what to doooo

holy fuck oh my god if supercorp isn’t endgame then this is some really fabulously maddening bating like……. what the fuck is happening what are they trying to doooo

the thing about that almost kiss is that there was so much build up, so much leading up to it. it wasn’t casual, it wasn’t random. it was weeks in the making

i think in the previous episode, when they were hanging out at even’s place, isak let himself believe that something might happen. because he assumed even was single. and i think he let himself assume that even was interested in boys, and in him (he wouldn’t let himself think about that too much, not explicitly, but that seed was planted in his head) because, yeah, there was something there. but then sonja came. and isak had snapped back to reality. and this idea of what he and even were and could be that was starting to grow in his mind fell apart. and from that moment on, isak couldn’t assume anything, couldn’t let himself assume anything. he couldn’t let himself get his hopes up 

so even comes to the pre-grame. he comes with sonja. boyfriend and girlfriend. okay. but then, the call your girlfriend scene happens, and even looks at him like that and it’s back, the feeling that there is something there. there is definitively something there. but then it’s over, the music is over. even is still looking at him but he’s getting ready to leave. with his girlfriend. and once again isak can’t let himself just assume things. he doesn’t know what’s going through even’s mind, and at that point isak isn’t certain or confident enough to just confront him about what is happening

and then even joins isak in the kitchen. and isak is genuinely surprised by it because he thought even was going to leave with sonja and emma. and isak didn’t want to take a taxi with the three of them because that was definitively not something he could handle right now. he thought he would have to join them later, and spend the rest of the evening with emma, the girl he was not interested in, keeping up this facade, and once again be confronted with the fact that even had a girlfriend. and he needed to be away from that for a while. or he probably was thinking of excuses to skip the party. but none of that matters in the end. because in the end even is here, in his kitchen. they are alone

and there is so much going through isak’s mind at that point, but mainly what is he doing. even didn’t leave the apartment with sonja, but there he is talking about the fact that they’ve been together for years, telling isak that they’re drifting apart but he can’t leave her. and isak is thinking why is he telling me this. and i think at that point isak is hurt, and confused and frustrated. it’s all so much but he can’t say anything. it’s all bottled up. he’s tense

but then even makes that stupid joke about sonja’s aluminium leg and he’s laughing and teasing isak and their whole dynamic from the previous week is back and isak can’t resist it. he really likes even, he likes him so much. but he can’t do anything about it. in that moment, isak is powerless, and vulnerable. so he stands there, looking down, not making a move. so even makes the move. even takes the lead and is about to seal the deal. finally. but then noora comes. and it doesn’t happen

the thing is that it doesn’t matter, really, in the grand scheme of things. the act itself doesn’t happen. their lips don’t touch. but the intention was there, from both parts. even expressed unspoken words. i want to kiss you. and isak agreed. i want you to kiss me

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All the space prime numbers!

1. Favorite planet

WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME this is very difficult um um OMIGOSH no why I’m just stream of conciousing right here okay Saturn it’s Saturn I’m gonna go with Saturn (sorry to all my other babies)

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2. Favorite dwarf planet

This is actually not that difficult and in a shocking turn of events its Pluto of course it is my lovely little cinnamon roll ahhh darling

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3. Favorite comet or asteroid.

Comet: Shoemaker Levy 9, you know, the one that pwnd Jupiter.

Asteroid: Ida simply because she has a TEENSY TINY moon Dactyl who is my son

5. Favorite nebula

This is also VERy DIFFICULT I’m gonna pick the Veil Nebula lookit this gorgeous:

7. Favorite unmanned/planetary mission

CASSINI. Listen I did think a lot about this and it was very difficult (I mean, Rosetta? New Horizons? Frickin just Dragon anyone?) but I have long had a special place in my heart for Cassini my child.

11. Favorite space-related movie/documentary

Movie: The Martian OR Hidden Figures OR Appolo 13 I rushed into this and that is my fault

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Documentary: The Discovery Channel series When We Left Earth

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Kylo Ren x Reader Imagine

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“Imagine Kylo treats you like a princess because he likes you.”

>Requested by Anon.💗 <

The last few weeks were really pleasant for you because Commander Ren gave you a promotion and your job became suddenly really nice and easy. The promotion was per se the best thing that happened to you in weeks but it wasn‘t exactly what you expected. You thought you could work on the Finalizer or at least any other Stardestroyer where you get the commando but you were technically Kylo‘s personal assistant now with the difference that Kylo acted like your personal assistant.
You were surprised that he gave you a promotion but also that he were so nice to you because you didn‘t have much to do with him. You saw him from time to time when you walked around Starkiller and he sometimes asked you how you feel but the only proper interaction you had with him were when you visited him while he was sick. Nobody wanted to check on him because they were afraid but you liked the Commander and he always asked you how you‘re doing so you wanted to do him a favor, this was also the first time that you saw him without his helmet.
Howsoever, the Commander was really attached to you since this day and some of your co-workers complained that you got the promotion only because Kylo liked you. At first you thought that they‘re just jealous so you didn‘t mind their words until Kylo started to tread you better and better, the longer you worked for him. Everything started with small things, he asked you more often how you feel and if you like your job, then he exchanged your old uniforms with new and better ones which were made out of a smoother and more comfortable fabric, then he offered you to show you how to fight with a lightsaber and he always brought you nice gifts when he came back from a mission.
You just felt like a spoiled pet and you couldn‘t explain to yourself why Kylo did so much for you, you just thought that he may be happy to have a friend in you because you were the only person who truly cared for Kylo.
This whole special treatment was great at first because it was kinda like a long vacation with a good friend but being spoiled by Kylo wasn‘t the reason why you worked for the First Order, you wanted your desk job back or at least any other job so you decided to talk with Kylo about the problem.

You waited for Kylo to come back from a meeting with Hux and Phasma. Your hands were sweaty and your heart beat faster because you didn‘t know how Kylo would react to your request and you were afraid he could get the wrong end of the stick if you tell him that you don‘t want his promotion anymore.
Hours passed but then Kylo came in. He took off his helmet and placed it nicely on his writing desk before he walked over to the sofa to sit down next to you. He put his arm around you and started to play with your hair before he said anything. Your hair was something he liked really much about you, he was always satisfied by its softness and the smell of it.
„How was your day Y/N ?“
„It was okay, I guess, a bit boring without you. How was your day ?“
„My day was good, Hux wasn‘t as bitchy as usual for once and Phasma shared some great infos with us. Besides, are you sure that your day was boring ? You seem to be kinda nervous and I feel your tension through the force, it‘s unpleasant.“
You sighed and looked him straight in the face.
„Look Kylo, we have to talk about my promotion. I‘m so grateful for it and promotions are often a great opportunity to grow but this isn‘t what I want. Your gifts, the permission to hang around in your apartment all day and not to work at all, I feel more like a spoiled pet than a useful member of the First Order and I‘d like to get my old job back…“
Kylo‘s eyes widened and he had to clear his throat. Your words came fast and harsh and he didn‘t expect that you feel like this. All he wanted was to protect you and to make you happy because he liked you, you were the first person who meant something to him.
„I didn‘t know that you feel like that, I thought it‘s a favor for you because you thought a bit loud about how stressful your job is before I gave you the promotion.“
Suddenly the whole situation became clear. You smiled at him, understanding that he just wanted to help.
„My job was stressful and the promotion was nice at first but I‘m not a princess, I don‘t like it to be spoiled with gifts and to do nothing all day.“
„I understand, but I can‘t give you your old job back because Hux replaced your position already.“
You felt really bad and you were almost at the verge of tears. You really wanted your job back and to hear that you got  replaced was hard.
„That‘s fine… but Kylo be honest, did you give me the promotion because of my good work or for other reasons ?“
Kylo took one of your hands and held it against his chest while he ran his thumb slowly over the back.
„Shhh, Y/N, I always appreciated your work, you were one of our best Lieutenants but I gave you the promotion for some other reasons. I wanted to have you around me all the time but I also wanted you to be less stressed, I really like you and didn’t want to see you overworked.“
It was nice to hear these words from Kylo, you had the feeling that he cared about your health but the job problem still bothered you.
„I wasn‘t overworked Kylo, just stressed but thank you for your concern. Anyways, what can we do about the situation ? I can‘t have my old job back and you don‘t want me to follow you on missions.“
Kylo hesitated a moment to answer you and then let out a long sigh.
„Look, I have an option for the problem but I‘m not happy about it.“
„Tell me, Kylo !“
„I see that you have talent with my lightsaber, we could build one for you too and make another Knight of Ren out of you. Then I would be… still concerned if you follow me on missions but it would be okay with it. But only if you‘re interested. And the training is hard.“
His offer made you so happy. This was perfect for you, you could spend time with Kylo, see the galaxy and he would also build you your own lightsaber !
„This is just perfect, that‘s exactly what I want ! Thank you so much for your offer, that’s so sweet of you.“
Kylo smiled at you.
„No problem Y/N, it‘s the least I can do.“
You came a bit closer to Kylo.
„But another thing, about that you like me… how much do you like me ?“
Kylo‘s face flushed red and he glanced away.
„Y/N, that‘s complicated ! I can‘t talk about it.“
„Of course you can, spit it out Kylo !“
„Y/N stop, we‘re not children. I refuse to talk about it.“
Kylo still looked away so you crawled into his lap. You couldn‘t believe what you were doing and what you were about to do. You liked Kylo, you found a fantastic friend in him and he cared about you and your health, still, he was a dangerous person and the Commander of the First Order but you didn’t care about it in this moment. You wrapped your arms around him and leaned in for a kiss.
Kylo was surprised, he hesitated a moment but then he closed his eyes and returned the kiss.
Kylo pulled away after a few seconds, it felt great for him but this was new for him. You rested your head on his cheast.
“I like you a lot Kylo, you’re a great friend.”
Kylo smiled nervous, overwhelmed by his feelings
“I guess we’re more than friends now, aren’t we.”

and since you’re the only one that matters
tell me who do I run to?

          ‘  yo,  this one’s  mine.