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“The Korean word that I loved the most since I started learning Korean after coming to South Korea in 2009 was ‘Woori’ (meaning 'We’). But I wonder if 'woori’ applies to someone like me of color. When I tell people that I’m from Africa, I get a lot of startling questions like, 'Do you grow a lion at your house?’ I get it so often that now I just respond by saying that my father has two lions. That’s how much Koreans are unknowledgeable about Black people and Africa. I tried to sit in an empty seat and an ahjumma (middle-aged woman) took the seat, outrightly discriminating against me by saying, 'What is a black thing doing here in Korea? Go back to your country’. What hurt more was that the other Korean people just sat there and watched. It made me wonder if Koreans just watch foreigners without helping them in difficult situations. Often, people in Korea call me 'Black Hyung’. I want people to call me Okyere hyung comfortably, or Okyere dongsaeng, or just Okyere without referring to my skin color.” - Sam Okyere

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In my opinion RDK animation is much better than Sugarcube! What do you think?

I do like Rough Draft Korea more as well. While Sugarcube is not bad at all, and they are great when it comes to lights and effects (as in Sleepover or The Bounce Lounce), the models are a bit stiff, in my opinion, and the characters’ faces, the shape of the eyes, are a bit too uncheangeable among scenes, unless an extreme expression is being shown. 
Also, while this is more of a personal opinion, the characters are much cuter in RDK animated episodes. But hey, Rough Draft has decades of experience and worked on hundreds of shows, Sugarcube is basically a newborn one, they’re doing a great job.

And for anyone wondering:

RDK episodes:  My New Wand, Ludo in the Wild, Candle Cares, Red Belt, Star on Wheels, Starstruck, Camping Trip, By the Book, Game of Flags, Girls’ Day Out, Friendenemies, Hungry Larry, Spider with a Top Hat, Into the Wand, Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Baby, Running With Scissors, Crystal Clear, The Hard Way, Collateral Damage, Just Friends 

Sugarcube episodes: Fetch, Star Vs Echo Creek, Wand to Wand, Starsitting, On the Job, Goblin Dogs, Sleepover, Gift of the Card, Is Mystery, Pizza Thing, Page Turner, Naysaya, Raid the Cave, Trickstar, Matchmagic, The Bounce Lounge, Heinous, All Belts are Off


[Clip] 161102 Moonbyul (”Korea Polytechnics Cheering Song”) @ Korea Polytech Expo || © MOORUCK


How do you say this in Korean?

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Day of election: a korean's diary

This is South Korea.
I woke up in the morning-it was the last day of our finals, so i was stressed out.

The morning paper said the election has begun, but i had confidence and no worries; I belived, we all belived in americans to vote for the lesser evil.

I finished the finals- i had a plan to visit busan with my friends, and i had 2hours to spare, so I took a nap.

I woke up by the ring of my phone.
My friends were in panic- three of them screaming in the same phone at once.

“Seong min, trump is leading in the polls!”
“90%! Lord, he has 90% chance of winning!”
“What do we do?!”

I panicked.
We are still at war with north korea, mind you- they shoot missiles at us every now and then.
And since trump threatened to pull off all US military forces from us, we were very scared ourselves.

But I still had confidence.
I thought U.S will be smart enough.

We met and had a group anxiety attack, but we pulled ourselves together, and went to a nice restaurant.

The way coming back, in the taxi cab, one of my friends screamed after she checked her phone.


We all fell in silence.
Mr. Taxi driver, who was chatting with us joyously seconds ago, excused himself and pulled up his car- and called his wife, who he told us that she was in sweden with their son.

I caught him telling her to not to bring herself and their son back to korea.

We arrived home.
Mother was crying.
She said father was out to replenish emergency supplies.

“We could have a war- I’m so scared.”
She cried, hugging me.
“But you’re so young!”

The whole country panicked.
The canned food section in the mart is emptied.

I am scared.
We are scared.
We thought the people of US will be smart.
Now, I bet you guys could cry on this decision 2 month later after our war- but it would be too late for all of us.

We are very, very disappointed in you, half of america.