what the love artist didn't realize

Dipper and Mable's parents (probably)
  • Before the Series started:
  • dad pines: You know what would be good for the kids? Spending the summer with my Uncle Stanford!
  • mom pines: Isn't he the con artist? the one your mom said she didn't want us visiting again? The guy who tried to use Dipper as a way to pick up women in the park that one time?
  • dad pines: Psssh, I used to have great times with Uncle Stanford when I was a kid, Dipper and Mabel will love it. Fresh air, new friends, and a chance for them to see what business life is like.
  • mom pines: You do realize that our children will probably come back with a criminal record...right?
  • dad pines: Sweetie, letting the kids stay in Gravity Falls for the summer won't be the end of the world. Promise. Also, some alone time for us!
  • mom pines: .....alright, as long as they get some time outside the house. I guess it wouldn't be so bad.
  • Three months later and the Apocalypse happens with everything in flames.
  • dad pines: ....
  • mom pines: ....
  • dad pines: To be fair I didn't think the end of the world would actually happen.
  • mom pines: We're getting the kids right now.
  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: while i am sad that stomachaches didn't win album of the year because it's a very impactful record made by an artist who's very important to me, i recognize that black veil brides has a dedicated fanbase who probably love and respect their music in much the same way that i love and respect franks, and i realize that it would be unkind and disingenuous of me to attack black veil brides for winning an award that they probably deserved just because i don't listen to their music.