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Yeah. This band has never mailed it in, to our detriment at times, too. There were times, I mean, Uno/Dos/Tré … I don’t know what people thought about them critically, but I listened to them the other night and they’re fucking great. I don’t care what anybody thinks. It’s a lot to absorb at one time. But they are there for new Green Day fans to discover, or even old Green Day fans. Warning was looked at back in the day like, “What the hell are you doing?” It wasn’t a success, but now it’s the favorite record of so many Green Day fans.

-Mike talking to Rolling Stone.

As I just fell in love with most of ¡Dos! and was just thinking this yesterday, I feel validated by Mike Dirnt.

that moment was so intense when Marion turns on the shower and you’re like NNNOOO DON’T DO IT and then she gets in the shower and there’s creepy ominous music and it’s storming outside and you keep thinking the door just opened and Norman will come in as Mother and stab reyrey to death and then she’s just –


Zegnautus Keep - Radios 4/4

Imperial Soldier: Calling all frequencies—hey. Hey! Is anybody out there? …Anybody who hasn’t turned yet? Anybody? This is—no, forget it. What does it matter? Only a matter of time until I turn just like everyone else did.

He was right, “Ain’t long until the empire falls—and when she does, it’ll hit like a ton of bricks.” Should’ve taken his advice and got out when I had the chance. Y’hear that, Callux? You were right. Go on—tell me, “I told you so.” Sorry I won’t be able to pick up my tab.

Gladio: Think anyone else heard that?

Ignis: If they did, I suspect they’re no longer human enough to sympathize.

Gladio: Whole place has gone to hell…

Gladio: All the rest is probably just fake news.

Ignis: Assuming all of what we heard is true.

Thanks for the book & candy.

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NOTE: Thought of this while watching Beastly.

WARNING CONTAINS: failed attempts by Caius, & fluff.

You sat by the window looking out every now and again. It has been a week since finding out Caius Volturi is your mate. Which forced you to leave your family back at Forks. You sighed feeling alone and bored.

A knock on the door brought you out of your thoughts, you walked over and opened the door only to see a red rectangular box with a gold ribbon at the top. You opened the box and glared at what was inside. A pair of shoes that were silver and had a hint of blue in them. What the actual hell! Did he THINK he could win you over by giving you a pair of shoes!?. You shoved the pair of shoes back into the box, shoving them away from the door and closing it with a bang.

“I think you just got rejected brother”. Caius hissed at his brother turning away from the hallway. He was confused of why you wouldn’t take his gift, but he didn’t stop their, Every day a new box arrived.

2nd day: a red dress [REJECTED]

3rd day: a new phone [REJECTED]

4th day: a pair of earrings [REJECTED]

5th day: another pair of new shoes [ACTUALLY THROWN IN TRASH]

6th day: a batch of roses [TOOK THEM INSIDE BUT WAS NOT SWOON]

Caius then got the idea of what he needed to do…

7th day: A new book of one of your favorite writers along with a box full of different sweets you enjoyed. [ACCEPTED]

8th day: he sat in his office pondering on what to give you next when a knock on the door brought him back from his thoughts. “enter” he said lazily. He expected his brother or one of the guards but never expected to see you standing just out side his door.

“Y/N, what brings you here?” he asked smoothly, when in side he was bewildered and amazed that you came out of your way to meet him. 

“I wanted to thank you properly” You said slowly walking into his office and stood before his desk.

“Thank me?” 

“Yes, umm about the book and candies, I don’t know how you were able to know of my favorites but thank you anyway” You said moving a strand of hair away from your face.

“You are most welcome” he said smiling gently as much as he could. You nodded and was about ready to leave when you decided to meet him half way this time.


“Yes?” he patiently waited your answer, if he were to still be alive he would be holding his breath right about now.

“Would you like to come with me to the library? I heard you guys have a fantastic set of books, and I always wanted to check it out” He looked at your blushed faced and everything he planned to do was dropped instantly.

“Of course, I would be happy to show you around” he said standing from his seat walking over to you. He held out his arm for you too take and slowly you held his arm as the both you went down to the library.

With love- Admin J

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I'm gonna kill myself tonight, wanne be the only one who says goodbye to me?

And why the hell would you do it? And why do you want a totally random to know about it? I don’t think that you actually want to kill yourself, I mean why would you. There is no point in suicide, you can only get better when you are alive, fight for what you want and not just give up.



Actually been thinking about this for a while now, But yeah Its official. All my artwork from my “Golden” Days will be Redrawn in “HD” Digital Form. More Info about this series and what drawings would be in it, will be posted soon

Also a quite vague agenda is also on the introduction pic as well so be sure to check that out if you didn’t

And I know what you are saying. “Aer0, why in the hell are you making so many packs and shit. I mean we got this, Exxxpress Yourself, Ponka’s Party, Commissions, Requests and most likely a special S7 art pack.”

Simple. So I can always have something to draw. As simple as that

Anyways….yeah that’s about it. Peace ✌

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"Warning: Oxygen levels rising. Nearing lethal level." "Y/N! You're a chemist! You must have a solution to this!" "I'm thinking!" "Think faster!" "I am! Wait! We have hydrazine right?" "What the hell is that going to be used for?" "If we burn hydrazine, it'll bring the oxygen levels down." "You want to burn rocket fuel in a confined space?" "Yes!" "That's a stupid idea." "Well, do you fancy suffocating?" "No! But I don't fancy blowing up." "I'm doing it anyway." "Wait! What if we-" *explosion*

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Warning: oxygen levels rising.  Nearing lethal level.”

Y/N, you’re a chemist!  You must have a solution for this!”

“I’m thinking,” you brushed Alex’s hands from your shoulders and rubbed your temples methodically. 

“Think faster!”

“I am!  Wait-” you put an arm out and froze as the sirens continued to blare, “-we have hydrazine, right?”

“Yeah, but what the hell is that going to do?”

“If we burn hydrazine, it’ll bring the oxygen levels back down.”

“You want to burn rocket fuel in a confined space?” Alex’s eyes widened and she gripped your arm in fear. 

“Yep!” you pulled away from her once again, swiped the contents of a lab table to the floor, and tipped the piece of metal onto its side.

“That’s a stupid idea.”

As Alex spoke her disapproval, you scrambled to find a striker and a bottle of hydrazine.  

“Well, do you want to suffocate?”

“No, but I don’t want to blow up either.”

You ignored her remark and spread a trail of hydrazine from across the room to the sealed door at the end of the lab.  It emptied about half of the bottle and you set the container down right at the end of the line before running back to where you had started, striker in hand.

“I’m doing it anyway.”

“Wait!” Alex protested as you leaned down.  “What if we-”

Before she could finish the sentence, you sent a stream of sparks flying towards the incredibly flammable substance below and sprinted with Alex in tow.  Both of you dove behind the metal table mere seconds before the entire room was filled with an intense heat and deafening explosion.

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Hi, do u have any advice on how to be more confident/content with your appearance? U take a lot of photos of yourself and ur cute as hell and u also seem so confident i wish that were me???

it is very much a fake it ‘til you make it sort of thing honestly…….i kind of hate that but it’s what worked for me. i wasn’t comfortable putting my face and appearance out there until i realized i had friends who were essentially ride or die and would compliment me no matter how shitty i looked tbh. basically have rly good friends LMAO

but think abt it this way…when ur confidence is low any and i mean ANY time u put ur face out there is a big step and v momentous and u should be proud of urself for having the guts to do that !!!! like hell ya ur hot shit ofc u should let ppl see ya and even if it flops or some asshole decides to critique it u posting it was a Big Thing and if u can do it once u can def do it again

also if u post pics tag me and i’ll boost ur ego for sure

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I keep rewatching the infamous scene where Pearl leaves Steven hanging on a cliff. It seriously makes me sick to watch it, Steven struggling to pull himself up and Pearl just sitting on the corner weeping instead of being, yknow, a mom? And Steven pushes away what was probably some trauma after ALMOST FALLING TO HIS DEATH to go comfort Pearl. It breaks my heart for him. It's disgusting that her ~hurt feelings~ keep getting placed over Steven almost literally DYING. Ugh. Bad writing.

Legit bad writing. And Hell, that wasn’t enough apparently. I would have forgiven Rose’s Scabbard if that was our closure episode for Pearl, the simple yet beautiful words “I think you’re pretty great” followed by that amazing final sequence of silence. That was wonderful! BUT NO. WE GET HER FUCKING SOB SCENE IN “We Need to Talk”, “Mr. Greg”, and “Three Gems and a Baby”. YES WE GET IT, SHE’S SAD, NEXT.

-Mod G

honestly Rose’s Scabbard made me realize exactly how douchey of a bitch Pearl can be. and I’d forgive all that if the narrative actually HAD HER APOLOGIZE OR OWN UP TO HER CRUEL DEEDS. But no. she gets coddled by the audience and writers and we get the classic “she is sad. that’s all you need to love and forgive her”
its like the damn diamonds.
pearl is so fucking evil

- mod s

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U know what mila offline since the day L shut cs down. And the next day L upload 🦋 on her pic before she off to tokyo. And latest L video her lip swollen . I think mila met her in tokyo or osaka. That is why her lip swollen like a hell huge upper lip and lolo wear a hoodies covered up hickey?. I maybe delusional but mila missing is something. And shawn upload their cover just to make daddy lolo jelly and media support shawnmila 😂. B4 laucy leaked both indirect message they missing each other

hey welcome back swollen lip anon 👋 😀

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I'm not fucking kidding you I scrolled down and saw that about lollie having a baby March 16th and her name being odile and my heart literally skipped a beat. holy shit. like the surrogate theory made sense but I didn't, like, think about any of this seriously, you know? holy shit anna. holy shit. this isn't a coincidence

holy shit, anon, holy shit your message made me giggle :)))

I’ve never been too interested in the ‘babies and bearding’ aspect of the Js, I would so much rather focus on them and how they’re head over heels for each other. But I agree, this is super weird and it’s making me squirm because I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! and usually i don’t care

What i don’t understand is, even if Lollie was a surrogate and carried both (unrelated) babies at the same time (which i suppose is possible with IVF), why in the hell would the babies’ names be so damn similar?

Did G hear the name Odile and liked it so much but couldn’t use it for obvious reasons, so found the next closest thing?


imma go drink now. Thanks for the message, darling :)

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Dude, what the hell? The love of your life is still in mortal danger and you wanted to go on some kind of a self-discovery journey?! What were you thinking at that moment? I love you, but bad form, mate. Bad form.

I wasn’t thinking particularly clearly, I will admit. I was upset and not sure how to live with the guilt, and I didn’t believe that I was the man that Emma deserved anymore, and I had hoped that travelling with Captain Nemo might help me become him again. 

I did eventually come to my senses, but now I am trapped  aboard The Nautilus going… probably somewhere unpleasant. 

I need to get back to Emma. 

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What if Tom is this tiny ass lap dog who is mean as hell but isn't the slightest bit intimidating until he rips off a finger

I WAS THINKING OF THAT. it would be hilarious if he was a really shitty corgi.
(or an italian greyhound)

[insert the pic of that dude pointing to his head] you can’t ever be on time when you’re a procrastinating piece of trash!! but hellO i’m a, i’m 20 (21 can’t come fast enough ri p) and i live in the great ol’ est where spring apparently doesn’t exist :~)) but enough about me under the cut is a lil bit about m’kid royce

tw: death, abuse

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I just wanted to tell one time my friend pushed me to 'have feelings' for another friend (he was as straight as a ruler and I'm a gay guy so, what the hell, but of course I didn't have feelings for him) because she said that she saw me a little sad and shit. I'm aro and the fact that people think having a romantic partner will suddenly make you happy produces an odd feeling in my stomach, why? You can be perfectly happy without one, it's not a must.

yeah, agh it’s a weird mentality. a romantic relationship is not a cure for sadness.

i was tagged by my darling @befourjavadd to do this challenge. 

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Nickname:Tia (My full name is Anthea though) Tee
Zodiac sign: Aries 
Last Thing You Googled: um i think i pulled up the thesaurus 
Favourite music artist: Zayn, The cab, The velvet underground, i’m quite indie other then Z
Song stuck in my head: pretty much the entire mamma mia soundtrack right now 
Last Movie you watched: mamma mia  
What are you wearing right now: pajama pants and top
Why did you choose your URL:  Zayn’s pretty much been to hell and back but he keeps fighting back at everytime he’s an angel for that.
Do you have any other blogs:I’ve got about 12 url’s saved lol
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: Always trust your gut if you think something is wrong
Religious Or Spiritual: religious by birth but not as much lately tbh
Favourite Colour: pastel blue
Average Hours Of Sleep: I sleep too much y’all it’s embarrassing
Lucky Number :9
Favorite characters: ummm Nasir Spartacus, b’elena torres star trek voyager and poussey oitnb
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: like 4
Dream Job: Anywhere in the BBC, writing the news appeals to me 


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I think Arrow will without a doubt try to redeem BS and either before or after that have her "seduce Oliver". Not saying he will sleep with her but I just have this intense feelings that they will pursue flirtations between them to pander to comic fans. Even just "friendly" moments that they know those delusional fans will certainly misinterpret the hell out of. This is so disappointing.

Probably. KC is still so hung on that being a thing, she’s probably pitching it to them as we speak. 

Look, Oliver still loves and always will love Felicity so I don’t think he would sleep with BS. But considering he was so hellbent on finding a redeemable quality, yeah I could see them going that route. He’s still gonna resonate her with LL so he’s gonna try to reform her. Ugh.

Unless she turns out to be the Big Bad for next year… in which case WHAT THE FUCK are they thinking. Not all Arrow villains have been great character wise but all of the men playing them could at least act well. Even MANUchild was scary. How would they put the likes of Barrowman, Neal, and Josh next to her? We ask for a female Big Bad, and we get a basic bitch. 

Is that what they meant by “back to basics”? Back to basic ass bitches?