what the machine sees


So I might have become quickly obsessed with a certain ink demon

With some zoom ins if you click! 
(I only used the highest quality pens I have, for Bendy. And per usual ink standards, I couldn’t fix any mistakes once they were made, so if you see any, I probably already know)

Wow drawing a 1930 style isn’t easy and I’m sure I’m not doing it right in 500 places, but I enjoy the simplistic face bendy has as it’s more fun to, well, bend.

Why I think Jimin is dead in the MV...

In the first pic he is the only one not really interacting with the environment much. Yoonseok + someone (Jungkook?) are leaning on each other and Jin is interacting with the laundry machine (as seen from a previous shot).

Next, Jimin is shown sitting on the laundry machine with the shoes to his side (and wearing his own shoes for some reason?). He looks like he’s just watching Jin, who is in front of him as you can tell by the positioning in the first picture.

Jin turns and you can see Jimin in the background. This is from the perspective of the laundry machine.

This is what it looks like Jin looks into the laundry machine, and he only sees himself in the reflection. Although we have been able to see Jimin, the actual characters in the MV can’t.

Assuming the MV is not chronological and that the scenes with ot7 are before Jimin died.

I decided to do art for Bendy and The Ink Machine, and then I found out there was a contest, and I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT??? AND IT’S OVER NOW AND I’M LIKE ??????

So anyways, ladies and gentlemen, here’s Bendy!

allura: hunk, coran needs you in the en- what are you doing?

hunk: [scrunched over a bunch of parts] i’m building a machine.

allura: i can see that. what is it for?

hunk: [straightens up] it’ll make a ding ever time someone lies. [thinks for a second] it’s…a bs detector. oh my god.


Bendy Fanart Feature!

You see, this is what happens when you do an art feature for your fandom; the porn poooooouuuuurrrrrrs in, and then you have to explain to your innocent best friend why you’re covering their eyes from a piece of paper, and why you’re death staring the camera. Don’t look, Boris! Bendy is ashamed of you, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for this porn! Luckily, the NSFW hasn’t gotten into the BatIM fandom (irl) quite yet, so we don’t have to worry…. yet. You don’t even want to know what’s on that piece of paper, and I don’t want to know, either. I hope you like it!

Maxim’s currently doing his best to look scary, but he’s really not succeeding.

Character Controller Research

I’m trying something different in development this time, taking some time to research. Normally I would just jump into Unity and make things with little thought as to how it should play, which always found myself backed into a corner of my own creation.

So I decided to take a look at a couple of games similar to what I want to see how they did it. Starting with Heart Machines, Hyper Light Drifter.

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I didn’t teach you how to love. Of course you did.