what the tails are you doing

Sonic doing what he wants

(from the same person that gave you angsty headcanons about blaze with PTSD and not being able to cry)

imagine amy teaching sonic how to put on eyeliner and dresses

and he loves it

please imagine sonic strutting down on his adventures with amy’s fashion tips… like… stealing some random wedding dress cosplay and some sick eyeliner and then fucking up Eggman in it

please imagine tails and all his friends being supportive (LOOKING GOOD BOI)

please imagine sonic not giving a shit about haters


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Do you think Tails or Eggman is the superior genius?

Robotnik has the upper hand.

As gifted as Tails is, he’s still a kid, whereas Robotnik is a grown man. As such, Tails’ potential has yet to be fully realised in the same way that Robotnik’s has. On top of that, Robotnik’s egotism and thirst for domination has driven him to create all sorts of constructions that usually dwarf the majority of what Tails has created. (Has Tails ever created a Death Egg?)

Actually, now that you brought this up…

Headcanon: Tails himself acknowledges Robotnik to be more skilled than he is, and he sometimes feel depressed about seemingly being unable to stack up with the doctor’s achievements. However, Sonic is always quick to point out that Tails has always had the best intentions and ISN’T a selfish madman like Robotnik is, and for that reason, Tails will always be the better genius of the two in Sonic’s humble opinion.

Fictober 5-Sentence Challenge: Day 22 - Rainy Days

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Under a blanket on the couch, Lucy snuggled next to Natsu; she slipped a bookmark into her book and set it down. “What do you wanna do?”

Natsu stretched, rubbing up against his girlfriend as he considered his options. “It’s raining and windy - so something indoors.”

Lucy giggled, smiled, and kissed Natsu, “Our usual weekend shenanigans then?”

but imagine, really imagine your OTP….

  • leaning their foreheads together, completely out of breath after a long kiss
  • waking up together after their first time
  • as grandparents
  • holding hands romantically for the first time
  • falling asleep on the couch
  • staring at each other from across the room like the lovestruck idiots they are
  • meeting again after being separated for a year
  • being incredibly, absolutely, blissfully happy
  • having a mental breakdown after watching the other die

September 19th, 2017

Good morning everyone! This morning is budgeting time, though it’s not Sunday!
I’m going to do some shopping later today with a friend, in the hope to find a replacement for my beloved (but dying) fav pair of shoes (we call them Goldeen, because in French it’s actually Poissirène, as in mermaid, and they’re shining on the back like a mermaid’s tail… anyway).
But guess what? On top of that, my phone is dying too (deep sigh, I’m disappointed in you Samsung), and I might go see a friend in a couple of weeks who lives 3 hrs away from here. In her city, there’s THE shop I’m dying to go to because they actually sell cheap glasses, and I’d love to change my glasses as well… Oh, and did I say my friends wanted us to spend All Saints Holiday in Ireland? Yeah… Plus add to that mandatory Christmas shopping and three of my relatives’ birthdays in the coming months. 
So budgeting it is!

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“Does he lay eggs?”

Victor’s boot snagged on the wooden deck. Stumbling, he whipped around to look at the powder monkey that addressed him. Young, short, blond and fiesty. Picked off a ship of the British navy. Had the makings of a good master gunner, despite the semi-permanent scowl on his face.

“Does he–”

“Lay eggs. He’s a bird. Birds lay eggs.”

“Does he look like a bird?” Victor laughed good-naturedly.

“No, sir.”

“That’s because he isn’t a bird. He does not lay eggs. Understood?”

“If you say so.” The boy looked unconvinced. “He isn’t human either, captain.”

Suddenly, Victor was not so sure himself.

“Chris, do sirens lay eggs?”

The ship’s cook arched an eyebrow. “Are we expecting baby birds? Because that will make for extra mouths to feed, I’ll need to recalculate the rations.”

Victor’s eyes went wide.

“I’m joking. You have nothing to worry about, the males don’t…” Chris paused in consideration. “…As far as I know.”

Victor sat, straight-backed, on the edge of the bed. Behind him, Yuuri forwent a comb, threading his fingers through long silver strands. He dipped down, brushing his lips over Victor’s shoulders as he braided loosely so as not to let them tangle over the course of the night. Every evening, Yuuri waited excitedly to play with and care for Victor’s hair and he was never denied.

“Yuuri, I have a question for you. It’s a little strange, is that fine?”

The answer was another kiss pressed between his shoulder blades as Yuuri continued to fondly braid.

“Do you lay eggs?”

Yuuri’s fingers stilled and after a moment, Victor felt him tremble. He glanced back, seeing Yuuri’s shoulders shake as he laughed silently, his dark eyes sparkling in amused delight.

“Excuse me, you’re the first siren I’ve met. There’s still a lot I don’t know! I’ve heard that sirens sink every ship they meet, yet we’re still sailing.”

Yuuri tugged playfully on Victor’s half-finished braid and gestured for him to turn back, so that he could finish the task at hand. Victor swore that Yuuri was a little rougher and needier than usual that night in their bed.

“You’ll owe me.”

Yuuri tilted his head to the side in inquisition.

“I want a cat for the ship. It’ll keep mice out of the ship’s food stores. Victor keeps promising and forgetting. Make him get me one the next time we dock.”

With a smile and a nod, Yuuri held out his hands. Chris gave him three eggs.

In the morning, Victor awoke and pressed a kiss to a sleeping Yuuri’s forehead. The siren was nestled against him, hands bunched into fists against Victor’s chest. Behind him was dark. It took a moment to process that it was because Yuuri’s wings were out. They were folded against his back, black feather tips reaching down to his ankles. Victor had never seen Yuuri sleep with his wings on display before.

Victor rolled and heard the crack before he felt it. Shells, shattered. In horror, he looked down. From beneath his hip, thick yellow liquid leaked out onto the bedsheets. Victor lifted up and saw the eggs, smashed under his careless weight.

Leaping up, the choked noise he made wasn’t human. He tried to scoop shards of shell and yolk into his hands, dismayed to see it had already begun to seep into the mattress.

Yuuri stirred, lashes fluttering. His dark eyes took in Victor’s panicked expression and he glanced down.

“Yuuri, it’s okay, I can fix it! I didn’t see them, I didn’t realize. Oh, of course, this is like your nest, isn’t it. I didn’t know, I’m so sorry!” Victor cried, desperate. “They-… they weren’t fertilized, Yuuri! We can make more! Just tell me what to do, if you need me to keep them warm or sit on them, gently I mean, I can do it. Whatever you need!”

Yuuri laughed so hard he fell off the bed. A couple feathers poofed up into the air.

Victor did not get the joke, yolk dripping from between his fingers.

Victor sulked at the helm of the ship. A white persian slinked by, wrapping its comically fluffy tail around his leg as it went.

Only other lizardfolk can say that

Context: I am playing a Lizardfolk woman (Marigold) in a party of other animal-folk in a world. I am also a man that often forgets to use a female character voice, so every NPC ends up thinking the character is male. These three conversations happen within 10 minutes of each other.

Marigold (me, Lizardfolk Brawler): Well that went surprisingly well. Who knew I could be so diplomatic?

Fang (Skinwalker Noble): Hell yeah, you did good my Lizard!!

Marigold: No! You can’t say that word! Only Lizardfolk can say that word!!

Fang *dying with laughter*: You mean lizard?!

Marigold: Especially with the hard ’d’ at the end!


Marigold: Okay before we get into another confrontation, can we actually talk about our plan first?

Vithe (Catfolk Oracle): Well these are mongrelmen tried to fight us before. Maybe we should try intimidation.

Marigold: Well lucky you have an huge fucking lizard with sharp teeth to intimidate them. *points to self*

Vithe: Aw yeah, Marigold’s gonna use that big lizard dick to scare them!

Marigold: I told you, IT’S A TAIL!


Marigold: You know, I could probably just break down the door. I can get some special bonuses in anyone in there if I succeed.

Vithe: And what are you going to use to break down the door? We’re in the middle of a neighborhood!

Fang: What do you mean? Marigold can just use her hard ’D’!

Marigold *jumping on Fang*: IT’S A FUCKING TAIL!!ppqth

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do you have any tips on guessing someone's rising sign? 😭

Aries rising: they are usually intimating at first and have a kind of electric vibe about them! They feel so warm and often have rugged and ruddy features about them! Sometimes they have noticeable scars in some way and have something distinctive about their hair or face and have an easy time blushing! They the ones who walk upright and sort of with a primitive stride! They’re pretty dynamic and energetic people as well and have a unmistakable youth about them! They can be a bit overwhelming and come on strong! Not in a bad way either! They just leave an impression. (Athletic looking and have sort of built bodies)

Taurus rising: they feel so warm and inviting! They have this aloof and unfocused look in their eyes and seem a bit out of touch. They’re very earthy and have a sensuous looking bodies(curvy and or thic in some way even if they’re more lean style they have a sort of curvy aspect to them usually the buttocks and or thighs) they have long flowing hair and at times it’s straight! They usually have thick necks too and aren’t the types to “side eye” they usually move there whole heads when they’re looking at something and can be a bit like a bull when they stride! They’re very pleasant! And have such a sweet vibe even if they have a less then easy going sun sign or moon. They are super stubborn and are the types to get possessive! You usually catch them in comfy clothes and sweats at first and they might be the types that you notice there “possessions” first.

Gemini rising: very mischievous! They have a devilish and childlike smirk! They tend to be fast moving and fast walkers! You’ll point them out by the sound of their voices! Aha they’re quite the talkers! But one way to distinguish them is like most air risings they’re not the most talkative people when you first meet them! They can be standoffish and even shy. They have an easy time getting things done and can be quietly intellectual! The ones you don’t see doing any work in school but somewhere somehow maintain all A’s and B’s. They are rather skinny and often have even if they’re thick longher necks! They have distracted eyes and tend to look around at the “big picture” so to speak! They look around their whole environment and often do so any time they’re walking into a new place or area for the first time! They have to take it in! They often look bored and anxious as if they’re ready for shit to hit the fan at a moments notice.

Cancer rising: quite-Quite-QUITE! They usually are deafly silent and don’t really come across as the in your face type of energy upon first meeting them. You feel almost at peace and comfortable in their presence! They have a nurturing and almost motherly energy upon meeting them. They’re eyes are often round and watery as if they could cry with a single gesture. They usually avoid eye contact unless they know you better and can have a disengaged presence about them. It’s often hard to gauge there personality as the moon tends to hide it. They are paler in there complexion and usually have soft and fragile skin. There limbs are lanky and they’re stomachs always have something that stands out about them! Be it a beer belly or a six pack there’s always something unique about it. They usually walk with a small leap and fro movement and in times of distress or confusion walk side to side in a crab like motion. These are usually the people who seem uncomfortable and off to the side of a room.

Leo rising: one word! EGO okay so with this rising you can feel them similarly to cancer but due to their radiant energy and the ego that comes with it! You can feel they’re ego without them even uttering a word. It’s the way they walk. Head held high. Arms swinging with entitlement and prestige. The unbothered looks here and there and the complete level of situational comfort wherever they are. They seem unmoved and rather content in whatever surrounding they find themselves in and seem to stake their owner ship of their surroundings like a lion. People are often going to notice them for better or worse and usually remember them. They’re the talk of the town and the one everyone knows. Even if they’re walking into a Walmart-people notice them. They have a warmth about them and can seem very open and exciting upon first meeting them! They’re the cool guy or gal who runs at the beat of there own horn! They usually have bright patterns on or a loud color that says “I’m here” a Sagittarius sun Scorpio moon I know who has his rising in this sign wears crimson reds and dark blacks with occasional patterned blue shirts and graphic tees. These natives are usually “watching” almost like a lion! They’re often skimming the room and occasionally staring folks down like prey.

Virgo rising: observant. They can be hard to sense much like Pisces they’re almost apart of their surroundings and blend right in. They can seem to themselves at first glance and usually seem off somewhere “mentally” and often don’t really seem “there” they have very petite frames and small features no matter there size! They have very “delicate” looking bodies and present themselves in a peaceful way! They often move quickly and can be gone before you even had enough time to process there existence! They’re very kind souls and often keep there distance when you first meet them! They cloak themselves in a mask of manners and politeness but often remain a level of space between them and you during such interactions. They’re the people whom walk into the room scanning it quickly as if they’re making a mental note of the characters involved.

Libra rising: charming and socially mastered. These people often have a almost godlike capability when it comes to the masses. Unless they’re an afflicted libra rising they tend to be seen in the crowd or with others. They thrive on interactions with others and often are well liked by there peers and those whom they meet. They have a very “perfect” type of vibe and can seem like ken doll and Barbie and I mean this in the nicest way! They just have very compartilized movements that seem to always fit together. They often have very fitting features in regards to them and most people say this is a very beautiful rising! I say all risings are beautiful! But I will say libra risings have a sensual type of look and can be a bit curvy similarly to Taurus risings! Oh and elf ears is a thing here aha! You’ll notice them immediately from their smiles

Scorpio rising: intense. Extremely mysterious energy and may keep you guessing. They can seem private and uninterested in their immediate environment. They usually have a strong glare and have sharp eye contact. They are usually tan skinned no matter what there race is and can have oily skin. Hair is curly. Like always..always curly. Jk aha but no seriously a lot of them and water signs in the Pluto decan tend to have curly hair. They also are magnetic no matter what they look like they have this captivating energy that always makes you do a double take. They also have a gait in their walk and can walk in a bowl-legged manner! As if there swinging their imaginary tail. They also have this natural sexual energy about them that is just there no matter what they’re wearing. They can seem blunt and unapproachable at first and can be hard to really “get to know” you’ll usually see them alone and separated from the group-there often the lone wolf and the ones who always make eye contact.

Sagittarius rising: they often have a very happy and infectious energy about them! They’re like always happy and optimistic when you meet them and have a quirky and bouncy personality. They often are laid back and have a chill and go with the flow attitude upon meeting them. They keep things light and avoid any heavy stuff. They also are the types to dip if things get weird or boring to soon. Fairly open people who sometimes slip to much information about themselves upon first meeting them. They’re easy to distract and even harder to reel back in! When they’re in a crowd they don’t know what to do with themselves and get overstimulated! They put on quite the show when a crowd is around and can be hard to settle down. They come across as nomadic and traveler types and can have a old time reggae feel about them. They have wide hips and can also be curvy and look good with weight! There bodies tend to naturally curve off towards their lower body. You’ll usually see them falling and or messing with their hair or body in some way!

Capricorn rising: they are super easy to spot. They look very serious even if they’re the most lighthearted person on earth they’ll have an intense and serious gaze about them when there face is in a rest position. They have one hell of a testing bitch face be it guy or gal. They have a beautifully crafted face and can have prominate boney features. They also have teeth that are very noticeable in a way and often have beautiful smiles. They can be tall but the women are usually short to medium height while the men are usually tall. They tend to walk slow from place to place and separate themselves quite a bit. They have a cold and almost scary energy about them when meeting them and can seem extremely disappointed in the people and setting that their in even when it’s not how they’re feeling! You often see these people in the middle of a task or looking down or straight ahead

Aquarius rising: these are hard to spot! But these natives are actually either super talkative or super quite there is not inbetween! The talkative ones are fast and shift quite a bit! They travel with a lot of restless energy and can seem on to the next topic before it’s even happened! The quite ones are pleasant and peaceful but mostly to themselves and try to avoid prolonged interactions that they don’t have to have. Both are aloof and seem a bit eccentric. There is an innovative and rebellious air to them and they can have odd style or even hair in some way. Since Uranus is an unusual planet these natives can and tend to look far out or different in some way like something unlike anything on this planet. You’ll often catch them laughing and giggling! They love to laugh and often tend to be laughing at what is in front of them or something they’re remembering

Pisces rising: unlike the other water sign risings although these natives are quite they also have an easy and flowing energy about them. You’ll often feel understood the moment you’re in their presence! They often seem older then they are on a mental level and can be very wise upon meeting them! There is a deep level of sensitivity and compassion they exude that makes you want to be careful and watchful in their presence of what you do and say. They have watery eyes like cancer and can seem very innocent and lost even if that’s not how they are. They are very elusive and hard to really get a grasp on. They tend to glide through the world and can feel like energy rather then an actual person. They come and go like a puff of smoke. You’ll usually see them looking like they’re dreaming in some way! These are the people you say hi to or try to talk to that take a minute or two to register what’s going on!


BACK WITH ANOTHER ONE-SHOT!!! I told you guys I’d have some canonverse klangst, so here it is! Longer than my usual one-shots, and while I don’t want to give a vague summary… there’s a bomb involved. So. Yeah, that’s a thing.

This one is actually inspired by this absolutely gorgeous, angsty art/mini-comic by @littlecofiegirl who is an amazing artist that you should definitely check out!!

I saw this comic on my dash and I loved it so much that I was immediately inclined to write for it? Anyway, here it is! I hope you enjoy!

The plan had been going flawlessly.

Key word being had.

Shiro and Lance were both searching opposite sides of the base for their captured teammate, and Pidge and Hunk were too occupied giving Shiro directions through the maze-like corridors that they neglected to warn Lance of the approaching Galra heat signature.

A cat blocked his path in the hall, staring at him with large, yellow eyes. It didn’t move to attack, but it also didn’t run away.

“Um… guys?” Lance tried over the coms, lowering his gun just a bit. He wasn’t about to shoot a cat, but he still wanted to be on guard.

He didn’t hear the Galra behind him until her hand was on his shoulder.

That was mistake number one.

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Well, I was working on this and put it off when the new Sonic Mania trailer came out. But, since it was a special someone’s birthday today, I’ve decided that I’m going to finish and post this now.

Happy birthday Sonic! Glad you’ve been sticking with us for so long. Can’t wait for Sonic Forces and (especially) Sonic Mania!

So I have a Thing to offer...

…that I believe the @space-australians and @humans-are-seriously-weird folks may be interested in.

Picture this, if you will: human member of a mostly alien crew enjoys drawing, enough that they brought a sketchbook or three into space with them. They enjoy sharing what they create with others, whether its just a simple sketch of another crewmember or a detailed rendition of that last really cool nebula their ship passed by. Now, some aliens get the concept of drawing like this, some don’t, but just about everyone can appreciate the level of skill and effort that went into rendering a near-perfect likeness of something by hand.

So then we come to a point when the human is encouraged into pulling out an older, already-filled sketchbook to show off other things they’ve done before becoming a member of the crew. As they flip through the pages, allowing various aliens gathered around to admire each one, they come to a sketch of a human riding a horse.

Someone of course asks what kind of animal it is, prompting the artist to explain a bit about the species, after which they add: “I don’t really want to finish this one until I get a good reference picture, since I haven’t seen a horse in a long while and I don’t think I quite got the proportions right…”

Even so, their fellow crewmembers say it is a very well-done drawing, the artist mumbles out a pleased thank-you, and on they continue.

A few pages later, there’s another human-riding-an-Earth-creature drawing. Except, this animal is much larger than a horse, and much scarier looking to boot, with curling horns, a mouth full of jagged teeth, claws on each foot, spines and scales and a dangerous looking mace-like tail - not to mention the fact that it’s flying on massive wings.

“What in the stars is that?!” Someone has to ask.

“Oh, it’s just a dragon,” the human says off-handedly. “I always liked drawing the European style best, since they’ve got the coolest features in my opinion - not that the Asian Lung and American Amphiteres aren’t cool too, though, and I’ll do the occasional African Wyvern or Fae Dragon, but for a portrait of a good old-fashioned dragonrider, I want the kind that started the tradition. Anyway, I really think you botany guys will like this next one, it’s a sketch of the apple grove I used to visit as a kid…”

The human doesn’t notice the silence of their audience, and eventually the aliens recover from their shock and dismay.

After all, that dragon was much more finely detailed than the horse, which leaves many of them with the impression that their human crewmate must have a much greater familiarity with such monsters…

Context: Our party had just kidnapped the daughter of a local crime boss under somewhat confused circumstances leading to our rogue stuffing the coma-stricken girl into a box and sneaking out. Rogue is found out almost immediately and decides he needs to leave town, but needs a distraction to leave safely. Cue the excessively complicated plan.

Step one: have the party inquisitor (who owns a warehouse) haul to the docks several crates, identical to the one the girl was kidnapped in, filled with rocks totaling approximately her body weight, rude notes, and flash powder traps.

DM: Alright. Cart’s loaded up. It’s notable that Frank [the inquisitor] is going with a random shipment, so this is already going to draw some attention. Roll bluff to see how well you sell it.

Inquisitor (a completely combat-focused character with no charisma or face skills other than intimidate): *nat 1*

Rogue (ooc): …please tell me you’re rerolling that.

Inquisitor (ooc): …nah, Frank’s a terrible liar, this is perfect.

Upon his arrival at the docks, the inquisitor is immediately approached by mooks dressed as dockworkers and asked what the heck he’s doing.

Inquisitor, determined to make the most of his opportunity: “Certainly not transporting a bunch of bodies, that’s for certain! Haha! That said, these boxes are extremely fragile and to be kept one side up consistently. Please take care of them.”

Rogue (ooc): Is it too late to switch sides?

DM: Probably. But Frank is sure acting suspicious, so one of the mooks breaks off and heads towards the cliff.

Rogue: …fine, I’ll tail them.

DM: You follow him to a cave entrance. A bunch of mooks pile out and head towards Frank.

Rogue: …okay, I want to follow up close, for backup in case they rile Frank.

Frank, who solves every problem with his shotgun (ooc): I don’t know what you’re talking about.

DM: Bit risky, but okay. Roll stealth.

Rogue: *nat 20*

DM: Thinking quickly, you grab a few small boxes and pile them up in front of you, covering your face, and slip directly behind the group of mooks. You blend in perfectly, pretending to be one of them.

Head mook, to Frank: “Hey, buddy, dockmaster wants to talk to you.”

Inquisitor, still rolling with the nat 1 bluff: “Of course, friend! Let’s see what he wants!” *proceeds to allow himself to be escorted away*

Rogue (ooc): Shit shit shit shit shit. Uh…

Rogue:  Okay, they think I’m one of them, maybe I can salvage this.  I point to the cart pulling away. “Hey, doesn’t that cart look weird to you? That guy was way too obvious, I bet these boxes are just full of rocks and the cart’s hiding something.”

DM: Bluff time.

Rogue: *rolls average*

Mook: *nat 20 sense motive*  

GM: The mook’s eyes widen, obviously recognizing you as the kidnapper his boss wants dead. “Yeah, buddy, why don’t we talk about it over there, hm?” He grins and starts to put one massive arm around your shoulders.

Rouge (ooc):  “Shit. Um… is anyone looking at us?”

DM:  Not particularly, but there’s a ton of people around.

Rogue (ooc): I… um… I punch myself in the face.

DM: …what

Rogue:  “I punch myself in the face… *rolls attack* and use acrobatics to jump backwards like this guy walloped me. 18.”

DM:  I don’t even-  *rolls 9 on a wisdom check for the mook*.  He stares for a second and then shouts “Thief!”  

Rogue:  “I’ll take it.  I run away, trying to lose them with a mix of acrobatics and stealth to slip through the crowd.”

Inquisitor (ooc):  Cue the Benny Hill music.

Rogue (ooc):  Man, fuck you.

(The rogue and the inquisitor both manage to give the mooks the slip and escape the docks. The rogue, hiding in a box on the party’s cart as they leave the city, laments his failed plans. Inquisitor is still convinced everything went perfectly.)