what the tails

Fairy Love. She was so beautiful and kind, fairies lived in her heart, because there were so much fairies that she loved, thus in a fairy she become. 

What I love about FT are the characters, and since we are near the end… I’m really going to miss them! So much! I hope these two end up together, I love them so much~

Well, I was working on this and put it off when the new Sonic Mania trailer came out. But, since it was a special someone’s birthday today, I’ve decided that I’m going to finish and post this now.

Happy birthday Sonic! Glad you’ve been sticking with us for so long. Can’t wait for Sonic Forces and (especially) Sonic Mania!

Hope that I can see you today ♥

A lovely Lucy Heartfilia that I had in my sketchbook, I’m thinking about getting my illustrations out of my sketchbook before the manga ends… I love this characters so much, I just want to share my love with all of you.

Okay but what if the reason Natsu was so attached to Lucy so quickly is because she smells familiar? Anna made his scarf, so it probably smelled like her for a time, if only just a little bit. We know that Dragon Slayers have super noses and we also know that children smell at least a little bit like their parents.

What if he brought her to the guild and stuck by her side this entire time because, for some reason he can’t understand, this strange girl he met in Hargreon smells a little bit like “home?”