what they really

autistic people, people with adhd, etc: *jokes about eating things that aren’t food because they stim by chewing things and the thing looks chewy*

neurotypicals: *makes it a meme for some reason*

some neurotypicals: *actually eats inedible/toxic things as a joke*


To Have a Friend

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(But be warned, it’s full of spoilers!)

“Attends. Toi aussi tu as une peine de cœur?”


Chat Noir trailed a claw along the patterned railing he sat on, debating whether or not he should pry.

“…what happened? If you don’t mind me asking?” he eventually settled on.

Marinette shook her head sadly, pigtails barely bouncing on her shoulders. “It’s stupid,” she said after a pause.

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"ive never had a whole tomato" you dont dice it up put it in your tacos? blend it into tomato water for your rice/mushrooms/eggs? you dont slice and mix it in with your omlets and salads? your sandwhiches and hamburgers? i always buy 20 tomatoes i use em for everything how are you alive wh

i’m a picky eater

*after the Cheap Thrills performance*

Chloe: How DARE you?

Beca: *furrows her eyebrows* Excuse me?

Chloe: Who told you to nail that song? Who told you to be so freakin hot all the time? Who told you to add that song in my lady jams?! Who told you you can make me feel things like this?!

Beca: Uhm - I mean -

Chloe: *pulls Beca away* I can’t take it anymore. C'mon.

Beca: Uhm - okay then…

*at the side*

Fat Amy: Called it!

CR: Dang, Beca!

  • square enix: now that you’ve played the beta of final fantasy xv, here’s the actual complete game we promised you :)
  • everyone who paid for the game since release day: w hat

Seems like the Clintons were in Hawaii during the bomb scare and were looked after and promptly protected by the secret service.

I never lived the Jonas Brothers era on tumblr. So possibly getting a taste of what it must have been to be on tumblr while the JB years has me reeling in excitement.

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Did you know there's someone who wrote a beastiality fic ft JK? When I first heard about it I thought it was just a hybrid fic but I read the description and it says "original male dog(s)" and the author named starbaby (duchessjq on twitter) wouldn't take it down so someone sent an email to big hit and included the ao3 link. And can you believe they still won't take it down.

Oh and also that author is apparently around 14…

well really there isn’t anything to be done about it bc there is no censorship on ao3. you’re allowed to write about whatever you want as long as it’s properly tagged and rated. ao3 is very much a ‘if you don’t like it don’t read it’ type of site, which i don’t necessarily find to be a bad thing. i mean there are thousands and thousands of fics on ao3 that involve the members in non/dub-con sexual activities. are we going to report all of those as well? i did skim the fic and while i find it absolutely disgusting and repulsive, i don’t see how you can push for this one fic to be specifically taken down when there are so many fics out there that deal with the members partaking in activities that’re equally as wrong and gross. getting into this gray area of, well this is fine to write but this is not, is tricky bc every person has a different opinion on what is acceptable and what isn’t. i’ve seen readers and writers who don’t like to even see the members portrayed as a person who would cheat, which comparatively is completely tame. again, i don’t like that it exists please don’t confuse this response with me approving of the content, bc i don’t agree with it. but what’s next, someone’s going to send house of cards, which is imo one of the best fanfics to ever be written, to bighit bc there’s non/dub-con & murder involving the members? i would hope not. it’s on a site that bts will never see, or at least it was until people started sending bighit links to it. censorship is just a really tough thing to tackle bc again no two people will have the exact same sense of what is alright and what isn’t. how can that terrible thing be okay but this terrible thing not be okay? drawing that line is almost impossible, which is the reason for the writing freedom on ao3 as long as it’s tagged and rated properly