what the hell kind of planet are you from

But seriously tho, on the topic of temperatures we can survive and stuff, aliens would flip the heck out if they lived where i do.

I live in a part of southern Canada that gets so cold that being outside for more than 2 minutes means you have a good chance of getting frost bite.

My room has two outside walls, and is very well insulated. In the winter i get frost on the inside of my walls and i couldnt give two shits. I sleep with the exact same blankets i do in the summer.

Like you see all these things about Australia, or rainforests, or Florida, and how extreme they are.

But id like to see aliens take on a candian hosehead. They’re like red necks, but with more crazy stunts, more beer, and more guns. Like can you imagine???

Alien: ah yes a nice cool region this will do nicely for the invasian

Human: *careens off building on a ski doo towing another man on a toboggan, hollering about how he left his beer at the lodge*

Alien: well perhaps the local species are a bit strange, but mostly harmless! After all, this species of humans “can-ayy-dee-ins” are known throughout this planet as kind and docile, we shall have no difficu-SMACK- HOLY GILSNIP YOU HIT ME WITH A PEICE OF ICE YOU PRIES FROM THE LAKE AND NOW IM BLEEDING HOW DARE YOU FEEL MY WRATH

Humans: WEEEE HEEEHEHEEEEE you came to the wrong neighbour hood, bud!

Alien:…. my scans say you are heavily intoxicated. This shall be a easy fight

Human: *whistles loudly and gives a big toothy smile*


Humans: high fiving as they climb on their sleds and chase after their herd of buffalo because that will take a while but it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT DID YOU SEE THAT ALIENS FACE GET REKT

Thor: Ragnarok - Third Time Really Is The Charm

(As usual - Spoiler Warning)

Bless 👏 this 👏 cinematic 👏 masterpiece 👏 Honestly, this movie makes you root for Thor. I’m so happy this film is the one Marvel’s ending 2017 on, like, what a come back. The pacing, the score, the humor, the characters, the colors, the PLOT! Usually I avoid trailers like the plague because I feel like they give too much of the film away. And admittedly I only watched one or two of the Thor: Ragnarok trailers. But holy shit, those two trailers were the single greatest misdirect of Marvel cinematic history! I mean, the trailers made the movie look good, but the actual movie was EVEN BETTER!!!!!! WOW. Bravo trailer producers, way to do it right! 

Here are some of my favorite things about Thor: Ragnarok
• First of all, MURDER PUPPY!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE.

• Soundtrack on point, absolutely perfect!!!

• Hela’s hair!!!!!!! Goals.

• The fight choreography!!!!! Holy shit well done, way to get me so pumped up I can’t get to bed until 2 a.m.! Nice.

• The COLORS! I am IN LOVE with Marvel’s new MCU branding holy shit. All the neon is fueling my soul!

• Those camera angles! Real talk, that scene where we get Loki and Valkyrie walking up to the Grandmaster and the camera circles from behind them, through the floor, and then back up in front of them???? *fans self*

• The Grandmaster - what a character. Omg, he pulls you in. He’s that kind of dangerous charismatic where you know there’s something off about him, the planet, this whole situation. But man, is it easy to just forget about all that when the Grandmaster starts talking.

• They made Thor likeable, they made him relatable, they showed him mature?????? Like, in the span of 2.5 hours we watched Thor go from “douche-bag, my actions have no consequences, I do what I want” dudebro to “responsible, respectful, funny, I take responsibility for my actions and learn from them” dudebro???? HELL YES FINALLY. AND they didn’t give him his hammer back at the end because - guess what?? - he’s the Lord God of Thunder and he doesn’t fucking NEED it. Omg, he’s just raw POWER there by the end holy fuck.

• This movie listened to the fans and gave us what we deserve - good character development for EVERYONE. Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, the Executioner, Odin, Loki, Bruce got some development, heck - they even fleshed out Hela’s character without cornering her into the stereotypical “Woman Scorned” trope!

Now, hear me out on that. It looks at first glance like she is the “Woman Scorned,” and yes - she was scorned by Odin. But! Instead of her motivation being simply, “I was burned so now I will exact my revenge,” (cinematically setting her up to fail) she plays the long game. Hela waits. She waits because she knows Odin will die one day, and I don’t know if any of you noticed, but she didn’t waste any time thinking of a new revenge plot when she got back to Asgard.

She just picked right up where she left off before Odin banished her. His banishing her was a blip on her radar, it *didn’t phase her at all.* It was nothing to her. I mean, yeah she was pissed, who wouldn’t be? But she wasn’t pulling any of this shit to get revenge on the Asgardians. She wouldn’t have touched them if they had submitted to her rule. She was not there for revenge, she was there to finish what she started. To have Asgard be the ruling land of the entire universe, beyond the nine realms, with her on the throne.

AND SHE WAS WINNING!!!! Thor had to literally kick-start the Nordic apocalypse, the very thing he was initially trying to prevent, just to stop her! Like, my Death Wife is a force not to be reckoned with, she will beat your ass without a thought. And she loves Fenris, what a good mom 😍

• There was no happy, tied up with a bow ending!!!! I just said this, but I’m gonna say it again, they had to purposefully trigger Ragnarok and burn Asgard to the ground in order to defeat Hela. There was no magic “Get out of jail free” card to win here. Losing was their only option: either lose to Hela or lose to the start of Ragnarok. Consequences from actions in past movies were felt. Hard. That’s so rare to see in a superhero movie. I am here 👏 for 👏 it 👏

• Hi, yes. Could Hela please crush me? It would be an honor. Hela is a brutal fighter and I’m LIVING FOR IT. She held nothing back, she single-handedly took out the entire Asgardian army!!! Homegirl lived up to her title holy shit yessss. First, Wonder Woman, then Atomic Blonde, and now Thor: Ragnarok. 2017 is delivering the most bad ass women on the big screen!!

• Speaking of, CAN WE TALK ABOUT VALKYRIE???? Like, homegirl can get it. What a woman, I love her. She straight up annihilated that scavenger group while absolutely shitfaced. She has authority on this chaos-ridden planet, you can see it when she talks to the Grandmaster. He respects her! She’s good, and she knows it. Yes! Let women be proud of and flaunt their skills in combat!

   ° Thor wanted be a Valkyrie when he grew up, if that ain’t the cutest shit…..He has such respect and admiration for her, you can see it in the way he speaks about and acts toward her. Fanboy!Thor is pure.   

• No Romance!!!! Bless


• Omg the sibling dynamic was strong. We got to see some growth here between Thor and Loki, bless.

     ° Thor just throwing random shit at his brother to see if he’s actually physically there.
     ° ‎Loki turning himself into Thor’s favorite animal (a SNAKE btw) just so he could go “surprise!” and stab him.
     ° ‎Loki having MULTIPLE opportunities to ditch Thor and leave him and Asgard to burn yet coming back at the last second every single time to help his bro??? (With the ulterior motive of having the spotlight to himself, but come on!) 
     ° ‎Thor outsmarting Loki (CHARACTER GROWTH LOOK WHO’S NOT A STUPID JOCK) at every turn and knowing he can’t fully trust Loki but also knowing that Loki’s NEVER going to provide help unless he gets something out of it? And knowing how to *play* Loki right back. Knowing how to trick the trickster into helping by playing the dick older brother “You’re a trickster, you won’t help” card. He knows Loki’ll want to prove him wrong.  
      ‎° GET. HELP.
      ° ‎ExcuUse you Marvel. Where’s my bro hug?!?!?!?

• Bruce!!! My smol anxious green bean with 7 PhDs, I will protect you!

• Thor trying his best to help Bruce through a panic attack with his limited knowledge of Natasha’s lullaby.

• Canon proof that the Hulk isn’t some dumb rage machine! He’s smart, has a sense of humor, shows restraint, can string full sentences and thoughts together. Why would anyone expect otherwise? The guy lives in the head of BRUCE BANNER. What? You think he didn’t pick anything up? Geeezeee.

• The new brotp is Hulk and Valkyrie, I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

• Fuck Strange. He didn’t need to be there. The shoehorning was real. Ughhh.

• R.I.P. Tony’s pants 

Thor: Ragnarok a.k.a. my longest “Yeah Boi” ever. 
10/10, Marvel’s getting it’s MCU groove back. This movie reminded me so much of the “Thor: God of Thunder” comics by Aaron and Ribic. It’s so good and it’s so unforgiving. Ugh! I want more!!!! The critics got it right, you guys. This movie is so good. 

You deserve some good in your life, so go see Thor: Ragnarok. You will leave a happy bean and feeling like you can conquer any obstacle in your life.

The Internet [Wally West x Reader]

@pinkwitch21 requested: “May i request wally w/ an alien s/o, and him teaching them human customs, please and thank you.″


Pairing: Wally West x Reader

Warnings: This is badly written 

Word Count: 670



You stared with wide eyes at all the humans roaming around the streets of the large city you were in. You were shocked by how many there were, you hoped they were kind people. The humans you met when you first crashed onto this peculiar planet wasn’t very kind.

Your eyes lightened up when you saw some items displayed behind the glass. They seemed to be clothing, similar to the ones you were wearing, but they were unlike anything on your planet. On your planet, you wore uniforms made of a material only found on your planet, but the clothing on this planet seemed to be made of different materials. It felt new and strange, but quite nice.

“Do you want one?” you heard your guide ask. You turned to look at the boy behind you before shaking your head. You didn’t want to trouble the kind humans that were helping you, especially the boy who was showing you the customs of the planet.

“I’m fine.” you spoke, the words feeling foreign from your tongue. You had quickly adapted and learned their language in merely a week but speaking this new language still felt a little strange. “I don’t want to trouble you.”

“Nonsense.” the boy, Wally West, waved his hand to dismiss your worry. “I’m supposed to be looking after you.”

You frowned. “Doesn’t that mean… keeping me from harm?”

“Of a sort, but I also have to keep you happy, and if buying clothes make you happy…. Well, what the hell?” Wally explained, smiling kindly.

“What the… hell?” you repeated slowly, “what expression is that?”

“Er…. nevermind.”

The two of you continued exploring the city, and as you moved past countless people you thought about your situation.

You had crash landed onto this foreign planet called Earth while escaping from space hunters of some kind, and you thought the planet was uninhabited but apparently it wasn’t. You were immediately captured by strange people and taken captive, before a group of heroes rescued you. Now, one of them was teaching you the customs of the planet.

You thought Wally West was an intriguing human. He told you that he had super powers, the power of speed which you found absolutely fascinating. Apparently that was abnormal, as normal human moved slowly, but there were those who were extra special and had powers.

Eventually, Wally grew hungry so you two stopped at a diner. Apparently, he had quite the appetite, so he ordered practically everything on the menu while you chose nothing, for all the food seemed foreign to you.

“Why aren’t you eating?” he asked you with his mouth full, making you giggle slightly.

“What is edible here?” you questioned, staring at all the food in front of you. They smelt quite nice. Wally grinned and pushed a plate in front of you with an assortment of different circular food stacked on top of each other.

“It’s called a burger.” said Wally, “try it! It’s good.”

You nodded and picked up the top piece, taking a bite out of it. “It tastes… plain.”

“Not like that!” Wally cried, “oh my god, it’s like a crime to eat a burger like that.”


“You eat it all together.” Wally instructed, picking up his ‘burger’, with all the pieces at once, and taking a bite out of it. “See?”

You nodded and put all the pieces together between your fingers before taking a huge bite of the food. As soon as you tasted the flavors, you wanted to melt right there. You swallowed it and said, “it’s delicious!”

“You know, you’re supposed to be teaching her how to behave like a human, not feeding her.” you turned and saw the man whom you knew as ‘Barry’.

“Hey, she’s got the human thing down already!” Wally protested.

“Really?” Barry turned to you. “[F/N], what is the Internet?”

“The…. Internet?” you frowned. “I am unfamiliar with that word. What is it?”

“… out of all the things you didn’t tell her about, it’s the Internet.”

You know what I love about Sanderson’s writing? The sheer amount of WORK he puts into world building
Like other novels might have a map at the front or just use earth topography but he literally builds a setting literally from the ground up
He’ll write a hell of a story? And also design the climate, history and religions of a fucking planet while he’s at it??
It’s the kind of writing a fantasy author can only aspire to, tbh

anonymous asked:

“hey so i kind of made this deal to save you and you just need to let me go and let me do this i promised you i wouldn’t let you get hurt i intend to keep that promise now let me go” “where are you going” “i gave myself over to our enemy” au w/Jim

The force with which you are thrown back into the strange cell sends you stumbling against the floor, and you grunt at the impact.

“Say your goodbyes, Captain,” the guard spits in it’s strange, garbled voice, kicking the bottom of your boot roughly. “You will not see your crew again.”

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EXO getting drunk (reaction)

Baekhyun: *starts grinding on everything that moves and doesn’t move*

Baekhyun: *gives you a suggestive eyebrow* “come on babe let me show you what I can do”

*you refuse*

Baekhyun: *whispers in your ear “ah kkaebsong” every 5 seconds until you start hitting him*


Chanyeol: *starts laughing at everything whether it’s funny or not he just can’t stop laughing*

Chanyeol:*climbs on the bar and starts singing and shouting but he goes too hard and falls down* *still can’t stop laughing*

Chen:*drags you to the karaoke machine and unleashes the chensing machine*

Chen: *yells at the top of his lungs* “FREE LAP DANCES, FREE LAP DANCES*

D.O: *becomes squishy and social Kyungsoo* 

You:*drag him to the dance floor*

D.O:*starts dancing with you while occasionally randomly screaming and smiling*

Luhan: *becomes the loud douche bag that hits on girls when you’re not looking*

Luhan: *wakes up at 5 am not knowing where he is or what happened, he sees someone beside him in bed thinking it’s you,he cuddles them*

Xiumin: “Luhan please I need to rest from yesterday”

Luhan: “WHAT THE FUCK” *confused as hell but also kind of enjoying it on the inside*

Kris:*thinks he’s the coolest guy in the bar and his ego rises, he starts dancing awkwardly thinking he’s slaying but he’s actually failing*


Kris: “fine but just remember you said that and don’t go crying to me when you’re not invited to the my new planet”

Suho: *just becomes an awkward dad figure. starts dancing and embarrassing you. tells awkward stories about you to strangers and when they get bored he tries to buy them off by buying drinks for the entire bar*

Sehun: *becomes a total diva and answers everything with a comeback that burns, and doesn’t stop laughing the entire night from his own jokes*

Lay: *dazes out completely, every couple minutes you hear a small giggle come out of him but other than that he stays about the same*

Tao: *there are literally no limits to how much he’s gonna slay, he’ll instantly get a confidence boast and start dancing, shading people, and hitting on 20 girls at the same time*

Xiumin: *it will take him a few too many drinks to actually start acting drunk but when he will, he’ll act a bit more open and horny but he’d only let you know of that. whispering in your ear and teasing you. you’ll probably end up at a strip club by the end of the night*

Xiumin: *starts touching his coat* “ugh something is bothering me…..oh wait no it’s just my clothes” *strips open his coat*  “Oops

Kai: *becomes full time Jongin. can’t stop saying cheesy pick up lines and bursting out in laughter before you can even react*

Kai: “KRONG” ft.Sehun


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Request: Could you do a bone x reader where the reader is diabetic? thanks! @spnstarships

A/N: I firmly believe that by the 2200′s there will be a cure for diabetes, but that might be my optimism and slight lack of knowledge on the subject talking. 

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Karamel Appreciation Day - As per the twitter fam :)

1. What moment did you start shipping?

Gif @karamelmondaes

I just knew this very moment that it was going to be a ‘star crossed, we come from enemy planets that hate each other but our love will conquer all prejudice’ kind of an epic ship and did it deliver? Hell yeah it did! More than anything I could expect, never been this well fed as a shipper.

2. What’s your favourite Karamel scene?

Originally posted by itsalejarv

My shipper heart exploded into pieces after this scene that I’ve watched atleast a hundred times and my life hasn’t been the same since.

3. What’s your favourite Karamel line?

Gif @karamelmondaes

And you were leaning over me. And you must have been sad or something because your eyes were insanely blue. I mean, they always are. But they were like comets.

4. What do you love most about Karamel?

They are made for each other in every single way Mon-el for Kara Zor-El the star crossed alien puppy refugees on Earth, Mike Matthews for Kara Danvers with their shenanigans, Valor in Superhero Kindergarten for his mentor Supergirl, Chris Wood for Melissa Benoist and most of all, Drift for Farley, even their dogs! It’s one of those rare ships where both the characters are adorkable puppies made for each other, the actors have insane chemistry and the writers love feeding the ship with a truckload of karamelized fluff with just a hint of short lived angst. I don’t even know how they are surviving hiatus after that angsty cliffhanger. Also the actors are dating in real life! It’s the ship of dreams…

5. What scene did you cry the most at?

Gif @karamelmondaes

6. What scene did you laugh the most at?

Gif @karamelmondaes

It’s impossible to pick one, but ‘We are madly monotheistic’ is my favourite funny line and 2x05 was was the episode that made me laugh the most :D

7. What’s their most underrated moment?

Gif @super-karamel-lover

There were countless times Mon-el had expressed his feelings for Kara, this was the first moment we witnessed her vulnerability and weakness for him. Until this point, she had given him a hard time about putting following his instinct to protect her instead of listening to her. This was the first time she was in the position of letting him walk alone into dangerous territory and she followed him. This will forever be that rare underrated moment that I needed ever since Karamel became canon, I needed to actually see her walls come down and witness her feelings for him. 

8. What’s your favourite Karamel fanvideo?

This just makes me dopey grin butterflies in my stomach happy...

9. What’s your favourite fanart?

I got this on the group chat and this has been my phone wallpaper for ages and after a lot of research I found out that this too was made by @karamelmondaes

10. What’s your favourite gif?

I just love this @karamelcoveredolicity made for my Daxam AU request. I really needed these two in attire of their people!

The signs as aliens
  • Aries: my antennas are tingling and they're tellin me that u need to pipe the fuck down <3
  • Gemini: HEATHER DONT HIT THOSE UFO STROBE LIGHTS DONT DO IT HEATHER I SWEAR TO GOD--well. u've done it now heather. now the humans will think we're having a rave on mars gREAT FUCKIN JOB M8
  • Cancer: *meets human and blushes a pukey shade of green* fUCK *retreats into UFO and blows up earth just to be safe*
  • Virgo: what do you mean we cant eat the potatoes?? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THATS NOT A POTATO??? EARTH BABIES ARE UGLY AF EW
  • Libra: *slithers out of old skin* i think i wanna be shakira today
  • Sagittarius: *is on the phone* nahhh i cant do lunch today, i got an abduction to do and...GURL DONT TELL ANYONE BUT ITS BEYONCÉ IM GONNA ABDUCT QUEEN BEY LIKE WTF...no i haven't heard of blue ivy what the fuck kind of disease is that
  • Capricorn: how the hell did donald trump escape from Planet Doodoohead? ahhh i see his skin is beginning to shed. should reveal the green lizard that lies beneath soon enough :)
  • Aquarius: *is singing non stop* beep beep boop boop im gonna watch ur cute puppies poop *discovers what wifi is* DEVIL DEVIL DEVIL, 666, IM GONNA WATCH SOME NETFLIX
  • Pisces: well heather its not about who probed who first its about wHO DID IT BETTER AYEEEEEE
(B)romance pt2! you/xiumin

a/n from the random sentence drabble promts earlier! it’s not a drabble and the prompt doesn’t show up until much later, but i kind of always wanted to write a second part to this thing, and i finally got to! thanks anon, i hope you like it here’s the original Bromance if you’ve never read it (you should read it first but you don’t have to 

pg-15 for mentions of sex, language

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It was hard to believe it that after almost all these years, the one that was supposedly the Prince of their kind (Well, half of himself) was still actively trying to make his and his father’s life such a living hell. No matter what kindness that was shown, even something as insanely difficult as sparing his life, or saving him from danger, Gohan found that nothing was getting past that pride. Gohan was almost fed up with this disrespect, and he had marched himself to where the Prince had landed for another visit of their planet. Of course mayhem was already happening, and this world was never going to see any peace for long.

   “Haven’t you learned enough, yet?! How many times do you have to nearly 
    get yourself killed, in order for you to understand it? Can’t you just
    cease with all this?? Frieza has no hold over you, anymore.
    You don’t have to be this way. Father saw it! I don’t know what,
    but he saw something in you that was enough to not kill you.”

| @pridefulsaiyan |

anonymous asked:

do you have any headcanons about alfor and allura?


  • Alfor was a good king and he was dedicated to his people but in the days before Zarkon became Extra As Hell some cabinet meetings were so… Unbelievably… Boring. Because, y’know, with politics comes a lot of posturing. 
    • Anyway Allura always had an Uncanny™ ability to sense when Alfor was feeling bored af. As a child she would always burst into the cabinet meeting, nannies nervously squawking behind her, covered in dirt and clenching a messy bouquet of flowers in her victorious grip.
    • And well… It was an adorable sight, alright? Allura always made a beeline for her father and climbed into his lap, her dirty dress be damned. “These are for you, your majesty,” she would graciously say, thrusting the slightly bedraggled flowers into her father’s face. 
    • Alfor always solemnly accepted this gift and thanked her in his most Official tone until Allura broke down into giggles. Then they both started smiling and hugging each other.
  • I mean we saw in Allura’s flashbacks during episode nine just how close she and her dad were… They had an amazing relationship. The death of Allura’s mother only brought them even more together.
  • Allura was definitely a daddy’s girl lmfao
  • Itty bitty baby Allura knew her dad was an important man and that he was king but she also was like um………. Pay attention to me lol. She always insisted on tagging along or spending as much time as possible with her dad and well. Look at that face! How could Alfor deny her?
    • Incidentally, because Allura was constantly present during Alfor’s official royal duties she picked up on things like diplomacy FAST. For most royal Alteans their education is spread out over the years since they live so long, but Allura was exposed to everything within her first fifty Altean years or so.
    • Which, in hindsight, turned out to be excellent because Zarkon declaring war on Altea definitely took precedence over Allura’s lessons when she was older. There wasn’t really a time for Allura to learn from her father when they were busy fighting for, and losing, their planet.
    • Allura really is a fire-forged Princess… Diamonds form under intense pressure and heat. They’re beautiful, and resistant to damage, and Alfor isn’t a hateful man but he will never forgive Zarkon (or himself) for stealing his daughter’s childhood.
  • Anyway. Allura was clingy as a little kid but once she hit her preteens she hit her preteens. Like, with the force of an exploding and on fire bullet. She was still respectful and kind, she didn’t suddenly become a bratty princess, but what she did become was independent as hell. On a deeper level she knew she wasn’t really ready to have any responsibility for her kingdom, but at the same time she still wanted to prove herself. But obviously you can’t let someone with the physical body of a twelve- or thirteen-year-old rule an entire planet so…
    • Alfor basically had Coran whip up The Most Intense Training Session Ever. Don’t get me wrong, Allura (and Alteans in general) were pretty much trained in combat from the moment they could walk and hold a weapon. But now Allura was pretty much made an honorary Paladin; she was present for most of their training sessions and learned at the feet of legends. 
    • That’s why she’s so like… Slightly disillusioned with the current Paladins, because she knows what a truly cohesive Voltron team looks like. But then again, she only ever knew Voltron at its strongest (and, after Zarkon’s betrayal- it’s weakest) so she’s a liiiiittle biased.
  • Not really Alfor and Allura specifically related but- You know how in the training episode Allura mocks the team for being beaten by a training bot an Altean child could defeat? Welllll she was stretching the truth by just a touch. An average Altean child would also have some trouble going against a training bot at that level, especially if it was their first time.
    • But baby Allura was not the average Altean child.
The Great Debate

Submitted by: http://hell-if-i-know13.tumblr.com/

We’d always feared that this day would come. But a couple of months ago, it came true. That was when our scientist first spotted the space ship. At first we weren’t sure if it was heading toward us, but today we definitely know that it is. Everybody is at their wits’ ends on what we should do. Some say, ‘shoot it down before it gets here. What if they are bad and want to harm us?’, while others say, 'let them come and see what they want. Maybe they want to help and show us new technology that could make our lives better.’

Since we’re a civilized culture, we took a world-wide vote, and it was decided to let them land, and to hopefully make peace with these aliens and learn from each other. 

The ship would arrive in a couple of days. Most of us got ready to welcome the aliens. The thought was that they wouldn’t travel this far to start a war and we clearly would have them out-numbered. However, the others that had believed that the were dangerous were preparing for the worse. Now, it was only hours until they arrived and that’s when it all started. 

Their ship broke off into smaller-looking ships and spread all over our planet. And that’s when the reports came in- that they weren’t other ships but were atomic bombs instead. 

The big ship was just minutes away from landing. We weren’t prepared for this and couldn’t protect ourselves fast enough. 

It was already here. 

The ground shook as it landed. The door opened immediately and what looked like soldiers came running out and started shooting anyone that looked like they were going to attack them. 

I got on my knees with my hands behind my head and hoped they knew what that meant. One of their soldiers came over and restrained me. 

I asked, 'why are you doing this? Why did you bomb those other countries and not us?’

'It’s simple’, he said, 'We bombed the others because it was the easiest way to kill most of them. The ones that have not died will soon die from the radiation. By the time we can get all of our kind here, it will be safe for them to live there. In the meantime we can take over this part of your planet, and set up colonies for the others that will be arriving. If you haven’t figured it out by now why we are here, it’s because we are taking over your planet. Ours is almost dead and luckily for us, we found your planet which is very similar to ours. Also, we have learned our lesson. We won’t treat this planet like ours.' 

I asked, 'Why can’t we just live together?' 

The soldier responded, 'Because we don’t trust you or think you would allow hundred of thousands, if not millions of our kind to live here. We knew that it would be too much to ask and so decided that this was the best way. But don’t worry- we won’t kill all of you. Unfortunately, a lot of you will have to die. Sorry- we feel that this is the only way.' 

I had two more questions and asked, 'What alien forms are you? And where do you come from?’

'Fair enough’, the soldier said, 'We are known as humans and we come from the planet Earth.' 

Credits to: http://hell-if-i-know13.tumblr.com/

  • Tumblr: stop romanticizing
  • Tumblr: *romanticizes laziness, procrastination, and everything under the sun including the dumbest shit like that slight tingly feeling you get when you take a dump
  • Tumblr: don't be racist!
  • Tumblr: *invalidates anyone who disagrees with them as being a white person of privilege without a) knowing that's true and b)without considering that white people alas live on this planet too
  • Tumblr: don't be ableist!
  • Tumblr: *proceeds to use the word like a weapon without having any idea what it actually means and where it's actually applied in real life
  • Tumblr: be open minded!
  • Tumblr: *regularly shames people they deem ignorant despite the fact that who the hell would know all of their social justice ideals from birth
  • Tumblr: don't be an asshole!
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Dude it’s been like 2 months and I still love that time travel AU

But it has been a while so maybe I’ll add to it!

What if whatever problem Len and Lisa are having (That made them come to Star Labs in the first place) is happening because of Michael and Little Ramon (WE NEED A NAME FOR CISCO AND LISA’S SON) being in that timeline? What if someone or something followed them back? What if something went back in time to kill Len and Michael and Little Ramon went to save him? THE POSSIBILITIES.

So yeah. Cisco is pretty happy he ends up with Lisa and a kid, but maybe Lisa isn’t too thrilled. Yeah she likes Cisco, but marriage and a kid is a bit much at the moment. How the hell did she get around to raising a kid when she’s been running around committing crimes with her brother? And speaking of her brother…

It’s almost weird how well he takes this. It’s basically the opposite of what’s happening with Cisco and Lisa. Len (on the inside) is pretty happy! He doesn’t know how the hell he did it, but he raised a son! And after meeting him for just a few hours, Len can already tell he’s a good kid (it was bound to happen when your were partly raised by Barry freaking Allen). Which…what the hell? Yeah the kid was cute, but Len’s never actually thought about raising a kid with him!et alone dating. They just started getting along!

And Barry…Barry is hiding his blushing face the entire time. Maybe runs a few laps and comes back before anyone notices to get all that excess energy out. He’s with Leonard Snart in the future? They raised a kid? Yeah, Barry’s had a crush him for…quite a while now. But a kid? It’s kind of exciting! Though, now Len totally knows about Barry’s feelings for him and what the hell does he do about that?? What if Len won’t feel the same way until 5 years from now? What if the kids aren’t from the future and are, instead, from an alternate universe? Where Len and Barry never get together and none of this happens and oh God Barry is gonna puke.

So queue Michael accidentally slipping up and saying things about the future while Little Ramon is like “Dude! Shut the hell up! Do you want he planet to explode??” (It won’t, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious)

But Michael does slip up a lot. Almost as if…he’s doing it on purpose? No that can’t be right. Why would he intentionally do that?

(Turns out, it’s not an alternate universe! The only reason Len and Barry got together is because the appearance of Michael Snart. So basically future!Barry is the only one who remembers this happening and is like “Michael! You have to get me and your dad together, it’s very important! You can do or say anything because this has already happened a billion times. But be careful not to share too much.”

Which is horrible because future!Len and future!Lisa are freaking out like “where the hell are our kids?!?!” And Barry just kinda laughs nervously because they traveled to the past and won’t be back for a couple days, just chill out!

Wow this got away from me. Maybe I’ll go back later and make sure it makes sense 😂