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I've seen your anti-Maiko posts and how Mai is such a "horrible" girlfriend when Zutara is actually very toxic and unhealthy. Zuko constantly tries to make Katara go against her morals(The Southern Raiders), while Katara is mostly seen planning Zuko's death( The Western Air Temple) for betraying her. "But Zuko and Katara forgave each other"- Apparently not since Katara doesn't hesitate to have Aang kill Zuko if he became like his father. Zutara is the most abusive ship in the entire series.

Zuko constantly tries to make Katara go against her morals, eh? Do you know how much persuasion Zuko used to get Katara to go after Yon Rha?


The only thing he did was tell her he knew how to find him. You refuse, like Aang, to accept that going after Yon Rha was actually part of Katara’s moral code. She says in the show, “Now that I know he’s out there, now that I know we could find him, I feel like I have no choice.” It wasn’t, “Now that Zuko has tried to persuade me to kill Yon Rha, I feel like I have no choice.” Katara has always wanted–NEEDED–to face this man, and the only thing stopping her was not knowing where he was. Also, if Zuko “constantly” (as in repeatedly) tried to get Katara to go against her morals, why was it that he didn’t try to persuade her to kill Yon Rha when she let him go? The only person Zuko was arguing against in terms of morals was Aang, not Katara. It is Aang who was trying to get Katara to go against what she felt was right and forgive Yon Rha, regardless of whether Katara wanted to or felt like he deserved it. 

But here’s a good example of Zuko respecting Katara’s morals. When Katara refused, for weeks, to forgive Zuko for what he did, Zuko didn’t try (as Aang did) to try and guilt Katara into forgiveness. He put up with her sniping on a, to borrow a term, constant basis, and when he had reached the end of his patience and demanded to know what her problem was, he accepted her answer. He didn’t try to argue with her further; he actively went out of his way to make sure she forgave him in tune with her conscience, not his own.

Katara is “mostly” seen planning Zuko’s death, is she? Hmm, please point out to me the scene in which she does so. Threatening someone who betrayed you is not the same thing as actively planning to murder him. I encourage you to read my post about Katara and Zuko’s dialogue in the final arc. After Zuko joined the GAang, Katara and Zuko have 9 scenes of antagonistic dialogue with each other. Neutral or positive dialogue? 26. So even if I took your statement of “mostly planning Zuko’s death” to mean “mostly hating on Zuko,” that would be false. 

“But Zuko and Katara forgave each other”- Apparently not since Katara doesn’t hesitate to have Aang kill Zuko if he became like his father.

Katara: But I am ready to forgive you.

What are you suggesting, exactly–that Katara was lying when she said this? That she didn’t actually mean it? That she gave Zuko a fake hug and was insincere in her friendship? What a horrible person you must think Katara is!

Of course she forgave him. And citing the post-A:TLA comics doesn’t change that fact, especially when there’s also evidence of a positive relationship:

But while we’re on the comics, since you think Zutara is abusive because Katara nodded when Aang was going to her for advice on killing Zuko, doesn’t that make Zuko and Aang’s friendship abusive, too? I mean, it was Aang, and not Katara, who actually said, “A promise is a promise” and went into the Avatar State with the intention of killing him. Aang and Zuko had more negative interactions than Katara and Zuko did. So that must mean Aang and Zuko “didn’t really mean it” when they hugged at the end of A:TLA, right? And that they were totally insincere when saying they would rebuild the world together? 

Conflict is not the same thing as hatred and antagonism is not the same thing as abuse. But thank you for adding to my list of canon shippers who think someone paired with their favorite characters is abusive. I don’t understand, if you really think Katara constantly plotted Zuko’s death, why you would want her with Aang; or if you really think Zuko constantly tries to warp people’s moral codes, why you would want him with Mai. I’ve yet to get a straight answer on that question; if you have one for me, I’d love to hear it.

can we talk about how in Smoke and Shadow they’re rehashing a storyline that’s already been done in the Omashu episode, in which Tom-Tom was missing and kidnapping and Mai literally mocked her parents pain and did not give one single shit, and then subsequently let Azula torment the child, knowing what Azula is capable of, and she didn’t care when Azula wanted to literally trade in Tom Tom… like…… when did she start giving a rat’s ass about Tom Tom when did this bond form? It was literally nonexistent before and now she is withholding information from Zuko to protect her father who is going to attempt to assassinate him and his entire family and Mai is the  person we’re supposed to feel like got her heartbroken? that sounds fake but okay…