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Context: Our campaign is still new, and our group consists at the time of a Gnome Bard/Sorcerer, Dragonborn Cleric, Tiefling Barbarian, Half-Elf Ranger, Halfling Monk, and a halfling Warlock. We stumbled upon a town that had been destroyed and was now overrun with goblins. There​ is a temple just inside the wals that a loud ringing is coming from. The chunk of the party has taken to fighting the goblins.

Bard: That ringing is annoying. I go check it out.

DM: okay, roll stealth…you see two goblins hanging on tbe rope for the bell laughing and having a good time as they swing around on it.

Bard: okay…I set the place on fire.

Party ooc: WHAT!?

DM: …you set the temple on fire. The goblins scream in agony as they’re burned alive. The ringing stops.

DM: *after the battle* Bard, a little storm cloud appears over your head and rains on you, zapping you with lightening. You feel that this is because you burned down the temple…

ok but legit what sources do kremlins have that say chris is contracted to SG? as far as i’ve been able to find there is no confirmation that he’s contracted for s3. not to mention that any talk about a contract that supposedly exists is through the CW, not SG specifically??

Out of all the sad lines in Gintama, nothing hits me more than this line

Gintoki has lived with various people during a life time. Starting from shouyou and reaching this day with the yorozuya, but does that mean he ever belonged to any of them? When first shown as a child, Gintoki was introduced as a lone wolf

he roamed around with one objective, to survive. Even after his time with shouyou, even after his time with the joui or the yorozuya, it always felt like he was disconnected. Even though the yorozuya filled his empty life and he gained all these new friends, something always seemed off. That’s why I came to a conclusion to why Gintoki is the way he is. He is afraid. Afraid to lose the new life he built. Afraid that one day he’ll look and find everyone that gave his life a meaning gone. Afraid that just like he had to go through all the pain of losing shoyou, of having to fight his comrade -husband-, he’ll have to go through that again. That’s why during the four divas arc he said this to kagura and megane

Gintoki can’t afford to lose his life motive anymore. He can’t lose his family. So, do I think Gintoki ever beloned to anyone? Yes. He belonged to Shouyou the moment he chose the joui over him. He belonged to the joui the moment he found the yorozuya, And he’ll belong to the yorozuya the moment he let go of his fair of loss and start looking for a better tomorrow with them where he protects them and they protect him. And I think Sorachi is going to convey that in a slow yet beautiful process.

honestly it’s such bullshit that humans are expected to be awake and productive in the day like where is the nocturnal lifestyle that i deserve

do i wanna know (daddy issues ch. 6)

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naomi meets jackson. isaac finally tells naomi how he feels, but things don’t work out the way he expects. 

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