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Bias Selfie Tag/Childhood pic tag

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I found this pic of Mark and Joey (his lil bro) so i wanted to do the Bias Selfie Tag with a twist and do like a childhood thing because I’ve done the bias selfie tag the same way multiple times before. Anyway thats my older sister and me (I’m the small one) in front of my grandma’s house in Japan <3. 

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Hey, whats you top five dresses, jeans, skirts, hairs, shoes? Love you!

hi, i’m sorry this took me forever to answer! i’ve answered hairs and jeans (sort of) previously, but i can do another updated hair faves if you’d like! buckle in for a long ass faves post

1. citrontart’s lazy loafers
2. slyd’s classic mules
3. slyd’s super stars 
4. madlen’s serafino sandals
5. mysteriousdane’s adidas gazelles

1. rusty’s high rise denim skirt
2. sondescent’s denim skirt
3. trillyke’s black skirt
4. citrontart’s verseau skirt
5. serenity’s kat skirt

1. serenity’s euphoria dress
2. waekey’s lazy dress
3. sentate’s monica dress
4. pickypikachu’s fortissimo dress
5. rusty’s turtleneck dress

Guess who learned how to make gifs? They’re not the best but I FINALLY did!

but after watching 4.06 yesterday and being reminded of this gold, I couldn’t not try😭 like what a beauty!!  + we need this look back!😍 where did this dress go haha?

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I just bought tickets for my very first ice show! Stoked to see some of my favorite skaters live and up close ^^ However, I'm still unsure of what is the proper etiquette for an ice show. When is it appropriate to applaud? I understand flash photography is a no-no but any tips for snapping a few photos using a smartphone camera or a camera without flash? Is it appropriate to even take pictures? What is the appropriate dress code? Any other essential do's/don'ts I should know beforehand?

1) Applaud before and after a program, just like at competitions. And basically whenever you feel like it during a program?

2) We’re not photographers so we can’t really give tips on taking photos, but non-flash photography is usually allowed at shows (except in Japan, where no photography is allowed from the audience at all).

3) Dress however you like, but remember that the rink might be a bit cold.

4) You can’t throw gifts on the ice at most shows; there are no sweepers to pick them up. But this varies by show.

If you’d like more info about the event/venue, we recommend contacting the organizers or arena directly. Have fun!

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okay, I wanted to ask you cuz i'm not super into Zelda and all, but I like sidlink-- I've been seeing lots of people saying that Sidon finding link in the gerudo outfit attractive is transphobic and I just want to know why people are saying that all of a sudden? I'm just really confused. all I know about that outfit is he uses it to get into a city of women or something?? I'm confused.

I’ve seen these people complaining in the tags about how its apparently racist and promoting hertonormativity, which brought up the issue that by thinking it promotes heteronormativity; you’re assuming Link couldn’t possibly be a trans girl. 

I’m not personally offended by it but I’m also not a trans girl so my opinion on what should and should not offend them is of little importance. I think people just find any reason to bitch now a days, clothes are clothes, why do we need to police what other people dress their flesh prison in? Not to mention it’s fiction, who gives a shit who likes it, I don’t think someone’s kinks are anyone else’s business; you do you.

Not sure how racism ties into this considering they’re a fictional race, but the amount of reaching I’ve seen in posts people have made trying to say this is problematic was hilarious.

Okay Kaiba, if you’re such an expert on fashion, let’s break down some of your outfits.

Outfit #1

A purple trench coat over a green dress shirt and green pants. Stylin color combination.

Outfit #2

A sleeveless white trench coat (is that even a thing? do they make sleeveless trench coats?) with red lining, a high collar, studs, and pointy shoulder pads. Worn over a black shirt, black pants made of what looks like–what, leather, rubber?

–with a pair of belts tied around each leg, matching belts around each arm, some kind of funky metal bracelets…

…and heels. Guess that explains why his height varies wildly from shot to shot.

Outfit #3

The Best-of-Both-Worlds Trench Coat: even purpler than Trench Coat 1, and with even pointier shoulder pads than Trench Coat 2. Worn over a black turtleneck, with the same bracelet/arm cuff/whatever thingies from outfit #2. 

This ensemble shows up a lot in scenes where he’s in his office doing day-to-day Kaiba Corp business.

Maybe he thinks the loafers make it business casual.

In conclusion: nice outifts, dork.


Part Two, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮

Part Three will be out and will be the last one! Shit getting real is all I’m promisin’. 

Sasako…wearing glasses…