what the hell kind of planet are you from

You know what I love about Sanderson’s writing? The sheer amount of WORK he puts into world building
Like other novels might have a map at the front or just use earth topography but he literally builds a setting literally from the ground up
He’ll write a hell of a story? And also design the climate, history and religions of a fucking planet while he’s at it??
It’s the kind of writing a fantasy author can only aspire to, tbh

(B)romance pt2! you/xiumin

a/n from the random sentence drabble promts earlier! it’s not a drabble and the prompt doesn’t show up until much later, but i kind of always wanted to write a second part to this thing, and i finally got to! thanks anon, i hope you like it here’s the original Bromance if you’ve never read it (you should read it first but you don’t have to 

pg-15 for mentions of sex, language

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You know what’s really crazy to think about

Minecraft is probably the weirdest post-apocalyptic/new world type of games. I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this but it’s hella weird that everyone just goes with it. like. you’re born or like wake up on this weird new planet and you’re alone. what’s the first thing you think to do? punch the god damn trees and get some wood. like this Steve guy obviously has some kind of education THAT WHO THE HELL EVEN KNOWS WHERE THE HELL HE GOT IT FROM BECAUSE ??????? but he just knows how to make a house??? tools????? but why question your existence, you need some god damn minerals. so you get your torches to survive the night and then things just start spawning?? ? ?!? ?!? okay alright, skeletons and zombies. skeletons and motherfucking zombies. that means people obviously died and have been brought back by hades himself to torment this one god damn dude. 

holy shit i just had another thought while writing this

what if Steve is like the god of the over world but he doesn’t know it cause he hit himself on the head or somethinG and LIKE THAT’S WHY HE WOKE UP ON THIS WEIRD WORLD  HE DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOLY SHIT and like the god of the underworld is summoning monsters to kill and take over the over world.

holy fuck i should stop making text posts at 3am