what to do on sunday


10.11.16 // it’s been awhile since the last time i posted here, so here’s my old notes on genetics plus my old painting to celebrate national heroes day! also i’m so excited to go to my future univ’s open house on saturday, as i’ll be doing try out on sunday ✨👩🏽✨ what a weekend✨👩🏽✨

i wanted to draw baby sorey and mikleo holding him LOL 

the anime has ended WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL WINTER 2017! 


↳ Hi
↳ Min Yoonji has come
↳ girl crush
↳ what is everyone doing?
↳ shouldn’t on be in bed on a Sunday as expected
↳ have you eaten yet?
↳ my friends saw a photo of Yoonji and sent it to me asking “what is this”
↳ they were shocked
↳ ha…
↳ ha…
↳ I am living diligently like this guys
↳ everyone
↳ you will seriously like the song this time
↳ you can look forward to it

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The 12 Character Archetypes: Blindspot

Everyone is A Hero

a rescuer, a crusader for a cause, the Hero is quick to fight for what he believes is right.

The Orphan
sincere, empathic, down to earth, with solid virtues and a lack of pretense, who values the dignity of others.

The Innocent
optimistic, good, faithful, pure and virtuous, who is driven by strong positive personal values that stem from love, hope, faith and loyalty.

The Explorer
on a quest, in search of something, a way home, important knowledge, a key to happiness or a “better way.” doesn’t follow rules or conventions. acts intuitively, strikes boldly, self-sacrificial and lonely.

The Caregiver
compassionate, generous and protective.
looks after those who can’t protect themselves. takes in strays, lends a helping hand, and seeks out those in need.

The Outlaw
outrageous and radical in their thinking and approaches to attacking and solving problems in life. holds counter-cultural ideas, and is all about creating a better world.

The Jester
relies on his wits and is willing to cross boundaries, break taboos, insult anyone in his way to achieve success. their real goal is to ignore all the boring people in the world and to enjoy life to the fullest, to laugh about life, or at life.

The Lover
aims at finding satisfaction, pleasure, bliss, or fulfillment through intimacy or passionate commitment. driven to bond with someone, a lover, friend, or with a group that holds a connection for them.

The Creator
visionary, imaginative, skillful, and talented. is motivated to use their abilities to create art, music, poetry, literature. a non-conformist, leaving conventional social life behind to find themselves and their art.

The Leader
strives to be in control, assumes responsibilities and shows leadership. their objective is to insure that order, harmony and control are imposed on the world. displays strong personal values, is systematic, organized, fair, yet powerful. leads his people to battle to protect them and risks the dangers of battle himself. is a peacemaker

The Sage
the expert, knowledgeable and understanding, the source of wisdom or the guardian of truth.
gathers wisdom from far away sources. wants to be sure their knowledge is based in clarity and truth.

The Magician
supremely skilled at manipulating objects and forces of nature to create supernatural transformation. charismatic, visionary, who is well-educated and inspires others. aims to control and change circumstances for their own or someone else’s benefit.

Thanks to @gypsyscarfwoman for geeking out with me and helping me figure it all out.

I’m at #CTNX this weekend! Table T035
Here’s my schedule:
FRIDAY 02:00 PM Create or Die: How Living the 5 Pillars of Creativity Can Change Your Life
SATURDAY 6:00 PM How to get your First 10k Followers
Exposure is essential for artists to get work and build an audience. Luckily you live in the year 2016 where (thanks to social media) it’s never been easier for you to get noticed for your work and build a fan base. In this workshop, Jake Parker shares his social media doctrine, best practices, and strategies that helped him get over 250,000 Instagram followers, 175,000 Facebook likes, and 50,000 YouTube subscribers. Jake will break down how to use each platform, how to engage followers, discuss current trends in social media, and what you should never, ever, ever-in-a-thousand-years, do on Instagram.
10:00 AM Conversation with Creator Jake Parker, this is just an open QandA session.

Viral photo depicts possible “demon” coming to portend the new year

Facebook user Richard Christianson put the question to his friends and followers Sunday. “What the hell do you see in this picture for reals??? Anybody,” Christianson wrote alongside a pic of what looks like a hulking winged figure looming ominously over a poorly lit, pixelated street in Phoenix, Arizona. The post (which garnered 90,000 shares) has since been deleted. Read more

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This week a lot of things happened that spiked my anxiety and left me really stressed about everything and not feeling great about my body image/just mentally in general. But with that being said, today marks the start of a new week and I’m ready to leave the last one behind & kick some ass!

Remember to take days to love yourself and take care of yourself and remind yourself that everyday is a new start, because I know sometimes I forget :)

The lost dress | New recruits
  • Judy: Where the hell is it? I always have it here, next to the short black one and the long red one. I couldn't have moved it!
  • Judy looks through her wardrobe again
  • Judy: Nick? Have you seen my dress?
  • Nick: *shouting from the bathroom* which one?
  • Judy: the one for Amy's wedding
  • Nick: have you looked properly? I'm sure it's in there somewhere
  • Judy: have I looked? OF COURSE I'VE LOOKED!
  • Nick: ok ok calm down, only asking. Well I wouldn't know where it is Carrots
  • Judy: what am I going to do? The weddings on Sunday and I can't find the dress!
  • Judy: nick you better not be on the toilet I'm coming in
  • Nick: NO DON'T DO TH-
  • Judy walks into the bathroom and finds Nick standing there in Judy's missing dress
  • Nick: I can explain
  • Judy: really? Go on then I can't wait to here this
  • Nick: well umm
  • Judy: well?
  • Nick: I don't know, but I do look cute right?
  • Judy: I can't argue with that
  • Nick smiles and so does Judy
  • Judy: you dumb fox
  • Judy kisses Nick on the cheek
  • Judy: *whispers in Nick's ear* I'm sure everyone at the office will love this
  • Nick: *gulps loudly* shit