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Tell me why my mom out the the blue told me that she went asleep listening to Jay park djdjdjdjdj gurl I was soo shook (cuz you know Jay freaky as hell sometimes ) . I'm over here like what songs did she listen to by him last night!!😂😂😂😂💀💀plus she told me she was watching vids like " do korean guys like black girls" I fucking diedddd she was telling me about the vid with bambam and the 2 girls lol all i could do was laugh 😂😭😭😭


You’re Kidding

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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “You got drunk and bought a boat.“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @soivebuiltupaworldofmagic

“Omg…what the hell happened last night?!” Dean groans.

“Do you want the good news or the bad news?” You ask trying not to laugh.

“The bad news…”

You got drunk and bought a boat.

“What…” Dean says like he didn’t hear you correctly.

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Puppy Love

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Jungkook x Reader

Fantasy AU (I guess? well some supernatural thing, like metamorphosis and probably some mate AU going on idk)

Genere: (mainly) fluff –but maybe if I keep this going it will turn into something more who knows…

Word count: 3.801

part 2

Crappy English alert!

-It happened on a rainy day-

As usually you are walking home from University, late in the afternoon. And of course you don’t have an umbrella. So typical. Well it was sunny that morning when you left your tiny little flat in the outskirts of Seoul and, even thought you had been living for almost a year in Korea, you still can’t understand how the weather can change so damn fast in this city. So there you are soaked from head to toe sitting under a bus shelter, waiting for the storm to calm down a bit. Looking at the sky, contemplating life and why god have decided to pick on you, that’s when a quiet whine grabs you attention. Shifting your gaze from the angry sky to the road in front of you notice a little puppy running desperately towards you. With wide eyes you watch as it crosses the empty road and stops a couple of meters from you. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life; all white with an adorable face and big watery eyes. Hesitantly it takes tiny steps under the bus shelter and you can’t help but stare at him totally fascinated. His fur is wet but you can tell it is actually really fluffy. You look around to see if its owner is coming to get it but there is only the two of you there. Titling your head to the side you watch the little puppy shivering under the bench and your heart clenches. Cautiously you  bent down and  stretch your hand out hesitantly, afraid it would inevitably run away. To your surprise it doesn’t get scared. Quite the contrary, it carefully smells your hand and then proceeds to rub his head against it. After a moment he begins to wag its tail in satisfaction.

“Waa you are so cute~ ” you can’t help but giggle at his cute reactions.

The puppy isn’t wearing any dog collar. You assume it is probably a stray dog, even though it looks so healthy and neat and is way too friendly to be one. Trying to be as gentle as possible you carefully lift that little fluffy puppy and place it onto your lap. He happily barks and snuggles there as you pat it gently. You have never seen a dog being so comfortable with a stranger but honestly you have had an awful day and that adorable puppy is the only thing that could make you smile.

“Nice to meet you cutie I’m y/n! 아이구I wish I could take you home with me~ ” you sigh.

Having a dog has always been a dream of yours, especially because you are living alone and sometimes you feel terribly lonely. The only problem is that you can’t really take care of one since you are out most of the time during the day.

In  no time the rain stops completely. It is already pretty late and you know you have to head home to do your homework –and the laundry-. You heart aches a bit as you put the dog on the ground and wave at him with a pout.

“Thank you for your company little buddy, I hope to see you around”

The puppy looks at you with its gentle eyes and you swear you can see the sadness in them. So without turning around you head straight home, knowing that if you ever look back  you wouldn’t be able to leave that fluffy ball of cuteness there alone.

This is the best thing to do! You can barely take care of yourself and you can’t afford a puppy you tell yourself. As you arrive at your front door you start to look for the keys – that are as always lost in all the garbage in your bag – But as soon as  you open the door a quite whine make you turn around. And there it is. That little fluffy ball have followed without you noticing it.  

“what… how…” you don’t even get to finish your sentence that the puppy quickly  sneaks into your flat, leaving you speechless at the door. A bit confused you walk inside trying to figure out why and how it managed to follow you so quietly. The puppy has already made itself at home, comfortably lying on your carpet in front of the couch. You stare at it with a frown on your face but you can’t help to smile.

“어떻게? What do I do with you?” It glanced back at you rolling on its back and barking happily and your heart melts right away. It is already dark outside and the weather is still awful. There is no way you would let such an adorable creature outside in the cold.

“Umph… ok” you sigh resting your hands on your hips “you can stay for the night and tomorrow I will see what to do with you” You pet it as it whined cutely. “Tomorrow I’ll take it to a kennel and ask for advice…” you decide.  

The little ball of cuteness –who thanks to the almighty power of the internet you discover is a jindo dog- decides to follow you around all evening. While you are cooking, washing dishes and even as your take a shower and prepare to go to bed he is always near you watching you closely with its lovely huge eyes. You are not even surprised when it jumps on your bed to sleep beside you.

“ Well, I guess you can do this… but don’t you dare doing your business on my sheets!” you warned it with a frown on your face. The puppy gazed at you languidly and you can’t resist to pull it closer and pat it gently “How can I threaten you if you are so sweet? “ you ask softly. He snuggle close to you brushing its nose against yours making you giggle.

“Ok good night cutie” And like that under the warm heat of your bed sheets you both fell asleep.

You realize that having a puppy to take care of is not easy at all; you have asked your neighbour –a cheerful nosy old lady- to take care of it while you are at the Uni and you try to take him outside as much as possible. You have decided to call him Kookie; at the kennel they told you it was a male and since it was a stray dog you decided to adopt him. Having someone greeting you whenever you come home is so nice; you feel less lonely and you have grown attached to that fluffy ball of cuteness.

-It was all going well until one spring-like morning when everything changed -  

The light is barely entering through the curtains of the window in your bedroom when the abnoxious sound of your alarm goes off. It takes you a few minutes to stop your alarm and fully accept the fact that you have to wake up. You got a big project coming up today with a fellow classmate and you know you gotta be at the Uni as soon as possible. But you can’t avoide the fact that there is something bothering you . You feel weirdly cramped and a bit aching  as if you don’t have enough space to breath. As you start to stir and move around when suddenly your arm hit something. Something soft and smooth. Your eyes shoot open and when you turn around you can’t believe what you are looking at.

What. The. Hell. How did that end up there?

Lying peacefully on your bed is a guy. In the flesh. It takes a minute to your sleepy brain to process what exactly is happening. And then you do exactly what your rational mind tells you to do; you jump out of the bed and start screaming like a psycho.


You can’t believe your eyes. The guy’ eyes slowly flutter open. Waking up from his quiet slumber he yawns and start to stretch his arms. Your eyes fell on the muscle of his arms and toned chest. Damn he is shirtless.  He tilts his head to the side exposing his well defined jaw and milky neck. You gulp unintentionally but can’t help staring.

“Good morning” he sends a smile your way his eyes cringing happily at you. His voice is a bit husky sending shivers down your spine. You lightly slapped your cheeks to regain your senses.

“GOOD MORNING MY ASS! You… how… what??!” you babble nonsensically. Your heart begins to beat faster as fear takes over. In that state of confusion you quickly run for the bathroom as you hear the guy saying “where are you going?”

You slam the door shut, lock it and sit against it. Your heart is beating uncontrollably you breath comes out erratically Who the hell is that guy? When did he get in? Didn’t I lock  the door last night? Does he have bad intentions? OMG he is going to rape me, kill me and put me in a plastic bag. And I locked myself in the bathroom. And left my phone in the bedroom. I’m such a smartass! You lean your head against the door and close your eyes… What can I do, someone help me, what can I do…

”Hey” a soft voice behind the door snaps you out of your thoughts.

“Are you ok in there?” The guy was just behind the door, but weirdly enough he doesn’t even try to open it. “Y/N” he calls you softly. You blush unintentionally as and your eyes double their size  How the hell does he know my name?

Y/N it’s me” Oh well that was quite self explanatory. You gather some courage and try to control your trembling voice  

“Me who?”

You hear him sigh from behind the door “Listen y/n, I know it’s hard to believe but… you know the I’m the stray puppy you brought home? I’m Kookie. Oh well, I’m not a dog anymore but if you open up maybe I can explain myself, please?”  he nearly whines.  

Is. He. Serious? What is he saying? You can’t believe what you’ve just heard.  

“Ok,  are you serious? Couse this is like the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life so don’t make up extravagant stories and tell me who the hell you are!!”  

You can’t take it anymore. What does he want from me? Why is he saying those weird things?

“Believe me! Y/n please open up so we can talk! I’m not gonna hurt you” he almost begs you. His voice sound so pitful you almost give in “Listen, can you hear  your puppy barking? I’m sure that if there was a stranger in your room he wouldn’t be quite right?”

Well he got a point there. But then an awful thought pops up in your mind “Oh no, did you hurt my Kookie?  Oh god I swear I kill you if you have touched it!!” you scream hysterically. You look around the bathroom to find a weapon the toilet brush? Nah how are you suppose to confront a guy twice your size?

“No No!! What did you understand!! It’s gone because I was that dog. Please let me explain, open up.”

Ok know you are sure he is totally out of his mind. But weirdly you don’t feel in danger. There was no trace of threaten in his words, no angst in his voice. You try to focus on the situation and analyze it; you alone, locked up in your own bathroom, with no phone and he doesn’t seem to be prone to leave. You just can’t hide forever. So you take the only option left and grab the doorknob with trembling hands. And there he is. Standing right in front of you is a guy, a young boy with genuine warm eyes and messy brown hair. As his gaze meets yours and his face light up immediately. Your muscles relaxed a bit seeing that he doesn’t seem to intend any harm. But then you notice something missing: his clothes. By instinct you shut the door again blushing furiously.

“YA you pervert! Are you kidding me? Put some freakin’ clothes on!!!” you are probably as red as a tomato because you can feel your face burning.

“Uhm? What? I don’t have any,…” you heard him mumbling. He sounds confused and baffled.  

“Well then grab my sheets or a blanket!! I’m not coming out if you don’t cover up!” Is he stupid? What the hell is he thinking? You hear him walk away and then his footsteps coming back.

“Ok ok come out now!” he says cheerfully. Cautiously you slowly opened the door to creep outside and face him again. He is standing there smiling like a fool wrapped up in your white bed sheets.  

“Ok let’s g-go sit down” you murmur passing past him.

As you approach the small low table, in the centre of your living room, he strolls behind you like a lost puppy and then settle right next to you. You took a moment to finally look at him. He has wrapped himself in your sheets but you can tell that he has a well-built body. He is quite tall with fair skin. Messy brown hair frame his face which looks so young and innocent it makes your heart cringe. But it is his eyes that capture your attention the most: they are chocolate brown, dark with and hint of honey, naïve but playful. Just like your Kookie’s eyes. He is undeniably attractive. He has the innocent image with the right amount of playfulness and mischievousness in his eyes that would have make you fallen head over heels for him under normal circumstances.

“Did you take a good look?” his comment makes you come back to the reality. You clear your throat embarrassed to have been caught.  

“Well you don’t seem dangerous” you say sheepishly

“That’s what I’ve been telling you all along.” He says giggling like a 5 years old and showing off his incredibly adorable bunny smile.

“So… how did you broke into my apartment?”you ask still suspicious if the beautiful stranger.

“I didn’t break in!” he replies in whining tone “You let me in! That night, like two months ago!”

Oh so he is sticking to that version.

“Hey listen, I’m not a fool and your story is pretty ridiculous. Tell me the truth and I won’t report you”

He sighs swinging his head in desolation “Why don’t you believe me? I am, well, I was a dog until yesterday night. It’s not a fantasy story, for me it’s natural. I was born like this and I was meant to turn human sooner or later”

You take a minute to think about it. His story is just too extravagant to be true; you are not in a movie. This is real life. Your little puppy is nowhere to be seen and the even though boys eyes undeniably reminds you of him you just can’t believe his ramblings. What the hell is going on?

“Let’s say I believe you….when, why did this happened?” you want a clear answer and you want it now.

“I understand you deserve an explanation, but like I told you this transformation was meant to happen. I really don’t know why it happened last night… it’s something out of my control.” He mumbles quietly gripping the sheets tightly.

“So you are asking me to believe you even if you don’t have any proof and you can’t explain me clearly what happened”

“I… no… well…” he stutters. He opens and closes his mouth a couple of times like a fish out of water “ I told you all I know” he says in the end.

“Fine, prove it”


“Prove it. If you switched from dog to human yesterday you can switch back now right?” you state simply. There is no way you are going to believe such a ridicules story without seeing it with your eyes.

“W-well I have never tried, but I guess it could work” he says. He sits there quiet for a while, eyebrows furrowing in concentration.

“Come on I don’t have all day”

“SHHH” he spits out jaw clenching tight and eyes fixed on his laps

You are watching him intently when it happens. You hold your breath eyes growing wide as you watch his entire body shrinking and disappear inbetween the sheets. To your amazement a second later the tiny jindo dog you let in that night two months before is now in front of you again. You just can’t believe your eyes. Are you going crazy? How can that even be real? But the puppy is there, looking at you silently and wailing his tail happily.

“Switch back” your voice comes out in a trembling whisper. The puppy barked loudly and then again you watch as the little dog begins to transform and grow until he is a human form once again.

“Woah that was cool!” says the boy holding up a hand and looking at it curiously securing the sheets around his body. You really want to say something, but your mind is turning upside down and your stomach is doing the cartwheel. It is all too absurd you feel sick. Why is this happening at you?  

“Y/N” he calls you “say something please” he stares at you with his clear eyes filled with worry. It is amazing how just his stare can make you feel so weak. You grab your face in your hands blinking several times trying to find a logical explanation to the whole situation. But the solution was easy; there is no explanation. It is just like that.

“ I… What I’m I supposed to do now?” you finally let out in a whisper.

“Well” he begins scratching his nose cutely  “I’m a stray dog and you were so kind to let me into your house…. Do you think you can let me stay a bit longer?” he asked smiling brightly.

What? What the hell is he saying now? he doesn’t have no shame at all!  

“Just let me stay until I understand why this happened and what I can do from now on. I’ve been a dog most of my life I just don’t know how the human world works. I can just stay in a dog form if it makes you feel more comfortable!” He adds happily.

Unbelievable. The situation is getting way crazier that you expected. But what can you do? You saw that transformation happening right in front of your own eyes. It was unbelievably real.

Ok this is absurd should I just kick him out? Oh no I don’t have the courage… I mean what can he do out there alone? He looks pretty naive and innocent all smiley there like an idiot… what to do what to do what to do…

“You can stay” you can’t believe your own words “You can stay here for a bit until you find another place and understand what to do in your life. But this is not a free house; we need to set some rules and you need to get a grip of yourself”  

“Waaa thank you!” he exclaims and suddenly literally jumps on you and hugs you tightly, the sheets slightly falling in the process reviling his milky white collarbone and toned chest. You where caged by a pair of strong arm and  the contact with his warm skin makes you more bothered that you care to admit.

“YA let me go!” you say blushing furiously. He slowly lets you go but keeps looking at you curiously. The faint innocence in his beautiful round eyes makes you wanna squeeze his puffy cheeks and punch him at the same time.

“Isn’t that something humans often do when they are happy?” he says tilting his head to the side a small pout forming on his rosy lips.

“Well that’s true.. but… Aish why do I need to  explain you such a thing!?” You grow every second more and more frustrated as you already regret your choice to let him stay.

“Ok I’ll tell you another time; anyway first of all we need to find you some clothes”

You get up trying to create some distance from him, Kookie –ok that sounds hella weird - but he keeps following you around the flat. Searching through your closet you find a tank top and a pair of sweatpants (probably your brother’s, who left them there the last time he came to visit you) 

“You can put this on for now” You then look at him doubtfully “You can do it on your own right?”

You were not expecting the mischievous smirk that appears on his face “Well I have been observing humans all my life and I saw you changing quite a few times in front of me… I think I know what goes where”

You cheeks turned bright pink and your eyes grow  twice their size. How many times he is going to make you blush like this?

Ignoring his comment you avoid his eyes. Damn this boy sure is trouble. Suddenly you direct your glance to the clock and swear under your breath.

“Shit I have class in like fifteen minutes” Hyerim, your friends and project partner is sure going to kill you if you miss today classes. You have to give a presentation with her and you promised to stay with her to work on your next research together. You just can’t mess it all up because a stupid dog decided it was a good idea to turn into an hot guy and be all smiley and cheerful while lying on your living room’ floor with no clothes on, right?

“Do you think you can stay here alone?”

“Yep no problem” he happily replies. You can almost imagine him wagging its tail excitingly but you decided to push the thought aside to preserve your mental health.

“If you are hungry just search for food in the kitchen” you add running a hand through your hair. Honestly you are hella worried to leave that guy alone in your flat but  there was no other way. You look at his with a troubled expression, still too overwhelmed by the whole situation. WTF why did I end up in a freakin fantasy movie? Why? Seeing your confused state Kookie tilts his head to the side trying to look for some comforting words. For some reason he wants you to believe and trust him. He needs you to trust him.

“Don’t worry” he says moving way to much close to your face to your liking. “I’ll be here waiting for you” he whispers smiling cutely eyes twinkling. He then takes a step further winking at you again making your cheeks a bit redder your mind a bit fuzzier and you heart a bit warmer.

Damn I am so  screwed

A.N. So yeah here is a thing I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s something cute and fluffy because I’ve been in a shitty period of my life for too much and I just need something to comfort myself with. Also I’ve always loved supernatural stuff… so yeah I hope you liked it and as always please leave a comment or just start a random chat with me!

If you have been wondering this is what a Korean Jindo dog looks like

AND this is Kookie I see non difference

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P.S. Maybe part 2?


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Can you do a Calum Smut based on the song Drunk In Love ???

omg wow okay yes.

we woke up in the kitchen saying

How the did this shit happen? Oh baby, drunk in love

We be all night, last thing I remember is our

Beautiful bodies grinding up in that club, drunk in love

Y/N pov.

what the fuck. I think when I wake up on the kitchen counter. Looking to my side I saw my best friend Calum laying next to me. Naked.


I brought my hand to my forehead in distress. How the hell could I let this happen. I had just had sex with my best friend! While I was drunk!

I slowly got off the counter wincing as my feet hit the cold floor before walking over to the kettle to make some well needed coffee. Today was going to be a long day I could tell. 

While waiting for the kettle to boiled flash backs from last night swirled through my brain.

The music was pounding throughout the whole house. This was not my normal saturday night scene. My best friends Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton had dragged me to this party claiming that i was boring if I didn’t tag along. 

As soon as we got there the boys all left to go there seperate ways. 

I remember talking to a cute guy at the bar after drinking over 5 shots with him becoming a drunken mess quickly. The guy had just inched closer running his hand up my leg before Calum came stumbling over dragging me to the dance floor.

“Calum! what are you doing! I was about to pull” I said angrily.

“not infront of me you weren’t” he slurred

We danced for hours to every song that came on. Things were getting a little heated as I felt myself grinding my bum into Calum’s crotch.

“let’s get out of here” he whispered into my ear sending shivers downmy spine and a tingly sensation in the pit of my stomach.

“okay” I hesitantly replied.

At that moment we were too drunk to care that we could possible ruin our friendship.

We stumbled through the door to my flat making our way down the hall and into the kitchen, items of clothing were flying every where as if we were in a mad rush to have each other.

I remember he carefully placed me onto the kitchen counter running his hands up and down my legs edging closer to where I needed him the most. 

He hooked his fingers into my panties slowly pulling them down landing on the floor without a noise.

I could feel him kiss up my legs nipping at my inner thighs and nudging his head inbetween them. His breath fanned over my heat before he licked a line up my clit in a teasing manor.

“C-Calum s-stop it, I need you now” I demanded.

He stopped his actions climbing ontop of me. Looking into my eyes for permission. I nodded. With that he wasted no time easing slowly into me. 

He stopped for a minute asking if I was alright.

“Calum, move.” I moaned with pleasure as he rocked his hips into mine.

“god Y/N i’m not going to last long” He groaned.  

Thrusting hard a few more times before releasing he climbed off of me.

“t-that was amazing” I smiled drunkenly.

“yeah it was” He said before we both passed out from the alcohol and sex.

The kettle clicked bringing me out of my thoughts.

“shit” I heard from behind me

“Calum…” I said hesitantly.

“um… what the hell happened?” He asked rubbing his forehead.

“what does it look like?” I laughed nervously.

“oh my god” He laughed “did we… ” he asked motioning wih his hand between the two of us.

“I think so” I replied. 

It was silent for a minute before we both burst out laughing at our stupidity.

But what they didn’t know, was that both of them could remember clearly every moment that they shared last night. And they didn’t regret it one bit. 


The Signs As Dad Jokes

Aries : - Hey I was thinking of something…
Dad- I thought I smelled something burning
Taurus : A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer, the bartender says “Sorry but we don’t serve food here”
Gemini : Why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water? Because he was a “little horse”
Cancer : Hi hungry, I’m dad :D
Leo : What is Beethoven’s favourite food? A ba-na-na-naaaa
Virgo : Two men walk into a bar, the third one ducks
Libra : How do you tell if a frog is horny? Instead of saying “Ribbit” it says “Rub it”
Scorpio : How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it
Sagittarius : -Make me a sandwich
Dad- Poof you’re a sandwich
Capricorn : What time should you go to the dentist? At tooth-hurty
Aquarius : I had a dream I was a muffler last night, I woke up exhausted!
Pisces : 5/4 people admit that they’re bad at fractions