what thorin said

Gifts Returned

What if a few of the dwarves moving back to Erebor hear about what happened with the Arkenstone, and quietly start casting suspicion on whether or not Bilbo stole the mithril shirt as well?

And what if Bilbo decided that, while it had been a gift, really the safest place for the second most valuable thing in all of Erebor was not on him (and he couldn’t wear it day in, day out, no matter what Thorin said) but back in the treasury, so he quietly and carefully returns it?

And what if Balin notices, and slips into Thorin’s study to tell him, barely daring to speak the words because he knows how Thorin feels? Balin knows that his king had still hoped, despite all he’d done, that Bilbo felt something for him, and the proof of that hope was that Bilbo hadn’t returned the mithril shirt – the not-quite-acknowledged courting gift.

And now that mithril shirt is  back in Erebor’s treasury, and all hope is lost.

(Until Bilbo proves otherwise, of course.)

The Durin’s Try Flirting

Fili to his One: It’s destiny that we met.
Kili to Tauriel: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Bilbo, Fili, Kili, and Tauriel:
the Dwarves:
Smaug’s corpse: …
Dale: …
Mirkwood: …
Everybody: WTF THORIN

has this been done yet?

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do you ever think about what Thorin said to the raven right after Bard came? I feel like it showed up in the iron hills and lands in front of Dain and all you hear is “this piece of shit elven king sent a man to come talk to me and they’re asking for gold. Oh yeah, you know that quest that no one wanted to come on because everyone said we would all die, well the dragon is dead so its cool to come to Erebor if you want. Bilbo will make you snacks. Oh you have to meet Bilbo, he’s going to be the new consort once I am done with this nonsense over these “gems of pure starlight” lol wait till he finds out they’re cubic zirconia”

RA 31 Day Challenge - Day 26: A favourite quote from him

“After we played the scene and I stood up I put a little cross on the ground because I just didn’t want anyone walking over where he’d lain, and by the end of the day people would come and lay flowers in this place. I will remember him and I would love the audience to remember him as he emerges from the mountain in that battle charge.”

That’s what he said about Thorin’s final scenes. I think this quote shows how much he cares about his character and how much he wishes the audience will forgive him the mistakes he made because of the dragon-sickness. It’s really loving how much he cares about Thorin and how dedicated he is to his role. Besides, this quote also helped me a lot: I got BoFA on DVD only a week ago and was quite down after watching the movie (you can guess why…). But remembering Thorin, as Richard hoped, in the battle charge, with all his strength and glory, really helped me to smile. So this quote means quite a lot to me as well.