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What I expected in The Punisher: guns, violence, blood, sheer brutality, etc.

What I didn’t expect in The Punisher: Frank Castle  softly kissing Karen Page on the cheek by the waterside.

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yooo could you write what it would be like giving giving keith a blowjob?? ur shiro post had me thinkin

I gottchu bby. NSFW, ofc  (¬‿¬)

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30 Day OTP Challenge:

Day Thirty: Do What You Want

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Two Of A Kind Part 1

A Goth x Palette fanfiction

Part 1 - you are here
Part 2
Part 3

Goth belongs to @nekophy
Palette belongs to @angexci
Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies
Reaper belongs to @renrink

WARNING - if you do not like mentions/strong content of gore, sex, suicide, depression, please feel free to bypass this story. If you ignore this warning than you’re going to hell, I’m sorry, that’s just how the bible works.


Goth sat on his bed, looking at a beautifully framed photo of his mother, Geno. It had floral decorations and a bright red engraved rose on the top left. He sighed and looked at the back. A small inscription sat at the bottom.

‘Love you always Mum’ it said, bringing a tear to Goth’s eye. He quickly wiped it away and hid the frame when Reaper walked in.

Goth smiled slightly at his father, “Hey Dad….” he said, his voice breaking from the tears was holding back.

Reaper noticed this and sighed, sitting on the bed beside Goth. “I know how you feel,” he told Goth, placing a hand on his son’s back gently.

There was a long pause, both of them hesitated in speaking. Geno had been one of the few things the two had in common.

“Why did he do it?” Goth asked breathily.

Reaper frowned slightly, “I’m not sure,” he admitted with a sigh.

It had been over a year since Geno’s suicide, the whole family had taken a blow. Goth had taken it the worst and was still finding it hard to cope with the loss.

“Palette’s here for you,” Reaper said, standing up, “He said he has something to give you.”

Goth looked up at the door, where Palette was now standing. The younger smiled softly at Goth, his starry eyes looking sympathetic. “Hey Gothy,” he said, walking over.

Reaper went to give Palette a pat on the back, but quickly stopped himself, leaving the room.

Palette took Reaper’s place beside Goth on the bed, “I’ve got you-”

“I know, Dad told me,” Goth sighed, shutting his eyes a moment. “What did you get?” he asked, looking back at his friend.

“Actually, I made it,” Palette said, handing him a box. Goth wondered a moment if he had always been holding the long red box.

Gently, he took it from Palette’s hands and analysed the box. It was a decent size, about half of Goth’s arm length and it had a white ribbon wrapped around it. He looked at Palette before untying the ribbon and opening the box.

When he saw what was inside, his eyes went wide and warm tears welled in his eyes. “Palette,” he whispered, “I-” he couldn’t speak.

“It’s not that good, but I tried-”

“Palette,” Goth said again, “It’s amazing, I love it.”

It was a small doll, just a bit smaller than the box. The doll was a replica of Geno, including his scarf and the cut along his chest. Goth wrapped his arms around Palette’s waist.

The other blushed slightly, “You’re welcome, Goth,” Palette said, putting his arms around his friend.

Palette was younger than Goth, but a fair bit taller. They’d been friends since Palette was twelve and as far as he could remember, Goth hadn’t aged a bit.

“Hey Goth?” he questioned.

Goth looked at Palette, letting go, “Yeah?” he tilted his head slightly, wiping away his tears as he hugged the doll of his mother.

“How-” he paused, trying to think of a way to structure his sentence, “How old are you?”

“Technically I’m about,” he thought for a moment, “Twenty maybe?”

Palette’s eyes widened, “Woah really?!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, but I’m stuck as a ten year old forever,” he huffed, looking annoyed at that simple fact.

Palette nodded, thinking that if he were in Goth’s position, he would be quite upset too. Another thought suddenly came to mind, but before he could say anything, Goth quickly interrupted.

“No,” he said, seeing the look on Palette’s face. “I’m still ten, kinda,” he huffed.

Palette frowned. There goes intimacy out the window. He decided he could still have a good relationship with Goth, even without sex. It would be like dating an asexual person right? Just ten? Would that even be okay?

Goth waved a hand in front of Palette, giving him an odd look. The motion made Palette blink and pull back a little.

He blushed in embarrassment, “O-oh, sorry,” he mumbled, “I was just thinking,” he said, looking at Goth again. 

The smaller skeleton continued to gaze in confusion at Palette, “Thinking about what?” he asked.

“Oh uh,” he looked around for an answer, hoping something in the room would help, “Uh, your,” he peered around again, his eyes landing on a book, “Your Fairy Tale book?” he tried, looking back at his friend.

Goth didn’t buy it, giving him a bored, unimpressed look, “My book?” he said simply and disbelieving, “You were thinking, about my book?”

Palette nodded quickly.

With a sigh, Goth laid down, not arguing the point. “Whatever,” he mumbled.

“Goth, can I ask you something?” Palette looked straight ahead.

“You just did but go ahead,” Goth said, waving his hand in approval.

Palette huffed at Goth’s joke before continuing, “Do you like me at all?”

There was a painfully long silence, both boys faces were lit up in blush. Finally, one of them spoke.

“O-of course I do,” Goth said nervously, his voice stuttering, “You’re my best friend,” he said.

Still, neither of them looked at the other as another painfully long pause filled the room. This one seemed longer, both of them sitting there regretting what they said.

Palette eventually sighed, “Yeah, best friends,” he mumbled before standing up and leaving the room.

Word Count ~ 884

There was a Pharah on my team and I was Mercy and they were dunkin on themselves in the spawn with their rockets before the match start so I healed them up and then used the “Sometimes you scare me” line and Pharah just paused and stared at me like they couldn’t believe I would say that.

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sherlock vs mary 

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qwdehsio since everyone is talking about how monsta x might dispand and i am sick of people being v forceful with ‘support monsta x or they might die’ behavior i made my own rant ;/

If monsta x would end up disbanding. It’s not MONBEBE their fault. It would be due to the lack in MONBEBE. Not because MONBEBE didn’t try hard enough to support MX. Not because a few MONBEBES couldn’t afford the albums or did not have the time to stream.

They got v to first win last time. THEY ARE DOING A FUCKING WORLD TOUR??? You really think when they get back in seoul after that. Starship will just slide over a piece of paper saying ‘bye bitch twas fun’ considering they lost fuckin sistar?! they can’t just throw away a group that has been steadily growing ever since debut. 

YES BTS (and others but bts for my example) WON WITHIN 2 YEARS. I was a huge ARMY WHEN THEY HAD FIRST WIN. YET I NEVER VOTED. Why? i was busy and when i had free time i forgot to vote. I also only was able to afford their albums around comebacks when i was older. Not when i was young and new to them. Though I do care more about MX then i have about BTS. I know that some MBB might be like I was back then.

stop guilt tripping people. Stop making monbebe feel bad about not being able or just not wanting to put time into, supporting monsta x. You might make monbebe leave the fandom because of this toxic behavior. That is more likely to be their downfall then anything else.

the only thing you are doing with all this guilt tripping, is shaming and harming MONBEBES. I have taken breaks from groups because of things like this.

Now luckily most people i follow are fuckin chill but if i go through the monsta x tag i’m like the guy walking in with the pizza in that meme.