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Little gift for @xyriath dedicated to her awesome story “Disinclined to Acquiesce”

Come on people, I know i’m not the only one who thought about these two in a dress. Pls tell me I wasn’t the only one xDD

Anyways, sillyness aside, hope you guys enjoy~!

not venting but-


duuuuudee, I just realized that in a promotional picture, Remi is wearing cargo pants and a sweater… 

and guess who is wearing cargo pants and sweaters this season… 

what if Jane dressed on jeans and tank tops in season 1 because that was her style? but now that she’s recovered memories of her past as Remi, she decided to go for cargo pants and sweaters? it might have not been a personal choice but an unconscious one? maybe her mind secretly started to choose Remi’s outfits

also cargo pants are like a Sandstorm dress code 

alkja  asked:

Re: that Jedi dandy post I threw your way. You're right, Obi-Wan would never. But this is a guy who faked his death to all his loved ones, infiltrated a jail and threatened to EAT somebody all in the name of duty. He just needs someone to sell him this other duty in the right way ("Do it for the Republic! Dooku is a distinguished gentleman, we cannot look like the dowdier choice! That key world leader likes handsome, well turned out men, take one for the team!) [cont]

Let’s not forget one of his friends is Padme “Weaponized Fashion” Amidala, lady knows what the right dress can mean. Hell, this could also be a nice bonding experience with Anakin “Rebellious Leather Pants” Skywalker, who clearly has OPINIONS about fashion and needs some laughter. (I can imagine the new Republic hit single going: “Walk walk fashion Jedi…” Yoda will totally groove to this in his rooms.) :)

(in reference to this)

Hah, I mean, absolutely. Obi-Wan will do a lot for duty and the good of the Galaxy. But I don’t think anyone can convince the Negotiator that him wearing fashionable robes is in any way necessary for the greater good.

Unless he’s on a diplomatic mission on some planet. I’m sure Obi-Wan has worn a ton of weird ceremonial clothes over his active years as a Jedi.

Tbh, I’m sure Obi-Wan could manage to look more regal and imposing and thus one-up Dooku even while wearing his standard fare. Which would just end up looking more impressive. get rekt Dooku

anonymous asked:

I need nordics opinion now! I'm going to prom tomorrow and what is better: little black dress and black satin pumps or thight white dress with long slaves and black mary-jane shoes? Silver or white nailpolish?

Norway: Hm… the second and the second. I think they would look nice.

Sasako…wearing glasses…