I witnessed a car accident last night and stopped to help. The situation kind of made me laugh a bit, but only because everything was so ridiculous.  Despite that, how everybody reacted made me realize that a lot of drivers -old and young- have no idea what to do in the situation.

So here, have a PSA.

1. Unless your state/country says otherwise, do not move your car Yes, initial reaction is to move your car off to the side of the road to clear the way for traffic, but this can be a bad thing.  I was in a four-car pile up and this tow truck driver stopped by to move our cars off the side of the road.  When the patrol officer arrived, she was extremely angry that he had done that because she couldn’t see the accident itself.  He literally separated two of the cars by forcefully pulling them apart - this then dragged out later processes by over a year.  So unless it’s just a small fender bender or you’re required to by law, do not move your car.

2. Call 911 (or your emergency services).  Calmly inform them that you’ve just been in an accident, you don’t know if people have been injured, and then your location.  This will send the highway patrol, ambulance, and fire truck.  Don’t worry about inconvenience - this is their job.  The accident I witnessed didn’t have injuries and without checking the other car, the first car automatically said that nobody was hurt. Don’t ever say that because you don’t know.

3. Call anyone that knew you were driving and was expecting you. Don’t have someone that was expecting you? Call a friend that you know if available and close by - especially if you’re alone.  Accidents can be scary and it sucks going through it alone.  If it’s hot out, ask them to bring you (and other drivers involved) some water so nobody gets dehydrated.  If you’re lucky enough to have an accident by a restaurant, you can have someone (not involved in the accident) quickly run inside and gets cups of water for people.

4. Walk to the other car(s) involved and ask these questions. Are you okay? Is anybody hurt? Can I please get your insurance information?  Your insurance company will need their information, so get their names, numbers, car make/model/year/color/etc.  Also once they give you their phone number (or a good contact number), inform them immediately that you are going to call it to make sure that you took the number down correctly.  Do not trust that they will give you the right one.  If they demand to know why you’re calling it now and you aren’t comfortable with telling them that you just want to make sure, just tell them that you have trouble with phone numbers and don’t trust yourself.  Yes, this is putting you a step down, but if it’s that over your safety, then go for your safety.

5. Take an insane amount of pictures. Take a picture of where your car was hit, where their car was hit, BOTH license plates, and don’t be afraid to get a picture of the other driver/passengers either.  You will need all of this information later and it also helps with memory.  If the accident was road related, take pictures of the road, skid marks, obstructions - anything.  

6. Do not argue with other people involved.  This helps nothing.  In the accident last night, the driver of the car that was hit came out, extremely angry and catty.  She was very aggressive and immediately started to fling blame around.  The two people in the other car got out and were trying to diffuse the situation with “We both have broken cars, can we please calm down” and this girl still went off.  Do not do this.  If the other driver is doing this to you, get back in your car and lock the doors until the police arrives.  If you have yet to get pictures of information, you can do that while the officer is on scene - tell him that you are uncomfortable because the other driver was aggressive to you.  If he doesn’t seem to care, pick up your phone and call 911 again - tell them that you were in an accident, the other driver is extremely aggressive to you, and officer on scene has not tried to diffuse the situation.  Do not be afraid to bring this to others attention.

7. If you think you may be injured, say you need to go to the hospital. If the ambulance is there, they can check you out on scene.  But if they are not there, and you seriously think you might have gotten injured, say something. Don’t hide it.  You might feel pain a few hours or days later as well, but know that this might also be the tension finally releasing from your muscles - I freaked out when this happened and thought that I had been hurt and not said anything, but then my roommate at the time gave me a massage and I realized what had happened.

8. If you were the driver, get back behind the wheel immediately after and drive. If you were the passenger, get back in the same position and ride. It’s terrifying to drive again after you’ve been involved in an accident - I cried the first time I did and all that happened was I went in circles.  My old roommate had her car flip and screamed at me as I all but forced her back into a driver’s seat the day of her accident.  Three days later, she gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever gotten from her and thank me for doing that because she was terrified that she would get into another accident.  You can’t live in fear.  Things happen.  Driving (or riding in a car) is pretty much a given these days - there’s no point in being afraid of it after an accident.  Get back in with people you trust, take a deep breath, and take a few short drives.  If it’s just around your neighborhood, fine.  Then expand that to the corner store.  Then your favorite place to eat.  Then further.  Then oh look - you’re driving again!  Believe me, this is the hardest part of the accident process.

9. Inform your insurance agency immediatelyTell them what happened, tell them when the police report will be available, and then give them everything you know.  If your car needs an appraisal for repairs, do it immediately.  Tell them everything that changed on your car due to the accident.  You’d be surprised at how much is there.  One thing I never mentioned after one of my accidents was my alignment was always out - the repair place couldn’t figure out how it never seemed to be fixed and that really sucked.  It was about $80 every three months until that car finally died - don’t do that.  If something pops up later that you think might be linked to the accident, contact your insurance company immediately.

10. Do not be stupid and stare at an accidentYes, we’re all curious, but do not watch an accident as you drive past.  My current roommate was in an accident and two separate instances someone was watching her on the side of the road and caused another accident.

Anything I missed?

What should I work on?

So, I have quite a few projects going on at once, and I need to work on something right now that’s not super stressful. [Tomorrow is looming. Tomorrow is a bad day.] 

So, I’ve got three comics to work on. [ not including the manpreg online one]

Option A: 

A short-ish Lokitty Comic that will be available online as a PDF, and in print. 

Option B: 

A Short Stucky comic with art in the back, also to available in pdf and print.

Option C:

The third and final issue of Hyde. 

Tumblrs Guide to: What To Do in Case of an Auto Accident

As Tumblr’s self proclaimed Auto Insurance Claims adjuster, I am here to help everyone know what to do in case you are in an accident. I am currently an Injury Claims Adjuster for a large auto insurance company. I’ve been doing this for going on four years now. I spent over 2 years just handling total loss vehicles. I also handle arbitration hearings where I make the final fault determination on a disputed claim between two other insurance companies. Trust me, I know what I am doing.

I truly hope you are never in an accident. But it happens to the best of us.  Here is my guide to what to do if you should ever be in the wrong place at the wrong time and in an accident.

•Stay calm.

Accidents happen to the best of us. Even myself as a claims adjuster I’ve been in an accident while employed by my company. 99.9% of accidents are just that, accidents. They don’t happen because someone has a vendetta against you. Stay calm. Don’t get angry. Don’t yell. If you stay in a normal mood then the situation will stay manageable. Keeping a normal mood helps you stay in control of the situation. I am aware that just because you are calm doesn’t mean the other parties will be calm, if they aren’t calm, and you are in a safe spot, stay in your car (if its safe to do so) or someplace else separate for them and wait for the police. 

•Make sure you and your passengers are OK.

This is important, are you okay? Adrenaline is probably pumping and your heart is thumping, but stop and take a moment to calm down. Are you okay? If you or your passengers are in pain, bloody, have loss of consciousness, call 911. Its better to have an ambulance there to check you out and leave than to assume its okay and the pain will go away. Remember, you can replace cars, you can replace belongings, but you can’t replace people.

•Move as far off the roadway as possible, but stay at the scene of the accident. 

If your car is moveable, its always best to move it off the roadway. I know you might want to preserve where you are so the police can see, but your safety and others safety is always number one priority. Warn oncoming traffic by activating your hazard warning lights and/or setting flares, and if its dark, get to a location where traffic can easily see you. Don’t park it on a hill in the dark, and if you have to, make sure all your lights are on and hazard lights are on. If possible, have someone direct or warn traffic up ahead if its hard to see the accident scene in the dark. Again, your safety and others safety is number one priority. You can replace cars, you can’t replace people!

•Call the police.

Call 911 or the appropriate emergency number to report the accident. Sometimes police will not come out if its a non injury accident or if all the cars are moveable. If one party does not have insurance or a drivers licenses, defiantly call the cops.  They will come out for those situations, even if its a minor fender bender. My best philosophy, always call the police and let them tell you if they will or will not show up. Don’t assume. 

•NEVER admit fault.

I do not care if you rear ended someone, or hit a parked car. Do not discuss the car accident with the other parties involved in the accident, best advice is don’t discuss with anyone other than the police, and your claims representative. Always keep in mind, your insurance company determines fault. The police don’t even determine fault, they determine who broke the law, and who might contribute to the accident. And fault is defiantly not based on someone saying it was their fault at the scene. Your insurance claims adjuster is trained to look at the accident at all angles. Just because you made a left turn in front of someone and they hit you doesn’t mean you are completely at fault. Every driver has a duty to avoid an accident, and you can’t cause an accident to avoid an accident. Just let the pro’s determine whose at fault. 

•Exchange information with the other driver involved in the car accident.

Best advice I can ever give you, USE THAT CELL PHONE YOU HAVE IN YOUR HANDS AND DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT. Take pictures of all vehicles, license plates, drivers license, insurance cards. Don’t just write it down, take pictures.  Take pictures of all the cars, try to get a picture of all four angles that way your adjuster, if needed, can see all aspects of the damages. And while you are at it, take a picture of where it happened. Write down the name, address, phone number and license numbers for all drivers and witnesses, particularly those who were not riding in a vehicle involved in the accident. Ask for the insurance companies and policy numbers for drivers involved in the car accident. 

•Contact your insurance company and report the claim.

Don’t wait for the other party to do it. Step up, be an adult, and do it yourself. The idea that insurance companies are big bad people is a myth. Our job is to protect you. We can’t do that if you don’t tell us about an accident. Even if you are not at fault, report it. It can come back to bite you in the butt. The whole idea of not wanting your insurance company to know is a joke. We will know. Once a claim is filed with your information, it goes into a database called CLUE or Lexis Nexis. and we will know about it come renewal time. Thats why its always best we find out from you than from another source. The sooner your insurance company knows about the accident, the sooner they can start working to resolve your claim. Again if you aren’t at fault, then in most cases, it won’t affect you rates wise. Check with your agent or company to see how they handle not at fault accidents. But again, your insurance job is to protect you. You pay them lots of money to protect you, and to help you when you have an accident. We are the experts and we are here to guide you. You don’t have accidents everyday, neither do we as adjusters, but we do help people move forward from them every day. Trust us! Once you call them and report the claim, don’t stop there, cooperate with your adjuster. Give a statement, tell them what happened, ask them questions. Don’t just think its done once you call it in, they will let you know once the claim is done and they don’t need anything else from you. 


Every once in a while, we get a day off; an empty day filled with hope, possibility and opportunity. When you get one of these days, you just might be baffled as to what you should fill all this free time that you’ve never had. Whenever I get a day off, it’s astonishing as to how much I can accomplish (or not), from work to wonder, days off are healthy and its okay to skip a day every once in a while.

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