
  • shownu probably just wanted to know because coughs,,,,,,,,maybe he can take you out sometime,,, coughs
Falling for you

This is a gift for @avelyst who came with this genius idea of Chat sneaking in Mari’s room and Mari decking him. 

Chat Noir took a deep breath as he opened the skylight to Marinette’s room. Now, one may wonder why he did that. Well, there is a funny little story. Earlier that day they had been at Marinette’s place, working on homework. Which was a wonderful experience of bonding and mutual suffering. Only if Adrien didn’t use most of the time to write Ladynoir fanfiction. And after they were done, he had to rush out because otherwise, he would have been late to the piano practice. And he forgot the page with Ladynoir fanfiction on it. And he wanted to get it back before Marinette reads it. If she hadn’t read it already. It would have been bad if Marinette discovered it, given how much she didn’t ship Ladynoir. He glanced down to make sure Marinette was asleep. Her blanket was thrown off entirely, she was sleeping in a position that looked rather painful and she was drooling. Yes, certainly in deep sleep. Now time to be as sneaky and smooth as his alias.

What he didn’t take in consideration was the fact that he just managed to be as unlucky as his alias. Which, he certainly was given he managed to trip over himself and falling over Marinette’s sleeping body. For a few seconds, he didn’t move and neither did she. Chat almost thought she kept sleeping even thought that. But before he got the chance to thank his lucky stars, he was decked in the face.

“Wait, I’m… “

He didn’t have the chance to answer as he was hit with a pillow multiple times. By the time the pillow attack ended, Chat was so dizzy he didn’t even register a piece of cloth being shoved in his mouth. What he did notice however was being lifted up and thrown over the side of Marinette’s loft. And just when he thought he would face plant the floor and wake up the whole building, Marinette caught him by the tail and left him hanging over.

“What do you… mon dieu, Chat Noir?!”

He was immediately yanked back and fell on his back on the bed. Marinette immediately began fussing over him.

“Oh my god, Chat, I’m so sorry for punching you in the face and hitting you with a pillow and gaging you and… “ she squeaked, realizing he still had that piece of cloth shoved in his mouth. She took it out and threw it aside.

“I’m so sorry. Chat?”

His green eyes were fixed on her. “You have one hell of a right hock, Princess.”

“Are you bruised? I can bring you some ice if you need. My God, Chat, don’t you ever sneak up on me like that, I could have seriously hurt you and… hold on.” she narrowed her eyes. “What are you doing sneaking up in my room in the middle of the night?”

Chat pulled the best innocent look he could muster.

“You see, it is quite aa funny story.”

Marinette crossed her arms over her chest. “Oh, I’m simply dying to hear it.”

Chat gulped. He was fucked.

Stubborn And Jealous (Damon Salvatore Imagine)

Originally posted by trechos-of-books

PLOT: You’re friends with Stefan and dating Damon. Damon gets a little too jealous.
Word count: 978
Warnings: Swearing

“I can’t believe you did that.”

“Well what would you have me do?”

“NOT THAT STEFAN!” You replied, getting out of his car and walking to the front door.

“There was no way in hell I was just going to sit there and listen to that scandal known as copyright!”

You huffed. This conversation had already been repeated on numerous occasions.

“Stefan, the 1975 are a unique band that have changed the world of music,” you stated sassily, wandering straight into the Salvatore Boarding House.

“Y/N, they’re just rip offs from a band that was back in the 70s and believe me, I was there, I know,” Stefan defended himself, closing the door behind you both and walking over to the glass cabinet and pulling out two tumblers.

You scoffed, “Well you didn’t need to yell at Matt to change the radio in front of the whole Grill! I wouldn’t be surprised if you were banned for life, and for you, that’s a long-time buddy,” you told him patronisingly, patting his chest.

He handed you a glass of Bourbon.

“I’m not going to apologise for my actions. The lead singer looks like a wet dog.”

Anger flooded through your blood. “Take that back Stefan Salvatore.”

He just laughed at you. However, you were feeling a little different towards the matter – defensive.

“Matty Healy is a living, breathing, walking, talking, goddamn SEX GOD! DO YOU UNDERSATND ME?” You yelled back at him, taking a step closer every time. Stefan wasn’t takin your petty little threat and burst out laughing. Little did he know, this enraged you even further.

Compressing your feelings until you had safely put your glass of Bourbon down on the table, you picked up the nearest cushion and started to attack him.

“Ow! Jesus-Y/N stop!” Stefan cowered behind his hands, trying to protect his face.



“THEN BYE-BYE PRETTY BOY!” You announced and carried on hitting him aggressively. You knew inside that you were probably taking it a little too far, but it didn’t matter.

At the end of the day, you were still best friends. You carried on hitting him until he fell to the floor, where you clambered on top of him and held his arms down to stop lashing out.

“Well,” a deep voice came from the doorway, “Sorry to interrupt.”

You looked up to the voice to see your boyfriend Damon, but he wasn’t happy. Instead, he looked at the position that you and Stefan had ended up in – you were straddling him. You got off Stefan, who was shooting you an apologetic look and walked over to Damon.

“That wasn’t what it looked like,” you started to stand up for yourself.

Damon just looked down at you, “Sure it wasn’t.”

And with that he walked up stairs, ending the conversation.

You turned back to Stefan as if to say ‘what should I do?’ and he nodded towards the stair case, giving you a small smile in return.

Taking two steps each time, you walked straight into Damon’s room, where he was just lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling.

“What’s wrong Damon?” You asked, making your way over to him. But before you could, he stood up and looked at you angrily.

“You and Stefan. It’s always you and Stefan. I rang you six times to meet today, but no, you were with STEFAN! Are you getting my point?” He spoke down to you like a small child, the sarcasm dripping off every word.

“Damon,” you smirked, finally understanding what was going on, “Are you…jealous?”

He scoffed, “Jealous? No. I just don’t want my girlfriend to be hanging around my brother all the time.”

You started to laugh, “Oh my god, you are totally jealous!”

“AM NOT!” He yelled back.

“Yes, you are! You’re also stubborn.”

“THAT’S NOT TRUE!” He shouted again, but he was only angry because he was getting caught out.

You decided to make him prove it. An idea struck your mind and you were feeling evil.

“Oh, ok then,” you acted, making it seem like you were giving up. But you were far from it.

Right then and there, you took off your shirt, revealing your new lacy bra.
Damon’s eyes lit up as he saw what you had done, and his classic smirk plastered on his face. Before he could say anything, you headed towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Damon asked, confused at why you would strip and walk.

“To see Stefan,” you replied simply.

Suddenly, a whoosh of cold air rushed past your face and Damon appeared in front of you, slamming the door shut.

“FINE!” He gave up, throwing his hands up in despair, “I am jealous! Happy now?”

You took his face in your hands, making him look directly into your eyes and you smiled.

“Damon Salvatore, I love you. Not Stefan, you. You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Ok? Just accept that and stop being a paranoid boyfriend!” You told him truthfully.

Damon’s eyes softened as he took in the words. Passionately, he connected your lips and kissed you. Fireworks went off inside you like time-bombs, just waiting for the right moment to explode and make you truly happy. Eventually, he pulled away and brought you into his arms, his hands moving over your hair.

“God, I love you Y/N,” he whispered in your ear.

“I love you too Damon.”

I hate him. He loves me

I push against him, hips snapping together, heavy fingers leaving bruises on the exposed skin of my waist. Friction, burning, stinging friction. I’m angry, so angry even the warmth of his lips on my bruised neck isn’t a distraction.

He’s in his boxers, dark black against perfectly placed white lace. He’s pushing me, my name tumbling from his lips, barely audible as he moans into my skin

“Betts…Betts please.”

No. I hate him, he loves me.

My fingers tangle in the mess of curls on top of his head, I’m pulling too hard, but he likes it. He likes everything I do. I don’t want space, I want bee stung lips and breathy moans. He holds me closer, I want to cry.

I hate him. He loves me.

I’m sliding his boxers down achingly slow, the heat pools in my stomach and I stare for a moment. Jughead Jones is perfect, every freckle and mole I know all too well. He’s pushing the damp blonde strands out of my face, his fingers stroking my cheeks, my lips, my eyes.

“I missed you. I love you. I need you.”

His hands dip lower, unsteady hands carefully peeling away lace. There’s no hesitation, we’re both ready, always so ready.

I rock against him. This will be the last time.

I said that last time.

He’s gasping, I’m floating.

I hate him. He loves me.

I’m coming down and he’s flying up. My eyes catch sight of the familiar leather jacket hanging on the seat beside his bed.

He groans, deep and guttural, lips dropping to press into mine. I take what I can get, I take it all
But it’s never enough.

And then it’s over.

I’ve surprised him this time when I roll off of the bed, pulling my cheerleading skirt on and tying my hair up.

“What.. where are you going?”

“Home.” I whisper into the quiet trailer, lacing my sneakers.

“What did I do? Talk to me baby please.” He’s desperate, heartbreakingly confused.

My knees are unsteady, heart is aching. I’m not ready to say goodbye.

I hate him. He loves me.

“I can’t do this anymore.” It’s simple. 5 words.

He’s crawling across the bed, silk sheet pooling around his waist.

“It wasn’t good for you? I can make it better, I was selfish, let me show you how much I love you.” His long fingers shakily press against my bare back, pulling me back into the bed, untying my sneakers slowly.

I’m staring at the ceiling
“You don’t love me.” It’s a whisp of a whisper, more to me than my love.

He hears, so in tune to every little piece of me, his eyes are wide and he’s tugging me to sit, he wants to talk, wants to know.

I hate him. He loves me.

“I love you. Don’t ever think that I don’t. How can you say that?”

I’m laughing now, bitter and sad as my eyes catch sight of the jacket. He reaches for me, turning my head to his, hands cupping my cheeks.

“No. no baby. Not yet, I can’t leave them yet. They need me.”

I’m still laughing, tears streaming down my cheeks and though his fingers

“I need you.”

He’s pulling me on to his lap, I’ve always been safe here, this is my safe place.

“You have me baby.”

I want to get away, feel for the mattress but I can’t move. I won’t move.

“I have a part of you. It’s not enough. Not anymore.”

There’s no more laughing.

I hate him. He loves me.

“You have all of me. Always. I’ll give you whatever you want, I’ll give you everything.”

He’s crying, I’m crying.

My fists are clenched but he sees that too, pulls my palms up to kiss.

“No. no. I love you.”

I run my fingers over his cheeks, rub my nose over his.

“I love you so much I hate you.”

He’s nodding, easing me back into the bed, unzipping my cheerleading skirt.

“I know.”

I love him. He loves me.

Stuck With Me

Pairing: Nolan x Reader (yes ty for the request)

Warnings: angst, sad lil bean Nolan (I’m weeping), Dom!Nolan at the end ;), fluffy fluff throughout, no smut but sort of heated at the end

Summary: Nolan’s anxiety leads him to believe that Y/N will be torn away from him, and that’s the very last thing he wants to happen, because he doesn’t know if he could even live without his girl.

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: I honestly love froy sm like I recently found out that he’s the sweetest person in the whole world and he speaks fluid Spanish?? that’s hot af and he cares abt mental awareness and all this other stuff and oh, did I mention, hE HAS THE SAME MUSIC TASTE AS ME!! that’s so hard to find in a guy bc they all like rap nowadays and oh now I’m talking to much… ok enjoy this fluffiness



I turn the key in the ignition, turning off the car and opening the door, my boyfriend doing the same. I round the vehicle, Nolan clasping his hand into mine as we walk towards the school building together.

As we near closer, Nolan groans, readjusting the strap of his backpack on his shoulder and turning to face me, obvious distress splaying over his features.

He stops walking and so do I, standing in the midst of the bustling parking lot, filled to the brim with high school students.

Nolan takes both my hands in his, biting his lip as he searches around the area restlessly, looking for something or maybe even someone. I place my hand gently on his cheek, his attention bouncing back to me.

“Nolan, what’s wrong?” I query as his eyes travel downwards to our interlocked fingers.

He doesn’t answer me, muttering something under his breath and shaking his head, then his eyes widening and fixating on something behind me.

I turn to see Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar talking to one another I’m hushed voices, glancing towards our direction a couple times. Nolan takes me by the hand, dragging me into the school as quickly as he can manage, avoiding the five feet radius of where Scott and Liam were standing.

We stop in front of one of our hiding spots, a place where we met during class if something was wrong or even if we just missed one another. I swing open the door to the empty closet, pushing him in and locking the door behind me, annoyed with not understanding the situation.

“Nolan, baby, you have to tell me what’s going on,” I whisper, both of my hands resting behind his neck.

He sighs, ruffling the blonde hair atop his head and looking into my eyes with his beautiful blue ones. “You already know all the Monroe stuff…” I nod, knowing how scared he got over the supernatural stuff happening in town recently, sparking his anxiety.

“Well, I’m trying to help Scott’s pack, but-”

“Woah, woah, woah,” I say, interrupting him. “You’re doing what? Nolan, I don’t want you to get into this any deeper than you already are. I want you to focus on getting out of all this, not throwing yourself in the middle.”

His hands land on my hips, his fingers hooking into the belt loops of my jeans. “I know, it’s just I can’t stand helping Monroe anymore, when Scott and them are good people.”

“Nolan, you have to get out.”

“But Monroe will kill me,” he nearly shouts, but I muffle him with the palm of my hand. He backs up into a wall, slumping against it and sitting down, bringing his knees to his chest and hugging them.

“I don’t want to die,” he says, his voice breaking between syllables. I immediately drop to my knees, throwing my bag aside and kneeling in front of him.

“Baby, baby, baby, you’re not going to die,” I say, grasping his face in my hands again, and planting a quick kiss against his lips. “You’re okay. I won’t let anything ever happen to you.”

He bites his quivering lip, nodding hesitantly while I wrap my arms around his torso, moving his legs down gently and sitting on his lap to get as close as possible to him. He rests his chin on the top of my head, hugging me tightly and kissing my hair.

The shrill noise of the bell sounds shortly after a few minutes, bringing us back to the reality that is high school.

I stand up first, brushing off my jeans and flipping my hair back behind my shoulders, then giving a hand to Nolan to help him up as well. He smiles at me, taking my hand and brushing it against his lips lovingly, then getting up.

We swing our bags back on and he turns the knob to the door to leave, but I grab his forearm, stopping him. I press my lips against his one last time, kind of shocking him a bit, until he relaxes, sinking into it.

“I love you,” he says, his hot breath hitting my lips.

“I love you too, Nolan.”


I rub my eyes, yawning as I look down at the book I was reading, closing it and setting it down on my bedside table.

I pull on the chain connected to my bedside lamp, the light flickering off. I lay down, pulling the cotton sheets over me and closing my eyes.

Not even after two seconds, my phone rings and I know exactly who it is, due to the personalized ring tone.

I roll over, grabbing my phone and sitting back up. I tap on the screen and answer the call, my chest hurting at the whimpers coming through the receiver.

“Y/N,” Nolan’s voice comes out as a whisper and every single muscle in my body tenses, concern washing over me. “Can I c-come over?”

“Of course, Nolan,” I respond quickly, hoping he’ll get here as fast as possible, so I can just hug him and talk out whatever what was on his mind at this time of night.

“I’ll see you soo-soon,” he musters to say, hanging up the phone, after I hear a sniffle.

Twenty minutes later, he’s at my window. Thank god my room was on the first floor, because we had a lot of impromptu meetings like these. He knocks on the window lightly, and I bolt out of bed, gripping the bottom of the glass pane and pulling upwards.

“I’m s-sorry for waking yo-you up, but I just needed, um, to talk to you,” he says, and I don’t fail to notice his tear-stained cheeks and his red eyes contrasting the dark puffy bags under them. His blonde hair is disheveled and sticking up in all directions, his hands probably been playing with the strands in hopes of calming himself down, something he did more often than not.

“I’m always up for you, Nolan,” I whisper, moistening my chapped lips and pulling him into my room. I engulf him in a bearhug, giving him a peck on his wet cheek. Without any reluctancy, his arms encircle my waist, pulling me deeper into the fabric of his grey sweatshirt. I slowly tug him towards my bed for him to sit down and spill whatever was on his mind.

He complies, sitting on top of the covers and just as I’m about to sit beside him, he murmurs a ‘no’ so quietly that I barely hear.

He pats his lap and I quirk a brow at him, but he nods his head firmly, confirming what he wants. And how could I say no to him? Especially, right now?

I straddle his legs, my hands combing through his hair and scratching his scalp to help calm him down. His fingers land on my thighs, his eyes watching every movement as he traces my stretch marks with a feather touch.

I wait for him to speak first, occupying myself with the golden locks and not wanting to rush him into explaining what was on his mind.

He eventually stops making shapes along my thighs with his fingers, his eyes finding mine, a slight tiny of red still coating them.

“I was thinking about Monroe earlier and I’ve been getting some anxiety because of it,” he says with more composure than he spoke with earlier.

I nod along, sad about the idea of him undoubtedly curled up in a ball and crying over something like this that he had no control over. My instincts take over at the saddening thought and I take his hands in my own, bringing them to my lips to pepper with kisses.

He smiles half-heartedly at my affection, then continues. “Earlier today, I said I was afraid of dying and honestly I am and that’s half of my fears, but mostly… I’m afraid of losing you in any way, shape, or form. Just the thought of me getting torn away from you or especially you getting torn from me, I just, I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know if I cou-could live without you, Y/N.” The second his voice starts breaking, I break down too, my eyes watering at the words slipping from his mouth.

“Don’t say that, Nolan. Baby, you’d have an amazing life with or without me,” I correct.

Teardrops threaten to fall down his face, barely balancing on his lower lashes. “Bu-ut, I can’t imagine a life wi-without you, Y/N.”

I raise my hand, brushing away the tears blurring my vision and the ones now fallen onto his cheeks. “Nolan, I promise I will be in your life. I promise I’ll be in your life for as long as I possibly can and we’ll have an amazing family and kids and you’ll be an amazing dad and-”

“You’ll be an amazing m-mom too and wife,” he adds, the corners of his lips moving up at the notion.

“Yes, we’ll both be amazing parents with amazing lives, and it’ll all just be amazing.”

He frowns again, a pout also forming onto my lips unintentionally at the sight. “But, you can’t promise that, Y/N. I might die or you mi-might die.”

I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him into the crook of my shoulder. “No, I refuse to believe that. I believe that everything happens for a reason and us meeting each other isn’t the end. I found the love of my life and now you’re stuck with me. You hear? You’re never getting rid of me, Nolan.”

I pull back, placing my hands on his cheeks again and forcing him to look me in the eyes. The eyes I’d feel honored to stare into for the rest of my existence.

“Okay, then you better learn how to deal with me,” he jokes, his frown diminishing by the minute.

I laugh, the action causing him to really smile for the first time in the last hour. “It’d be my pleasure to deal with you, Mr. Holloway.”

I lean in, Nolan taking no time to get the hint. I squeal as he picks me up abruptly and throws me onto the bed, his dominant side contrasting the previous version of himself that just spilled his guts to me.

He climbs over me, hovering above my body, only an inch or two separating us. He bites his bottom lip seductively, his eyes flashing to my lips.

He bends down, our mouths finally touching, the taste of salt from our tears prominent as I swipe my tongue over his lips.

“Can I stay over?” Nolan asks, before proceeding to take off his sweatshirt, nothing underneath.

“Anything for you. I’m stuck with you, remember?”

“Get used to it.”

one good turn (deserves another) | m

◇ Namjoon is feeling generous, and in more ways than one.

◇ Namjoon x reader

◇ sugardaddy!au

◇ words: 3.9k

◇ requested by anon; Sugardaddy! Namjoon please?

◇ thank you to @sylvandreams for editing this for me!! 💕💕💕💕


Carine Gilson or Agent Provocateur?” You muse, swirling the wine in your glass leisurely. “I don’t know. It’s for your eyes, why don’t you pick?”

You hear Namjoon’s laugh crackle over the speaker, and you can almost imagine the dimpled grin that settles onto his features. “Both, then.”

“May I ask, what’s the occasion?” You question, inspecting your newly-manicured nails. “A trip to the spa, chocolate strawberries and wine – even new sheets? And now new lingerie? I’m sure my birthday was months ago.”

“Do I need a reason to spoil my baby?” His voice is full of fake incredulity and teasing, and it draws a roll of your eyes from you. As if the foundation of your relationship wasn’t purely constructed on Namjoon spoiling you – he liked to joke, though, and tease, too. “I’m feeling generous.”

“You’re always generous,” you remind him, mind going back to the Chanel bag you received just a week into your relationship, or the Moschino dress that appeared on your bed last week. “I’m just curious, is all.”

“I’m sure you are,” he purrs. “Olive green or fuchsia?”

“Olive green,” you say immediately, swapping your wine glass for some fashion catalogue you had left sitting out. With a soft huff, you fall onto the large, white couch that sat against one wall of Namjoon’s penthouse apartment. The ceiling-to-floor windows show the city in all its bright and lively glory, but your brain is preoccupied with thinking about how good these clothes would look on you – or more importantly, on the floor. “Complements my skin tone.”

You roll your eyes at the scoff that follows – something about how every colour suited you or whatever, but you’d grown used to Namjoon’s ability to sugarcoat. “Yeah, yeah. I know, daddy.

“I’m halfway across the world,” he exhales at your antics. Your mind paints a picture of how he must look: in his office, thousands of miles from you, phone pressed to his ear and bottom lip between his teeth. A suit on, most likely (they were practically all he owned), his hair combed perfectly— “Now is not the time.”

“But it’s the right time to buy me lingerie, huh?” You retort, grinning at the annoyed groan that comes just seconds later. “Hey, you dug your own grave. Your hypocrisy is appalling.

“Maybe so.” It always takes you off guard when you focus closely on Namjoon’s voice. The deepness, the underlying gravel – even his breathing sounded sexy, and it was most definitely not fair. “I’m just trying to build the anticipation for when I come home. Brand new lingerie, some sheets to break in… A whole week. Just you and me.”

“Can’t wait,” you sigh, reaching for your glass again with a soft pout. “This whole ‘no touching’ thing is driving me crazy. I haven’t had an orgasm in a whole month, Namjoon.”

“It’ll be worth it.” You can hear the uppity humour in his voice, and it makes you huff. What type of sadist does he have to be to refuse you any orgasms on his two month trip? A huge one, that’s what. “I’ll fuck you so hard into those cashmere fuckin’ sheets that these two months won’t matter—”

You release a breath you didn’t know you were holding, thighs unconsciously rubbing together at his strong words. Fuck, what you wouldn’t give…

“Don’t do that,” you breathe, screwing your eyes shut as you desperately down your remaining alcohol. “Shit, Namjoon, I swear to God—”

“Right, sorry,” he apologizes, a composing cough filling the receiver. “You drive me crazy, I hope you know that.”

“The feeling’s mutual,” you drawl, muffling your own breath of annoyance when the pulsing between your legs eventually fades into nothingness. “Anyways, I’m sure you have to go home or sleep or whatever soon. I’ll leave you to it?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he finishes reluctantly, most likely nodding his head. A second of silence passes and you bite your cheek because you really don’t wanna hang up and be without him. “Wait, there’s one more surprise.”

“Really?” You perk up, waiting patiently for him to reveal its whereabouts. “Where is it?”

“I know we had this whole ‘no touching’ thing in place,” he murmurs, your excitement only growing with every word, “but I’m not that cruel. Check the box on the top shelf of my closet. Do what you will – but only for today, understand?”

A shiver runs down your spine at the mere thought of what he could have stowed away. You slip off the couch, phone in hand, and make your way to Namjoon’s bedroom. It’s clean and orderly, just how he liked it, despite the fact that you’ve been sleeping there for the past month. You open the door to his dark mahogany closet with one hand, eyes flitting over everything and anything until they reach the top shelf, where a white box clearly sits.

With bated breath you stand on your tiptoes and pull it down, setting it on Namjoon’s bed. He’s still on the line, though he hasn’t said anything. Only his breathing can be heard, but he fades into the background as you open the box and place the lid on the bed.

Oh, wow. The box is completely and utterly filled to the brim with… Well, toys, to put it simply. Toys upon toys upon toys. You pull out a string of purple anal beads, a pale pink butt plug and a vibrating dildo that’s at least 11 inches before you speak.

“Fuck.” Your voice is shaky and he can hear it, you guess, from how his chuckle carries over the receiver and flows through your ear. “When did you have time to buy a whole box of sex toys?”

He hums a response (something about having multiple assistants at his beck and call), but you’re too busy exploring the rest of what lay in the box. A rabbit vibrator, nipple clamps, a ball gag, a fucking Magic Wand… Even some cock rings, both normal and vibrating. There was a variety of lubes, from flavoured to warming and everything in between, and piles of condoms.

“I’m allowed to do anything with these?” You confirm breathily, running your hand over a ribbed dildo. Another hum of approval for him, and you’re tugging your bottom lip between your teeth excitedly.

“All for you.”

“And you’re sure you don’t wanna… Listen?” You begin uncertainly, before your voice takes on a more teasing and mischievous tone. “I mean, you did say earlier that it was quite late – and Mr. Big Bad CEO must be tired after his hard day’s work—”

“I have no problem with losing a few hours sleep to hear you cum in real time,” he shoots back smoothly. “Besides – we both know you cum hardest when you hear my voice.”

“Awfully cocky,” you murmur coyly, leaning over his bed to plug in the Magic Wand because you were not missing out on the chance to use it. “I could hang up right now and I assure you that I’d cum just as good.”

“Let’s see,” he proposes immediately, much to your chagrin, because you’re well aware that Namjoon’s voice is one of the few non-physical things that can get you wet and ready in minutes. “Keep me on the line, but I won’t speak at all. You tell me what you’re doin’, and we’ll see if you can cum, baby girl, without needing me to finish you off.”

“Let’s see,” you agree stubbornly, throwing your phone to the bed and instantly working on removing your clothes, from your Ralph Lauren pyjamas to your Calvin Klein underwear. It’s unnerving, slightly, to have him on the line but completely silent. He can hear everything – every breath, every shift of material – but you’re left with utter stillness. Still, the idea of him imagining your naked, writhing body made you bite back a moan. “What are we betting?”

“If you win,” he begins, “the ban is lifted. Try out your new toys, do whatever you want. If I win, though…”

“The ban stays,” you finish expectantly.

“The ban stays.” The grin in his voice is unmistakable, prompting a roll of your eyes. He really did have a thing for orgasm control. You knew that if you truly wanted the ban lifted you simply had to ask, but maybe you had a thing for it too. “Well, come on. Tell me what you’re doin’.”

“I’m on your bed,” you begin, collapsing onto your knees on his sheets. Your eyes narrow decisively as they trail over the toys. The Magic Wand was a definite choice; the butt plug, you’d save for when Namjoon came home. The real decision was between the three dildos – in the end, you settle for the vibrating one, just because you didn’t want to be bothered to move one manually while holding the Magic Wand too.

“Come on,” he urges, “You have to tell me. What are you wearing, baby girl?”

You sigh as the pet name falls passed his lips, rolling onto your back. Your bare nipples pebble as the cold air hits them, and you can’t help but frown when you remember that Namjoon is thousands of miles away. God, looks like you’ll have to do everything yourself. You pluck the nipple clamps from the box and fiddle with them for a second.

“N-nothing,” you murmur, voice breaking when shocks of pain resonate through your breasts. They quickly dim to a dull pain, though, and that easily translates to pleasure. “I’m wearing nothing. I just—” You break off with a breathy moan when you tug on the clamp— “Just put on the clamps.”

“Tell me how it feels.”

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be talking?” You provoke, giving the clamps another gasp-inducing pull. “You’re – ngh – not doing a good job, are you?”

“Maybe if you told me what you were doing…” Namjoon trails off, a roll of his eyes surely underway. You throw your own eyes up to the sky as well, but say nothing of it.

“It feels good,” you comment breathlessly, “Holy – fuck, the nipple clamps get my approval. I… I keep pulling on them. They hurt, but it’s so – so good.”

His breathing is louder now, tense and uneven, but he says nothing. You grapple senselessly for the vibrating dildo and a bottle of – you take a second look – strawberry flavoured lube, unconsciously holding your breath as a low buzzing fills the room.

“I turned on the vibrating dildo,” you begin shakily, biting back moans as you run the tip over your clit and down to your slit. You shudder when you begin to press it into yourself, the lube making for easy access. “It… It…”

“Use your words, baby girl.” The deep growl that his voice has become has you screwing your eyes shut. Jesus, you’d do anything to have him here right now – licking up the arousal trickling from you, squeezing your breasts… Anything would do at this point.

“I feel so full,” you gasp unevenly. Your eyebrows furrow automatically at the sensation of the vibrator moving against your walls, simultaneously filling you and stimulating you. “So, so full… Ah, Namjoon!”

There’s a curse over the line but if there’s one thing that Kim Namjoon is, it’s stubborn. He says not one word except that single curse, and if it weren’t for his heavy breathing you couldn’t even be sure that he was still there. But he was, oh, he was. Every delicious whimper, moan, desperate plead or call of his name that flowed through the air painted a picture that had him licking his lips – one with you naked, laying on his bed with sweat beading your hairline and your brows knitted together—

“Bet you’re nervous, huh?” You manage to muse cheekily through your haze of foggy pleasure and damp ecstasy. You pull the dildo from you just to tease yourself, bumping it with little jolts against your clit before you insert it back in. “These – umh – toys are doing as much of a good job as you do.”

“You say that now.”

Well, damn him for being this confident. You make sure that the dildo is pushed in as far as you can take it and give the clamps another fond pull before you turn to what you were sure was gonna be your absolute favorite. Even the dull buzz that fills the room when you switch on the Magic Wand gives you goosebumps.

“I turned on the Magic Wand,” you inform him, biting your lip. Your cheeks are surely flushed and eyes hooded – it’s a shame that Namjoon isn’t there to see you. “It looks really powerful. You sure you aren’t the least bit worried?”

“I have faith in myself,” he retorts, and usually you would roll your eyes at his stubborn nature. You’re too preoccupied, though, with testing the waters with your new toy by gently pressing it against the slick bundle of nerves that was peeking out from under its hood.

“Shi…” You have no sanity to continue your sentence. All words and sentence formations and even your name is lost from your mind the second that bloody buzzing toy makes contact with your clit, sending what feels like sparks through your bloodstream and down to your rapidly curling toes. “O–oh, my…”

Your hips begin to desperately buck into the Magic Wand, eyes rolling into the back of your head with every explosion of pleasure. You raise a shaky hand to the clamps and just manage to yank one, short pants escaping you at the dull pained pleasure that resonates from the area.

“I have the Magic Wand on my clit,” you whimper, only remembering Namjoon’s presence in a fleeting thought. “Shit, shit – ah!”

To your ignorance, every disoriented sound that Namjoon heard only made him smile. He knew you quite possibly more than you knew yourself, and he was well aware of how desperate and weak-willed you became when you wanted to cum. And if he was right – and he was – you weren’t going to reach orgasm, or at least not a satisfying one, because you relied on him just as much as he did you.

“–’m gonna cum,” you gulp, wildly chasing the ever-tightening knot of lightning-hot pleasure in your lower stomach. Your eyebrows tilt deeper, your breaths becoming short, expectation filling your bones—

“No!” Before you realise it, the feeling of your rapidly growing orgasm is pulled from beneath you and you’re left floundering on the bed, desperately seeking some form of stimulation. You can even feel tears pricking at your eyes – if that doesn’t tell you how disappointed you are, then you don’t know what will.

You throw the Magic Wand onto the bed beside you and pull the dildo out of your pussy in utter anger, huffing to yourself as you regain your breath. When your breathing has levelled out and the room returned to complete silence, then Namjoon’s chuckle fills the room.

“I told you so,” he teases, only pushing you to fold your arms and pout to yourself. When you don’t reply, he clicks his tongue condescendingly. “C’mon, baby girl. We both knew that you weren’t gonna cum.”

“Shut up,” you murmur, frowning. Great, now the stupid ban was gonna stay in place. Hello, another month of no orgasms. “You rigged this somehow.”

“How could I have?” He says incredulously, the smile in his voice much too prominent. “Do you want to cum or not?”

You’re silent for a second. Your brain is loud, though, fighting between disagreeing with him and letting your stubbornness take root or agreeing with him and admitting you were wrong.

“I’m gonna need an answer.”


“Hm?” He was teasing you, of course he was. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said yes,” you groan indignantly, rolling your eyes at the laugh that follows after. “I’m desperate, shut up.”

“Okay, okay,” he agrees, drifting off into a comfortable silence for a few seconds. “Well, shall we get started, then? Pick up the dildo you were using, sweetheart.”

The sudden change in his voice makes your stomach turn (in a good way), and you’re quick to pick up the discarded dildo lest you make him mad. “I’ve got it.”

“Good,” he comments. His next action is a deep exhale that trails off into humming, one that makes your heart pound and your pussy clench needily. You really are wound up.

“I want you to run the tip down your body,” he murmurs, “Down your neck, past your nipples, past your stomach – when you get to your pussy, trail it up and down yourself.”

With bated breath you do as you’re told, goosebumps following the trail you make down the length of your body. When the tip of the dildo meets your clit you can only exhale, chest rising and falling with the movement.

“I bet you’re dripping, huh?” He muses, a certain darkness hidden within his tone of voice. “Ruining my sheets. Wish I was there to lick it up – good thing I got new ones, isn’t it?”

“O-of course,” you mumble back, dazed.

“Turn it on – don’t stop touching yourself.”

Your breathing becomes heavier, even heard over the dull buzzing that comes from the dildo. Every time you place it on your clit your nerves go into overdrive, rendering you speechless for just a few seconds. You give a soft moan of confirmation when Namjoon asks if you’re doing as he instructed.

“You’re doing well,” he says, as if he was surprised that you could behave. “Good. Now, you’re gonna spread your legs as wide as they can go, and you’re gonna push that toy into your pussy, okay?”

A groan of approval is all he gets. You spread your legs out, biting your lip at the thought of just being on display, before you do exactly as he told you to and push the vibrating toy deep into your pussy. You clench tightly around it, licking your lips. It feels so good, better than earlier, and you know (but won’t admit) that it’s because of Namjoon’s deep voice in your ear.

“Feel good?”

“So good.” You nod weakly, although he can’t see you. “I wish it was you inside me… I haven’t felt you in weeks…”

He gives a pained groan. In the back of your mind you feel slightly victorious at his reaction but in the moment you can fully say that you honestly don’t care. It’s true, anyway, that you wish he was there. There was something about Namjoon that toys couldn’t give you – his warmth, his possessiveness? And quite obviously, toys didn’t do aftercare. You had to do that by yourself.

“Trust me, I wish I was there too…” He inhales in discontent. “I’d fuck you hard – harder than all those toys combined… First, though, I’d taste you. Suck your clit in my mouth and dip my tongue into your pussy—”

A loud moan (yours) cuts off his flurry of words but he continues through it. “—make you cum so hard in my mouth that you scream—”

“I think you’re on the verge of that already,” you heave, chest rising shakily as you wet your dry lips. “Ungh - please, Namjoon…

” “Turn on the Magic Wand, baby girl, and hold it to your clit.”

There are actual tears welling in your eyes when you do exactly that and press the buzzing massager against you — truth be told, you have to actively fight to suppress a scream, because this feeling bubbling in your lower stomach is more powerful that the last one a million times over.

“I’m so close,” you cry desperately, throwing your head back as you slowly succumb to the pleasure. “I – I—”

“Now take it off.”

Fuck – why in the name of God are you listening to him? He’s not here, he can’t stop you – yet, you find yourself lifting the Magic Wand from yourself, almost sobbing at the feeling of your orgasm ripping itself from your body. You take the phone in your other hand, breathing so heavily that it mustn’t be healthy.

“Why did you do that?” You demand tearfully, wiping away the tear of frustration that slips down your cheek a second after. “Fuck you, Kim Namjoon—”

“Not a good way to speak to your daddy, sweetie. If you want to cum, you can beg,” he says, as if scolding a child. “That’s the only way you’re gonna get what you want.”

You mull over it dully for a second. Are you really about to lower yourself and beg for something that is actually yours in the first place?


Yes. Yes, you are.

“You can do better than that, sweetheart,” Namjoon coos irritatingly.

Please!” You cry, wriggling uncomfortably at the dildo still inside you that keeps you on a permanent edge. “I’ve been alone for weeks, just thinking about you and wanting you home and I need you and I need this, so please!”

“Fuck, put it back, baby girl.”

You do so, happily. The apartment trembles with every choked gasp and whimper that you produce. Your limbs are rendered limp and sensitive but even so you press the toy against yourself harder, relief filling you as your orgasm rushes towards you, so close, so near—

“Fu — Oh, my —” You’ve never squealed so high in your life, but that’s what the feeling that rushes through you makes you do. You think you may have screamed, too, or that your vision went white (or black), but you can’t remember anything except the molten pleasure that replaces your blood for a second. The phone in your hand uncaringly topples to the bed, leaving you writhing and riding out your orgasm alone.

It feels like forever has passed when your limbs finally stop jolting with the aftershocks of your orgasm, and your breath is recaptured by your lungs. Your hair is plastered to your forehead and your skin is covered in sweat, and the only thing your sore throat can muster is a hoarse moan.

“Fuck, Namjoon,” you whine, rubbing at your eyes. “Ngh… Shit…”

“Good, huh?” He sounds wrecked. You don’t blame him – he just listened to you cum over the phone and didn’t rub one out. He must be harder than rock right now. “I told you.”

“You did,” you grumble sleepily, your eyes fluttering shut. “You… did…”

“What are you doing?” Namjoon’s voice is back again, right next to your ear where you dropped your phone in your throes of passion. “Still three hours until tomorrow, baby girl. Three hours to cum as many times as you can before your month of chastity.”

A tired moan exits your lips but you can’t stop yourself from grappling at the nearby vibrator, his orders music to your ears…

(You inevitably fall asleep in the early hours of the morning, body still sore and pulsing, and are surprised to be awoken early by a knocking on the door.

It’s a box. Or, two, actually. One is white, the other pink, and you can’t help but roll your eyes fondly when you read the cursive writing inscripted on the fronts: Agent Provocateur and Carine Gilson. Of course, he managed to get them delivered literally hours after mentioning them.

Like he had promised, one is a set of panties and a bra, olive green in colour and decorated with gold and glitter to draw attention. The other set is a classic white corset and panty duo, with a matching garter.

For my baby girl, a note attached reads in Kim Namjoon’s distinguishable handwriting. Why don’t you model these for me, and I’ll see about lifting that ban?