what the renner

So… I found this on Instagram. If you know who made this, tell me so I can give them credit. It’s not mine.
But that’s sooooo accurate. (But not Andrew Garfield. He’s just a kid, leave him alone)

And don’t even get me started with the Supernatural cast…

Edit:  @sebastian-stan-fan is the one who created it. And, honey… You own me an oxygen thank.

Edit 2: I have no idea about how old actors are. I know RDJ is on his 50’s, and Chris E. and Sebastian are on their 30 something. Don’t hate me.
Black widow solo movie

I want her to team up with Hawkeye solely so they can have a flashback to what happened in Budapest to see who remembers it correctly

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conservations with mum involve...

mom: so do you have any crushes?

me: *still crying over fictional characters played by 30+ year old celebrities that STILL don’t know i exist* it’s just me, myself, and i mum. :)


But your pain is a tribute / The only thing you let hold you / Wear it now like a mantle / Always there to remind you / I’m the same, I’m the same / I’m trying to change


The Sounds of the City

Friend’s request, who wanted to see Clint Barton wearing his hearing aid. I did some research online, asked on Tumblr, checked out the latest issue of Hawkeye but I couldn’t find what his hearing aid looked like so I went for something visible. Sorry if it’s not 100% accurate.

Photoshop CS6 - Painter 12


Team Captain America: ..So if you could undercover in Hydra. For justice.
Sherlock: Boring.
John: Sherlock.

Team Iron man: Mycroft Holmes recommended you. Find who killed my father.
Sherlock: Get out.
John: Sherlock.