what the hell mel

So I realized something awesome.

You know how Mel says ‘what the hell are we waiting for’ referring to the bottle of Haig?

I think that’s an anology for their relationship. There was always ‘we can’t do this now’ and ‘there’s too many obstacles’, but Fitzsimmons are together despite the danger and they’ve been through so much together so she’s asking why they’ve put their work ahead of their feelings for so long, or waiting for a peaceful ending that won’t come. 

Essentially, that bottle is them being together. It’s their happy ending together, the thing they’ve been working towards all these years, that somehow was pushed to the wayside over deaths and tragedy and is finally attainable. They don’t have secrets between each other, neither of them are in a relationship of any kind, and they now have even more in common than ever before. They realized that they couldn’t live in a world without each other.

So what are they waiting for?

gif credit @kaneabigails

The amount of salt over our awesome spoilers delights me to no end. If you’re not threatened by our ship, why bother posting about it at all? Why try so hard to “define” what their relationship is? Hell, Gimple, Norman and Mel can’t even do that!

But you know what is really the best part of it all? Even if it turns out that Caryl never “goes there”, the amount of scenes and proof that we have that these two are EACH OTHERS PERSON is undeniable proof that they LOVE each other. They would literally die for one another.

If Daryl just happened to develop romantic feelings for someone else, if he had to choose between that person and Carol, who do you think he would pick? His “crush” or someone he loves more than anyone else in his world?

Caryl is clearly meant to have romantic vibes. It’s not a platonic brother-sister thing. But even if that’s all it was, the fact that Carol means more to Daryl (and vice versa) than anyone else is pretty fucking awesome. They don’t have to be uggin’ bumplies to prove that they are more than “just friends”.

Oh, the title “New Best Friends”? Literally nothing to do with Caryl. And you will see that on Sunday night. But in the meantime, please feel to continue lying to yourself if it helps you sleep at night.

🍸🍪🍿🍟 Here, enjoy a martini and some snacks to go with your extra salt.