what tho wear to a summer wedding

To Wait


Warnings: Human au, inspired by this post because, my heart


He had been staring at Patton for what could be count as hours, and it was making the slightly shorter boy really nervous


“Hey Pat?”


“Can I kiss you?”

“What?!” Patton had dropped his juice box thanks to shock and was now looking at his friend with his eyes opened at the full capacity “Of-Of course not!”

“Wait, why not?”

“I’m…” Patton started playing with the sleeves of his cardigan, a blush covering his face fully “I’m saving my first kiss for my wedding day”

Roman nodded, and started searching around on his bag. A few curses escaped his mouth while he was fighting against the weird dimension of his backpack, he could swear most things disappeared once he put them there. When he finally found a pencil he took out his notebook and sat down on the grass

“Okay, so what do you like, what do you prefer?” He was taking notes while talking “We can have a summer wedding, or maybe a fantasy one? Wait! Where should we get married? The beach, a church? Can two boys get marry in a church?”


“Oh! Would you want Logan as your best man? I was thinking you get Logan and I ask Enhos, or you can have Enhos as your best man if you want. But what should we wear? Do you want to wear a dress? Or I could probably rock one… or maybe both of us in tux? They’ll have to be white tho because I think it’ll look better. But also this is your wedding so”

Patton chuckled, his face a bright blush. It was a weird way of confessing, just straight up planning their wedding, but it was also a pretty Roman way of confessing, and he wouldn’t change it.


“Hey, lover boy. Snap out of it”

“Oh, Enhos”

“What, you’re getting nervous?”

Roman laughed and went to pass a hand through his hair but Enhos slapped it

“They just finished fixing your hair, don’t ruin it yet”

“Sorry, maybe I am nervous. I was thinking of when we were fifteen”

“Oh, that time you asked Logan to marry you and Pat?”

“Yup, he still didn’t kiss me though” Roman laughed, his mind full of the past

“Well… you get the chance today don’t you?”

“I can’t believe we’re finally marrying”

“I know lover boy, but if you don’t go out there I don’t think there’ll be a wedding”

Roman nodded and walked out of his dressing room. It was worth it, it was worth the wait. He was finally marrying the man he loved anyway. He stood in front of the civil judge and waited for his loved one to arrive

There, in front of Roman was Patton with the biggest smile on his face and a soft blush on his cheeks. He looked like an angel, and Roman felt like falling in love all over again, he would never get tired of falling in love with the man in front of him.

Once the Judge declared them officially married Roman took Patton’s face softly and gave his husband a small smile

“I love you so much”

“And I you”

“Hey Pat? Can I kiss you?”

“Yeah, you can”

Urban Magic Honeyphos Wedding

Lucy: (I am really into them being married and it never being remarked on it’s just a thing)

Summer: of course they’re married, honeydew’s got the good health insurance and xephos cries at weddings

Three: oh my god he would
with a bow tie on
dgsfhjklgdfsjk so cute I want to cry now

Summer: it was a big lovely wedding and the scrapbook’s still on their coffee table

Three: they totally have the huge wedding book

Summer: they did that thing where they didn’t see each other the morning of the wedding

Lucy: Lalna tells Will, “Don’t let Xeph see you look at the scrapbook, he’ll show you every picture.”

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