what they eat in heaven

Tofu and quinoa burger (in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, avocado, melted vegan cheese and spicy Sriracha mayo) that comes with sweet potato chips and chipotle sauce.
Shared with the Original Stir-fry, seasonal vegetables stir fried topped with smooth satay sauce, accompanied with brown rice.

Vegie Bar
Fitzroy - Melbourne - Australia

girl groups as food
  • snsd: honey. it’s sweet and natural and is good for your body and it will never ever expire
  • wonder girls: home cooked meals that remind you of that time you're 6 and carefree and the only worry you have is whether your mom will get mad at you for playing for too long
4minute: those chocolates with alcohol in them
exid: one of those food trends that will somehow find a way to stay. like cupcakes, macarons, and those cronuts.
f(x): your own tears because sm never gives us the f(x) comeback gotham deserves
apink: what you imagine angels in heaven eating…. candies and sugar floss and chocolates and basically anything too good for this world
  • girl's day: those lollipops with mysterious flavours and you're unsure what you'll get but you know it won't disappoint
crayon pop: energy bar like honestly these girls won’t fail to cheer you up
sistar: piña colada on a hot summer day
2ne1: hot chocolate… vvvv soothing but can be modified and changed in so many ways... like u can add alcohol or topped it with marshmallow and it's just perfect to end and start any day with.
red velvet: ice cream cake what do u expect
mamamoo: cinnamon roll. too good, too pure for this world.
  • stellar: some food ur parents try to make you stay away from... like flaming hot cheetos. very good and there's no way you're sharing

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Heya love (I say that a lot XD don't take it in the wrong way) how have ya been? What inspired you to make virus and anti? Wish more people knew them :V but keep up the good work! Few questions: how tall is anti and how tall is virus? Anti what's your favorite song? Virus do you have a crush? Anti do you have a crush? Also I ship them >3<

Hello I’ve been good thanks for asking and; to make Virus and Anti well…. I always love Virus!Cry and Antivirus!Pewds
I have to discus that with my partner about how tall is everyone and I’m going to put it in the ref
Now for the boys

Anti: “Different heaven!”

Virus: “whats a crush? can I eat it?”
Anti: face-palm “its nothing important and no you can’t eat it….and no I don’t have a crush ugh…why do everyone keep shipping us?!”


ok i’m honestly really proud! this is my own creation, and within my first own recipe which i’m completly happy with! :) it was sweet polenta, with a warmed raspberry filling, topped with peanutbuttersauce, kiwi and pomegranate. and by the way, it was my lunch, not my dessert. completly healthy and sugar-added free! :)

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Do you think that anything that YOUR Lucifer (NOT the idealized version written by Milton or whatever, the one who's genuinely evil) has done is justifiable? I understand opposing his decisions or disliking him, but if he was held up as this perfect thing and idolized and adored, if he had his ego inflated from the get-go, does it not make sense for him to be (irrationally or otherwise) angry when that love is directed elsewhere? That's the one thing I don't quite understand about your views.

[previously: Sarah Has Very Specific Feelings About Lucifer, the Tag]

Except the love…wasn’t directed elsewhere? Your parents don’t love you less with each successive child. (At least I hope not, I have three younger siblings and that would be awkward.) And it’s definitely not ridiculous that, when your baby siblings comes into the world, your parents ask you to help them and love them and protect them, because they’re soft and floppy and prone to choking on apples.

No, Lucifer’s problem is that he’s got love and power mixed up in his head, and so he thinks that because he’s the most powerful he should be most loved. It seems the natural order in his eyes. Which—that is not how love works, you don’t earn it by being the most special, you don’t get it in proportion to your ability to do anything. It’s just something that exists. It can’t be coerced, it can’t be won. It’s given. And he doesn’t get that

It’s like if your parents brought home the new baby and you see that the baby is floppy and soft and useless and go: “They can’t run around the house or finish their macaroni, they can’t even talk, why should I love them? why do you love them like you love me, if they’re so helpless? No, no, I refuse to stay here, if you’re going to love them. You’re wrong to love them.” 

So Lucifer keeps trying to show God that humanity is full of ashes and brokenness, and God keeps saying “Yes, I KNOW, I still love them as I love you” and Lucifer doesn’t get that answer, he doesn’t understand how that can be the underlying principle of the universe–like, what the fuck is that, no, it’s about having to be worthy, to be like God

And so Lucifer goes back to the celestial equivalent of burning ants with a magnifying glass.

(And this is why Michael is in the story, Michael whose name means “who is like God?” meaning no one, the proof that Lucifer has been wrong from the start, that Lucifer just as deficient, just as in need of grace, that the love given to him is just as inexplicable and undeserved. Lucifer has been tearing the world apart to prove nothing but his own vanity, his own sense of entitlement.)

So I guess you can call him wrongheaded and stubborn, if you want, and I’ll even agree to tragic—it’s hard to disagree with tragic in the grand, Greek sense when it comes to any incarnation of Lucifer. But cool motive, still tempting and hating and trying to discredit the human race.

Frosted Puffs

A/N: A oneshot for @frostedpuffs who has been going through one of those days. Hope you enjoy mindless fluff, because that’s what this is.


Adrien would not admit it, but he was starving.

Not in the sense that he was going to die, no - it was just that apparently he was gaining weight because he’d eaten too many sweets the last time Marinette had brought cakes to a school party, and while that was at least a month behind them, apparently that still gave his father and his dietician permission to reduce his meals.


He sighed as he felt the pit in his stomach grow, sitting down dejectedly and softly letting down his bag. He relished in putting his elbows on the table and cupping his chin, not in the mood to give off an angelic vibe.

He visibly lit up when Nino waked in humming a remix he’d made, the pair sharing a grin as Nino slid into his seat.

“You’re looking down, bro,” Nino sympathized immediately. “Tell me what’s up.”

“The sky,” he replied dryly, stretching out across the table. Nino smirked.

“No, what’s actually happening.”

“I’m stretching.”


Adrien threw up his hands. “Apparently I’m still on an anorexic diet!” He vented. “It’s been a month since the party where I had a slice of cake already and they’re still not feeding me even a little bit more! And don’t even get me started on the dietician!” He groaned and planted his face on the table.

Nino patted his friend sympathetically. “I would bring you food, but my parents would get suspicious that your old man was starving you.” Adrien nodded.

“I get it.” he grumbled, tapping the table. He noticed Marinette dash in and hop into the seat behind him, marking the beginning of class… and what would probably be a really hard day, considering he was working off of no breakfast.

He sighed and prepared himself for what would probably be a really long day.\


For a moment, he thought he’d made it. He’d managed to get through the day without anyone asking him about why he seemed so upset, or why he looked hungry, and he’d managed to hide the un-model-like grumblings from his stomach.

That is, until he got up from his seat and smelled what smelled like an entire bakery pass him, leaving behind the tantalizing scent of croissants and macaroons.


She - Marinette - swung around and stared at him owlishly with those big, blue eyes, and he instinctively covered his stomach. Thank goodness Chloe hadn’t been there to hear that - she’d be on top of him in a moment, pulling him to one of those accursed ‘fancy restaurants’ that were the only ones that 'satisfied my Adrikin’s needs’.

He stared back at her sheepishly, waving her off, but no, she stormed towards him. He wasn’t quite sure what she was doing until she grabbed his hand.

“You’re hungry.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement, pure fact. Nothing, he realized, nothing shook Marinette from her goals when she put her mind to it.

That’s part of the reason he didn’t resist when she started dragging him along; the other reason was that she smelled like chocolate muffins and frosting. Why Alya was catcalling he had no idea, but he decisively ignored it in favour of asking Marinette where they were going.

“My bakery,” she stated simply, walking faster.


He was vaguely glad her house wasn’t that far away. She pulled the door open for him, and he went inside, nodding politely to her. She followed quickly, rushing behind the counter and messing with a few things before pulling out a small box. She smashed it down in front of him with a look that oozed determination.

“This was going to be for completing the project I had with Alya, but she’ll understand, so eat up.” She opened up what must have been the gates to heaven, as the immortal smell of treats - frosted treats - touched his senses. “They’re called frosted puffs if you end up liking them.” With that, she stormed up the stairs which led inevitably to her room and disappeared so he could appreciate the food in peace.

He grinned helplessly at the irresistible pile of sweets and picked up a pink one gently, admiring it for just a moment before it was quickly eaten. He couldn’t help it; he took another. He was on his third when Marinette came back.

She looked down at the basket, then at him. Then she inquired blatantly, “If you’re shy about eating them, don’t be. You deserve to have them, so don’t hold back on them.”

'No, I’m just appreciating them,’ was what he was going to say, but he was cut off halfway through by a curt “Lies!” and dragged up to her room, basket of frosted puffs in hand.

The last time he’d been in here, it had been during the gaming tournament, when he’d visited for practice. Now, it was largely the same, but there was another set of pictures of Marinette and her friends. I’m there too,  he thought with a thrill at seeing his face on the walls. His smile only grew when she pulled up a chair and threw him into it, then placed a table to one side of him and placing the basket delicately on it.

“You seem determined to pamper me, Marinette,” he smiled shyly, “but you really don’t have to, I’m fine-”

“On a scale of one to ten,” she replied curtly, “fine ranks as a one.”

He had no further arguments. He instead made the most of his pampering by eating some more frosted puffs.


He woke up with a start. How long had he been there? He glanced out the window and sighed in relief when he saw the sun still shining.

Good, father won’t have noticed my absence, and Gorilla’s too scared to say he didn’t pick me up from school to tell him. Sorry, Gorilla!

Stretching himself out, he glanced down to the table at one side of him, which had a short note explaining Marinette had had to take over shop duty and would be back soon enough. He chuckled fondly at her kindness and got up, glancing around.

It was at that moment he noticed the dress on the mannequin.

He’d known that she wanted to be a designer like his father (much to his chagrin), but the design on the mannequin struck him as being… inspired.

By Chat Noir.

By him.

He approached it with a gleeful smile, gently touching it, inspecting the dress. It was when he got a closer look at the zipper on the back that he was certain. The zipper, instead of the regular piece of metal, was a small version of his staff.

He felt an electric thrill go through his body and quickly shook it off. No, he definitely shouldn’t be tampering with her designs. He leaped back and instead satisfied himself with even more puffs.

He then looked at her bed. He knew that it looks so soft and comfy was probably not the first thing he should be thinking when he strode towards it, but it was. He promised himself he’d only do this for a moment when he collapsed onto it, but for some reason the room went foggy and he felt himself melting into the sheets.

He would later claim that the bed of heaven claimed him before he could refuse.

It was rather embarrassing being woken up and listening to Marinette assure his father that he 'ate nothing’ while he was there. He was in the limousine waving goodbye far too soon in his opinion, but he had no choice.

He could have sworn he saw her mouth the words 'come back if you get hungry’, and he desperately hoped that was not his imagination running away with him.


He walked past Marinette the next morning, and automatically he began to say, “Good morning, p-”

Ohshit you’re not Chat Noir abort abort ABORT-


Better than nothing, doof.

“G-good morning,” she stuttered back. He heard Alya catcalling again and rolled his eyes, walking away to his Physics class.

Today was okay.

“Girl, spill.”

“I might have fed him the frosted puffs recipe…”

Adrien stared down at his bag next to his seat.

More specifically, down at the small black sprite which glared at him relentlessly from within it, two green eyes striking daggers into him.

He smiled sheepishly.

“…you’ll get triple camembert?”

“Better get quadruple if you expect me to forgive you today.”

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Tell me what you love about eating pussy?

Omg it’s just heaven to me 🤤 I love making a girl moan and pinned that ass down when her legs start shaking until she cums ! I love sliding my tongue deep when I know she about to cum 🤷🏾‍♂️


Banana buckwheat blueberry pancakes for a very late breakfast! 

2 normal bananas or 1 very large
½ - ¾ cup buckwheat flour
1 cup soymilk, though I used almond because I didn’t have soy at home.
himalayan salt
frozen or fresh blueberries

mix all the ingredients in your mixer, except the blueberries. put in some more milk if it’s to thick. Hot a pan with some coconut oil and put in the blueberries in the pancake paste. Mix with a spoon. Fry the pancakes on one side until the upper side is somewhat dry. Turn the pancake and fry the other side. Lower the temperature and fry the rest of the pancakes on a pretty low temperature. But we want them to have some color so don’t lower to much. 

Hope you’ll enjoy! 


Had the most AMAZING food today: edamame, seaweed salad, and a cucumber avocado roll with brown rice for lunch; kale chips, green juice, and a macrobiotic bowl (quinoa, brown rice, greens, butternut squash, kimchee, seaweed, adzuki beans, tahini sauce, and sprouts) for dinner; and a puffed rice/quinoa bar with raw vegan chocolate for dessert. I was in vegan food HEAVEN 😍💚✨