what the shit

Something I've learned from tumblr and fandoms in general
  • post i actually spend days on putting effort in: 2 notes at best
  • 3 second shitpost showing the skill level of about a talented camel: more notes than I can count on all the appendages of my body
  • is this what the people want
  • is this what the people nEeD

enkiduofvideogames  asked:

Stefan Molyneux, the dude who was so angry that some pasta for kids had women super heroes, is just about drowning in his anti-feminist opinions. he thinks that the trench run scene in Star Wars: A New Hope is a fuckin INSEMINATION SCENE whereby the sperm (x-wings) inseminate the egg (death star) to make a baby (explosion). And that the Death Star is the welfare state come to bring the world to heel.


ok ok ok WOW HOLLY SHIT JUST TOO MUCH! HEEL TRUNS after cap just what the shit is going on here

……………………….my god no no nooooooooo!…….one is safe run just RUUUUUUUUN!