what they gonna do

I did what I had to do

A/N: Part two of Here’s what we’re gonna do

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader

“We must get your sister as well.” Cas said as he looked at Sam and Dean, “She is the back up plan for both angels and demons. If either of them get to her first and she says yes then all of this is for nothing.”

Sam and Dean shared a confused look, “What are you talking about Cas?” Sam questioned.

“Our sister’s been dead for almost thirteen years.” Dean added gruffly. He hated talking about you. You were his twin, the one he could have saved if he had been there to intervene in the fight you had with John. Instead he was at the library and you went searching for him. You never found him. Instead you had been taken by a shifter and killed.

It was his fault.

“No she has not.” Cas replied with a confused face, “She resides in Columbus, Ohio. I believe she works at a bank.”

“A bank?” Dean deadpanned.

“Yes, I believe so.” Cas responded.

“Cas,” Sam said before letting out a breath, “Our sister died when she was seventeen.”

“No she did not.” Cas argued back, getting annoyed that the boys didn’t believe him.

“I’m warning you Cas, drop it.” Dean huffed out.

“Fine. I’ll show you.” Cas responded before placing his hands on each Winchester’s shoulder’s and zapping them to your location.

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What if Lance ends up moving onto the red lion (not that it’s likely, this is just a thought) and the team’s tied up or something and he’s having a one on one fight with Lotor, who’s like:

“Your team doesn’t need you. You’re unimportant. Don’t lie to me. As soon as this mission is over, congratulations will be given to everyone but you. You, who try so, so much, and succeed, but with no recognition. They’re using you. That’s despicable. I would never do that to you. We could be great together.” Lotor holds out his hand to Lance, who’s kneeling and crying now. “Join me. I need you.”

And the team’s screaming at Lance things like, “Lance, don’t do this!” “We care about you!” And all that junk.

Lance is thinking he could be important. Lance could be with Lotor, this totally hot alien prince, and rule the galaxy and shit. He could be invincible.

But he wouldn’t be a hero. He would be hurting people. He’d be holding his team back more than he already was. He didn’t want to be selfish. Yes, what Lotor said about his insecurities are right. But his friends’ and the rest of the universe’s safety are more important than his feelings.

Versace on the Floor (Pt. 4)

Jimin x you

“Despite allowing yourself to fall for royal heir Park Jimin, you are aware of the universe between the two of you. You’re trying to ignore it, but when things go south you have to face the facts.”

Pt. 4/5, rated A for A N G S T

“Yeah, I know your love’s not real
That’s not the way it feels
That’s not the way you feel”

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I’ve been testing out some new papers and just doodling to get myself back into the habit of drawing/coloring before i get to anything important…

And I also played unhealthy amounts of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

So. Expect a lot of ToT for a while. LOLOL

not-famous-just-me  asked:

Biiiitch we had some guests just up and leave without paying? Over €400,- check, just up and left.. three of us closing didn't know what to do, so eventually we agreed to just give up our tips for the night b/c what else were we gonna do?? (I'm Dutch, where we do get paid a living wage and tips are a formality so it didn't really matter anyway). Who the fuck thinks it's okay to leave without paying?? Who the duck raised those people? They were outside, so no one saw them leaving.. feels so bad..

okay okay okay so I know everyone was talking about how the yousef x sana relationship build up has been too perfect so far, plus the comparisons to last season being suspicious, but remember that every conflict last season was based directly around isak and even. This season we’ve got LOADS more plot lines and with the new ~revelations~ I’m hoping that yousana is still endgame and the reason we got that build up is because we’ve gotta press pause on them because of the drama and then come back to them, rather than the drama being about them. And think about it, all the drama in past season has been about the mains relationship, wouldn’t it be nice to have something different this time around?

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Is it OK to condemn someone for no call no show if, in their own words, "I already put in my 2 weeks so what are they gonna do if I don't show up? Fire me?" Cuz that's what my coworker said yesterday and did today (4/16, easter). I already hate her cuz she's nothing but bossy, mean, and lazy and does nothing but complain anyway. But this sealed it.

me when i realize that nothing is permanent and i need to stop clinging onto the idea that if i achieve this or that i am going to unlock the secret to happiness as if happiness was a fixed point in one’s life and not a multifaceted and elusive state when life is just a series of challenges and ups and downs and i must learn to go with the flow and accept that things will always change whether it’s my emotions or my relationships or my Self™ and that everything tends towards entropy it’s a permanent cycle of death and rebirth throughout all aspects of my life

kageyama bros fight!


magnus playing with his rings