what to do in augusta


“Why didn’t you tell me about him, mom?  He reminds me of you…he has your blue eyes…” *sigh* “What am I doing here…”


“Gusto.  I prefer Gusto.”

“Okay, Gusto.  Let me give you something to drink.”

“So, this is where you live?”

“I know, it’s not for everybody!  But, it suits us perfectly!  What about you, Gusto?  Where are you from?”

“I’ve been living in San Myshuno for the last four years… Mom died just before that…cancer.”

“I’m sorry.”

“So, are you his wife or something?”

“Let’s just leave it at ‘something’.  I’m Roseline.

Molly often shut herself away in her room for days at a time. This only grew worse after graduation, when she was living with Augusta Longbottom who, when she wasn’t traveling, was most likely at James and Fred’s flag.

“Molly! I’ve been gone for three days. Have you even showered?”
“I’m busy.”
“Come on, you’re getting dressed. You were supposed to have dinner with Alfie last night. I had to make up another excuse.”
“I don’t understand why you keep trying to make me date. I have a cat and a typewriter. What else do I need?”
“A life.”

Molly in the exact same place Augusta had left her before a weekend away with James.
Taken by Augusta before she made Molly put on lady clothes and go on a proper date.

I also have this headcanon that Alice and Frank are fully aware of what is going on but have a muscular dystrophy thing going on bc pain makes your muscles cramp up and so yeah. Now they just can’t move much and the healers don’t realise they’re just completely paralysed bc it’s not usually a thing to be so thoroughly paralyzed in the wizarding world.

Wouldn’t it make sense though? Bc yeah it’d be intense but your brain is more likely to shut down nerve endings than consciousness. Especially forever.

So they get to see their son grow up but can’t even acknowledge his presence, let alone raise him. They see how Augusta is to him and it’s horrifying but they can’t move. Until one day, they can. No sooner does Bellatrix die than they can move again. She had somehow prevented their nerves from regrowing. Maybe their bodies feared that so long as she was alive she could hurt them more, so best remain without feeling.

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