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RedLights!Gold sees Belle with another, younger man and can't help but think that she deserves more than him. Cue Gold trying to leave, Belle being confused, and lots of kisses and cuddles.

Set post-White Flags, but honestly I think this mostly works even if you haven’t read it. In which Gold has a panic attack, Belle gets defensive, and make-up cuddles follow.

They’d agreed to meet at the Met, at one pm. 

Gold checked his watch again, and again, but it was the same answer: five past, and no sign of Belle.

He looked around, desperately hoping he’d catch sight of her. He hated New York. He hated the crowds, he hated the noise, he hated the smell. But it was Christmas, and Belle had had a friend in the city who wanted to get coffee anyway, so they’d agreed to tag along with Neal and Emma on their visit to the city. Isaac had spent the morning Christmas shopping, for the things he couldn’t purchase in Maine or online. That alone, he thought, spoke volumes about the horrors he was willing to endure for the sake of his loved ones.

Ten past. Still no sign of Belle.

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Cher Horowitz

Cher Horowitz: one of the pairing is a spoiled, rich kid

When they pull up in front of the mansion, Stiles heaves an exaggerated sigh. Unfortunately, seventeen years of experience have made his father impervious to Stiles’ methods of persuasion.

Stiles,” is all he says, and yup, that’s his classical zero tolerance for bullshit voice. Awesome. It’s incredible what a loaded message his dad can convey by only saying his name. This time, it’s “stop being a brat”, “behave or I’ll take your phone and laptop from you for a week” and “yes, you absolutely do have to”.

It’s the last one that Stiles really takes exception to. “Da-ad,” he whines.

His dad pinches the bridge of his nose. “We’ve had this discussion before, and we’re not having it again. As the sheriff of Beacon Hills, I have to maintain a good relationship with the mayor, and yes, that also means having the occasional dinner with Mrs Hale and her family.”

“I get that. I just don’t get why I have to come.”

“Look, I get that you and the Hale boy in your year aren’t exactly on friendly terms -”

Stiles snorts. Understatement of the fucking century. Derek Hale is self-centred and fucking spoiled brat who gets away with everything just because his mother’s position. No one cuts Stiles any slack just because he’s the sheriff’s son; but Derek can skip class and fail to hand in his homework on time and still get good grades. He can be super obnoxious in class and still have his ass kissed by all the teachers, even Harris. Harris, who hates everyone. Derek can break hearts left and right and yet girls and boys fall over themselves to get date with him, or even just have him smile at them. It’s fucking ridiculous. As is Derek’s car. Seriously, what eighteen year old boy is pretentious enough to drive a Camaro?

Derek fucking Hale, that’s who.

“- I expect at least a basic level of civility,” his father finishes. “Understood?”

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Can you do a Niall one where he's away on tour and seems really miserable to everyone because he sees you have a new male friend back home and is worried!xxx

Here’s some Niall for you Niall stans out there. I’ve had a massive scroll back through my ask box and I’ve seen some pretty incredible requests that have been pushed back, haha. I hope this is okay. xx

Niall couldn’t help himself.

When it came to rumours of you, it became hard to ignore them; especially when he wasn’t there to see what was happening in person. Being in Australia, travelling with Basil and his friends was tough because it meant he was away from you and away from the comforts of his own bed and the warmth of his home and he was away from the centre of London - one place he was constantly wandering with you by his side, where he could spoil you with shopping trips or coffee dates out of the eyes of the public. Deo had suggested a trip around the Asia continent, travelling around the different countries that Niall hadn’t gotten the experience of visiting and exploring when it came to touring with the boys. 

He’d offered to fly home to grab you and your cases so you could travel with him, but you’d politely declined due to work issues and a schedule you needed to follow with ease in the office. And he understood that. He knew that it was to keep you busy when he was away, and he knew it was to get you some more money for yourself so it didn’t lead to you depending upon him to get you anywhere. Niall had found it somewhat attractive that you liked to fend for yourself, and he was forever whining about how he felt he wasn’t able to spoil you when he wanted. 

He’d only suggested to travel for 2 weeks - giving him a nice start to the beginning of the hiatus. And he felt that if he could go months without your touch, your presence and your kisses then he could go another 2 weeks without you. 

That was until he’d stepped onto Twitter for the first in a matter of 5 days, when he was in Melbourne for the Tennis Open. As he’d waited for the match to start and patiently sat guarding Martin’s, Willie’s, Deo’s and Basil’s beer glasses, he’d strolled across the app on his phone and had almost immediately regretted it when he came across the heartless rumours popping up all over his timeline. 

‘Niall Horan: dumped and forgotten?’

‘Girlfriend of 1D singer cheating?’

‘Niall Horan, single and ready to mingle?’

As he scrolled and skim read the articles people were tagging him in, he felt his chest tighten and he couldn’t help but think the worst. He wasn’t there - it was possible for you to do that. And what if you were? He would find out when he was on the other side of the world, where he was mucked around with the time-zones and no where near you to travel quick enough to get the answers; answers that were needed as soon as possible.

Photos of you and a work colleague - Joseph, if Niall was correct on the name from past meetings - were spreading around the internet and it seemed like you were cosily settled in his arms as you both walked the streets of Covent Garden; the streets you and Niall were constantly walking down, popping into the shops and checking out the market streets in the chaotic times, bubble teas settled in your hands as you ignored the looks and the photos being taken to create uproar on social media. The photos were enough to send spouts of anger through Niall’s veins, worry filling his mind and nervousness covering his face with his bottom lip being taken between his teeth. You were standing in front of Joseph, his arms wrapped around your shoulders as you walked down the streets with smiles on your faces. 

And Niall could almost hear your giggles and your loud laugh erupted in his ears. A sound he royally missed when you weren’t near.

“You’re going to bite your lip off in a minute, mate. What’s the matter?” Deo asked, shuffling back as he slid his glasses up his nose.

“I need t’ go outside for a bit. Gi’me my ticket so I can get back in after,” Niall murmured, his phone gripped tightly in his hand as he stood up, snatching the ticket from Basil’s protruding hand and shuffling out of the row the seats were designated. “Not sure how long I’ll be. Need t’ talk to (Y/N) for a bit,” he added, before jogging up the steps and disappearing down the flight of stairs to the exit of the arena.

His thumb slid across the bottom of the screen of his iPhone, his hand trembling with a mixture of emotions as his eyes came across your name. A heart settled at the end. As he held the phone to his ear, he watched as latecomers to the tennis open rapidly ran up the steps and through the doors to where tickets would be checked at the security gates, the beeping tone sounding into his ear.

“Hi, handsome. What’s the matter?”

Your voice was smooth, softly spoken and like caramel to his ears. A puff of breath left Niall’s lips as he cupped his forehead in his hand and placed his head back against the wall. 

“Are you cheating on me?”

It was quick and out there, like a band-aid being ripped from the skin. And he felt instant regret run through his body as he heard you let our a sarcastic laugh and a scoff.

“You know, it’s usually the other way round. I’m worried about you cheating, so… It’s a mutual feeling,” you mumbled.

“How the hell can you think so low of me?” He let out, an exasperated sigh leaving his lips as he tugged at his blonde hair. His eyes closing as darkness took over his sight. “I would never do that to you. Never. You should know, that by now, I would never do that to you. You’re my top priority and I hate that this distance thing is tearing us apart. Those photos -”

“Were nothing. Those photos were nothing, Niall. Joseph just caught me as I tripped over the curb. Nothing serious happened, I promise. As soon as he caught me, he let me go and we parted ways,” you grunted, sitting yourself up in the bed and adjusting the pillows behind your back. 

“Why were you out with him?”

“He needed a woman’s input for his first wedding anniversary. I went to help him since me and him are so close in the office,” you reasoned, picking at a hanging tassle from his pillow - a pillow that had been untouched for weeks, smelling distinctly of his shampoo but not as strong as it used to be. “He’s married, Niall. I told you.”

And he remembered. In his time of anger and worry and nervousness about the whole rumour, he’d forgotten about the other woman involved in the story - Joseph’s wife. And the guilt had immediately settled upon his chest as his eyes cracked open. 

“I’m so sorry. I -”

“You accused me of cheating. You’ve got a lot of making up to do.”

“I know. I promise, I’ll be home soon. I’ll cut this trip short. You’re so much more important to me than some stupid trip around Asia, okay? I’ll be home in the next week so,” he sighed out heavily, “I’m sorry. I love you. I worry that you’ll always find someone better than me. Someone that’s always there for you when you need someone. Maybe a guy who will be there right away when you need comforting or when you need a snuggle. He knew you found it a struggle when he wasn’t there, and he wished he was and he knew that it was going to take up the most of his break - yet he didn’t mind at all. “You can have your pick of any guy and you chose a guy who can’t stay in the country because of his job.”

“I want you. I love you, Niall. Why would I want a douchebag boyfriend who would rather go out drinking when I have you who stays home and cracks out a cheap bottle of wine and gets tipsy in the bath with me,” you giggled, listening to a deep chuckle leave his throat. “I love you. I’d much rather have you than some douche.”

“I love you too. I’m such a lucky guy to have you,” Niall smiled to himself. 

A lucky guy indeed.