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Okay! But biggest thing that nobody’s talking about in WKM!








I feel like I’m the only one who really wants to know!


“Computers aren’t the thing. They’re the thing that gets us to the thing.” (Halt and Catch Fire 1x01  vs.  Halt and Catch Fire 4x09)

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โ€ข strawberry saga continues (๐Ÿ“);

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I was gonna do a text thing for Porthos’s intro for the @muskiesrewatch but, well, it is Sunday night and I just cannot be arsed at this point in time. So have pictures and some thoughts, in no particular order: 

1. it is interesting that the shot they choose to start on is his hands. I think they started zoomed super in for Athos and Aramis’s intros too but tbh I was mostly paying attention to Porthos and Cosntance so I couldn’t swear to it. Anyway, Porthos’s hands and a violent action, cracking Dujon’s fingers, claiming his win. 

2. His gleeful laughter is great and it is kinda bellows of the stuff and sounds not in-genuine exactly but seems like a show or part of a show, the same show he is twisting and fussing at his mustache for - gotta look his best. He just basks in the joy of his win and as if he expects adoration; praise and glory. 

3. ‘ohh, that’s treason’. Hahaha that is so beautifully comical.

4. Porthos’s complete and utter nonchalance at having a gun in his face. He is used to this, he spends way too much time in inns cheating red guards into duels. 

5. Porfork. Need I say more? You know I’m gonna anyway but Porthos with his lil fork. Oh right the theme is how it speaks to later characterization so improvised weaponry and fighting close, that’s Porthos’s thing. 

6. Everything in this scene is a show, a game Porthos i playing. He has absolute confidence in both himself and I guess Athos as backup. He’s having fun and Dujon’s incredulity in the face of Porthos’s performance just highlights the flourishing strutting. 

7. Athos you knocked out my red guard, you took MY red guard, he was MINE I called DIBS. Lol. Who has the time? 

8. The last thing is of Athos simply because I LOVE the way he looks at Porthos and says Porthos’s name. And the contrast between the show of the scene and Porthos’s ‘yeah I gotta work on that’. Porthos’s language, his tone, everything changes. I love that it kind of hints that Porthos has plenty of other registers as well as making damn sure we as the audience know that H Charles has plenty of other registers. s’great. Also Tom Burke is pretty. 


             love, only love can break down the walls someday..

    if we’d go again, all the way from the start, I would try to change the things that killed our love.. your pride has built a wall so strong, that I can’t get through. is there really no chance to start once again, I’m loving you..