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Can you imagine if one day Charles Xavier does show up in a future season and David just becomes so confused and stressed and everything becomes even louder and he starts curling in on himself, but then suddenly without any warning everything stops. He doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this way before, and he’s afraid to even think the thought, but hell. He’s pretty sure he’s completely healthy right now. Charles explains that he won’t keep him in that state for long, but he just wants to talk to his son in a more comfortable way, and David just has tears in his eyes as he whispers to himself “it’s so quiet..” with a small laugh of disbelief.

(Not so) Insane Riverdale theory

What if Fred,Hermione, FP and Alice were the core 4 just like Archie,Veronica, Betty and Jughead are? What if Alice and Hermione were best friends and had each others’ back (like B &V ) and rivals of Penelope ? Maybe the reason why Alice doesn’t like Hermione is because she felt betrayed when Hermione married the ‘rich guy’ and left Riverdale (or maybe something happened between them) We know that Fred and Hermione dated and carried the torch for each other over the years. What if FP had a thing for Alice and perhaps it was mutual at some point? What if the younger generation is just repeating history and maybe this would be the reason for conflict in season 2 when the past collides with the future? Thoughts?

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Tal: Father. I heard you dislike Liyos because he can deal with horses. Explain. Now. *angry look*

“Princess, you must understand that horses are demons. If you get along with demons, that’s not usually a good thing. I mean, just look at him.”

“This is the face of evil.”

Magic and the Marks It Leaves

So somehow “Ludo in the Wild” and a comment from @starcotp has lead me to having another trans Marco theory.

So a lot of this is conjecture but I’d still love to hear what you guys think.

Anyway in the book “Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension” Star mentions that magic leaves a mark when you have been around it as long as her and her family. These marks taking the shapes of the various playing card suits and other objects that seem to appear on the cheeks of her family.

My theory is what if those marks aren’t always physical but can be mental as well.

Anyway in “Storm the Castle” the wand blows up and Marco, Star and Ludo are all within the blast radius. Marco and Star protected by the crystal box and Ludo by his egg. This must have blasted loads of magical energy throughout the blast radius and theoretically possibly some residual energy when Marco and Star leave the crystal box and Ludo, their egg. So my theory is Marco and Ludo are exposed to this energy. Star is already marked by magic so.

Now, in “Ludo in the Wild” Ludo has a vision of Star that guides them to the new wand. Something Ludo has wanted since the beginning of Season 1, a wand to call their own.

In “Red Belt” Marco has a “stuck in life” dream. All we know is it is recurring (or at the very least similar dreams) but we don’t know how long it has been going on. All the dream is indicating is Marco feels stuck, like everyone in their world is going ahead of them while they are stuck in the same place. We also don’t know if these dreams are continuing or if they ended after Marco got their red belt.

And like I said, it is purely conjecture but what if exposure to magic in the way Marco and Ludo theoretically experienced causes them to have dreams and visions guiding them to their deepest desires.

We still don’t know a lot about magic and it is possible. Plus let’s assume Marco is trans and their dreams are continuing, if they don’t really know they are trans perhaps the magic exposure is struggling to guide them. Like Marco needs some knowledge of what their desire is for the magic to guide them to it.

And as I said, just a theory with a lot of conjecture but make of it what you will.

Enjoy :)


Ok, so I watched Beauty and the Beast this weekend, and it was so obvious that Lucien was Le Fou and Tamlin was Gaston after that. Also, Rhysand is totally the beast. But now I have this theory. WHAT IF RHYSAND DIES BECAUSE HE IS THE BEAST? Like what if that happens? Will Feyre be able to use her powers from all 7 high lords to bring him back? Also, I hope Tamlin dies like Gaston. 

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Ok I just wanna go back to Dallon being in hospital, I feel so bad rn like I need to know what happened, it's not my business and I'm not meaning to for the gossip or anything I meaning it like I need to know that it wasn't serious because I'm worry about him like how could a flu put him in hospital? Was he taken by ambulance? Or like did he choose to go? How serious was it? It's just worry rather than nosiness

First of all I think that since he’s snapchatting and tweeting and playing shows he’s alright again now. I have a theory of what if might have been going by his tweets etc.
I think that he got a stomach bug/the flu (which can cause nausea and vomiting) that made him sick enough to lose lots of fluids so he got dehydrated and they admitted him to the ER mostly to give him an infusion to get him hydrated again. I’m going mostly by his and Breezy’s tweets from the past couple days that make it sound like he had a cold/flu and people saying that he was coughing at the shows. Then we have ofc the IV bag in his snap and he also tweeted this morning that his breakfast consisted of Gatorade which you also usually drink to get electrolytes back after you got dehydrated and are feeling sick.

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A lot of people talk about the 2CT theory, but what hasn't been touched upon ( at least not anywhere I've seen ) is that maybe a personality disorder ( like DID ) can come into play? What do you think?

Oh, there are also other theories and the DID theory is one of them (not as popular as the 2CT but it exists). Take a look at this post for example. ;)

And personally I always preferred this take on Ciel’s state of mind and I would have welcomed it if his psyche had been explored further. With the latest chapter, however, the 2CT has become very likely. Ciel might still have some sort of DID or PTSD but if the 2CT is true many things that the DID theory tried to explain could be explained with the 2CT instead.

I guess we’ll see in the next chapter if the 2CT is really true (or at least I hope that we’ll finally settle this matter). 

Raven had Cinder’s treatment

So it should be obvious by now Raven worked for Salem.

She has the same portals as Cinder in Volume 3.

Right well, remember that creepy jellyfish Grimm?

Well its called a “Seer” and do you know what a “seer” is?


Also we know Raven’s emblem is a right eye.

While Qrow’s emblem is a left eye.

We also know that Raven and Qrow  allude to Munnin and Huginn, Odin’s pet ravens. That they were his “eyes” to watch over the world.




Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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Just a thought...

Bear with me for a second. I was sleeping a few minutes ago and I woke up with an epiphany.
I was thinking about Even and wondering how he’s doing (as I’ve been obssessing for the last two days), if he is alone or not, and in his room… and I remembered his bed

I don’t know why, but the first time I saw episode 2, the moment when the guys are in Even’s room, I though to myself “that’s odd… a doble decker bed… ok”. At that time I wrote it off as Even maybe wanting more space, but now after episode 8 and having rewatched seasons 1 and 2 enough times, I can say that ALL of the oher characters have a “standard” bed… ALL OF THEM, from Eva (her own bed, the other one from the cabin, and even the one at the party when she and Chris kiss), to Noora, and even William.
During this season, two love stories with a “balcony” scene have been mentioned repitedly, but “Pretty Woman” more specifically as of late. Furthermore, we KNOW the show NEVER leaves a loose end, as we’ve seen in episode 9 the conection between the clip “21:21″ and Isak’s time and date of birth thanks to the message from Isak’s mom.
Maybe I’m overanalysing, but I think that by the end of this week we’ll see Isak going to Even’s house, and climb those stairs…

a lapis terraforms

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this is the dance from “what’s the use of feeling blue” during the lines “an agate terrifies / a lapis terraforms”.

notice blue pearl’s movement during the latter line. look familiar?

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of course it does. it’s the same dance that lapis does while fusing with jasper.

it’s a bit odd that blue pearl would do this - either she knows our lapis, and she’s fused before, which is odd on its own - or all lapises are known to do this. on homeworld, dancing is almost exclusively reserved for fusion. see where i’m going with this?

this could be a stretch, but since lapises are terraformers - it would make sense for them to fuse together in order to incraese their power, like we saw the rubies do in hit the diamond. we already know that out lapis on her own is pretty powerful, so consider: a giant multi-lapis fusion with a huge amount of power to destroy and change an entire planet in the blink of an eye. it would, indeed, make lapis gems a powerful asset on homeworld.

of course, it could just be a subtle throwback to jail break, but I prefer to think it’s hinting to something deeper. a simple dance representing an entire caste of gems can mean a lot.

Tell Me What To Do

Okay so now I have slept a little I can finally write it out orz

The long term relationship the mv depicts is actually the relationship (friendship) between the five boys.

The friendship is symbolized in the car that they drive around in together, free and happy.

But in the beginning of the mv it is shown that the gas tank is leaking and the glass is shattered; also that they are sitting together but there is dullness in them- which means that their friendship is almost broken, fading away; and the reason behind it is their dangerous lifestyle.

All the negative aspects of this life are represented in the girl- her shots are shown when they are drinking, her presence when they are throwing stuff off buildings, the lighted matchstick between her lips are all hints that she’s a danger threatening to tear them apart. She is represented as someone beautiful because all the bad things she represents are temptations.

The ones most threatened by these harmful temptations are Taemin and Minho, but Taemin realizes eventually that indulging in her is wrong (he throws away the lighter- letting her go).

Minho is the one who cannot stop, he’s losing himself in these dangers (the intimacy between him and the girl represents this).

Taemin finds out but eventually, everyone knows it. But Taemin is the most affected (maybe because his relationship with Minho is something more? I’m 2min trash sorry). He plays the most active part, trying to save their friendship by confronting Minho about his extreme ways, which eventually leads into a fight.

After the fight, Minho chooses the girl (the pleasures of the bad life) over their friendship. The shots of the girl are shown as the car he leaves in blows up, indicating that his choice to continue on that dangerous path not only destroyed their friendship (the car) but himself as well.

Everyone runs to the burning car because everyone regrets what they have done/not done to save their friendship.

All their regret is shown in snippets throughout the mv.

Taemin is shown with the guns pointing at himself. He blames himself because he thinks everything was pushed to the edge because he confronted Minho. In this scene, the guns represent guilt and blame.

It was shown that Key tries to sort things out but he cannot overpower Minho’s anger. The shots of him looking into the mirror are of regret and him sitting in the driver’s seat represent his desire to have taken control of the situation, his desire to have tried harder.

Jonghyun and Jinki are the friends who had remained passive throughout. Here, the gun represents power, and the chained gun in Jinki’s presence represents that he had the power to stop their friendship from breaking but he had chosen not to interfere. Jonghyun has no such symbolism except the words he sings, which means that unlike Jinki, he wanted to interfere, but didn’t have the power to do so.

The song (though is of romantic nature) suits this scenario too because they don’t know how to overcome their broken friendship. Hence “Tell me what to do…”