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"One more chapter" ♡

Eyes of a silvery blue fall to her own with surprise — not knowin’ whether to be pleased that she wanted to hear more, or laugh because of what she’d asked him to do in the first place. Leave it to Emily to still be so silly — even in a state of half-slumber. Though It felt strange to be alone with a girl he’d been trying to branch away from in the FEELINGS department, those desires of his ended up boiling back down to square one. It ain’t a friendzone, so to speak, or an unrequited purgatory—

They were just … friends. And that was enough for him. Running his fingers through pools of raven-colored hair ( as she lay on his lap, hoping to hear a daunting tale ), Zapp bit the inside of his mouth — fixating his gaze toward a barren wall.

❝Well… I don’t really have any chapters in my stories, Mary. But I’ll keep goin’, since y’seem so interested in this kid.❞ His voice grew soft towards the end of that sentence, as if remembering something that came to him less than a moment ago.

❝This kid used to belong to someone, y’see. Someone who wanted to bring ‘im into the world, and probably wanted the best for ‘im, too. He’d never know it though, because he never laid a single eye on that person in his life. …He lived knowin’ that the only things tied to ‘im were shadows he’d never see.❞



Hey guys! So, if you guys haven’t heard anything new about the AMA, we found out a few new things. Some were big, some were small, and some were hilarious. But anyways, I wanted to talk about Tad Strange, and what I believe is his connection to Gravity Falls.

 Now, Tad Strange is a new character that is supposed to be voiced by Cecil Baldwin, who also voices the main character on Welcome to Night Vale. Not much is known about him except that Bill has called him, “a real square.” A lot of people have been saying that Bill means this literally and that he is going to be a square shaped demon with ties to the Freemasons. Now, i think that that would be pretty cool in all honesty, and would make sense. But, what if Bill was speaking figuratively?  I mean, Bill is pretty twisty with his words, so it could go either way. I have a theory that could actually work for both. Now bear with me on this one. I’m going to be pulling evidence that is from WTNV that i think might have an impact on our character here. So, sorry if it seems like a stretch. 

Okay, first lets talk about Tad. Bill said he was a “real square.” this could mean he’s either actually square shaped, or is extremely knowledgeable. Or both. I like to think its both. And here’s why:

The Mailbox.

Now, we still have no knowledge of where it came from, who’s it is, or who was writing to the others. Now here’s my theory: The writer, and owner is Tad. 

Now, I know it sounds stupid, but if Tad is a square and therefore knowledgeable, wouldn’t it make sense for him to be able to give all those answers to Dipper and co.?  And, since the mailbox was “magical” or cursed or something supernatural, if Tad was a demon, it wouldn’t be far out of his reach to create something like that. Tad also seems like a straightforward guy who wouldn’t want any silliness goofing him up. I mean, people who are squares tend to be straightforward and very serious. 

Now, before you go on saying anything like, “but those shorts don’t ever reoccur in the show!” Because they do. 

And I feel like this was one thing we all brushed over. Taking it more as a gag then an actual mystery. 

So, given this, what do we know about the guy on the other side of the mailbox? Well this:

A blabbermouth. Now, I know he probably says this in more of a mocking way, but I noticed a connection between this and something in Night Vale.  

The latest of episode of Night Vale was released:

April 1st. The same night as the AMA. Now, I need you guys to listen to the following excerpt found on the link below:


This is from the newest episode. Listen carefully to Carlos’s nicknames for Cecil. Which one sticks out to you the most? Oh, I know which one sticks out to me the most.


I know I know, I must seem mental to be trying to use these two separate things for this. But isn’t it a bit coincidental that the night of the show they said this, and then a few hours later Bill happens to use it to describe a character we’ve never met in person? Maybe this hiatus is taking its toll on me, but when you put the pieces together, they fit. 

So, believe me if you want, but I believe this could work in due time.

Let me know what you guys think!

See ya.