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If Jess is here this weekend might be very different from what she’s imagined. There’s no way her mom knew this. And, damn it, she’s going to have to drive back to Connecticut immediately, right?
“What are you doing here?” She half-whines. “And more importantly how did you get in? I’ve got the only set of keys.”
“I do not need keys,” he says, tone almost insulted. “Especially not to some dump that hasn’t had it locks changed since the forties.”
“Great. Jess Mariano, the felon. You here to practice home invasion techniques?”
He snorts.
“Hardly. Come on, I’ll show you." 

**I’ve been screaming about this fic for over 2 days so it’s just expected that I recommend it. This is basically a pre-revival AU where Jess and Rory coincidentally end up together in Luke’s fishing cabin. It’s an amazingly written emotional fic with incredible dialogue, please read it.

So I was trying to scan these peoples tickets but the usherman was being a dick face and so I was like “arrête!” And this woman goes “oh where are you originally from?” But I didn’t hear an accent so I was like “what do you mean??? Here???” Because like no one knows where connecticut is and it wasn’t until after I realized she probably thought I was french or quebecois…

@taylorswift this is my dog Heidi who is a huge fan of yours (possibly more than me…) She’s part German Shepherd, part squirrel, part fox, unconfirmed part cat, and definitely whole tswift fan. She sits like a good girl and is pumped to stay up and jam out to the rest of your new reputation album. Fave song so far is “are you ready for it” (mostly cause she’s not ready for this new album to drop)… She was also disappointed when I informed her dogs aren’t allowed into concert venues… Howled for a few hours about it…13/10 informed me she will be sitting outside whichever concert venue youre playing at @taylornation

Collide Prt. 4

Prompt: Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
Word Count: 2,270
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Part 4 - “Charity Case.”

Even though I had a great time with Lucas I was still feeling very reluctant to see him again. I really liked him, it kind of felt like we were already dating without having actually been on a date. A little over a month had passed since that Tuesday afternoon we spent together. We’ve been texting nonstop and he’s been adamant about taking me out on a proper date but I keep finding excuses not to.

A part of me feels like I was still shaken up about what happened in Connecticut. I don’t do well with being completely caught off guard. But in all honesty even if I hadn’t seen Maya I would probably still find reasons not to be with him.

It’s Thursday night and my usual shift at Bar Louie starts rather early. I spent the entire day procrastinating so when 6:30 came around I had to rush to get ready. I grabbed the closest thing I could find in my closet and threw it on.

Of course it just so happens that the outfit I grabbed was extremely revealing. A black long sleeved lace up top and a short highwaisted leather skirt paired with some little black booties. I would never wear something like this normally but it was going to be a slow night anyway and it’s not like anyone was going to see me.

I grab my oversized pea coat that goes down to the knee and race out the door.

When I get to the bar it’s extremely dead. Too dead. I walk in cautiously and realize that the only person there is Louie.

“Hey Columbia what’re you doing here tonight?” She asks raising her brows.

“I work…I always take the Thursday shift.” I answer, still confused.

“I told Paris to tell you we weren’t opening tonight.” She rolls her eyes. “I’m assuming it wasn’t a coincidence that she didn’t tell you.”

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U.S. Trips: Connecticut

Although I was born in NYC, I consider Connecticut my home because it’s where I grew up. There’s admittedly not much to do, but if you ever happen to be taking a road trip and passing through, here’s some free, off-the-beaten path stuff to look out for. Keep in mind - this is meant for summer since everything’s outside!

West Hartford, CT: Elizabeth Park

Home to the U.S.’s oldest rose garden, Elizabeth Park is stunning once everything comes into bloom. There’s arches covered in roses and a huge variety of other flowers throughout the park. It’s a great photo spot, and a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Free parking is located inside of the park. 


Groton, CT: Bluff Point State Park

This is one of my favorite state parks. It’s free to park and incredibly dog-friendly. There’s about a four mile loop through the park (which is pretty flat, so it’s not so much a hike as a walk). About halfway through, you have access to an area that is not quite a beach, but something like it. It doesn’t have lush, warm sand (instead it has rocks and shells galore), but it’s a beautiful spot and really relaxing. And the plus is that it’s pretty empty. You can also kayak if you bring your own equipment. 

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Griswold, CT: Buttonwood Farms

This event is only available one week per year - but if you’re around during that one week, I’d definitely recommend stopping by. Buttonwood Farms’ primary business is ice cream, but during the last week of July, they open their field of sunflowers to the public. It’s free to park, and proceeds from bouquets of sunflowers and related products go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. To say it’s a gorgeous sight is an understatement. 


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Hamden, CT: Sleeping Giant or Simsbury, CT: Talcott Mountain

These are another two of my favorite state parks. Sleeping Giant varies in difficulty - I did the blue trail which leads to the tower and is rated strenuous (which I agree with). That’s a wonderful hike to do if you have the energy. It’s a lot of scaling, but it’s totally worth it. Talcott Mountain is a quick 1.5 miles to the top, where there’s an observation tower that allows you to see over much of Connecticut. 

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If you’re willing to spend some money, here’s some Connecticut activities with fees: 

  • Attractions: Gillette Castle, Mystic Seaport, Mystic Aquarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History, Mark Twain House, Connecticut Children’s Science Museum.
  • Arts: Wadsworth Antheneum, Yale Art Gallery, Hartford Stage Company.

There’s a great natural beauty about the state, especially in the spring (once everything comes into bloom) and autumn (once the leaves start changing colors). If you like nature, this is a nice place to see it. 

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What is there to do in Connecticut? I've been living here for 3 years and haven't done shit yet.

there is nothing to do anywhere. just get high and rot.

Chapter Eight | Quinn & Biff

Quinn got out of the limo and stretched. She’d never been to the Hamptons before, so when Biff had invited her to come along with him, she’d readily accepted. Quinn was glad that she had. She wasn’t with Biff for his money of course, but it must be nice to be filthy rich. She grabbed her bags. She’d only brought two since she’d only be here for a couple of days.

She felt bad for not staying until she met his parents, but like she’d told him earlier, she just wasn’t ready. Their relationship was still fairly new. Sure, Biff had already met her mother, but that hadn’t been planned. If she’d had it her way, he wouldn’t have. Biff had been very understanding when they’d talked of course, but still, she felt bad, especially since she wasn’t going to go back to his apartment in New York City to wait for him afterwards either. She was needed in Connecticut.

“So what are we going to do first?” she asked him, snapping out of her thoughts. “I mean, after we get settled of course.”