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Waiting for the coffee to brew and getting started on this month’s book club selection.

Mini book club was FANTASTIC yesterday! We’re definitely going to do it again! We discussed All the Ugly and Wonderful Things.

Note: I do occasionally wear other things and sit other places…but not that often. 😂 Life’s too short to not enjoy all my little favorite things.

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Matt and Ryan get locked in Kevin's room while trying to find out learn about him, what happens next?

Oops! Thought I’d already answered this…

We love the prompt… however… we may already have something planned for that category… so… if you don’t mind the wait, we’ll make sure what we’re brewing is… to die for… hehehehehehehhh….

tea witch.


Q: “Do you have any new years resolutions?”

P: (…) I also want to channel my creative energies into something, I’ve been writing down loads of ideas and I’ve got a load of ideas for some kind of creative project, I just don’t know how to make it yet. That’s really vague ‘cause I don’t even really know what it is yet, but there is something brewing in my brain which i’d like to do.

“What’s Brewing?” by Izzie (tarot-cards-and-tea)

This is a slight variation on a simple three card spread

Card 1- The Cauldron
What is the primary issue or concern?

Card 2- The Flame
What is the underlying cause to this issue?

Card 3- The Steam
What is the best way to diffuse the situation?

Feel free to try this spread out on yourself or your friends for fun/practice/free readings, but please refrain from monetizing this spread.

The backs of the cards that are featured are from The Fountain Tarot (copyright The Fountain Tarot 2014)

When I started this blog, I didn’t know how to study. I was a straight A student in high school, without any effort, but when I got to university I was failing, failing, failing. So I joined the studyblr community to learn how to study, how to achieve again. My lack of success caused my self-esteem to plummet, and I ended up anxious and depressed. All my life, I’d been told I was “smart”, “intelligent”, “clever” and “gifted”. It never occurred to me that success was something I had to earn, rather than something which would be handed to me by fate.

I never really talked about, how poisonous it is when you’re in that somewhat arrogant frame of mind. How you become jealous of others, who are successful and intelligent through their hard work, how it feels as if they’re taking what was owed to you. That toxicity brews and grows, dissolving your self-worth, because if you’re not smart then you are worth nothing. 

My anxiety and depression, my failures, have (thankfully) now taught me otherwise. Although I feel behind, because while my peers were working and studying hard I was stewing in my misery and entitlement, I feel more capable and in control. I know that my intelligence and mental ability are not some once-off, limited quantity, pre-determined stamp on my self, but are flexible and able to grow and change. I am limited to complete success (somewhat) by my mental and physical health, my lack of gender and racial privilege, but I am in control of the work I put in, my attitude towards others, my time and my happiness. I am in control of my self-worth.

So yes, I do want to achieve. I want to get a Ph.D and work for NASA (if it survives the Trump disaster), I want to travel and have a successful writing and scientific career. I want to blog and have a bit of glamour in my life. But, I no longer feel like the world owes me those things just because - by some arbitrary definition of being able to do well at tests at high school - I’m “smart”. 

I want to work for my success.

SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader

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A/N: Okay ya’ll there is at least going to have to be a part 2 to this because it’s getting so long. I’ve had this idea brewing for a while, so let me know what you think! (And watch for part 2 later this week)

You stepped out of the elevator, your bright lapis blue suede high heels clicking softly with each step. You were wearing the usual on top – a fitted black dress, as was dress code. Today, your dress had triangular shaped mesh cut outs. Might as well go out with a bang, you thought whilst dressing yourself this morning. Your gold necklace continued to bounce with each step you took as you approached the corner that would take you directly past the boss’s office.

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  • Todd: What's the nearest tavern?
  • DM: It's a wizard tavern, called the Sea of Wine.
  • Todd: Oh, christ. Okay, what's the next nearest tavern?
  • DM, consulting map: Uh, the Party House. You want to go there?
  • Todd: Yeah.
  • DM: Okay, as you approach the Party House, you hear the sound of glass breaking, a monkey screaming-
  • Me: A monkey?
  • DM: Well, it sounds like a monkey, could be a halfling.
Awesome Home-brewed Magic Items.

My mate gave my dwarf Kurgi Delverfaulde a halberd name “The Surgeon’s Impaler”. It has the magical effect that it tells me a secret of the person whose blood it spills. The more blood, the better the secret. This may change my alignment.

What awesome unique home-brew magic item effects do YOU have?

here have some jily headcanons
  • it was in 6th year when lily realized that potter wasn’t all that bad after all
  • it was in 6th year when james realized that he didn’t need to put on a show in order for people to like him
  • they start doing homework together
  • laughing together
  • lily realizes that james is a GIANT FUCKING NERD
  • “marlene you’d never believe how much of a nerd potter is”
  • “i always thought remus was the brainy one”
  • “but potter READS his textbooks for FUN”
  • james realizing that lily has quite the wild side
  • drinking firewhiskey with the marauders while playing truth or dare
  • coming back to gryffindor tower at 4am with five treacle tarts, another bottle of firewhiskey, and a pair of slughorns socks
  • “lils the dare was to nick some fruit from the kitchens, not the entire food supply and why the bloody fuck do you have a pair of slughorn’s socks??!!?”
  • “what can i say potter, i got carried away”
  • brewing the amortentia and lily smelling james’ cologne and realizing holy SHIT IM IN LOVE WITH POTTER
  • james’ smelling lily’s hair in his and not being fazed because of course he knows he’s in love with lily
  • lily being too proud to admit her feelings to him, because she is a gryffindor after all
  • the two of them being practically inseparable by the end of 6th year
  • and writing to each other all summer
  • the highlight of lily’s week is getting james’ owl
  • their letters to each other are pages long
  • they tell each other everything
  • and three weeks before term starts lily finally admits her feelings for him
  • she does this a subtle revenge for being such a prat before
  • and this won’t do so he shows up at her door step the next morning
  • petunia is unpleasantly shocked to open the door to find a boy with robes and ridiculous hair at her doorstep
  • while lily is pleasantly shocked
  • and three weeks later they show up to  platform 9 ¾ hand in hand
  • and sirius, remus and peter all clap and wolf whistle because it’s been nearly a YEAR OF THIS

“Mr. Potter! Since you and Mr. Black seem to be having quite a good time, would you maybe mind telling us, exactly, what the potion we’ll be brewing today is?”

James Potter suddenly looked up from where he had been playing with his best friend, pretending their wands were swords. Still giggling, he focused on the blackboard in the front of the classroom. ‘Amortentia’, it read, and he couldn’t help but smile wider.

“Well, professor, I believe we all know what exactly Amortentia does. It bewitches the drinker; mind, soul, and heart, to only be able to think about the person that made them consume it. It also smells differently to everyone, according to what you are deeply attracted to. Let’s see; for me…” James said, locking eyes with the redhead two tables down from him and lifting the lid off the cauldron, “Ah, yes. For me, it smells like muddy boots, new broom, and Lily Evans’ shampoo.” he concluded, with an unbelievably wide grin. The redhead was now shooting him daggers with her eyes, and Sirius Black, sitting next to him, was laughing his arse off.

“Lily’s going to be hitting him out of it anytime now.” Remus heard a girl say, on his right side. He suppressed a laugh. It was quite the common knowledge that James Potter Loved Lily Evans, and everyone was used to hearing him declare his undying love to anyone willing to listen, or not. He couldn’t say it didn’t amuse him greatly.

Being as it was, a fairly complicated potion, Remus felt delighted about having it done rather quicker than the rest of his class, despite the inconveniences along the way (he had had to seek out help because his product looked more like creamy, bubbling onion soup than pearly white and velvety). He leaned back in his chair and put the lid on his cauldron, looking over at his best friends in the table next to him. James was nose deep in his own potion, and Peter seemed to be failing miserably while having a discussion with the Potions teacher. Sirius was already smiling and looking at him.

“Hey Moony, what does yours smell like?” Sirius never spoke quietly, and Remus could now confidently feel a few pair of eyes looking at him. 

“Never mind me; what does yours smell like? Is it James’ nickers?”

Sirius grinned even more widely. “Oh my sweet friend, I’ll only tell if you do.”

Lifting the lid gently and keenly aware of the larger number of eyes now pointing at him, even James and Peter’s, who had finished arguing with the teacher. He took a deep breath and felt the swirling fumes fill his nostrils.

“No fucking way.” 

Never, in any class, had Remus left early. Not even when he felt sick before a full moon, not even when he heard his mother had passed away. He had dutifully returned to his seat and finished the lecture. But today he left the room like it was on fire, looking quite mad and possibly murderous.

Later he would say there were only two smells, and James would ask if one was Snape’s greasy hair, smiling but with a reasonably concerned face, and Lily would get it far too easily, because what else could’ve made Remus that angry. But his friends would have to spend five whole months coercing it out of him because he was terribly afraid to say what he had smelled.

Because the two scents in that cauldron were fur, and blood.

So between sobs and a few “Remus you’re not a monster”s, and “You are innately and in every significant way yourself”, and some “It doesn’t define you, it never did”, Remus would be shocked still when he heard Sirius whisper that he had smelled the same two things.


“Witch’s Brew” Project  

I’ve been pretty busy lately, with the Artbook, my internship and a lot of school stuff including this! I just started a new year at Supinfocom and this year I’ll be working on a short movie project I decided to name “Witch’s Brew”~ Guess what? It’s about a little modern witch! 

Here you can find the new design for Abbigail (Abby) and some color tests, I might do a more finished version of that picture soon :3 It’ll be a 3D short film and I’ll try to show you some part of the process if you are interested!

Lots of witchy love ✨ 🌘🔮

Up until now, I didn’t know what it was like to look at someone and be like “fuck I never want to lose you.” I never knew what it was like to look at someone and get the same feeling as hearing coffee brew early in the morning. I never knew what it was like to look at someone and get the same peaceful feeling as when the sun sets. Or when I hear the waves crash into the rocks. Or when I look at teddy bears. Or that one time i finally got to swim with sharks. Or when im singing along to my music on blast. Or when I see elephants or koalas or panda anything fluffy (you know my obsession) Or when the pizza delivery guy comes. You make me happy and that’s a feeling I never really knew. To be able to look at you and say, “fucking shit you make me so happy.”
—  10 : 21 PM

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around in the crowded station to see Draco looking at me. 

“Hey, Draco! Didn’t I just say bye to you?” Noticing the expression on his face, I set down my suitcase and held both his hands in mine. “What’s wrong?”

Without any words, Draco pulled me into an empty room. 

“Y/n, I have a favor to ask.” 


He sat me down on a bench and sitting next to me, slumped over and hid his face with his hands. I placed my arms around him and patted his back in an attempt to comfort him.

“My parents… they want me to be a…” Draco’s voice quieted to a whisper, “A Death Eater.” 

I frowned and bit my lip. It was no secret that Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were Death Eaters, and I had been expecting them to try to turn their son into one, with the war brewing.

“What can I do?” 

Draco lifted his head and looked at me pleadingly.

“I don’t… I don’t know. I only know that I need to get away fro them for a while. If I spend more time with them, I’m bound to buckle under pressure.” 

I pulled my best friend in and hugged him tightly. “Come stay with me. My parents would love to have you over and finally meet you! Stay with us as long as you need.” 

Draco threw his arms around me, buried his face in my hair and whispered, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

  • Snape: Miss Lovegood.... What are you doing?
  • Luna: I am brewing a Sleeping Draught, sir.
  • Snape: *deep breath* *wonders why he bothers* Miss Lovegood, you have been sitting there for the last ten minutes doing nothing but stare at the ceiling.
  • Luna: Oh, but sir! That's only because I'm allowing it to simmer. Really let the lavender settle in, you know?
  • Snape: Miss Lovegood, if you don't proceed to the next step of the brewing process, then you will not be able to complete the potion before the end of the period.
  • Luna: You can't rush perfection, sir. Haven't you ever found that veering slightly from the original instructions sometimes yields better results?
  • Snape: ...
  • Luna: ...
  • Snape: ...
  • Luna: *resumes upward staring* Your ceiling is filthy, by the way, sir.
  • Snape: See me after class, Miss Lovegood.