what time is it concert in jakarta


These are what I got from the Avenged Sevenfold concert live in Jakarta last night!!

So at first we had waited for hours to get in to the arena, and still had to wait for 2 hours for the concert. I was at the front row, but not in the middle of the row because it was hard to get there. Along with the time, people began to be so not patient, and I drifted into the middle of the crowds.

And so it began. Our national anthem was played at the beginning of the concert, exactly at 8pm. And then they played some from Metallica too. And finally, the band appeared. The crowd was totally got insane and people were jumped and screamed and I, whose height is only about 5'3" were drowning in the ocean of the people. Knowing this was my first time attending a concert and realise that it was so hard to dealt with, I cried, literally cried because I couldn’t breathe. People were brutally brutal. Then finally a guy noticed me and asked the guard to help me. Then I was carried by people to the front of the barricade when the band played Critical Acclaim, and I was forced to go to the emergency post.

When I was in there I directly told the officer that I am totally okay and I begged to the officer to usher me back to the middle. At first the officer refused but then he finally guided me to the crowd. I came back when they played the third song, Welcome to The Family. I was on the 4th or 5th row.

It was so hard to get into the first row. It takes about 7-8 songs until I finally got into the second row. I couldn’t slip onto the people who were on the first row because they were holding onto the barricade and most of them are ‘gigantic’…so they were technically blocking my sight. I tried to hold onto the barricade so I wouldn’t fall. I saw Shadows walking to the right side, which side I’m on. I screamed his name out loud and then he turned to me/my area and smiled!!though I didn’t know where was he looking at because he was using an aviator. Johnny Christ also smiled at me!!

And finally someone, a guy, noticed me and he gave me some spaces in the front row. And finally I was in the first row when they played A Little Piece of Heaven!! I’m so happy I could see Shadows, Syn, Zacky, Johnny, and Arin clearly eventually.

I clapped my hand on the instrumental part of the song and I saw Synyster saw me and suddenly laughed whilst mimic the movements of my applause aND I AM SO HAPPY!!!1!1 And Syn did the “thighs” thing like what he did on the lbc!!

I couldn’t believe that the concert happened so fast only within 2 hours. At last they threw some picks and the drumsticks but I couldn’t catch them. But after that they threw the picks in front of the barricade and the crews picked them!! I was so pissed off because they sell them eventually to people, like, why are they so cunning ugh. And then finally I bought the JC’s for 10 bucks and Syn’s for 5 bucks, because I don’t have many money left and the crew who had the Syn’s pick seemed feel sorry for me sooo yeay!!

I’m so sorry for the long story but there are so many more to tell, like when Shadows said that Indonesia is the best place they’ve ever been!! And I’m sorry for the bad grammar bc english is not my mother tongue. Basically, I will not forget the day when I finally saw them live.


121208 Jun.k Speak Bahasa - 2PM LIVE TOUR IN JAKARTA 2012 (by ratihra)