what the hell

Can I say just how much I hate that Penetrator Chris fell in love with Emma in five fucking seconds at the FUCKING LAST EPISODE? Like, are u fucking kidding me? You gave us 4 season of an off and on relationship of Chris with Eva, made them have this completely beautiful moment where they were kissing and joking and all that shit…and you just make him fall with some other girl and let her be okay with it?? WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL PEOPLE? I mean, I don’t think that was a good thing to do. It was so fucking rushed, their storyline it’s the craziest shit ever and idk I just wanted to kill everyone when I saw that. He’s character is so underrated I must say, they made him look like this fuckboy without any reason or problem at all, like, he just fucks people for living. I would have loved a season about him, or more participation idfk. All I know, is that Eva and P-Chris didn’t deserved that shit, and neither Jonas or Emma. If only they would have shown like a background or something I wouldn’t be so fucking mad but oh guess what? I am.

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i didn't experience it myself but there's a story i heard from some coworkers at the museum that one time a woman came in and told her son "now remember, Johnny, we don't believe in dinosaurs because the Jews hid the fossils to confuse the Christians"

… this is the oddest blood libel I’ve ever heard of??? o_O

The Argos Reflector, Indiana, November 3, 1921

“Hell yes,” “Hell no” and “O, Hell,” too,
“The Hell you don’t” - “the Hell you do.”

And “What in the Hell” and “Hell it is,”
“The Hell with yours" and “to Hell with this,”

Now, “who in Hell” and “Oh, Hell, where?”
And “What the Hell do you think I care?”

Fucking hell CN

Lion 4 has been cancelled.

Replaced by?

Teen. Titans. Go.

Steven universe is only airing THREE times in the next two weeks. CN isn’t advertising the show at all, along with inconsistent air dates/times, including the time of release being changed a few hours before it actually aired.