what the hell was that!


What a nice thing to wake up to. Stay classy, Anon.

  • Ryan: *walking into the room, covered in mud, clearly pissed off*
  • Lads: *all trying to not laugh but failing*
  • Ryan: You're all dead to me
  • Lads: *not surprised in the slightest*
  • Ryan: Except Jeremy, we're cool
  • Jeremy: Alright!
  • Michael and Gavin: WTF?

the trans with the plans🤘

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My friend that list of KH guys you'd bang spoke to my soul. Consider, however: Saix.


…hmm… I think I kept getting distracted by that bigass x marks the spot on his forehead so I slept on him for a lot of the game.


*meditates in zen-thot on him*
… okay, then, my vagina has decided.

Okay but can someone actually explain the hate for Sasha? Like I haven’t watched the finale yet and I keep seeing people with this hardcore hatred for her and honestly…I get if she wasn’t your absolute fave but like…she’s a damn good queen. She’s got a really exciting perspective that I think was really exciting to see in a more mainstream media. Why is everyone so angry, I genuinely don’t get it?

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Non xv related but what's your favourite KH guy you'd love to ride? Let's say they are all legal and in their mid 20s- 30s which one would you take first and which one would be your last?

This is the second time me starting this damn thing in two days because the app decided to crash in the middle of me assembling my list. Guess Tumblr mobile couldn’t handle all the sexy, LOL!

Tbh, outside of Riku? Didn’t really wanna bang anyone else KH-wise until Organization XIII came into play and gave me some more eye candy to oogle. SO…

1) Xenmas

Daddy, plz wreck me.

2) Axel
Yeah, can I get a fuckin’ uhhh…. Axel/Riku sandwich with a whole lotta me in the middle.

3) Zexion
My poor emo child, let me bang some hope back into you.

4) Marluxia
He’s so damn dramatic and flamboyant, but I’d still hit it. I have a thing for scythes.

… would possibly also admit to being total trash and would just lay down while all 5 of them did what they wanted to me.

… oh gods. An Org XIII gangbang, HALP

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I know this may sound bad, but the Tsar had me chuckling throughout the chapter. he's so bad but the way he says things and how frivolous he acts was just super amusing and an awesome contrast to all of the truths he was dropping on jack (my poor boy). what a great villain you've created. and I absolutely adore that he's sort of a new incarnation of the Nightmare King. when he dropped that line, I flipped my shit. amazing chapter as always, nervous for the next!

I’ve been looking forward to this reveal for so long. Up until now, it’s been so tempting to have the Tsar use some of the lines that Jack used in the mountain, but I held back on it, because I knew a lot of people would suspect that the Tsar obviously had more control of the Darkness than he was letting on, but hoped that wouldn’t lead to most people guessing that he was essentially the Nightmare King in this AU, before it was time. (And that seems to have mostly worked, woo!)

But it’s good being able to sort of have…a lot of previous things that folks have asked me about, make sense now. From why the orb of magic is in the mountain in the first place, why the Darkness tried to steer Jack away from it, why Pitch’s apathy and despair is so profound, especially after the first resistance attempt, and why people don’t just try to ‘randomly assassinate the Tsar anyway’ (I got this question a fair bit), etc. Like, obviously there’s new questions now to be answered, but it was good to tie up the majority of the Tsar-related loose ends.

And on that level it’s just such a satisfying chapter to have out there, because anything from here on in has to be radically different. Everything has to change. It’s like closing one door and opening a totally new one. Part of me is really scared I can’t pull this next part of the story off, but the rest of me is pretty excited to close the ‘Jack learning all about Lune and Pitch’ part of the story to a part that will be a lot more action-packed and adventure focused.

It also means if I want to, I can now start writing Pitch perspective chapters. This was the hold back. Since it’s something Pitch thinks about a fair bit.