what the hell

Moving out Tuesday. It’s so hard to make myself pack and leave this place…cuz I wanna go so bad…but I also want to stay here and keep my job and keep things normal. But, I know I can’t have normal right now. I’ve never been so overwhelmed in my life. I still need to plan my dad’s funeral, help pack up my dads house, move 2 hours away, start a new job, and try not to go insane during any of it.

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i didn't experience it myself but there's a story i heard from some coworkers at the museum that one time a woman came in and told her son "now remember, Johnny, we don't believe in dinosaurs because the Jews hid the fossils to confuse the Christians"

… this is the oddest blood libel I’ve ever heard of??? o_O

Who Else Just Knows that Rowan Whitethorn can sing?

I mean imagine:

- Aelin sometimes walking in on Rowan humming as he goes over tax plans, or sharpens his knives.

-Aelin idly wondering if her big man can sing

- But Aelin doesn’t push it on him, not yet at least.

-Aelin doesn’t push it on him until one night, when their baby wakes up, crying and shrieking, and Rowan goes to go calm her down

- Aelin dozes off, but when she wakes up, Rowan’s not next to her. So she decides to go into the nursery, figuring Rowan probably fell asleep in there (again).

- But when she gets there, Rowan’s not asleep.

- He’s singing!

- Aelin nearly sobs as she watches her mate rock their daughter as he sings, the song clear and beautiful

- She waits for him to finish before entering the room, and when she does, Rowan blushes for like ten solid minutes.

- Aelin begs Rowan to sing for her, just one song, but he declines.

- Rowan has never really sang in front of any one, and was not about to start then.

“Please, Rowan!” She begged, a grin playing at her lips.
Aelin watched as Rowan turned towards the bed, and even through the dark, she could still see his flush.
Rowan flipped back the covers and slid in, the only sounds in the room the rustling of the sheets as he settled in. Aelin sighed, but walked towards the bed. If he was this adamant about this, she’d let it go. But at least she was right. Rowan Whitethorn, King of Terrasen, Warrior of ice and snow, could sing.

- Rowan doesn’t sing for Aelin until one night, when she awakes shaking and sobbing, the darkness too much for her.

-Rowan calmly lights a few candles, then wraps his arms around his mate and begins.

- His voice certainly is beautiful. And Aelin wonders how he’s kept this from her for so long. The song is in the old language, so she can barely decipher the meaning but she decides she loves it.

- Aelin falls asleep with his voice in her heart, and his kiss on her brow.

-But all sweetness aside, the songbird jokes begin.

The Argos Reflector, Indiana, November 3, 1921

“Hell yes,” “Hell no” and “O, Hell,” too,
“The Hell you don’t” - “the Hell you do.”

And “What in the Hell” and “Hell it is,”
“The Hell with yours" and “to Hell with this,”

Now, “who in Hell” and “Oh, Hell, where?”
And “What the Hell do you think I care?”

Fucking hell CN

Lion 4 has been cancelled.

Replaced by?

Teen. Titans. Go.

Steven universe is only airing THREE times in the next two weeks. CN isn’t advertising the show at all, along with inconsistent air dates/times, including the time of release being changed a few hours before it actually aired.