what the scale can do


Too many of our children are not growing up,
They’re growing in;
Instead of becoming engineers and building their future,
They are becoming mathematicians,
Counting calories on scales they can never live up to.
And what do we have to offer them but empty plates?
In open hands We feed them magazines,
Full of images of what they perceive is pretty;
Paper thin.
And they will take it,
Their five fingered forks
Filling their empty bellies with dead trees,
Hoping the branches won’t break on the way,
While we cut them down;
Another inch.
Their idols Imposters;
Neon paintings of people who never existed,
Splayed on billboards to be dissected by the masses,
Their holy guts a crucifix to beauty;
And they eat them up,
Getting stuck in their teeth,
Like wish bones that were never whole.
They’re left unfulfilled,
Starving for the next thing,
As we shove packages marked ‘fat free’
Down into their core
And preach epidemics of obesity,
But we never taught them to be full.
We teach them ribs are sexy,
So they count every one,
A notch in their belt;
Hollow cheeks and sunken eyes
That the gap in their thighs should be wide enough,
To see the girl behind them,
And send them to their Graves early;
Long before they’re dead.
Because being frail means you are a woman;
We made them women before they even knew.
We shamed their bodies with smiles on our faces,
So they wouldn’t know the difference,
And then watched them fade away
Congratulating every pound.
We need to teach them size doesn’t matter;
To wear their joy.
That they are more then three syllables,
Worth more then a 9 letter word;
That every angle and curve is perfect
Because there’s no one in the world like them.
That editing programs do not create people,
And the next time someone makes them feel less then fucking perfect,
Shove their forks in their faces
And give them something they can chew.

…there’s an epidemic

Sindel, the indelible bad bitch. <3

30 min listening to every Markiplier remix on repeat so there’s that

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headcanon for Denki and Todoroki planning a suprise party for their friend.

I don’t know if you wanted these separate or together (like Denki and Todoroki planning  together) but I just went with separate.


•   An expert party planner right here, he’d start planning his friend’s birthday party at least a month out from the actual date. He gets everyone involved that he can too, since he always plans more than he can just handle by himself. He tends to overplan beyond what even a group can do though, so he often has to scale his plans back quite a lot.

•   Surprisingly good at sneakily questioning his friend on what they’d like for their birthday or what they’d want to do. Maybe it’s because of his naturally casual demeanor, but he can slide normally suspicious inquiries right on through without his friend ever suspecting a thing.

•   People are actually surprised with how demanding and what a perfectionist Kaminari can be while they’re setting up for the party. They’re used to him being quite a mess, so the fact he’s so particular with party decorations and such is a little bizarre to them. Because of his pickiness, they cut it really close on being ready in time for you to get there.

  Party is absolutely fucking kickass. It’s incredibly fun and everyone has an absolutely amazing time. You can tell Kaminari knows he’s done a good job by the cocky smirk taking up half his face. But you can’t help but to sincerely thank him for it anyway, despite knowing how much it’ll boost his ego. After all, he did work very hard to be sure it’d be a good party.


  If Todoroki is planning a party, you can be guaranteed he’s not planning a huge one. He doesn’t like big crowds or cramped areas, so he’d keep it to you, him, and your closest circle of friends. That way everyone can chat and wish you a happy birthday without having to shout about it. 

  You will have absolutely no inkling of the party until it is literally happening. If Todoroki wishes to make something a secret, he can do so without batting an eye. He gives no inkling of what he’s planning, you’ll never see it coming. That makes the surprise all the more impactful when you arrive at your party, him standing there with a small, almost mischievous little smile as your friends welcome you and you gaze at all the cute little decorations he picked out.

  It’s a very cozy little party. A cake Todoroki made himself (he’s actually quite the talented baker), a pile of gifts from all your friends, you spend the evening playing dumb little party games and laughing like crazy. It really makes you feel special to know that your friends, especially Todoroki, care about you enough to plan such a sweet party for you.

  Todoroki will get really flustered when you thank him for the party and tell him how wonderful it was. It’s one of the first times he’s ever done something like this, so he actually expected it to possibly suck, but he just really wanted to do something for his dear friend’s birthday. He’ll feel all warm inside knowing his party made you happy.

wizard101 au where whenever anyone says your wizard’s name they have to say all of your titles as well

e.g. “Hello, Adrian DarkHeart, Master Explorer, Bookworm, Gravalum Magus, Golem Tower Champion, Hero of Unicorn Way, Three Streets Savior, Master Diplomat, Wizard City Protector, Gobbler Chaser, Gobbler Catcher, Savior of Wizard City, Wizard City Explorer, Sunken City Survivor, Giant Hunter, Undead Stalker, Undead Hunter, Golem Breaker, Elemental Disspeller, Triton Underwater Hero, Krok Thrasher, Krok Hunter, Junior Archeologist, Krokosphinx Delver, Tomb Raider, Order of the Fang, Hero of Krokotopia, Master of the Oasis, Krokotopia Explorer, Secret Shopper, Spider Squisher, Web Cutter, Mastermind, Hero of Marleybone, Honorary Detective, Aeronaut, Member of the Watch, Honorary Engineer, Marleybone Explorer, Dragonspyre Master, Ghostbuster, Loremaster, Dragonrider, Savior of the Spiral, Dragonspyre Explorer, Spiral Geographer, Shark Catcher, Astrologist, Celestian Explorer, Lion Leaper, Elephant Tracker, Hero of Zafaria, Zafarian Explorer, Presser of Froudlings, Squire, Armiger, Knight Errant, Oni Slayer, Emerald Champion, Mooshu Explorer, The Purifier, Peacemaker, Spirit Walker, A+ Student, Hero of Pegasus Place, Wysteria Explorer, Liberator of the Helephant, Plant Liberator, Goblin Smasher, Honorable Bronze Archon, Master of Death, Legendary Artisan, Master Gardener, Intermediate Angler, Fire Starter, Campaigner, Lamba of Harmony, Royal Marleybonian Order, House of Scales Champion, and Rookie Monstrologist. What can i do for you today?”

i just want 1 legitimate reason to defend that DDADDS artist despite the fact that they’re racist & transphobic

like… go on
enlighten me

I really want to do that thing where I make a post with faceclaims for all my characters but man finding faceclaims for my characters is hard especially when some of them aren’t human

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I read your blog posts that you attached to someone else's ask and I'm now thoroughly convinced that I want to cut out sugar. But my question is, did you end up losing weight from cutting out sugar and if so how much?

Hey dear!
I honestly don’t know… if I lost any weight, it wasn’t very significant. My goal never really has been to lose weight; my goal has been to feel good, be happy, and enjoy life which I can do regardless of what a scale tells me. ☺️

My library is part of a network, which is allowing us to order books from a center for a limited time. I tried to find some books about autism and guess what ?

Most of them are books written by Neurotypicals siblings/parents of an autistic person, and/or with an audience of Neurotypicals readers in mind.

I counted only two books written by an autistic person and two books with an autistic character who is not a side character and tells their own stories.

There was even one book who wasn’t at all about autism, but about someone “who watches his neighbours getting more and more isolated, developping some kind of autism barrier towards the world around them”. What the fuck ?

[gif of a white man, singing loudly to another white man “The wooorst” while invading his personal space.]

Sometimes, I feel like I’m tilting at windmills.

For one good representation I can bring to my library, there are at least two bad ones that counter it (for example, my colleagues recently bought a graphic novel about a father who won‘t “let his son’s autism to get in the way” and basically submit him to something similar to ABA therapy during his entire life. They also bought a book whose headline is “Warning : autistic kid inside !” so… yeah.).

And I can only act at such a tiny scale : how many people will read these books, watch these movies and have this false, harmful representation of autism ? How many of them will think that autism is caused by vaccines, that an autistic person HAS to make eye contact or that stimming is a bad thing ?

As long as autistic people will be walked all over NTs who think they know autism better than we do, we can’t properly challenge this world’s twisted views. I’ll keep doing what I can, at my tiny scale. I wish I could do more, though…

So how about that Steven Bomb, eh? (As a quick reminder to every, do be sure to also watch when it airs, if you’re able! And, of course, if you haven’t seen the leaks, spoilers ahead.)

That said, I want to discuss a few little things leading up to one bigger one.

First, I find it really interesting how every Amethyst– and most Jaspers and Carnelian(s?)– are so much like our Amethyst. We’ve known Our Jasper was Different than most since we saw the Beta Kindergarten, and that feelings of vengeance toward the Gem who shattered her Diamond fueled her aggression. Seeing this paints her as the outlier among Earth Gems. This is more interesting when coupled with:

Yellow Diamond claims “this entire cut of gem” should be destroyed, regarding the other Rose Quartzes, but Blue insists that “they were hers”. Which makes it sound like Pink didn’t only reign over these gems, but that she may very well have designed them. Designed this cut.

So questions:

  • Are all Rose Quartzes similar at least in many ways to the one we know, to the extent that Rubies and Amethysts are similar? Were they all passionate, driven gems fueled by a spirit of curiosity and a yearning for Experiences? Did most or all have healing and/or dream powers?

  • Do the other Diamonds know what Rose Quartzes can do, on a broad scale? “An army has a use, it can go and fight a war. A Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it’s for.” This bit gave me the impression that Blue and Yellow aren’t entirely sure what RQs were made for, only that they can be dangerous. Which lends even more to the feeling that they were a personal project of Pink’s.

  • If that’s the case, did Pink design all the cuts grown in the Alpha and Beta Kindergartens? Did she design the whimsical Roses and the rowdy Amethysts– gems that don’t seem to ‘fit’ with the spirit of Homeworld in general?

  • Considering all of that, one has to wonder… what sort of Gem was Pink if she did design these more spirited Gems? …Weeeelll…..

Did you guys ever see or do you remember the theory that Pink Diamond herself was made on earth? After this bomb, with the added emphasis that Earth was her planet, I feel this is more likely than ever. And what all that adds up to is…

I feel very strongly that while Blue, Yellow, and White are peers of sorts, whether they’re most akin to sisters or comrades or friends or lovers, Pink was different. Pink was, as much as a Gem can be, a child. Fully formed upon emergence, of course, but young and naive and full of a sense of wonder that the other Diamonds don’t have.

Which would mean…

Pink Diamond was to the other Diamonds what Steven is to the Crystal Gems, and Blue’s thousands of years of grieving and Yellow’s fierce spirit of retribution are not the feelings of peers who lost an equal, but parents who lost their child.

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If you're still taking requests, Ratchet/Soundwave? I need more rare pairs in my life.

I imagine setting up clandestine meetings is difficult when one person is the third in command of one army, and one is the cheif medical officer of the other.

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Hey, I just can’t stand it anymore- It’s been over 2 months since my weight is the same and even though i do everything to lose it, I saw 0,5kg more on the scale today. I’m so disappointed, what else can I do to be skinny, I’ve already tried everything, do you have any tips??? Please!❤️😭

sometimes eating normally for a day or two will actually help you overcome a plateau!!! i had the same issue, but ate normally for three days and i lost 4 lbs after i went back to restricting and the food weight was gone. stay safe lovely 💞

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hello dallas its very nice to meet you! you look really nice today!

“Oh, um, thank you very much! It’s nice to meet all of you too… and it’s amazing what a little scale paint can do, isn’t it?”

“I figured a table drawn on an old tablecloth would help complete the illusion… but next time I try something like this, I’ll probably use a black cloth. It might be harder to paint on, but it should blend in with the dark!”

Genji before being knocked out for his cybernetics surgery: Please. My cock

Angelia ‘mercy’ ziegler nodding her head solemnly while drawing genji’s humongous dick to scale on a clipboard: I’ll do what I can