what they're married!

also alec saying “relationships take effort” is him lowkey asking magnus if he wants to be/if they are in a relationship and magnus replying with “I’m all for effort” is him saying yes and confirming that they are in fact in a relationship and making a commitment.. as in they are a couple… as in they are boyfriends… as in i’m fucking dying :’))))))))


This animal tastes frightened.

The Traveler’s Test

Summary: Dan for some reason agreed to go on Phil’s deadly mission, and they now find themselves trying to prove their love to a stranger who wants to kill them. It might be a bit easier if they didn’t already hate each other.

Word Count: 1.5k

this exists bc an anon asked for another kind of fic where they hate each other but are forced to kiss

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Episode of the Week - 7x05 “The Twist in the Twister”
#CoupleGoals They look so hot just walking together. Love when they match in clothes too.


Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭

I know people are upset Lena and Emily didn’t get a spray but please consider some countries that have banned gay media: Algeria, Russia, Egypt, Kenya, pretty much every Mid East country.

And these penalties range from fines to imprisonment and death

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Hi! Can you recc some aragornxlegolas fics? :))


**Guide To Completion by Aralas
The heart of an ELF Prince longs to be whole, but a departed mother’s words and a broken gem stone are the only guides he has. His search takes him to an unlikely person in an unlikely place. 

(Guide to Completion is my favourite Aragolas/Legolas fic. I’ve read it like a million times over and over again because it’s so beautiful. It’s sweet, romantic, slight!angst, and has just the right amount of drama at the right times. I love it. If you ship this otp then you just HAVE to read this fic.)

A-Wooing He Did Go by Rabbit of Iron
Aragorn is having trouble flirting with Elf-women. Legolas offers to help him by pretending to be a lady and giving Aragorn practice.

Above All Shadows by Ignoblebard
Aragorn sees Legolas stumble as they run towards Rohan, but doesn’t know that it is one of the first signs of the Elf’s dark secret.

Second Chances by Melusine6619 
Years after Arwen’s death, Aragorn has another chance at love. Can he accept it before it is too late?

The Mirror by floatingleaf
A peek into the royal bedchamber in Minas Tirith

Night and Day by ELF
A meeting with Éomer and the apparent death of Aragorn make both Aragorn and Legolas re-examine their feelings for one another.

Poor Sport by baileymoyes
An archery contest, a sore loser, and a momentous first meeting

Never Drink With An ELF by Destielixer
A drinking competition between Aragorn and Legolas becomes more than they thought. One thing leads to another and they soon find themselves naked and in bed.

Written in the Stars by sixbynine
All his life Aragorn has heard the Elf sing, and only when it is almost to late is he told why.

A Year Without Despair by baileymoyes
On the anniversary of the charge at Helm’s Deep, Aragorn and Legolas renew their vows of love.

Before the Mismatch of the Age, as a fed-up Elrond calls the silly Fellowship, he tries to pull a sexy fast one over on the pristine perfect pale Prince of Mirkwood. Will his ruse work?

(Back Away From That Bon-Bon is is a total crack parody…it’s hilarious and Legolas is a chubby sass. At first I was like wtf am I reading but then I read the sequel…BACK AWAY FROM THAT BON-BON: THE SEQUEL  lol)

This Mortal Joy by lightgetsin
The ring calls to Aragorn, but not for the reasons he had expected.

Archery Lessons by Makiko Igami, Nix Winter
Legolas teaches Estel (Aragorn) archery. And Estel uses this knowledge for his own archery.

Better Than This by Karasu
Joining the Fellowship puts a strain on Aragorn and Legolas’ relationship

Most Precious by surreysmum
As a young man, Aragorn is sent on a mission to retrieve lost treasures, and meets the Mirkwood Prince in the hands of a terrible and implacable enemy.

Hidden Secrets by StormyBear30
Aragon is king and his fate is set in motion. Legolas has a secret, one that may destroy the love that they share forever.

Lust and Loving by In Open Air
When the love between King and Queen fades, a new love is born from its embers; Aragorn and Legolas must struggle to find the answer to one question, does lust belie something much deeper?