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Where Richie teasingly calls Eddie princess but Eddie secretly loves it

This is my first HC list, go easy on me!! I usually write in paragraphs

-Eddie Kaspbrak is not fucking gay. He’s kissed like, 3 girls in his 18 years of living. That’s pretty straight, he thinks.

-But then fucking Richie Tozier is walking into his life the beginning of his senior year.

-He’s a new kid, and Eddie learns that he also lives down the street from him.

-Richie sees him in the hallway one day and he’s just like, “hey princess, are you gonna be the one to show me around or will I have to find everything myself?”

-Eddie immediately flushes a dark shade of red. He wants to punch him. But Eddie is a nice person. So he shows him around.

-After that, Richie quickly eases into a friendship with Eddie and his group.

-He likes everyone but Richie secretly likes Eddie the best.

-(It’s not a secret)

-Eddie is studying for his midterms one night

-And it’s like the middle of winter

-Richie is knocking on his window in the dead night and eddie is immediately pulling him inside and is like “what the fuck are you doing, you could have like fallen off of my roof”

-And richie is like “well you would have saved me, right, princess?”

-Eddie almost faints

-“Yeah of course I would, stupid. You’re not dying on my watch”

-Richie pretends to fall, clutching his chest in an over dramatically motion and eddie fights rolling his eyes

-“I think I’m.. dying.. eddie, you have to save me” Richie reaches out to him and suppresses a giggle

-“No you’re not, stop it” Eddie is on the floor from laughing so hard

-“No I’m really dying.. you have to give me like, mouth to mouth or something. I don’t know. Sorry I don’t make the rules”

-“Richie, I am not giving you mouth to mouth. God knows where your trashmouth has been”

-“Yeah not on yours” and richie goes right back to over dramatically pretending to die. “Listen eds, I will hold my breath for as long as I can until you save me”

-Eddie doesn’t believe him

-But then richie is turning red and eddie panics because what the fuck!!!

-Eddie scoots over with a scowl and tilts his head back, placing his mouth onto the other boy’s, breathing the air into his lungs

-When he pulls back, Richie has the biggest smirk on his face

-“Oh fuck off you asshole, you were turning red!”

-“Are you telling me that you don’t wanna kiss me?”

-Eddie stammers on his words and richie is pulling him down, faces inches apart

-“Cmon princess, I know you want to kiss me, just as much as I want to kiss you”

-And that’s all eddie really needs to hear before he’s attacking Richie’s lips with his own

-So, he has kissed 3 girls and 1 boy in his life but he swears he can’t be any more gayer

i want flowers, honeyed in the melting dusk, and i want to live on a world with suns that never sleep and glimmering oceans and figs heavy on every tree, i want wings made of brazen petals. place me in the bud of a newborn star and maybe my fingers will prickle with poetry again.