what to do with a too big skirt

ok but consider: cheerleader Neil Josten


- so we all know neil’s mom said he couldn’t play exy

- you know what the next best thing to playing exy is

- obsessively watching exy and cheering for it

- his mom didn’t really mind (well, he did at first, but neil somehow convinced her it wasn’t terrible) as long as he didn’t get attached to a squad and shit

- boy picked up so much skill from local cheer gyms everywhere

- he trained sO HARD (like half because if he was better they put him closer to the game so he had a better view)

- his tumbling passes were legendary. with his speed he could do the craziest shit like so many back handsprings. a back tuck. crazy twists and everything.

- even though he’s a guy he’s still soooo short

- at one point his coach decided to make him a f l y e r - like this little 5"3 muscular ass boy getting tossed like 20 feet in the air by these peppy girls in short skirts - just imagine

- he kept going until sometime before his mom died, when he realized he might have put a bit too much effort into the sport. people don’t see boy flyers and pass it off, and one of his teams almost made it big. almost- neil’s mom made him mess up their last routine and they left shortly after crippling the squad’s chances at nationals

- neil never really cheered again after his mom died, but he sometimes watched the vixens’ routines, mentally noting their strengths and weaknesses and what they could do with them, but he never said anything because he only knew katelyn and… it’s katelyn

- no one knows about his cheer days. not even andrew. uNTIL

- one day neil is out running and hey look up ahead near the exy stadium it’s the vixens holding practice

- he’s totally just gonna go right by them because exy but then he hears some shouting

- as he gets closer he sees some guys trying to talk to the vixens. from the look of their body language and the girls’ tense stances, it’s not going well

- neil gets closer and hears some very rude and derogatory things being said

- he promptly tells them to fuck off, may have added a threat or two. the guys bail.

- the vixens tell him they had it covered but thanks anyway, and one is like “hey, you wanna have a real practice today?” like totally joking

- neil’s brain is like fuck it

-  “yeah sure can you guys fly me in a basket double twist”

- who are you and what have you done with our starting striker

- neil just basically joins their practice

- katelyn’s reaction was priceless

- not as priceless as andrew’s expression when he sees his boyfriend being thrown into the air by a bunch of cheerleaders on the way to practice

Women are a balancing act

Don’t eat too much, don’t eat too little. Don’t be fat, don’t be too skinny. God do you ever stop eating? Woah do you ever eat? The not-so-well-concealed looks of disgust, the not-so-well-concealed looks of concern.

Don’t be loud. Don’t be quiet. Have a voice in society, leave the talking to the big boys. You want something, speak up! No, no, when it’s your turn, sweetie. Ugh, she never shuts up, it’s obnoxious. Have you ever heard her talk? I don’t even know what her voice sounds like.

Make sure your skirt is long enough, but not too long. Don’t make yourself too available, but you don’t want to look like a grandma. Show off what you got, but if you do it’s your fault if anything happens. Was your skirt long enough? How is any boy going to look at you if you wear that?

Have sex, but stay innocent. Give us what we want, but we hate sluts. Virgins are so sweet. What do you mean you want to stay abstinent until marriage? Do you even live in our society? Live without sex is boring. Life with sex is disgusting. God, have you seen her? She’s banged every guy in the school. God, have you seen her? Still a virgin at her age.

Be smart, but not too smart. Boys like a smarter girl. Boys can’t stand it when you know more than them. Play dumb. Ugh, not that dumb, god, weren’t you even listening? They like a smarter girl. No, no, now you just look like a nerd. Girls don’t belong in the classroom, they have to take care of the kids. You want a well-paying job? Take some incentive and study. You can’t slack off because your a girl.

Do what you love, but don’t. Be yourself, unless it goes against what we say. Do you love to do your hair and makeup? Great, you’re good to go. Approved. Do you love videogames and guns? You’re faking it. You’re lying. You’re pretending. You’re wrong

—  Balancing Act. A little piece I wrote because I’m tired of walking on the beam. 
Drops of Jupiter [Jimmy Darling x Reader]

Warnings: SMUT, NOT PROOFREAD, loss of virginity, possible spoilers, some really weird angst, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), cursing, possibly more

Word Count: 953

Request: “Could you do an angsty smut thing woth jimmy where its thier first time and she’s like ‘touch me’ and he is so overwhelmed and happy cause omg she loves him???? Idk man but anyways its fine if not and i rlly love ur writing and yeah :)” - Anon

A/N: ty ty ty my child. And I’m not good with angst tbh so ???

And apparently condoms weren’t a huge thing in the 50′s like what? As much as I write unprotected sex, the idea disgusts me tbh.

(I’ve had this in my drafts for forever, sorry!)

“Jimmy,” You whisper as your boyfriend messily tugs the buttons on the front of your blouse. “I can help you…” He pulls the navy blue sleeves down your shoulders, and off of your arms, letting it fall on the floor, much to your annoyance.

“I wanna do it.” You quietly agree, but moments later notice Jimmy grumble, fumbling with your bra. You reach around your back, un-clipping the black garment. He lets out a small sigh, admiring you.

It’s like slow-motion when Jimmy’s lips smash against yours in a quick, passionate kiss that would lead to him tossing you back on the bed, and him un-buckling his trousers with a sly smile, completely forgetting it’s your first time. It wasn’t until he noticed how fast your heart was beating that he remembered, and to which he attempted to stop his actions. After reassuring him that there was nothing to be afraid of, he began again, very slowly.

“My God Jimmy, I’m not made of glass!” You said, a little bit irritated. Alright, a lot a bit irritated. He knew that he could touch you, that you wanted to be touched by him, but he just couldn’t ever get it through his brain. The two of you had fooled around before, going so far as to you sucking him off in bed during the late hours of the night, thankful that he had his own caravan, but never actually done it. Every time you got close to it happening, he backed out because he was nervous. You weren’t letting that happen this time, though. You were going to show him that it was okay. Whether he believed you or not, well, that was up to him.

Pulling him down on the bed with you, you flip over so he’s under you. Pulling his briefs down, his cock springs free. His size had never, ever failed to surprise you, and sometimes it felt like maybe he was too big. But through the times, he had managed to convince you that he wasn’t “too big” as you had originally thought. The thought still lurked sometimes, though.

“Darlin’, what are you doing?” You quickly shush him, trying to keep your thoughts (and confidence) in order. Sliding your panties off, you toss them to the side, along with your skirt, which Jimmy had previously un-zipped halfway. You hear Jimmy laugh nervously, mumbling something or another about you.

You line his cock up with your entrance, slowly sliding down. A small whimper escapes your parted lips, and Jimmy quickly brings his hands to grip your thighs. “Oh darlin’…” After a moment of adjusting to him, you raise yourself up, your hands on his chest, quickly falling again, the warmth already rising in your stomach. 

He groans again, feeling your warmth clasp around him. Jimmy mumbles nonsense, only every few words intelligible. You didn’t mind his sounds, just wished you knew what he was saying. You could make guesses, though.

With another thrust, the two of you fall into a nice rhythm. Every time you’d slide down, he’d buck up to meet you. It was a strange way to lose your virginity, but you weren’t really sure if there was a uniform way to do it. Moans spilled from your newly dirty lips, and somehow, pride was apparent in them. You were brand new to the game, but had Jimmy Darling (of all people!) a groaning mess beneath you.

“J-Jimmy!” You pant, Jimmy pushing you back down to meet his hips. He let out a loud grunt escape his lips, feeling you pulse on his cock.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was lost in his own little world. You were the center of his thoughts, how fucking gorgeous you looks sitting on his cock, the angelic sounds you made, the way your body moved… He was so proud of himself for landing a girl as amazing as you. His mind didn’t even jump to the fact that he didn’t deserve you, unlike usual. It was safe to say that you had blown his mind with your sudden dominance.

He had been with two or three girls before. They were awkward, mostly drunken encounters, who were quick and dirty in the back alley. A back alley Sally, if you will. And I mean, who would want to fuck the lobster boy sober? They had gone with whatever he lead with, and probably ignored him the entire time. None of them spoke up about what they wanted, or even attempted at communicating their needs. 

But you took charge, apparently, and Jimmy loved that.

With his hands still on your hips and in the perfect sync, he made an attempt at flipping the pair of you over, so that you were on the bed. A second later, you dismount the handsome boy and lay on the bed, the warm Florida breeze sticking to your skin. Jimmy eagerly takes the opportunity and climbs on top of you, peppering kisses on your neck and chest. 

It’s not but a few seconds before he’s mercilessly (well, almost) pounding into you. Now, it was your turn to be the moaning mess beneath your lover, enjoying every single second.

“Jim- Ah!” You shout, Jimmy’s hand quickly rising to cover your mouth. 

“Shh. We don’t wanna be caught, do we?” Shaking your head no, he lifts his hand. Quickly, and without warning, you feel yourself release over him again. He groans. Not but a few minutes later, both of you had finished and were laying messily sprawled out on the bed. “Well then…” 

“Well then, indeed.” You confirm. He smiles, pulling your bare body closer. And soon enough, the pair of you are fast asleep, praying that nobody entered the van until morning.

NCT 127 + Ten Reaction to: A Girl Joining The Group

@thekpophut hope you enjoy! ~

Edit: also @lol-i-have-know-idea ty for pointing out I forgot Ten lol!! I keep getting confused w all the members … I might need need to cut back on the no. I write for … >.< but ty, seriously!

Taeil: He’s super … awkward. He wants to be a loving big bro but isn’t good at expressing his emotions so he’s distant. He’s very loving though and gives good advice, you just need to approach him first. Won’t stop you doing what you want e.g going to a party. But he does warn you about not getting too drunk or going home with a stranger. And is willing to wait up and be your ride, if you need one. Also willing to help you entertainment wise, in any way he can. But like with your personal life, you need to approach him first.

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Johnny: Acts like he’s an innocent big brother but secretly, just between you two, he’s the “cool” bro. He hooks you up with his hot friends and sneaks you alcohol if you’re of legal age. While the others may say “Oh that skirt is too short,” he’s the one who smuggles the skirt out so you pass by the others in jeans but change into it in the car on the way to the party. Oh, yeah about those parties … Any one that he dj’s, he invites you to (one again, only if you’re legal age). Johnny doesn’t shelter or coddle you. If you’re not practicing hard enough then he’ll definitely tell you off. And he’ll also slip you dental dams/condoms and warn you about safe sex too. There’s no nonsense with him haha.

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Taeyong: Is warm and inviting. Makes sure to include you in all their gags and games, treating you like one of the boys but also … not. He includes you but treats you like a delicate flower, yelling at the others if they hit you with a ball or curse around you. He just wants to protect you, esp. as you face a lot of haters, being the only girl in the group.

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Yuta: ”Oh great, another member. Just what NCT is lacking!” he jokes. It’s an antagonistic brother-sister relationship, where you act like enemies but he would fight anyone who hurt your feelings. Ok, maybe not fight, but he would definitely sass them out. On shows, he always says snappy remarks to your haters that leave the viewers in stitches.

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Doyoung: Tries too hard to seem friendly and welcoming, to the point where it’s awkward. But once you get used to each other, he’s less awkward to talk to. Wants to be the one to help you fit in so if you form the strongest bond with him, he’ll be really chuffed.

“I already have a brother and now I have a sister,” he says fondly, whenever an interviewer asks about you.

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Ten: Immediately calls you his “sister.” He’ll always drag you along to play games or cook, so you’re not bored or feeling excluded. He ensures that you fit in quickly. And hardly even notices that you’re a girl. He’s comfortable enough around you to even fart and not wash his hands lol

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Jaehyun: May be a little flirtatious but only in a friendly way, to boost your confidence. He knows that SM would murder you both if there was a romantic relationship so his comments are strictly platonic, meant to encourage you.

“Don’t worry about the anti’s! You’re beautiful and talented. You make the rest of us look worthless ~”

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Winwin: Takes super good care of you. Knows that being an idol requires hard work and as the only female, you’ll be under even worse scrutiny than the others. So can be a harsh critic of your dancing skills but when you practice hard and impress him, he’ll treat you to ice cream. It’s a very “firm but loving older brother” relationship.

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Mark: Tries to act like you’re just another group member BUT YOU’RE NOT YOU’RE A GIRL OMG WHAT SHOULD HE DO??!?!?!?!? Will take some time to relax around you, since he’s overly conscious of the gender difference. But once he relaxes, he stops seeing you as a girl and more as a member of NCT.

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Haechan: If you’re younger, he will take pleasure in teasing and annoying you. Pulling your hair, flicking your ear, making smart remarks about “Oh this move is too hard for a girl” or “Should we really say things like this in front of a weak girl?” But he’s only doing it to annoy you and not bc he actually believes that girls are worth less than boys.

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If you’re older, he’s all sugar and spice and everything nice. He’s a perfect angel, always complimenting you and being polite. He’s doing it so you will buy him things and to ensure that he’s your favourite member.

“Noona, I love you.”
“I love you too, Haechannie. That’s why you’re my favourite member!”
*smug smirk*

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Followup 1 to How Your Costume Shop Works:

@addicted-to-nostalgia​ asks “What about specialized things like beading and embroidery on costumes? Are there people who do specifically that?”

Again, the short answer is: sometimes?

I know when you’re talking about things like Game of Thrones and probably other Really Embroidery Heavy movies/tv shows (and I haven’t worked formally on movies/tv yet, just made the occasional thing on contract but I would bet that their costume shop process is pretty much the same as the one I outlined for theater) they have an Official Embroidery Crew, so in that case yes, stuff does go to a completely different group of folks who specialize in just that.

HOWEVER, honestly, embroidery and beading often take a LOT of time, so it’s rare for a theater costume shop to decide to do a lot of them, because it’s the teams themselves that’ll do it, not a specialized person. More often than not, if you’re beading something it’s just little bits, like adding beaded fringe to a 20′s dress, or adding individual bead/sequins/heat set rhinestones to something for light bounce. This is where prebeaded fabrics (as much as they’re a pain in the ass to work with) make all the difference-the time it takes to crack the beads off and secure the ends through the seams is still less than beading the whole thing from scratch. Not that it *couldn’t* happen from scratch, just that it’s a big time and man hour investment.

As far as embroidery, it’s much the same-it’s another big man-hour investment, and at least with that there are generally other ways for theater to fake that embroidered look, because our audience is usually at least 20 feet away. Trim is used a lot for stuff to look semi-embroidered, I’ve definitely machine-free-arm “embroidered” things before, and honestly, even puff paint or Sharpie judicially used in a big enough house will read as embroidery. In the case of a small theater, yeah, sometimes you have to do it, and that again, usually falls to the person on the team with the most previous knowledge of it. My experience with adding embroidery has been mostly “this needs to look rustic or ethnic” or “we can’t see this so we need to outline it in something.” In the theater, if you’re trying to do a Big Embroidered Game of Thrones Dress, you’ll usually find a pre-embroidered fabric, cut the motifs you want out, and re-build it as a big applique onto the dress itself, like so:

(this is beaded flower fabric with a red mesh that’s been pinned to a Big Fuckoff Red Satin Skirt by our designer and now we have a student stitcher whipstitich that all on-much faster than doing it all by hand)

The order in which you add the embroidery/beading is also dependent on what it is/where it goes too. On Big Red Skirt there, we knew that the beading was going to have to overlap seams, so we put it on last. HOWEVER, it’s a lot easier to do beading/embroidery flat, so frequently we’ll try to do as much applique or embellishment work like this as we can before putting the garment actually together. (this of course also depends on what you’re adding, because a flat faux-embroidery applique is a lot easier to feed through the machine than big beaded flowers like the ones up there. 


Gardenia decided to just come right out with it. There was no use skirting around the issue. Her parents needed to know the truth.

Gardenia: I have some big news to tell you. Please try and keep an open mind, okay?

Fiona: Of course sweetheart, what is it?

Gardenia: I’m pregnant.

Fiona: That’s wonderful news.

Rochelle: You were right. How did you guess?

Fiona: I’m an empath, remember, I could just feel the baby’s presence.

Gardenia: So you knew too?

Rochelle: I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t sure. Your mom knew right away.

Fiona: These alien powers do come in handy for some things.

We Have Rules For A Reason [Chapter 8]

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Chapter 8 of We Have Rules For A Reason

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6  Ch7

Series Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

A/N: contains text image

You let out a sharp gasp at the feeling of Mark’s digits entering you.

“Mr. Tuan” you moaned breathily as he curled his fingers and pumped them slowly. He watched you intently, gauging your every reaction.

“So my little gem, you’re going to be a bad girl and lie about being jealous?” he teased, increasing the intensity of his motions.

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not so little anymore

cole sprouse (sex god) x lili reinhart (daddy asf)

warnings; sexual talk


Cole’s my best friend.

He’s always been my best friend, I’ve known him since I was 18 months old and I can’t imagine life without him.

When we were little kids we used to play pretend that we were married. He used to look at me very seriously and say, “One day, we’ll be married for real.” But then cooties happened so we stuck to being friends.

It’s weird to think about it now, what we used to say.

We’re just friends though, and it’s nice. I can tell him anything and everything.

It wasn’t weird like I was telling him too much information like it would be with a brother.

We spent hours talking to each other; nothing was ever taboo.

“What do you think about then? Honestly.” I asked Cole while we sat on the floor of his apartment.

“Sex,” Cole laughed.

“Come on Cole, other than that!”

Cole shrugged and gave a joking pout.

“Surely you think about other things.” I say, looking at him curiously.

“Uh, girls? Oh, and food. Yeah, food. But mostly sex.” he said, nodding his head and laughing.

We were both a little bit tipsy, I had the great idea of bringing wine to his house. Neither of us really drank it but it made us feel more grown up than 17.

“Come on, Lili, I’m sure you think about it too!”

“Well yeah, I think about sex too. Of course I do, Cole. But it’s not all I think about! Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve been properly laid…” I said, thinking of my last boyfriend.

“Didn’t you hook up with Matt last week?” Cole pointed out. 

“I said properly laid. Matt has those weird baby hands you know? And he was really nervous and shaky and I had to do everything. For a guy who boasts about how good he is, he sure was a let down.”

“What’s so wrong with baby hands?”

“He just wasn’t dominant and manly enough, I don’t like being the dominant one! I want a guy who’s man enough to bend me over his knee and spank me!”

“Have you ever been spanked before?” Cole asked, raising his eyebrow.

A certain amount of danger danced in his eyes as he asked this.

“Well no. But it sounds nice. In theory. Have you ever been spanked?”I asked Cole.

We were getting into slightly more than appropriate territory, but I really didn’t care. I mean, this was Cole for god’s sake. He was about as harmless as a day old puppy.

“No, but I’ve dished out a few spankings,” Cole said, smirking mischievously.

“No shit, Cole, really?” I asked.

He was Cole, he was so sweet and innocent.

Okay, maybe not so innocent but he seemed like the type to ask a girl if she was okay every 30 seconds than smack her ass.

“Why do you seem so surprised?”

“Well, you’re Cole!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Cole asked, not really insulted, but that dangerous flame still remained in his baby blue eyes.

“I don’t know, I just never pegged you for the dominant type.” I shrugged.

Cole bit his lip in response. I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander to his lips. I had always seen Cole as my oldest friend, a young boy. But something in the way he said spank made him seem like more of man than I had ever given him credit for.

In fact, in the dim light of his room, Cole looked so grown up. I hadn’t seen him in a while since he took a little trip to his family, but now that he was sitting in front of me I took the time to notice the broadness of his shoulders, how long his legs looked stretched out next to mine. It felt like in the short time he was away, Cole had done a lot of growing up.

“Do you really want a guy to spank you?” Cole asked, his handabsent-mindedly reaching for mine.

I tried to ignore the feeling in my stomach as his skin came into contact with mine. 

“Yes,” I said quietly.

“Are you sure you could handle it? Are you sure you would like it?”

“I like the idea of the pain, of relinquishing control.” If I didn’t know better I would have sworn I heard him groan.

“You like the idea of having a big manly hand smacking your tight ass?” Cole asked.

“Cole!” I cried, looking at him wide eyed.

“What? What is you let some guy do it and he goes too far?”

“I’d have to trust him before I let him. I’d ease into it.”

“Do you want me to do it for you? Just so you know what it’s like?” Cole asked, his voice coming out deep and raspy.

I gasped and my eyes widened.

“Cole, no, I mean, you’re Cole, you’re my best friend! Best friends don’t spank each other!” I said indignantly, and tried to ignore what his words were doing to me. Tried to ignore the image of one of his big hands slapping my bare ass and-

“It would be platonic spanking.” Cole said defensively.

“There’s no such thing!”

“It would be purely for the experience.”

“Cole, no, it’d be too weird.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want it. I know you want it. Just imagine, your bare ass and laying across my lap. Imagine my big hand slapping your ass. Hard. Giving you punishment for showing up in my house in such a short skirt. Imagine my fingers exploring you and striking you and rubbing you.”

“I-I-I…” I was speechless imagining everything he said like a movie in my head.

“Come on Lili,” he said softly, moving his hand from mine to my hip. My breath caught in my throat as his fingers drew circles along my hipbone.

“I-I. Okay.”

“Beg for it.”

“What, no, this is ridiculous, I-”

“Beg for it.”

I looked into his eyes, they had turned from dangerous to devilish.

“Cole, please, please, spank me.”


“Cole, please, I-I want you to spank me.”

“Why should I spank you?”

“Because I, I’ve been a bad girl…”


Well woop

of ribbons & rosin ( cs au )

Plot: Killian is a single father, and his daughter is enrolled in Emma’s dance class. He has nobody to watch his daughter after class, and he’s often late, so Emma usually sits and talks to the girl until she is collected from the dance school.

Chapter 5, Captain Swan AU, Rating M.

read it on a03

Killian had managed to get changed and had offered to lend Emma something to change into, from the princess dress she had arrived at the party wearing. She had declined and said she would change at home. When the Uber had arrived, Killian smiled apologetically to the driver, who had eyed Emma incredulously, before he had shaken his head, as if removing himself from a startled reverie before he began to drive them over to Emma’s place.

“I’m starting to this was a bad idea.” Emma winced, as she looked down to the overflowing skirts, enveloping her and Killian in the backseat of the Uber.

“Why’s that, love?”

“Because it’s just an insane dress. Like, it’s too big.”

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Green Eyes

Anon Request: AU!They live. Harry is about 8 y-old and the Potters are at a family outing in the muggle world. they meet the Dursleys and friends. Petunia complained a lot about her whore sister and the wastrel that she married. The Potters were clothed casually, but clearly a lot of money was expended there. They have 6 y-old twins Daisy and Sam (Dearborn-Potter) and Lily is pregnant. 

“What are they doing here?”

Petunia Dursley should’ve known who it was the moment her husband Vernon questioned their arrival with such disparagement.

“I thought you said they were poor, Vernon.”

Vernon’s question almost didn’t register in Petunia’s brain but Shannon Dursley’s suspicious inquiry made Petunia blink out from her reverie. Petunia looked over at her sister-in-law and saw that Shannon’s beady blue eyes were fixated on someone behind Petunia. Petunia placed her cup of lemonade down on the park picnic table and turned to see what Vernon and Shannon were looking at with disdain.

Petunia’s heart dropped when she saw the familiar flash of auburn hair and the perfect white smile.

“That’s your sister Lily, right?” Shannon said to Petunia, “And her husband?”

Petunia’s eyes flashed dangerously.

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3rd Hour: Bad Behavior- Jimin(Smut)

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

1st Hour: Bangtan High- Jungkook

2nd Hour: A Helping Hand- Taehyung

The only thing he can ace is participation. In and out of the classroom

Req: May i have an Office smut between the reader and Jimin please?

Req: a series of high school au for each member? can be smut or fluff!

“Oh god.” You moan as soon as you enter the principal’s office with a stack of neatly aligned papers, watching a smug grin curl on Jimin’s lips as he sits in the principal’s reclining chair.

“Hello Y/N.” His eyes roam your attire, displeased to find barely a lick of exposed skin from your stockings to the hem of your skirt.

“Nice try.” You jut out a hip, neatly placing the stack of papers on the corner of the desk.

“Such a kind and orderly office aide.” Jimin hums, giving you a thin look laced with bad intention. “It’s always so nice to see you.”  

You couldn’t say the same, especially after having him in here nearly every day for the past few weeks. And especially after having to be in the same school as him since middle school where you confessed your love and had him laugh in your face.

So you couldn’t really describe his all too regular visits as nice.

It seemed every time he came the reasons became stupider and stupider, as if he was just looking for an excuse to get another red card. You can’t deny the first time he came in you were a little flushed to see him, for even your reasonable demeanor could not resist the temptation of his godly looks.

You believed him to be a good student, maybe a fuck boy since he always had girls on every arm but good for him. He was getting more action in a day then you had in your life. You had to give credit where credit was due.

Now though you are just annoyed. With his presence. With his looks. And how your stomach still panned out every time you came into contact with him. From lust or dread you wished you didn’t know.  

“What are you even doing in here? Oh, wait, let me rephrase that, what did you do this time to end up in here? And why are you sitting in the principal’s chair?

“So many questions.” He rolls his eyes, taking a lip between his teeth and rolling it in boredom. “I may have told the teacher to go fuck herself with a screwdriver. And then I may or may not have commented it probably would be too big for her since she’s so uptight.”

Your mouth falls open, shaking your head at his endless stupidity before continuing your rant. “Nonetheless, you’re only allowed to sit here and here.” You point to the cheap chairs behind you. “These are where the bad boys have to wait.”  

Jimin leans over the desk, suddenly interested with your words. “You think I’m a bad boy, Y/N?”

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(request) I Want To Taste You

V/Reader oneshot vampire/highschool au

Genre: smut/fluff

Warnings: vampire things

Word count: 2,113

Request: taehyung vampire smut

A/N: I didn’t mean for this to be so long I’m so sorry it just kind of happened and the fluff just kind of crept in there


  As class president you had a lot of responsibility and you enjoyed it, there was just one tiny part of your job you didn’t enjoy. Showing new students around. You’d only ever done it once or twice before and it was always uncomfortable. Speaking in front of your class mates who you’d known for years was easy, speaking to a stranger always left you shaken and tongue tied. So when your tutor pulled you aside after class and told you a new student would be joining your day was ruined.

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I’m too tired to do the face or anything but I was so sad I missed the stream?? I had a big big exam this morning and couldn’t do an all nighter to watch sadly. SO INSTEAD have a The Skirt ™ Yuuri because that shits hot af. (The shirt is mean to be that see thru kind of v close netting fabric? ((Chiffon???)) ) Kictor must be LOSING his mind also what the fuck are arms,


my x-men OT3! kitty, kurt & piotr. 

one of them can walk through walls! one of them teleports past the walls! the other just busts a hole straight through them!

i ship kitty with piotr, but the most important relationship to me is always gonna be kitty & kurt. my favourite thing is in evo when it’s getting toward the end of the series, and kitty & kurt are in some pyramid talking about colossus. kurt’s all ‘i do not like him’ and kitty’s all ‘he’s a sweetheart really, trust’

and then colossus busts through the wall and kurt’s all ‘I TOLD YOU’ but piotr’s like ‘i grew concerned’ like. this giant dude was probably stressing out like ‘oh dear those two may be in danger inside this pyramid what should i do to make sure they’re okay welp here i go better just knock a me-shaped hole in the wall’

they’re just. real good. one gentle giant, one tiny geek girl just too into dragons, and one wannabe pirate elf. they have this one danger room playfight scene in ‘wolverine and the x-men’, it’s fun.

Office Slut

I walked into Ms. Lovato office and set the papers down on her desk. As I was on my way out I ran into her. “Mind watching where you going?” she said. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled. “Do you have the paperwork I asked you for?” she said taking a seat. “Uh… yes. It’s right there on your desk. ” I said pointing to it. Ms. Lovato picked it up and flipped through the papers. “Thank you yn.” She got up from her chair and her heels clicked as she walked over to her door. She closed it slowly and locked the top part of it. “I-I should probably get back to work.” I tried to get past her but she wouldn’t let me. “You don’t have to worry about that. Take care of me first babe. ” She walked closer to me and placed her hand on my back causing my breathing to hitch. “People will hear us though…” “It doesn’t matter. You want to show them how good I’m fucking you anyway. ” Demi pushed me towards the desk and threw all the stuff on the floor. “Strip for me.” I felt my heart start to beat and my hands were sweaty. “I’ve never done that before.” There’s a first for everything right?“ demi replied seductively. I blushed hard and moved my hand towards my shirt. I unbuttoned the white blouse slowly and threw the shirt at her. Ms. Lovato was her sitting on her desk with her legs spread wide open and touching herself through her red thong. I felt my panties instantly become soaked from the sight of her. I placed my hand down my skirt and turned around. I looked behind me and bit my lip. I slowly bent down and stuck my ass out for her. "What are you thinking about Ms. Lovato?” “I’m thinking about fucking your pussy.” I shimmied out of the skirt and tossed it towards her. I took off my panties too and shoved them in her mouth. “who do you think you are?” she yelled. I blushed and became embarrassed. “I’m sorry Ms. Lovato.” “no call me mommy now.” she took my hand and made me sit down on the chair. “have you ever been fucked by a girl yn.” “no… I have a boyfriend.” “I don’t care. your pussy is mine right now slut.” demi reached in her desk and grabbed a 12" dildo. “how big is his dick?” she asked. “around 8 inches.” I blushed. “that’s pretty big. well I’m gonna fuck you 2x as better.” “I’d love to see you try.” I mumbled. “excuse me?” “nothing.” demi bent down and blew on my pussy making me jump from the contact. I ran my fingers through her hair and pushed her more into me. demi took a long lick from my asshole to my pussy. I let out a soft moan and squirmed in the chair. “oh fuck baby.” I murmured. demi slapped my pussy, “I told you to call me mommy you slut.” “im sorry mommy.” I whimpered. demi grabbed my hand and pushed me over the desk. she started massaging my pussy and nibbling on my ear. “you like that?” she whispered in my ear. my jaw dropped open and I nodded my head. demi placed the cock at my lips and shoved it in my mouth. I frowned at her and choked on the cock as she shoved it to the back of my throat. I bobbed up and down and sucked on it, getting it nice and wet. she smirked and instantly shoved it in my pussy without warning. demi spread my ass cheeks with one hand while she fucked me hard with the other. “tell everyone what an office slut you are yn.” I reached out to grab the edge of the desk and I moaned loudly. “Im a slut mommy! I deserve to be punished.” “yeah you do whore.” she said still ramming the cock into me. “it feels so fucking good.” I said backing my ass up on the dildo. “holy shit!” I said still moaning. “God you look so hot right now yn.” I slapped my hands on the desk and cried out her name. “Let everyone know how good your boss is fucking you.” “Oh fuck! You are demi!!” I was on the verge of cumming and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I released on the dildo and my legs were still shaking. She slapped my ass and there was a red handprint left on my ass. “You should get back to work.” Demi said smirking. “But I didn’t make you cum.” “Then that means you can come back later.”

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A;N: So, it’s not often that i would get to write a  Dylan in Britain! fic so i really hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Pairing: Dylan O’BrienxOC

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 7,663 (whoops)

Listen to this. 

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But now I gotta let it hang for 24 hours before I can trim and hem it, and then after that, I’m doing embroidery as best I can.  So it won’t look too much different, but this is my first big project and I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!


A Peter Pan imagine: the reader and Peter are friends on the island, and he cares deeply for her. However, she has to go back to her life because she is not able to hear the music anymore, much to Peter’s dismay. While she lives in the real world, he becomes colder and colder with people. Suddenly, she reappears on the island (thanks to the Shadow), but she finds out that there’s another lost girl, and things have changed.

(i strongly suggest listening to this song while you read, ‘cause everything came from it)

The night he took you away from hell, you were fourteen. You remember deep, green eyes and a wicked smile. You remember him asking you to go with him, and you can perfectly recall him assuring you that you could get away from your always-fighting parents, be happy and have a new, great family. You said yes, yes you would go with him, because his eyes held promises, sweet and golden and drenched in green.

Life on Neverland was never boring, per se; adventures waited around every corner, and time did not pass at all, or it passed too fast. He was always by your side, even when he was giving orders to the others; he never ordered you to do something, he simply asked. The boys said that he only did that because you were a girl, and girls had to be treated differently; you thought he did it because he wanted to, no matter what. You remember dancing on the beach with a storm approaching from the rough sea, and you remember him hiding between the branches of a big tree, watching you from afar as your feet lifted the sand and your little skirt swirled around. He was always afraid you’d catch him keeping an eye out for you, because he knew how much you did not want to be treated differently. You remember him getting into a big fight with Thinkerbell, and you remember his tears; sometimes you still feel them on your skin, right in the crook of your neck where he put his head as he hugged you tight and cried, cried, cried all night. You were just kids, after all, or so you thought. You remember him braiding your hair and intertwining it with white and lilac flowers, because they always complimented your hair so well and it was fun, anyway (so he said). Felix called it affection; he said he never acted that way with the other boys, or with people in general. Felix always seemed to know more about him than you did. You remember lying in his treehouse as he played his flute and told you stories about pirates and indians and mermaids; you know you loved those moments, and yet you just can’t recall the music. You know it was beautiful, and mellow, you even remember his slight frown as he blew in the pan flute and then looked at you leeringly, as if he wanted to challenge you. However, you also remember the day you stopped to hear that lovely music. You remember his face, growing more and more terrified and shocked, as you asked him to start playing. “I am playing” he said. “No, you’re not. I’d hear it if you were” you told him, with a frown on your face. “I am playing” he repeated, “and you’re not hearing the music”. He seemed very little at the time; you still see him in your dreams, his hands shaking slightly, the flute long forgotten on his bed, his eyes like ice tangled with ivy. This is the last memory you have of him and Neverland; everything else is just screams and tears and his disbelief. How could you? How dare you grow up? What have you done, y/n? You remember whispering goodbye to Peter Pan as the Shadow lifted you and took you away from the boy in green, the only one who ever saw your soul for real.

Part Two

emma’s corner: do feel free to tell me if you liked it, if i should keep writing it and if you’re curious! please, if you have ideas, i’m always open! i do like this plot, and i have some ideas for where this is going. let me know please, i love and need feedbacks! thank you for reading!

Yeah but what if Eggs, knowing so little at first as he does about humans, just wears whatever the fuck he wants. Dresses. Trench coats that are like seven sizes too big. Pretty skirts. If it catches his eyes hell wear it

People are like “Winnie what did you do to him”

“What? Nothing he liked the fabric.”

Better: have someone tell him typically that doesn’t happen and he just “okay but you integrated Box trolls fully into your culture in, what, a month? I can do this yo”